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Best High Arch Support Sneakers

Best For Plantar Fasciitis: Brooks Womens Glycerin 18

Best Shoes For High Arch Feet | Saucony Omni 19 Shoe Unboxing & First Look Review

What Youll Love: An adaptable midsole and extra cushioning from toe to heel helps with plantar fasciitis .

What You Need to Know: The shoe offers minimal stability and may not work for pronators.

New Jersey-based podiatrist Alan Bass, DPM, previously told Health that his preferred brand of running shoes for those with plantar fasciitis is Brooks. This particular design by the trusted brand features the most cushioning in the Brooks lineup, with an adaptable midsole that absorbs shock and a plush, fitted upper that moves and expands naturally with your stride for a smoother run. Just beware, these lightweight roadrunners are optimized for medium and high arches and only offer neutral support.

Rave Review: It has helped my wife’s plantar pain when exercising and she really enjoys the fit and feel. It is her first pair of Brooks and so far has exceeded her expectations. She was even happier when on her first visit to a podiatrist he was wearing the same brand.

Most Comfortable: Hoka One One Clifton 8 Knit Running Shoe

What Youll Love: The breathable and lightweight shoe has a wide toe box to prevent toe scrunching.

What You Need to Know: The upper knit can stretch out over time, impacting the fit of the shoe.

A trifecta of breathability, comfort, and stability, this running shoe has a thin sock-lock collar construction and a cute knit design that youll actually want to sport outside of the gym. The lightweight frame molds to your foot with an adaptive forefront that makes every step smoother than the last. The shoe is constructed to give you full-ground contact on every step for an extra boost of stability, while the brands signature Hoka One One midsole offers a dose of cushioning that doubles as shock absorption.

Rave Review: Hoka has won my heart! I’ve worn Clifton 6 7 and Bondi’s models, and none of them has nailed it like the newly released Clifton 8 model has. Super supportive, stable, and the toe box is perfect for me to wiggle my toes when they burnClifton 8 is my favorite, I’ve purchased a second pair!

Shoes For Pttd And Flat Feet

Some people arent born with flat feet but they develop posterior tibial tendon dysfunction , particularly women after age 40 . This is the tendon that attaches your calf muscles to the bones of your foot and holds up your arch when you walk. The symptoms of PTTD include pain on the inside of your ankle, it hurts more when you are active, You might also get pain on the outside of your ankle as the collapsed arch causes your ankle to shift outward.

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Vionic Tide flip flops with enhanced arch support

Readers tell us about their own PTTD and shoes stories. Laura on Facebook wrote, I have collapsed arches because of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. My ligaments are excessively stretchy due to a collagen disorder so they dont hold my arches up when I bear weight. Its genetic. I have visible arches as long as Im not bearing weightI have prescription orthotics, with a bit of a heel cup. The absolute worst thing is flat shoes. I have Vionic flip flops and a beloved pair of Tevas for sandals. I can get away without an orthotic in a dress shoe for a while. Any heel helps force my foot into a bit of an arch.

Virginia writes to us that she relies on orthotics, and loves shoes from Abeo shoes from Walking Co. for her PTTD.

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Allbirds Womens Tree Runners

Sometimes a good pair of running shoes are the best thing for your feet. The Womens Tree Runners are a unique pair of shoes that will make a great addition to any womans closet.

Thanks to the eucalyptus fiber material, these shoes minimize odor and feel lightweight and breezy, allowing body heat to escape and keep your feet cool.

Do you want to know the best part? They are machine washable!

Best Cushioning: New Balance Fresh Foam More V3 Running Shoe

Best Running Shoes For High Arches 2020 (Buying Included)

What Youll Love: Along with offering cloud-like comfort, it packs more shock absorption than earlier models.

What You Need to Know: The extra cushioning makes the design less breathable and can be too plush for some users.

Despite offering plenty of cushioning for your feet, these sneakers remain super lightweight with their durable rubber outsole and supportive midsole. Arch support is a given , and youll also love how the design maximizes comfort by using an extra soft mesh upper, which minimizes irritation, and a padded tongue. Another favorite brand of Dr. Brenner, these New Balance kicks come in standard, wide, and extra-wide widths.

Rave Review: I ordered these shoes because they literally feel like you are walking on clouds. These shoes pretty much walk for you and definitely add a spring in your step. I have quite honestly never worn a shoe so comfortable!

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Why Buy Brooks Glycerin 14 Running Shoes For Arch Support

If you are looking for running shoes for arch support with incredible cushioning, then Brooks Glycerin running shoes for men and women can be your best choice.

The upper body of the shoe is made of a breathable open-mesh based material with 3D overlays. The padded tongue and the collar offer extended comfort while running. If your running sessions are neutral and not very exhaustive, these shoes can work wonders for your arch support.

