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Sneakers Made From Recycled Materials

Organic Cotton For The Laces

Sneakers Made from Recycled and Natural Materials Created by New Movement

We use organic cotton for our laces.

Did you know that cotton cultivation represents only 2.4% of the agricultural area, but that it uses nearly one quarter of the pesticides sold in the world? Gah!

That’s why we use organic cotton for our recycled shoes. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are replaced by natural compost, and this cotton requires half as much water as traditional cotton. The end-result is cotton that is softer, more flexible, and way kinder to the planet.

Shoes Made From Recycled Plastic

Shoes made from recycled plastic may seem a bit strange to many people, but it is now a somewhat common material used by many eco-friendly shoe brands.Even big brands like Allbirds and even Nike now have shoes using plastic bottles as materials in their shoes.

I think most people know we have a plastic pollution problem and below we get into some details which may help reaffirm why it is good to support these brands that are removing plastic from the ocean to be recycled.

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One pair of laces = one plastic bottle Eco friendly materials
  • Why choose shoes made out of recycled plastic? Our plastic pollution problem.
  • Why Buy Shoes Made From Recycled Plastic

    Recycled plastic shoes target more than one environmental problem.

    They clean up the environment of plastic waste, giving a new lease of life to virgin resources.

    They also make footwear more sustainable because if the materials can be recycled once then they can be recycled again.

    In particular, these brands below consider the shoes afterlife from production.

    They combine bio-based materials like wood or wool with recycled PET plastic to make them easy to recycle.

    Many of them also have their own recycling schemes where you can send your worn-out shoes back to them so they can be patched up or reincarnated in other shoes or products.

    So, ready to get on board with shoes made from recycled ocean plastic?

    Scroll down to find pebbles favourites.

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    Skip Into Spring With These Eco

    There are few things we love more than a good pair of sneakers. Perfect for casual days at the office, running errands around town, or going on weekend adventures, sustainable trainers have become our go-to pair of shoes.

    It can be challenging to find sustainable sneakers though, as many tennis shoes are made from virgin plastics and harmful dyes. The following shoe brands are passionate about changing the industry. They prioritize ethics and the environment in everything from materials to production and do so while designing some of the most stylish kicks on the market.

    Whether youre shopping for street shoes or trainers for the gym, check out these footwear brands for your next pair of sustainable sneakers.

    Looking for more styles, including shoes for work and special occasions? Here are our favorite shoes from sustainable brands. Dont forget the insoles!

    What Types Of Shoes Can Be Recycled

    Adidas Makes Eco

    Generally, you can recycle any type of shoe. However, what you can and cannot recycle will be dependent on each service for recycling.

    For example, Nike and similar programs only recycle athletic sneakers. Some brands may just recycle their own specific brand of shoes. Other programs, such as with TerraCycle, give more leeway in the type of shoes that can be recycled.

    After knowing the types of shoes that can be recycled, you need to factor in the conditions of the product. Programs aiming to truly recycle the shoes will take them in any condition. Donation stations, on the other hand, will only accept gently used shoes that can be reused by someone else.

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    Wait Theres A Catch: Microplastics And Microfibers

    When modern society comes up with technological solutions to our problems, we sometimes introduce unintended consequences . When we use recycled plastic in our clothing, we create some serious negative externalities in the form of microplastics.

    Microplastics are, simply, pieces of plastic that are less than 5 mm in diameter, or about the size of a sesame seed and often much smaller, potentially microscopic. In the past, humans introduced microplastics into the environment indirectly. Namely from larger plastic waste degrading over time.

    In recent years studies have shown that when consumers wash products made of recycled material, the clothing sheds microscopic fibers. These fibers can easily pass through water filtration systems and end up in waterways and, ultimately, the ocean.

    Scientists find microplastics literally everywhere on Earth floating in the oceans, inside animals, and yes, even inside you!

    Best Budget: Toms Carlo Sneaker


    Affordability doesnt have to mean compromising on your ethicsor at least not in the case of these casual low-top sneakers, available in nine colors . Part of the Ecowise range from industry innovators Toms, they combine a lightweight and breathable canvas upper with an Ortholite insole made from a mix of plant-derived and recycled materials.

    Like many of Toms canvas shoes, it’s a good idea to choose the smaller option if you’re not sure what size to get because they tend to stretch out over time. The one downside of these shoes is that the canvas doesn’t last as long as some other shoe materials.

    Extremely versatile, these sneakers are just another example of why Toms is a leading force when it comes to sustainability and ethical choices in the fashion industry. Since 2006, theyve been giving back to communities across the globe with their one-for-one giving model, and their membership of the Fair Labor Association is yet more proof that they actively support ethical practices in their supply chain.

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    Upcycling And Diy Projects

    Most of the recycling programs would be considered downcycling, yet that are ways that you can upcycle your shoes via a few DIY projects.

