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Best Stylish Sneakers For Women

Converse Chuck : Best Womens Canvas Sneakers

9 BEST Designer Sneakers for Women 2021!! | Dior, Prada, Givenchy etc.

Some fashion styles should be kept in the past but Converse is absolutely not one of them. You probably bought your first pair of Converse as a child. Maybe your parents got your first pair or perhaps you waited until you were a teenager to treat yourself to a cool pair of high tops. Either way, a pair of Converse has almost definitely adorned your feet in the past and if you dont currently have a pair in your wardrobe, its time to change that.

Were all still huge fans of the standard high top Few styles are more enduring than Converses Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers but their 2022 edition is cooler than ever.

Lightweight and versatile, they blend in with the rest of your wardrobe while quietly fending off compliments from every direction. The canvas nature of the sneakers makes them perfect for warm summer days and the ecru shade means theyre just as comfortable being worn with bright colors or darker shades.

Best for: A blank canvas of a shoe that draws attention in every sense.

Mgemi The Cerchio: Best Womens Slip

The beauty of M.Gemi comes in many forms. First, the unique designs that the brand produces, with the finest materials and one-of-a-kind styles. Then, the almost unspeakably comfortable soles that your feet slip into. Finally? The overall effect, when youre walking out the door and look down with a dash of admiration. And M.Gemis Woven Leather Sneakers are designed to not only look good, but also to slip into your lifestyle seamlessly.

These womens sneakers dont require any kind of effort in the form of laces the slip on nature fuses perfectly with even the busiest of lifestyles. Available in a range of muted tones including olive, grey, and black, these slip-on sneakers are effortlessly chic. A lightweight sole makes them walkable for even those unexpectedly long distances while the woven, rich leather adds a premium touch to your look.

Best for: Instant cool no matter how time-conscious the occasion.

Oliver Cabell Low : Best Distressed Sneakers For Women

Distressed jeans are out and distressed trainers are in. Those carefully threaded gently pulled, and ever so slightly worn-in sneakers show signs of age in the best way possible to add a casual touch to any outfit. The best-distressed trainers come courtesy of Oliver Cabell a brand thats known for taking the idea of the humble trainer and elevating it with buttery-soft Italian leather and that famous, minimalist silhouette.

A wardrobe staple for any self-respecting sneakerhead, the Oliver Cabell Low 1 Sneakers add a vintage touch in a way thats both stylish and versatile.

Oliver Cabells cult status means you likely already know just how soft these sneakers are before your paths finally cross. But, much like those super soft blankets or impossibly smooth, silky luxury bed sheets, you cant quite appreciate the levels of comfort that come from these sneakers until youve got yourself a pair.

Best for: Understated, Italian chic with a unique vintage touch.

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New Republic Malibu: Best Platform Sneakers For Women

Much like gin and tonic, bread and butter, or ham and cheese: think of platform sneakers and the brand that should come to mind is New Republic.

Featuring a chunky platform sole for an effortless lift, TENCEL footbed for extra cushion, and Cali cool vibes, these Malibu platform sneakers are the holiday your feet deserve and exactly what you need when youre on your feet all day.

Understated enough to pair perfectly with any kind of outfit, these minimalist sneakers will only ever leave your feet for a clean before you breathe a sigh of relief and quickly place them right back where they belong.

Best for: Giving you that extra height physically and metaphorically.

Taos Star Fashion Sneakers

Fashion Pink Sneakers Women Breathable Women

Taos Star Fashion sneakers are a cute walking fashion sneakers that not only delivers on style but comfort. They look like Converse sneakers but are way more supportive and comfortable!

The removable footbed provides arch support so you can walk on them for long periods of time.

If you want a sneaker look but slip-on function, you can switch out the normal laces with elastic ones. That way youre still in a sneaker, but you cut out a few minutes from getting ready and dont have to tie any laces .

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Roger Vivier Viv Run: Most Expensive Sneakers For Women

Luxe sneakers are the new luxe heelsbut with far more wearability and opportunity. While theres nothing stopping you from donning your new designer heels to the corner shop or wearing them for a weekend stroll around the shops, a new pair of luxe sneakers might do the job a little better with added comfort by the end of your trip. So if youre thinking of branching out with a stylish pair of expensive sneakers, you might as well do it properly. The best option? Roger Viviers Viv Run sneakers.

Refined and stylish, these Italian sneakers are instantly recognizable with their neoprene panels and thick, rounded soles. In true Vivier style, theyre the first thing youll notice when they enter a room, adding a dash of confidence and a healthy helping of style to even the most casual of outfits.

Best for: Suddenly understanding the sneakerheads who display all their trainers.

Vans: Best Casual Sneakers For Women

Vans are another one of those ubiquitous brands youll remember admiring as a teenager and nothing much has changed since. Still super comfortable, still easy enough to wear on any occasion, and still guaranteed good style, its almost a sin to consider your shoe closet fully stocked until theres at least one pair of Vans proudly sitting there. But wave goodbye to the brightly colored Vans of your youth and say hello to the more refined Vans of 2022 the pair that promise to keep your toes just as cozy as they did years ago but in a shade that youll smugly pull on every morning without wondering if they match or not.

