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Mens Sneakers With High Arch Support

Best Overall: New Balance Classics Sneaker

Best Walking Shoes For High Arches For Men

Dr. Cunha says he often recommends this brand for its molded midsoles, which provide excellent arch support. Its designed to help mitigate foot, heel, and arch support for superior comfort and support of the plantar fascia, he explains. With the New Balance Classics Sneaker, wearers are offered plenty of padding around the ankles and in the tongue, plush cushioning on the midsole, a TPU heel insert for extra support, and an everyday silhouette that works well with basically everything in your closet.

Very comfortable, raved one reviewer. Took them out of the box and walked all over Philadelphia for a weekend without any issues. Another shopper noted that theyre best suited for a comfortable day of shopping, running errands and generally being on my feet and shared that they found these to be deep enough to accommodate an orthotic.

How Do I Know If My Shoes Have Arch Support

The proper way to know whether your shoes have good arch support or not is to perform the â2 testsâ. The first is the Twist Test, where you hold any shoe in both hands and twist the toe away from your body and the heel towards it. The harder it is to twist, the more supportive the shoe is. The second test is to push on the heel counter at the back. The harder it is to push the heel counter, the more supportive the shoe will be.

Best Tennis Shoes With Arch Support For Men

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  • 13 Best Tennis Shoes With
  • Besides the tiring practices and competitive matches, many tennis players also have to deal with some physical issues or injuries. Those who have run for miles on the tennis court might have issues like cramped arches. Even if you donât, itâs always good to ensure that your feet are properly supported throughout your match. That being said, we think itâs time for you to start looking for the best tennis shoes with arch support. While it might feel like an unnecessary and bulky addition to your shoes, itâs actually a very important feature for preventing common issues like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and ankle sprains, especially if you have flat feet. In this article, we have listed all the best tennis shoes for arch support, and all you need to do is just scroll up and read!

    In case you havenât read them, donât forget to also take a look at the 13 best tennis shoes for walking, the 13 best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis, and the 13 best tennis shoes for nurses as well!

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    Why Buy Brooks Glycerin 14 Running Shoes For Arch Support

    If you are looking for running shoes for arch support with incredible cushioning, then Brooks Glycerin running shoes for men and women can be your best choice.

    The upper body of the shoe is made of a breathable open-mesh based material with 3D overlays. The padded tongue and the collar offer extended comfort while running. If your running sessions are neutral and not very exhaustive, these shoes can work wonders for your arch support.

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    The 10 Best Running Shoes With Arch Support 2021

    Skechers Arch Fit Sneaker


    The most common type of shoes that runners need are for arch support, whether you have flat feet or extremely high arches. When it comes to choosing a pair, do you know what to choose? Every few years it is worth having a running specialist perform a gait analysis to determine whether you need arch support. Gait refers to the progressive heel-to-toe movement of your feet as you run.

    If you have a low or falling arch you should look for a stability shoe. Those with a high arch should look for a cushioned shoe. If you have flat feet a motion control shoe is what you will want to consider. Wondering which is the best running shoe with arch support? Read on, and our experts will provide you with all of the information you need in this useful buying guide.

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    What Are High Arches

    A tall arch is also called a pes cavus or a foot cavus. As the height of each person’s arches usually changes, this may not be a problem. They can be hereditary. A tall arch can be more prone to causing injuries when you’re playing or running.

    High arches do not attack the shock or provide as much support as walking. You can benefit from cushioned shoes and custom molded shoe inserts to aid shock absorption.

    The high arch of the foot is associated with supination. If you have already checked your foot’s movement by recording a run or studying the foot arch’s height with the sole imprint and are sure that you are a supinator, you have already made an essential step in choosing the proper footwear.

    If you are still unsure, perform a simple test. Press the wet foot on a paper or cardboard surface to make the trace visible. If the part between the toes and heel is broken, your foot arch is high, which causes supination.

    If you have a supination foot, you can also check based on the consumption of popular walking shoes. It is likely supination if the sole is most worn on the outside.

    Why Buy Altra Torin Running Shoes For Arch Support

    Out of the several different running shoes for arch support, Altra Torin running shoes for men and women have unswervingly outdone the competition.

    With a tough rubber material outsole and Quick Dry Air Mesh upper, the Altra Torin shoes will support the arch of your feet on all kinds of terrains.

    The best part about these incredible running shoes for arch support is that they come in an assortment of patterns and shades for both, men and women.

    • Pull-tab to assist in wearing and taking off the shoe.

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    The Nine Best Sneakers With Arch Support

    Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoes Brooks
    Womens Ghost 12 Running Shoes Brooks
    Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainers Nike
    Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoes Saucony
    Women’s Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoes Ryka
    Men’s Made in Us 990 V5 Sneakers New Balance
    Men’s Ultraboost 19 M Running Shoes Adidas

    Designed to enhance your natural gait, these lightweight arch support shoes feature FlyteFoam foam technology to improve bounce as you run or walk. The organic nano-fibers cushion the feet from pressure, and the gel forefoot and rear deliver shock absorption.

