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Women’s Platform Sneakers White

Rag & Bone Retro Runner

UNBOXING GUCCI Women’s Ace Embroidered Platform Sneaker 2022 | Chunky yet Comfortable White Shoes

They take perforated sides to a whole new level.

The leather upper is almost entirely perforated and showcases a white leather flash to take you back to the 70s. The tanned rubber sole completes the retro design.

These Rag & Bone runners are the versatile, vintage kick your wardrobe needs.

Best for: Racing into retro with perforated leather.

Converse Run Star Hike

You wont enter the room quietly in these iconic Chuck Taylors

The statement sneaker is dressed in a white colorway, with the signature black logo. Although bold, the neutral palette makes them easy to style.

These all-white Converse platforms are the stand-out choice to ramp up your season.

Best for: Versatile kicks that make a statement.

Your Style Your Shoes Your Voice

Converse platform shoes dont follow traditional style norms they reinvent what it means to be an icon, just like you. No matter your style, theres a Converse platform shoe to match your personality.

Whether you pick classic white, black, and red, or you go for a daring personalized style, the skys the limit.

If you have something to say, why not say it with your style. Everyone sorts their Converse shoes with pride and style, from high-schoolers to basketball players, celebrities, and models alike. For the casual street wearer, office comfort, internship style, and every other occasion in between, a pair of Converse will never disappoint.

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Balenciaga Phantom Sneaker $795

Oh, Balenciaga. Its Phantom Sneaker is all the rage, giving you an effortlessly stylish feel because, well, lets face it these are stylish to its core.

Though $795 may be steep for a pair of trusty whites, the Phantom doesnt disappoint. The pair is leather-free, Italian-made and simple to care for a light clean with a cloth will do.

Adidas By Stella Mccartney Treino $180

Kenzo Platform Leather Sneakers in White

If you love the athletic fit and feel of Adidas but are eyeing some designer pairs, this athletic collab with Stella McCartney is up your alley. The Treinos have a narrower fit at the top resembling more of that tennis style while still offering a dressy exterior for evening parties, dinners and all occasions.

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Koio Capri Triple White

Its the signature silhouette that sparked the white sneakers trend. And theyre designed with unparalleled attention to detail. Constructed from gold-certified Italian leather, it features a rubber sole, a removable insole and waxed cotton laces.

The tight waterproof stitching will keep the rain out. And although you may be nervous to scuff up these handcrafted white leather trainerswe encourage you to try them out and take them everywhere.

Best for: The signature silhouette that sparked the white sneakers trend.

Adidas Grand Court Sneaker $48 Original Price: $65

This throwback pair is still one of our favorites. Its probably the definition of classic white sneaker, though we dont need Merriam or Webster to tell us that.

This elevated tennis shoe has the Adidas-embossed trademark has that ultra-comfort we crave, too, many thanks to the cloudfoam sockliner that also helps mitigate odor over time.

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Axel Arigato Clean 90

The soft white leather upper of the Clean 90 is contrasted with a gold heel tab. And along with a subtle logo stamp, its just enough to add a touch of pizazz to the all white sneakers. The cushioned rubber sole will give you the support you need to walk for miles

Clean, classy and comfortablethese minimalist white sneakers embody Axel Arigatos high-end reputation.

Best for: A touch of sparkle meets understated sophistication.

How Can You Keep White Sneakers Clean

Nike Blazer Low Platform White Metallic Silver Womens shoes

Keeping white sneakers clean depends on the material. For canvas sneakers, Sean McDowell, Vice President of Design and Product Development at Sperry, says to reach for a little bleach. “I use a spray bottle mixed with water and bleach,” he explains. For this process, you’ll want to remove the laces and then use a strong bristled brush “to get in all of the recesses of the canvas and rubber sidewalls,” McDowell notes. Once you’ve scrubbed them clean, place them in the sun for a few hours to dry and brighten them up. With that said, bleach is a harsh chemical, so it’s best to use this method on white canvas sneakers that are inexpensive. For more expensive pairs, it’s best to protect them ahead of time with a stain-resistant coating and spot clean as needed.

To clean white leather sneakers, McDowell recommends using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. “I use an old toothbrush to get in all the nooks and crannies,” he explains. “It’s gentler than bleach and, with smooth leather, you don’t need to go as deep as canvas,” he adds.

As far as laces are concerned, you can easily remove them from your sneakers and toss them in the wash with your whites for a fresh scrub. And, if they get to a point where they are too far gone, purchasing a new pair of shoelaces is an inexpensive and quick way to freshen up your soles.

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Madewell Kickoff Trainer Sneakers $98

As one of our personal favorites we stroll around in IRL, Madewells Kickoff Trainer Sneakers are of exceptional quality which, is unsurprising, given the brand has a well-received Sneaker Shop.

If completely white sneakers arent your jam, these are neutral enough to pair with everything, even some of Madewells bestselling dresses we adore.

Check out the New York Post Shopping section for more content.

