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Best Running Sneakers For Flat Feet

Brooks Adrenaline Gts 20

The 12 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet 2020 | Get the Support You Need
  • Smoother ride than previous versions


  • Doesnt excel for speed workouts

This latest version of the Adrenaline, one of our longtime favourite stability shoes, uses guide rails to prevent pronation without hampering neutral runners. We recommend it as a shoe for the flat-footed simply because its a shoe that works for lots of different types of runners, largely due to firm but not-too-firm cushioning through the midsole and a smooth ride.

What Makes A Running Shoe Good For People With Flat Feet

A good running shoe will reduce the amount of pain you feel when you are out on your run. Having flat feet will cause overpronation, which is when your ankle bends inward as your ankle hits the ground. Not all flat-footed people suffer from this, but you will feel pain from your foot, hip, knee, back, and ankle if you do. All of this can cause stress on your body. To avoid this, running shoes with both stability and firm midsoles will help keep your arch from collapsing. This means your shoe is your support as you run. If your running shoe is not supporting your feet, then it has no value to you at all.

What To Look For In The Best Shoes For Flat Feet

Wider-lasted shoes are the best option, which means they shouldnt have an hourglass shape on the bottom, Fishkin says. Instead, they should have a straight-across design underfoot.

A wider-lasted shoe will feature a regular heel area, but more space around the forefoot and ball of the foot than a typical shoe. Wider shoes help cradle the foot and avoid painful pinching, chafing and rubbing for people with flat feet.

Additionally, Fishkin suggest styles with enhanced stability and motion control features for patients with flat feet. These foot types tend to overpronate , so choosing a stability shoe designed to curb overprontation can help kill two birds with one stone.

From running to walking shoes and dressier styles, we compiled the 20 best shoes for flat feet you can buy.

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Get The Support You Need

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Running is a great cardiovascular activity and an important part of many peoples fitness routines. However, if you have flat feet, it can be painful. To comfortably run with flat feet, there are various shoes specially made with flat-footed issues in mind.

Many thousands of runners across the country have low-to-no arches in their feet, yet manage and enjoy their running. However, if you dont get proper support from your arches, you may find distance running becoming more challenging and more painful, likely resulting in an injury.

The good news is that you can run. You need to be proactive and make smart choices, particularly with your running shoes.

Do I Need A Special Running Shoe For Flat Feet

Best Running Shoes for Women with Flat Feet 2020 Reviewed

Yes, probably. But it also varies individual to individual.

A running shoe for flat feet is also known as a stability shoe. These are designed to prevent your feet from rolling in meaning from initial foot strike to toe off, the foot rolls in severely at the ankle toward the big toe. This is known as overpronation.

Even someone with medium arches and neutral gait will roll in slightly. Its when it becomes too excessive does that can become a problem.

But some things to consider:

1) Even if you have flat arches and overpronate, you may be able to wear a regular, neutral running shoe and have no pain or injuries. This is not true for everyone and varies on an individual by individual basis. There is an ongoing debate in the scientific biomechanics field about whether stability shoes are necessary.

2) You may have flat arches and not overpronate at all. This means a stability shoe wouldnt even be necessary.

Our advice is to try a stability shoe if you have flat arches and are new to running. If you dont like them or they make your feet hurt, experiment with a different pair maybe a shoe with less support or a more supportive neutral shoe.

For more information about running shoes, check out our in-depth article on choosing the right running shoe.

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Flat Feet: Definitions And Causes

What are flat feet? In an individual with fallen arches, one or both feet might be flat on the ground. This can cause shoes to wear unevenly, especially on one side, or they might wear out faster than usual.

Many suffering from flat footedness show no serious symptoms. However, others might experience pain in their feet or back, depending on the root cause. These symptoms can vary, and will generally be dependent on the conditions severity.

Some people have inherently uneven bodyweight distribution. These individuals may find that the heel of their shoes wear out more rapidly on one side than the other.

The most common symptom prevalent in those with flat feet is general pain. This pain will usually occur in the foot itself, especially if the connected muscles and ligaments are strained. This is something highly common in running.

Pain may also be present in the inner side of the ankle , arch of the foot, calf, knee, hip, back, and lower leg. Abnormal stress to the knee and hip might result in pain. This is more likely if the ankles turn inwards. Additionally, flat feet can lead to lower back pain, along with stiffness in the lower body.

All of this is far more common than you might think. Research and studies have shown that almost one-quarter of the population of the United States alone suffer from fallen arches or flat feet.