    Main Features

    • Available in normal and wide
    • 20 different colors
    • Not as cushioning as some other sneakers

    Under Armour Mens Leadoff Low Rm Baseball Shoe

    • Synthetic upper is lightweight & durable with perforations in the toe box for added breathability
    • Durable overlay on toe cap for added protection
    • Padded collar & heel construction for ultimate step in comfort
    • Full length EVA midsole for added comfort, cushioning that evenly distributes cleat pressure underfoot.
    • Rubber molded cleats provide optimal traction & durability on all field surfaces

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    Return And Exchange Policy

    United States

    We accept returns and exchanges for non custom made shoes within 30 days of delivery, 1 question asked: how can we do better? Even if they have been worn.

    To return a pair of shoes, head over to our Returns Portal and download a pre-paid return label and send it back for a full refund.


    • We accept returns and exchanges for non custom made shoes within 30 days of delivery as we do for US customers. However we do not have pre-paid return labels for orders outside of the United States. If you need to return or exchange a pair of non custom made shoes, you’ll have to pay for the return shipping so we recommend using our Fit Finder.

    Do You Have High Arches

    First things first: discover your arch type. It doesnt hurt to be sure, given that runners have poor knowledge of their foot type. You can check this visually and by scanning your overall condition and looking for symptoms. Visual confirmation is the best, especially when done with a specialist who observes your movement. Symptoms might appear or you might be lucky enough not to experience them.

    Visual test: discover your arch type

    The easiest and quickest way to check your arch type is the so-called wet test. You should: wet the sole of your foot , stand onto a piece of paper while allowing the moisture from your feet to sink into the paper, and step off.

    If you have a high arch, the footprint will show only the front and heel of your foot with nothing in between. If theres a thin line connecting them, you have a moderately high arch – better than the extreme.

    If youre not sure after doing this test or feel your feet need more attention, the best thing is to consult a podiatrist on this. They up the ante and use a dynamic approach which entails looking at your barefoot movement, pronation, tibia rotation, and heel deviation.

    Symptoms of high arches

    Can you feel the pain? Immediately stop your activities and rest. Look for professional help if the pain doesnt go away or if it reappears.

    If youve discovered that you have high arches based on the test, its also valuable to know how they feel. Cross-reference your experience to get a confirmation.

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    Mens Walking Shoe With Arch Support Faqs

    Are supported arch shoes necessary?

    In most cases, the answer to this question is yes! The arch, which is the sole of your feet, is responsible to fully carry your weight while you walk, jog, or run. Its essential to divide your body weight into your whole sole. If only a particular part of your feet carries the weight, then you will end up experiencing heel pains, plantar fasciitis, or even pulled muscles during runs which can be painful.

    Are high arches better than flat feet?

    Both high arches and flat feet have their problems. So, its not easy to decide which one is better and which isnt. With high arch types, more support is needed from a shoe to distribute the body weight. A flat foot may seem safer, but it is way less stable and needs a shoe with good stabilization features. Luckily all these brands are pulling out amazing shoes for all kinds of arch types.

    What is an easy way to check if a shoe has good arch support?

    Youve probably seen people check the arch support without realizing what they were doing. The simple test of grabbing a shoe and twisting its toe cap towards you and its heel outwards will help you judge the quality of its arch support. The stiffer the shoe feels when turning, the better the arch support will be on it.

    What Brand Of Shoes Are Best For High Arches

    Best Running Shoes for High Arches 2020

    If youre wondering what brand of shoes are best for high arches, then youd have a few names that jump out right away. Certain brands these days are known for creating shoes with biomechanics in mind, and they have a following of support because most of their products are tailor made for having great arch support and foot stability.

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    Skechers Go Walk Max Privy

    Skechers is a very popular brand of footwear that initially focused on stylish casual shoes and skate footwear. The brand later expanded their focus and now also has successful sport shoe lines for its more active customers. Its currently the third largest athletic shoe brand in the US.

    The Skechers Go Walk Max Privy is an athletic shoe thats built to maintain your comfort even after long periods of walking and standing. The mid and outsole feature high level cushioning with the use of Skechers very own Air Cooled Goga Mat technology. Their 5GEN sole also utilizes memory retention foam to create maximum foot support at the right points.

    Dansko Mens Jackson Loafer

    With Danskos mission of manufacturing impressive European clog-influenced footwear that features good arch support, its no wonder that they have another entry on this list. The Jackson Loafer is a casual shoe that is less sporty than Danskos previous entry on this list. The Jackson Loafer is a slip-on that has a 100% upper and a synthetic rubber outsole thats designed to be slip-resistant. The midsole utilizes molded EVA for added shock absorption. The arch support is optimized with Danskos proprietary comfort upgrade system that incorporates EVA and TPU materials in the arch and heel stabilizers for gait guidance and all-day support and unrivaled comfort.