Further Reading:

The Shoes For High Insteps And High Arches Buyers Guide

This definitive guide will show you everything you need to know about the shoes for high instep and high arch. First of all, Ill discuss a bit about why the right pair of shoes is crucial for flat-feet and other foot issues. Then Ill share my own experiences that will definitely help you to remove any foot pain . So without further ado, lets jump right in.

Millions of people suffer from different foot difficulties all over the world. According to a recent study, 1 out of 20 people suffers from foot difficulties such as- plantar fasciitis, high arches or fallen-arches, hammertoes, heel spurs, and bunions, etc. Wearing a good pair of shoes for high insteps and high arches are always recommended. Read plantar fasciitis sneaker reviews that provide excellent arch support and help to fix high insteps and high arches.

The podiatrist always suggests some regular exercises and wearing the best shoes for high arches. While wearing good arch supportive shoes, it gives your foot proper cushioning footbed and a soft hug to the arches. The high instep is also called Pes Cavus and Cavoid foot, the high instep is a supinated foot type.

The high instep is most commonly known as the high arch that is opposite of fallen arch and somewhat less common. The foot sole is distinctly hollow, Pes Cavus or high instep is such an abnormal foot condition.

We highly recommend you to use the best shoes for high instep and high arch if you have this issue.

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Brooks Addiction Walker 2

The Brooks Addiction Walker is a walking sneaker available in both men’s and women’s sizes, and is top rated because it provides the best support for low arches or flat feet. The shoe is slip-resistant and the midsole has Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology, which helps keep your foot from overpronating.

Improper support of your joints can lead to ankle pain, which is what you’re trying to avoid. One reviewer raved that it’s the best shoe for being on your feet all day and said her last pair held up for five years before she had to replace them.

Rules For Choosing Footwear For High Arches

Top 5 Best Shoes for High Arches | Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022


It is necessary to prefer shoes with shockproof soles and cushioning, as it will prevent sprains and torn ligaments.

Certain shoes, like sneakers for high arches, should be comfortable in this situation.


When choosing the best Asics running shoes for high arches pay attention to the words flexible or extra padding. Their presence says that the option suits you. If you have any concerns, its always possible to contact the seller and ask him to help you with the right choice. You just need to describe the problem you have.


You can insert special insoles in your shoes that can absorb shock while walking. Nowadays silicone insoles are very popular, as they repeat the contour of the foot and fix it in shoes. Wearing insoles will allow you to rebuild the foot and activate the sleeping muscles, they will help you get rid of corns, calluses, and debilitating pain in the ankle. Using a universal pad, made of high-strength plastic will allow you to adjust the shape of the shoe, taking into account the features of the foot. The best option would be to choose some of the best Asics for high arches, as these models were developed taking into account all the specifics of your feet.

And now, lets take a look at some of the best models for high arches today.

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Best Running Shoes With Arch Support

And these factors are related to pronation, or how your foot naturally rolls inward as it lands and distributes the impact of your stride. Here’s what we mean :

Runners with high arches are underpronators. They land on the outer side of their heel at an increased angle, which means there’s little to no pronation. This distributes the force of their landing through your lower leg, which can lead to injuries such as shin splints, ankle strain, and plantar fasciitis. Runners with high arches need running shoes that offer a lot of cushioning to absorb as much of the shock as possible.

Runners with low arches or flat feet are overpronators. Their foot still lands on the outside of the heel, but it then rolls inward too far. The weight of the impact travels to the inner edge of the foot, causing shin splints and plantar fasciitis, as well as heel spurs and bunions. These runners need running shoes with added support or structured soles that are also cushioned.

In case you’re wondering, runners with normal arches are called neutral runners. They land on the outside of the heel and then pronate inward enough to support their body weight and absorb shock. These runners are less likely to sustain injuries and can wear a variety of running shoes.

Once you determine your foot pronation and the type of arch support you require, you can select the type of running shoes that will provide you the support you need. Here are some of the best for you to consider:

Favorite Shoes And Brands For Flat Feet

Are you among those dealing with flat feet and need help finding shoes? Perhaps youve done the wet test and you saw most of your arch filled in . Or maybe, you notice that the insides of your soles get worn out faster than the outer edges? This post has shoe ideas from our reviews and our readers, orthotic and insert recommendations, and some background on what causes flat feet including PTTD.

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Best Walking Sandals: Teva Verra Sandals

Boasting a podiatrist-approved contoured EVA foam midsole for optimal arch support, this athletic sandal ensures that your foot is cushioned, stable, and comfortable with every stride. It also has a shock absorbing pad in the heel for added support and stability, plus breathable quick-drying straps that are made from 100 percent recycled plastic. If your walks bring you to the trails or somewhere slick, the sandals tractioned rubber outsole has enough grip to keep you balanced and on course.