    A popular upcycle idea is using old shoes as planters. Adding rocks or gravel to the bottom will help with drainage. Alternatively, holes could be drilled in the bottom of the shoe to allow the water to run out. Succulents are a favorite, but other plants can be used as well.

    A search will yield hundreds of ideas on how to repurpose and upcycle shoes. A makeover could have your shoes looking brand new or even like a completely different pair. You have the option to make objects such as jewelry racks or birdhouses with unwanted shoes. It is also possible to make purses, wallets, or journals from the leather on an old pair of boots.

    Perhaps one day, every shoe will be biodegradable. Until then, these are the best options available to prevent waste.

    Adidas And Parley For The Oceans:

    Recycled and Recyclable: LA Designer Makes Vegan Shoes

    The German sportswear giant collaborated with Parley for the first time in 2015. In 2017, Adidas, in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, had launched their first line of ecological footwear. These shoes were partly made from yarn obtained by recycling plastic materials collected on beaches.

    Gradually, year after year, it has been increasing the production of shoes made with plastic collected on the beaches. In 2019, it reached the extraordinary amount of more than 11 million pairs of shoes that were made from recycled plastic.

    Parley for the Oceans intercepts coastal plastic waste before it gets to the ocean. The reclaimed plastic is converted into threads which is used by Adidas to make recycled shoes and active wear. It is expected that in 2019 the number of sales of the eco friendly shoe line will reach seven million. In 2018 Adidas announced that by 2024 it would abandon the use of virgin polyester for the production of its shoes and clothes.

    It is great news that a multinational company has decided to embrace sustainability, promising to use only recycled plastic to make its clothing and its footwear. These are perfect sneakers made of recycled plastic and this is where you can buy them at the best price.

    Adidas will continue to produce shoes and clothes with the Parley brand. It will also launch the Primeblue fabric containing marine litter, which will be used in already existing lines.

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    Natural Cork In The Insoles

    The advantage of cork is that if you want to wear your shoes barefoot, cork will be very comfortable. You will feel like you are walking on a cloud.

    The bark is harvested without impacting the trees that continue to grow. They thus generate a new bark which will be taken again a few years later.


    We are outdoor lovers, we are parents of future generations, and we are dedicated to making a difference.

    We are challenging the norms, asking the tough questions, and continually looking for better solutions. Its not easy, but if it were, everyone would be doing it, right?

    Thank you for being a part of the SAOLAdventure. YOU are awesome, and together we can #MAKEANIMPACT.


    Rothys Deep Dive: Pros And Cons

    We have tested three pairs of Rothys over the last few years. The first two pairs have held up really well . We loved the fact that they were completely washable, even the insole . As compared to other cheap, basic black flats on the market, Rothys are far superior.

    There are a few drawbacks of though:

  • Although they are comfortable, since they are made of plastic, they do not stretch or accommodate your feet as the day goes on. If you are anything like us, your feet can expand over the day and the Rothys do not do well after a long day of walking.
  • There isnt a lot between you and the ground in a pair of flats. I dont think this is particularly unusual for flats. But again, with this issue and the non-stretchiness factor, you want to stick with Rothys for less intense walking days.
  • All that being said, we love Rothys its pretty ridiculous that they pretty much look brand new after years of use. I guess that speaks to the durability of plastic, for good or ill.

    Sizing up is not much of an option if you have any concerns about how your feet might feel at the end of a long day, but they are a good investment, and you can choose classic styles that will never go out.

    We look forward to trying a Rothys bag or maybe a boot or sneaker. Stay tuned.

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    Is Recycled Plastic A Good Long

    Using plastic waste to create new, useful products might seem like a great solution right now, but some have questioned whether the immediate benefits will have a lasting positive effect.

    Plastic is plastic. As Morillion said, Using recycled polyester lessens our dependence on petroleum as a source of raw materials but is not a biodegradable material, like organic cotton or leather.

    Even if plastic is being repurposed into new things like sneakers, theres always a chance it will end up back in landfills, once again creating waste.

    Céline Semaan, founder of Slow Factory, an innovation lab focused on sustainable practices, and a member of the board of directors of AIGA NY, told HuffPost that, in the short term, collecting plastic and turning it into knits and fabrics, like the varieties used in footwear, appears to be helpful. But in the long term, she argued, it might not be.

    If we are going to look at it like the Earth is going to end next week, yes, its a great idea. But if we are looking at it in terms of longevity and what happens next, thats when its problematic, she said. It is helpful to remove the bottles and the plastic from the ocean that was not supposed to be there in the first place. These efforts are and should be rewarded.

    The problem, she suggested, is when the cycle ends with the production of a new product that comes with no intention of repurposing it multiple times.

    For us, recycled plastics are just a part of the solution, he said.