Can You Wear White Sneakers With Work Pants

“You can absolutely wear white sneakers with work pants,” Sullivan explains, adding that the “line between professional and comfortable at work has certainly blurred” over the last few years. “With more and more people heading back into the office but not wanting to sacrifice the comfort of working from home, a pair of white sneakers can instantly bring that feel while still looking professional,” she adds. Additionally, McDowell notes that a white leather sneaker is a great choice for office attire, as it adds a touch of personality while still looking professional and buttoned up.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Platform Sneakers

  • Platform sneakers put less strain on the balls of the feet as compared to high heels.
  • They can add a height of around 2 inches, making you appear taller and boost your confidence.
  • Platform sneakers also offer extra comfort as they have thick soles and distribute your weight evenly.
  • They provide enhanced shock absorption to prevent injuries.
  • They are versatile enough to be paired with any outfit.

Let us now look at the factors to consider before buying a pair of platform sneakers.

Converse Chuck Taylor Low

New JMR Quad Platform Sneakers Womens Shoes White Size 6

Its another classic that never dies. These white low-tops are a great alternative for those who prefer a more modern silhouette.

These Converse Chuck Taylors are easy to dress if youre after a slip-on, slip-off sneaker. And they showcase the same iconic features as their high-collared counterparts.

These all white Converse low-top sneakers know how to keep life simple.

Best for: A slip-on, slip-off simple lifestyle.

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Saint Laurent Court Classic

Every cloud has a silver lining. And this pair has a few.

Soft Italian white leather is used for cloud-like comfort. And is contrasted with a silver heel tab and silver Saint Laurent embroidery. The durable rubber soles promise to stand the test of time.

And like any saint, these court classics wont leave your side.

Best for: The stylish silver lining to cloud-like comfort.

On Cloud Running Sneakers

Feel like floating on a cloud? This pair is calling your name.

These On Cloud Running Sneakers are comfortable enough to run a marathon. However, everyday admin is also deemed a worthy excuse to get your hands on a pair. With zero-gravity foam and a CloudTex sole, your feet will feel like theyve died and floated to fashion heaven.

Best for: That zero-gravity foam floaty feeling.

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How To Choose The Best White Platform Sneakers

  • Sole

The sole is key to determining the comfort level of the shoe. Platform sneakers come with a variety of sole options, ranging from rubber to PVC to PU, which determine their flexibility, grip, and longevity. Rubber provides more traction, while PU is relatively lightweight. So, choose according to your needs. Ensure the soles are durable, waterproof, and lightweight.

  • Material

Platform sneakers are made of canvas, leather, suede, etc. Canvas sneakers are more breathable and can withstand rough use, while leather is more durable and easy to clean but needs maintenance. Suede looks chic and stylish but requires constant care. Choose according to your requirements.

  • Low-Top/High-Top

Platform sneakers can be low-top or high-top. If you want full ankle support, go for high-top sneakers. For anybody who seeks comfort and flexibility without any hindrance of ankle support, a low-top is good to go.

  • Slip-On Or Lace-Up Design

For people who are in a rush, a slip-on design is the most convenient option. For people who want a secured and tight grip, a lace-up design is a perfect solution.

New Balance Fuelcore Nergize V1 Sneaker $60 Original Price: $65

Best White Sneakers Women Reviews || Top 10 Best White Sneakers for Women 2021

Were big fans of New Balance, especially for the brands popular sneakers. Notably, its FuelCore Nergize V1s offer a cushiony midsole and underfoot comfort thats specially designed for all-day wear.

Be sure to note that the brand recommends sizing half a size up, when compared to your traditional New Balance shoe, for this specific pair.

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Axel Arigato Marathon Trainers

Theyll entice any laid back fashionista to take up track.

But the 90s retro detailing, mesh uppers and chunky soles are more than just a fashion statement. This pair of white Axel Arigato Marathon Trainers is perfectly designed for optimum comfort.

Youll still have to take them out for coffee after a jog. These white designer sneakers deserve to be seen.

Best for: Showing off your new fitness regime at a coffee shop.

Converse Platform Shoe For The Streetwise

For more than 100 years, Converse has been a multi-generational brand associated with relaxed, street smart, and comfortable style. What started as a basketball shoe has become a cultural phenomenon that continues to be a trendsetter for creatives, sports fans, fashionistas, and everyone alike.

If you already love and rock the classic Converse style, its time to take it up a notch and update your collection with a pair of Converse platform shoes. Stand a little taller without sacrificing comfort. These newly revamped icons have the Chuck Taylor All-Star essence with a new, bolder, and more daring style.

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Ua Old Skool Sneakers $60 To $65

We love UAs Old Skool Sneakers from Free People just as much as we love FP Movement otherwise known as Free Peoples activewear line. So, that means a whole lot.

These Vans lookalikes have a handsome suede contrasted side paired with a padded footbed for extra support. Styled with Free Peoples bestselling Happiness Runs Crop and Good Karma Leggings , youre golden.

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Baishali Bhattacharya is a certified image consultant. She understands the importance of looking good and having confidence in what you wear and the way you present yourself. This post on the best white platform sneakers was written after thoroughly researching various websites and e-retail shops. This curation of sneakers is prepared based on the reviews and satisfaction of customers and considering the quality and durability of each shoe. She also gives you a guide to help you pick the best platform sneakers.

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