I have had plantar fasciitis in the past and get very tight calves, one shopper began. They were billed as hiking sandals I think but I only wear them on streets/sidewalks. They are very comfortable and I’ve had no issues with comfort or pain, etc. There is a bounce to your step in the heel, which I love.

Why Does My Foot Fall Asleep Or Ache As I Am Running

Top 5 Walking Shoes With High Arch Support

As we run, our feet tend to swell and may result with this issue. This may be due to not having enough volume within the shoe. We recommend the Straight Bar lacing technique or go up half a size. If the lacing technique or the size adjustment does not work, we recommend using our Shoe Finder to find the shoes that work best for you.

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New Balance Womens Fuelcell Prism V1 Running Shoe

The New Balance Womens FuelCell Prism V1 Running Shoe is another one of the best shoes for high arches women can buy. These shoes have a luxurious breathable mesh upper that hugs the natural shape of your foot.

Combine that with an EVA midsole for light cushioning than you have a comfortable and protective running shoe!

Hoka One One Clifton 7

These are among HOKA One Ones most popular running shoes because they are great for any distance with optimum cushioning and support for runners with high arches. The midsole design is engineered to help you run more efficiently. The overall fit of this shoe is snug but the toe box provides plenty of room. Some reviewers on Amazon that have plantar fasciitis say that this shoe and the Arahi are some of the most comfortable shoes they have ever worn and that these shoes helped fix their foot pain. These shoes have also earned hundreds of positive reviews from Zappos customers, making them an all-around great choice for underpronators.

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The Nine Best Sneakers With Arch Support

Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoes Brooks
Womens Ghost 12 Running Shoes Brooks
Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainers Nike
Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoes Saucony
Women’s Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoes Ryka
Men’s Made in Us 990 V5 Sneakers New Balance
Men’s Ultraboost 19 M Running Shoes Adidas

Designed to enhance your natural gait, these lightweight arch support shoes feature FlyteFoam foam technology to improve bounce as you run or walk. The organic nano-fibers cushion the feet from pressure, and the gel forefoot and rear deliver shock absorption.

Main Features

  • Available in normal and wide
  • 20 different colors
  • Not as cushioning as some other sneakers

What Causes Of High Arches

Brooks Glycerin 13 Best Running Shoes for High Arches and Plantar Fasciitis

High arches are usually obtained & you have them from family. If you develop a High-Arch in just one Foot-Over the years or see just one High-Arch when you see at your Foot-Print instead of 2, please terminate with your doctor. The exception could be a Neuro-Logical issue.

Typically, High-Arches support alone does not cause pain, but it can result in underpronation. This means your arches do not collapse sufficiently to absorb the shock of running/walking, which puts stress on your feet & can lead to:

  • Plantar-Fasciitis
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    Problems From High Arches

    In addition to foot pain, high arches can also affect other parts of your body. Your ankles may twist inward or outward as you walk. This can make you prone to ankle sprains or place excessive stress on your Achilles tendon. You may also find that the twisting motion in your feet and ankles causes pain in your knees, hips, or back. Your choice of shoes can reduce potential problems from high arches.

    How We Chose The Best Running Shoes For High Arches

    We used data from our fit id® outfitting process, interviews with designers and real-life wear testing to determine the best running shoes for high arches.

    You can shop with confidence at Fleet Feet: We offer free shipping on all orders over $99, and you have 60 days to return any gear if you dont like the way it looks, fits or feels. Plus, with our price-match guarantee, you can make sure you never pay too much for a new pair of running shoes.

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    Best For Working Out: Saucony Endorphin Shift Sneaker

    If your walks oftentimes turn to runs, or you find yourself wearing your walking sneakers to your workouts, youll need a supportive and responsive sneaker like the Saucony Endorphin Shift. I love this shoe as it is very hip and , making anyone walking with you envious, Dr. Yau says. It has breathable mesh uppers so the toes can breathe and stay dry. By having a lightweight cushioning, it provides a spring of the rearfoot and a medial rubber wrap that increases structure and support, which is ideal for those with the high arch feet. The brands FormFit technology allows the sneaker to conform to your foot, creating a personalized fit.

    Love the look and love the cushioning, great overall fit, one reviewer said. My pace has actually improved.

    Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14

    New Gear

    Nike is one of the best-known athletic footwear brands, and they make great shoes for a variety of functions. This is their best walking shoe, and their technology makes it a comfortable and supportive choice for those with high arches.

    The full-length cushioning uses a combination of Nikes React foam and a Zoom Air unit to provide nice bounce and smoothness while walking. Theres a feeling of extra support in the midfoot thanks to Nikes Dynamic Fit technology, which uses Flywire cables to cushion and support.

    The mesh upper is durable and hugs the feet creating even more support. Its breathable and offers good airflow.

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