The Vans LX Sneakers will quickly become the OG of your wardrobe, in a neutral shade that adds a dose of vintage to your look without the need for 90s sweaters and huge logos.

Best for: Pairing with your favorite playlists from your teenage years.

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Converse Pro Leather Sneakers

The Pro Leather sneakers were made as a basketball shoe back in the 70s, and theyre the perfect casual everyday shoe.

You can get them in white and black, all white, white and teal, or white and orange, and they retail for $90.

Im definitely more into low top sneakers than high top ones because they can pair with any pant and look a lot more casual.

Converse One Stars debuted in the 70s as a low-top suede version of the Chuck Taylors, and I like that theyre a bit heavier than the Chuck Taylors.

They also feature a star on the side, which is why theyre called the One Stars.

They retail for $100, and you can get it in a vintage-style suede or checkerboard print.

AF1s debuted back in the 80s, and theyre still iconic 40 years later.

I personally think white is a classic , but you can always rock your fave colour.

They retail for around $120 a pair, but since theyre so popular, youll usually only be able to get resale value on them on places like Kijiji, Ebay, or Facebook.

Reselling is a huge market for hyped up sneakers I think I sold two pairs of Yeezys for around $900 and $1600 that I bought for around $350 each.

NMDs are one of my fave lightweight sneakers, and theyre super comfy to walk in.

You cant go wrong with white or black, and they retail for around $190.

The sneakers Im wearing are actually part of a collaboration with a Swiss sneaker boutique, and theyre a mens sneaker.

These Sneakers Combine The Best Of Comfort And Style

MUST HAVE Designer Sneakers for Women 2020 *THE ONLY SNEAKERS TO BUY*

As much as we appreciate trendy platforms, sky-high stilettos, strappy sandals and chic boots, there are times when nothing less than a tried-and-true pair of sneakers will suffice. Sneaker culture has become an entity in and of itself over the past several years, but you dont have to be a sneaker aficionado to appreciate the wonder of a stylish and comfy pair of trainers.

If theres anything to take away from the fashion trends of the past few years, its that comfort and style can, in fact, go hand in hand, and that includes your footwear. While you cant go wrong with a timeless pair of white Converse or low-top Nikes, there are also plenty of designer takes out there, too, in addition to the *many* sneaker collabs that have popped up as of late.

Sneakers were once relegated firmly to the realm of athletic wear, but theyve now fully transitioned into everyday dressing. Theyre surprisingly versatile, and go with everything from flowing frocks and classic denim to elevated leggings and trendy skirts. For those of us that tend to walk around quite a bit during the day, sneakers are the optimal choice for footwear, thanks to the support and comfort they provide.

All products featured are independently selected by Observer editors. When you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission that supports our work.

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Best Travel Shoes For Women

I generally pack 3 types of shoes when I travel:

  • A pair of sneakers
  • A stylish but comfortable pair of flats or moccasins
  • An easy slip on pair of flip flops / sandals
  • I am admittedly an over packer so sometimes I pack multiple pairs of shoes from the 3 categories. The upside is Ive tried and tested many different shoe brands over the years! Ive organized my list of the best walking shoe options for travel according to the 3 categories above.

    Our Top Picks For The Best Chunky Sneakers In 202:

    • These V Trendy Sneakers
    • available in sizes 5 to 12
    • run a little big

    IDK why, but these give me Y2K Hot Wheels vibesand I kinda love it. Sporty and comfy, these sneakers are a win.

    Glowing Review:“These are super fashionable, and I love wearing them with a graphic tee and straight-leg pants or bike shorts. They are very comfortable to run around in all day. Love the look and feel of these!”

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    Converse Run Star Motion

    Converse Run Star Motion

    High tops are just a style of sneakers that is never going to look outdated. Sure, the new and improved version is always trendier, but they are just classic and versatile. High top sneakers go above the ankle, so dont confuse them with the mid-top sneakers, which reach just at the ankle. They are both functional and fashionable, they are an upgraded version of the 70s classic staple.

    Best Overall: Dr Scholl’s Madison Sneaker


    Also available at Dr. Scholl’s Shoes

    Why We Love It: They’re ultra-comfy, yet stylish enough to wear anywhere plus, they travel well.

    What to Consider: They may cause your feet to overheat.

    These cute slip-on sneakers by Dr. Scholl’s are insanely comfortable. They’re designed with a memory foam footbed for added support and a thick rubber sole that provides excellent traction. According to Sutera, the comfiest shoes include a deep-seated heel cup, arch support, and cushioning, and the Madisons check off every box. Plus, the padded collar provides a more comfortable feel while the flexible side panels allow you to slip them on easily, even hands-free. These also come in a variety of color and style options, so you can choose from bold camo, leopard prints, or more neutral variations like black, olive, or faux leather.