    Here are some of the top boat shoes on the market you cant go wrong with. Dont miss them.

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    Saucony Echelon Walker 3

    This shoe provides cushioning that can also help with balance while you walk. The shoe has a wide and stable base. PWRRUN foam in the midsole is lightweight and will help absorb and reduce the impact on your feet.

    The upper is made from a long-lasting leather and breathable mesh that allows air to circulate, minimizing hotspots in the shoe. Both the heel collar and tongue are padded, with flat laces that help to reduce pressure spots on the foot. A spacious toe box allows you to move your toes freely.

    The outsole is made from durable and slip-resistant rubber so that you can walk confidently on pavement, road, and gravel. The rubber outsole also helps to reduce and absorb shock from your footstrike.

    This particular shoe only comes in two colors, black or white. Some may find that white gets dirty too quickly and theyd prefer not to have an all-black shoe, so the choice is limited.

    Best For Underpronation: Altra Footwear Paradigm 5

    Review-Hyperspace Sports Gel Shoe Insoles for High Arch Support,Plantar Fasciitis,Orthotic,Flat Feet

    What Youll Love: Extra stabilizers and a guide rail system prevent feet from rolling outward mid-strike, and the extra cushioning is helpful for trail runs.

    What You Need to Know: Shoes are slightly heavy at 10 ounces per pair, which could impact race time.

    If your foot tends to roll outward when runningputting painful pressure on your ankles and outer toesyoure likely struggling with underpronation. Luckily, solving this issue can be as simple as finding the right sneakers, like these cushioned kicks. They use three stabilizing pods and a guided rail system to keep the foot from twisting while running. The dynamic shoes also have removable sculpted footbeds, breathable mesh linings, and quick-drying knit uppers. Designed for the female foot , trail runners in particular will love the zero-drop platform, which keeps your heel and forefoot even as you run to encourage proper form and minimize impact.

    Rave Review: These shoes are comfortable. I feel stable in them and can easily put my own orthotics in them. I am going back to my teaching job this week, and am hoping for all day comfort and support.

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    Statistics And Scientific Studies

    Good shoes with orthotic technology, can give you some real success. There are plenty of studies out there that prove that arch supports are indeed efficient for dealing with foot problems, such as cavus foot or plantar fasciitis. Have a look at this study, for example.

    Night splints, in combination with foot orthoses, have proven to lead to an improved quality of life with lots of pain relief. The same study confirmed that there was an improved foot function in as little as 3 months. Improvements kept coming over the course of the rest of the year.

    Anterior night splints and foot orthoses are a really great short term and long term solution for treating pain in plantar fasciitis, or arches that are too high.

    There have been plenty of other studies as well, which tout the exact same benefits of conservative treatments in combination with each other. You wont need an orthotic device, unless you have plantar fasciitis, though. For a regular high arch problem, good support is good enough. If you want to read some of these studies, Google them and you are sure to find plenty of them.

    Picking The Right Shoe For High Arches

    Starting your search for the perfect shoe designed for high arches? Here are 5 tips you should take to find the right pair.

    Tip 1: Consider adding an insole. “Often times, when we’re fitting individuals for shoes who have higher arches, there may be instances where adding an insole to the shoe dramatically improves the fit of the shoe,” says Steve Crnic, General Manager at Brooklyn Running Company. “Insoles from brands like Currex or Superfeet, for example, can really help customize the shoe’s fit more effectively, and offers a more contoured fit through the heel and arch.”

    Tip 2: Focus on the laces.“Look for a lace-up design that doesn’t put too much pressure on the top of your foot. Sometimes, with a higher arch, you will want to make sure you have enough volume in the footbed to accommodate your foot more comfortably,” says Crnic. “As such, it’s important that the lace design allows for more flexibility on top of the foot and doesn’t put too much pressure on the instep, otherwise it may cause pain and discomfort, particularly on longer runs.”

    Tip 4: Strengthen your feet and train wisely.“Particularly with high arches, youll want to be cautious about increasing your running workload too quickly,” says Dircksen. “Give the feet time to adapt to each new training stress, and find shoes that are going to impact the feet the least.”

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    Weighing All The Factors

    After reviewing numerous sneakers with arch support, ASICS womens gel-kayano running shoes came out on top as the best sneakers with arch support on the market. Combining lightweight design and heavy-duty arch support, they offer both comfort and shock absorption. Our other 2 picks, Brooks mens ghost 12 running shoes and Brooks womens ghost 12 running shoes, are also great options worthy of your consideration.

    Our Winner – Women’s Gel-Kayano Running Shoes by ASICS

    Available in 21 sizes and 20 colors, ASICS womens gel-kayano running shoes come with a breathable mesh upper and EVA sock liners.

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