    Saola Cannon Blue Night Vegan Recycled Leather Shoes


    The Saola Shoe is a wise choice in footwear. It has a pleasing appearance and offers comfort. Saola prioritises ethical sourcing. They address social and environmental concerns while controlling their supplier relationships and strive to reduce carbon emissions.

    This shoe is highly eco-friendly because it is made from recovered and repurposed materials. The uppers of the shoes are constructed of recycled plastic bottles, while the insoles are composed of 100 percent natural cork and algal foam.

    This shoe allows for a customised and ideal fit, while the flexible outsoles substantially improve road traction. Furthermore, because it is made without the use of animal ingredients, this wonderful shoe is vegan. Saola shoes can be machine washed.

    Sperry produces a SeaCyled collection of shoes made from recovered ocean plastic. Each pair made contributes to reducing the quantity of plastic garbage that is currently contaminating the ocean. In addition, each pair of SeaCycled shoes is equivalent to approximately five recycled bottles.

    Sperrys SeaCycled ecological sneakers are basic in design and are available for both men and women. They are simplistic, casual shoes that are ideal for summer vacations or daily indoor use.

    Even the packaging for these sneakers is designed to be environmentally friendly. Shoe boxes are composed of post-consumer recycled substances, painted with water or soy-based inks, and contain no adhesives.

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    How Much Plastic Is Actually Used To Make A Shoe

    With so much waste in the world, how much of a dent do companies using recycled plastic actually make?

    According to Adidas, every pair of shoes made with the Parley Ocean Plastic prevents 11 bottles from making their way into the oceans. The sportswear brand sold 1 million pairs of Parley shoes in 2017, an Adidas representative confirmed to HuffPost via email. According to its website, that means it retrieved at least 11 million bottles from coastal areas. The rep also told HuffPost that the brand aims to sell 5 million pairs of its Parley shoes in 2018 and 11 million pairs in 2019.

    Lowenberg said Rothys has already used almost 20 million bottles in the production of its shoes, which is impressive considering the brand has only been selling them for about two years.Looking at things on a smaller scale, Morillion said each pair of Veja sneakers made with B-Mesh uses three water bottles on average.

    Tropical Feel All Terrain Sneakers

    Tropical Feel add a touch of irony with their all terrain shoes in that they are made to be able to be swam in the ocean with. So ultimately these shoes may end up in the ocean, but not in a bad way.

    They have their impact on the environment measured by and external agency and also partner with Bloom and Cosmo to ensure their materials are recyclable and eco friendly.

    They have quite a large range of shoes for both men and women so there is bound to be a style and color that suits your taste.

    Our Pick: Sunset Grey Ship. These shoes sport a 4 in 1 versatility with the materials of a hiking shoe, style of your everyday sneaker, the benefits of aqua shoes while maintaining the comfort of sports shoes.

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    Firm Seeks Funding For Performance Sneakers Made From Coffee Waste

    Finnish firm Rens says shoes made from used grounds and recycled plastic will be climate neutral

    It is the typical morning routine for hundreds of thousands of Britons: have a cup of coffee and then slip on your trainers before heading for a jog. Upon returning, a quick drink of water to rehydrate before stepping into the shower.

    Now, one firm has enabled one thing to beget another, by creating trainers made of recycled plastic bottles and used coffee beans.

    Finnish footwear firm Rens launched an online fundraising campaign for its latest sustainable trainer on Tuesday, which it claims will be climate neutral in its production, packaging and transport.

    Shoes made from recycled coffee grounds may seem novel to some, but we wholeheartedly believe that this is just the beginning of a revolution in garment technology and manufacturing, said Son Chu, the firms co-founder.

    The company said the shoe, called Nomad, will be made from coffee waste and recycled bottles, while recycled polyester will be used to create the membrane to make the footwear waterproof.

    This is the second shoe the firm has produced to similar specifications, having launched its general purpose trainer via another Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2019. It said that demonstrated there was a market for a more performance-related product this time round. The brands original shoe was made from 21 cups of coffee waste and six bottles of recycled plastic each.

    Converse Renew Recycled Chucks

    Adidas rolls out ‘Futurecraft Loop’ recyclable sneakers

    Converse is doing its part toward a more eco-friendly future for fashion, too. The brands famous sneakers are available in the Converse Renew line, which are still as stylish as their other lines, but instead feature translucent midsoles and flecked outsoles. While recycled rubber is the main material used here , there are other recycled materials used as well, including plastic.

    Converse has an impressive amount of footwear available for women, men, and kids. There are sneakers for skateboarding, basketball, high tops, low tops, and shoes made custom to order. In terms of color, there is a veritable rainbow for you to choose from.

    Our Pick: Chuck 70 Marketed as being Converses most sustainable sneaker yet, this shoe made from recycled materials is as trendy as it is comfortable. They are available in two different summer inspired colors and would make the perfect addition to a warm weather wardrobe.

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