Asics Gt 1000 10 Running Shoe


Anima Sana in corpore sano translates from Latin to a sound mind in a sound body. For those with flat feet or overpronation, ASICS has incorporated various technologies to keep your feet and body sound. These ASICS Stability running shoes does that in various ways. First, gel has been added to the rearfoot and forefoot of these shoes to help with shock absorption. A support system that features a dual-density DuoMax midsole provides a more intense level of arch support and stability. Stride efficiency is increased with guidance line technology and gait efficiency and mid-foot structural integrity is improved with the guidance trusstic system.

The midsole is made with spEVA materials for added durability and a higher return on energy. When donning these running shoes comfort is assured by way of the padded collar and tongue, removable foam insole and breathable fabric lining. The lining paired with the mesh uppers increases comfort by helping to keep your feet cooler and drier when running. Durable rubber outsoles ensure good traction and lace up fronts help further ensure that you can have the level of stability you require when wearing these ASICS. The GT 1000 running shoes come in extra wide widths so these are ideal for runners with flat feet looking for wide width running shoes.

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How To Lace Running Shoes For Flat Feet

For most runners, if you have a pair of stability shoes, you dont need to lace them in any special manner. Normal lacing the way you learned in first grade is fine.

But for extra support or to keep your heel from slipping out of the back of the shoe use this lace trick to lock your foot into the back of the shoe. This will add an extra layer of stability by securely keeping your foot in the shoe.

The potential downside is that it adds some tension to the top of your foot where you tie your laces. You can play around with how tight you make this to find what feels best to you.

The Two Kinds Of Flat Feet

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet (and Overpronation) 2020

Some runners have anatomically flat feet, and other runners have whats known as collapsed arches, which are flat because of a muscle weakness. Although the two types can look very similar, how you approach buying shoes for them varies widely, says Dr. Kimberly Davis of the RunLab, an Austin, Texas-based clinic that assesses running biomechanics and offers physical therapy and training.

Dr. Davis says that when it comes to shopping for a shoe for a flat-footed runner with collapsed arches due to muscle weakness, you can add arch support until the foot gets stronger and can support its own arch. But with an anatomically flat foot, arch support just sends stress up into the knee where it can lead to knee problems. Thats why its important to know what type of flat foot you have before you settle on a shoeand take into account not just your foot but your entire body, including knees, hips, and range of motion.

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Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet With Arch Support

Running is your life. You love the feeling of the wind on your skin as you run. The way the muscles in your body have to work hard as you run. Most of all you love the adrenaline rush that running gives you. But you have developed problems with your feet. Maybe you have flat feet or suffer from overpronation . Maybe you have just started running and have researched all the things that happen or can happen when someone runs a lot. Some may tell you the solution is to stop running, but that is a fallacy. The best solution is to purchase a pair of stability running shoes that will provide you with superior arch support, cushioning, and help you combat problems with flat feet and/or overpronation.

New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V5

The New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo 5 takes a curious U-turn.

Until the last version , the Vongo wasnt your average stability shoe. It was cushioned, supportive, and low-drop without a medial post. The split outsole and a deep transition groove kept the weight centered and supported.

On the Vongo V4, the inner midsole had a more supportive sidewall for increased stability and under-arch support. The outer midsole had laser-cut cavities this made the ride softer while resulting in a slight cushioning bias.

Not sure why New Balance had a change of heart, but the Vongo V5 gets a firmer medial post for the first time. A large medial post is visible on the inner midsole.

Its anybodys guess what the outcome is. The Vongo V5 has a healthy amount of medial side support along with a cushioned ride. The thick Fresh Foam midsole and articulated outsole work together to produce distance-friendly ride comfort. The forefoot has softer blown rubber pads for padded landings and take-offs.

After a brief period of New Balances strange fixation with Origami-type heel design, better sense has prevailed the heel collar returns to a traditional cup design.

The Vongo V5, like most new NB releases, uses a soft mesh with plush material trims. The interiors lock the foot down with plenty of supportive comfort.

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Nike Zoom Structure 24

The Zoom Structure is a Nike classic running shoe made for runners with flat arches. This version is lighter yet provides the same level of support as earlier models.

The Flymesh upper is breathable and stays cool on hot days. Flywire lacing combines traditional laces with tight cables that securely hold the midfoot in place.

The sole offers two types of cushioning to pad your feet and provide a layer of support. This combo keeps your keep protected and comfortable while giving great arch support. The outersole is made with sticky rubber to allow for great traction on a variety of surfaces.

Like a lot of Nikes, the Zoom Structure can feel narrow, especially with a toe box that narrows to a point by the toes. Its not ideal for people with wider feet or want some room for their toes to move around.

So What Makes The Best Running Shoe For Flat Feet

Best running shoes for flat feet  2019  Solereview

Runners with flat feet are already predisposed to develop injuries like tendonitis, plantar fasciitis , bunions, and shin splints, which makes wearing the right type of running shoe more important than ever according to Sinclair. So, you’ll want to look for shoes that aim to provide stability.