    To top it off, our testers felt they were extremely versatile. “They’re flexible enough to dress up or down depending on where you’re going,” our tester for this pair says. So whether you wear them to sightsee or to impress at brunch, they’re sure to comfortably complete your look.

    Price at time of publish: $33-$140

    Sizes: 5 to 11 | Material: Microsuede, faux leather or fabric, vulcanized rubber

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    Vans Old Skool Sneakers

    Vans Old Skools are another classic sneaker I love, though I will admit theyre not the comfiest walking shoes.

    Id only wear these to run errands or do short walks because I always get blisters behind my foot, even after breaking them in!

    P.S. If you tend to get blisters from shoes, I would highly recommend getting specific Bandaids for blisters they cushion your blister and actually stay on in the shower.

    I have a classic black pair of Vans Old Skool sneakers that Adam got me years ago, as well as this checkered pair I was gifted a few years ago.

    Both are super cute and would pretty much pair with any outfit!

    Theyre also quite affordable at around $80 per pair.

    If youre into the whole dad sneakers trend, youll love Skechers DLites.

    Theyre super chic, and theyre pretty affordable at around $90!

    Though they might seem a little out there if youre not used to chunkier shoes, I promise you that they pair easily with tons of different outfits.

    I think a classic white pair will never go out of style, but a black pair is also a great option.

    Balmain B Bold Monogram High

    Balmain B Bold Monogram High-Top Sneakers

    The designer sneaker market is so versatile, it really varies from brand to brand. Here the famous fashion houses let themselves go loose and let their creative juices produce one-of-a-kind, unique footwear. This pair from Balmain is a perfect example of that. It is for the ladies who like to make a statement, and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

    It is a blend of the sock sneaker and the high-top, covered in the brands monogram, as the name implies. Unconventional to say the least, they are made from an elasticated sock-style upper and a chunky rubber sole.

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    Common Projects Achilles: Best Minimalist Sneakers For Women

    Common Projects whole focus as a brand is to keep things simple: streamlined, understated and chilled out. Slip into a pair of Common Projects sneakers and immediately find yourself feeling a little more refreshed on even the most stressful of days. So it makes sense that the brand would produce some of the best womens low top sneakers: a pair that exemplify the very notion of laidback lazy days with their clean lines, minimal silhouettes, and Italian leather.

    The Common Projects Achilles sneakers are a winning addition to your wardrobe to infuse an instant dose of chic while letting the rest of your outfit continue to do the talking. Premium materials combine with timeless design and the brands signature gilded serial number to produce a unique shoe that fulfills all of its criteria and more.

    Best for: Proving that less is more.

    New Balance 696 V: Best Womens Tennis Shoes

    The HOTTEST Shoe Trends in Fashion for Summer 2022 (Comfortable Sandals, Sneakers, Heels)

    You could wear New Balances tennis sneakers for a game of tennis with your friends. But you could just as easily wear them for brunch, weekend catch-ups, or commuting on a busy weekday. Everything about these tennis sneakers is designed with comfort and style in mind.

    These are the sneakers that feel equally at home running around the tennis court as they do sitting still over a latte in the city center.

    Rubber outsole for superior traction and durability? Check. Comfortable soles thatll make you second guess every other pair of shoes in your wardrobe? Check. Dad-enough so that your very own father might mistake them as his own? Check, check, check.

    Staying on top of your game has never been easier.

    Best for: Wearing for tennis and forgetting to change them afterwards.

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    Sorel Kinetic Impact Lace

    Sorel Kinetic Impact Lace

    Sorel is better known for their winter boots, but lately they have expanded their market to the sneaker market as well. You can expect the same level of comfort and practicality you are used to from Sorel while looking cool. These shoes come in four different colors and are so lightweight you might forget you put them on before you left the house.

    Best For Hiking: Llbean Vista Slip

    Why We Love It: They’re water repellant.

    What to Consider: They can feel very tight and at first.

    These L.L.Bean slip-on sneakers have a lugged outsole that provides excellent traction, making them a great option to wear on hikes and other outdoor excursions. The elastic goring keeps your feet from slipping out when walking, while the rubber toe bumper prevents you from stubbing your toes on even the rockiest terrains. One of the most interesting features, however, is the shoes’ stretchy collar, which hugs the ankle and keeps debris out.

    The shoes certainly impress in the durability department, but our editors say it’s the shoes’ design that stands out most. Our testers loved that the shoes are made for hiking but are more attractive than other sneakers or hiking boots: The stylish kicks are suede but still meant to repel water. They also appreciated the color options, which add a fun element to super functional shoes. Our testers added that the shoes can be a bit tight at first, but they quickly loosen up and fit perfectly.

    Price at time of publish: $99

    Sizes: 6 to 11 | Material: Suede, leather, rubber

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