That said, shoes that support the shape and position of your foot can mean different things to different people depending on your personal preference. Some of you runners with flat feet might feel best in a highly-cushioned shoe with high arch support, or you may just prefer a shoe that’s more lightweight.

  • Upper made with recycled materials
  • Not waterproof

This stability-focused shoe is ready for everything from casual weekend runs to marathon training, in all seasons. The heel includes increased shock absorption for when you land, and added arch support as you step through.

  • Breathable outer material
  • Limited color availability

Designed to support runners who pronate or overpronate , the ASICS GT-4000 are designed with cushioning that gives you an extra bounce with each step.

  • Reviewers experience relief from heel pain the first time wearing them
  • Doesn’t have much longevity

With one reviewer proclaiming these shoes are like pillows for your feet, the Saucony Guide promises to be the lightest shoe that gives you the breeziest run you’ve ever experienced. The springy and flexible PWRRUN cushioning also ensures you’ll stay agile on your feet for miles to come.

  • Springy and responsive

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Best Comfortable: New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoes

Runners will notice the New Balance Fresh Foam shoes before trying them on, as the bold foam sole is a feature that stands out. The thick, cushioned Fresh Foam sole will comfort your entire foot, adding extra support and cushion for your midfoot and arch area.

Aside from the extra-plush foam sole that makes this mens running shoe the most comfortable option for people with flat feet, these New Balance sneakers are great for running. They feature a snug fit that adheres closely to your foot, as well as a bootie construction.

These comfortable running shoes sport an almost sticky rubber outsole traction system. They are available in an extensive size range and different widths, from sizes 7 through 16, and in regular, wide, and extra-wide widths. Colors come in reliable grey and black combinations and neon colors like Phantom/Neo Flame and Vision Blue/Vintage Indigo.

Shoes For Runners With Flat Feet

In the past 20 years, many major athletic shoe brands developed specific technologies aimed at helping runners with flat feet run in comfort and safety. The key words you have to remember are: stability, support and motion control.

  • Support is what a flat foot runner needs. When looking at shoes reviews or technical specifications, any indication of added support means you are headed in the right direction.
  • Stability is an industry standard term that categorizes running shoes aimed at helping overpronation: every brand has their own collection of stability running Shoes.
  • Motion Control are stability shoes for the most severe overpronators: they include the solutions of stability shoes and focus in enhancing them.
  • The main technology found in Stability shoes is a medial post of dual density foam.
  • Footwear producers inject a harder compound of foam right below the medial side of the arch and sometimes extended all the way to the heel.
  • It is easily recognizable as a darker piece of foam on the inside of the midsole.

Having flat feet doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying a run and keeping your body safe. Take a little extra time to look out for the right shoes and you’ll be moving comfortably in no time.

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What Are Flat Feet

Flat feet, also known as fallen arches, means that the entire sole of the foot touches the ground.

Studies indicate that approximately 27% of the population has flat feet, so if this is you, youre not alone! Thats over 1/4 of folks out there.

Runners with flat feet tend to overpronate, which is when the foot rolls inward after landing. This sends strain up the knee and hip and can lead to injury.

Often this is felt in the ankles, knees and hips making running more uncomfortable.

Each time the foot rolls inward, it pulls the knee in pulling tendons, ligaments and joints out of alignment.

For this reason, its important to pay attention to the type of shoes that are most suitable for flat feet. You could also look to a good running insole for support if youve found a shoe that you already love the feel of, but arent getting enough support.

Brooks Adrenaline Gts 22

Top 6 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet Review in 2022

Available for Men at

The changes keep coming from Brooks with the Adrenaline GTS 22. The Adrenaline continues to evolve and incorporate newer design features in the support running shoe category. We think these changes improve the performance, the cushioning, and the arch support of the Adrenaline line.

The most noticeable change over the the past few years is that Brooks dropped the medial post design and replaced it with “guide rails”. This is the Brooks jargon for a shoe with higher midsole sidewalls that keep the foot in place and prevent rolling during your run. This takes it out of the traditional stability shoe category, though the run still feels like a traditional stability running shoe in many respects.

Although both the Adrenaline GTS 22 and the Ghost 14 from Brooks adopt the single-density foam midsole for a smoother rider, the Adrenaline GTS 22 features a Guide Rail made from a firmer, denser foam to give added arch support. You wouldn’t be far wrong if you simply thought of the Adrenaline GTS 22 as a Ghost 14 with additional support under the arch. And that’s not a bad thing! This is one of the most comfortable Adrenaline models produced by Brooks to date, and can serve as an everyday runner or for long-distance road running.

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