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How To Order Sneakers Online

Puma Understands The Assignment: Produce Sneakers That’ll Support Athletes No Matter How Rigorous Their Workout Is *and* Make Sure Those Sneakers Are ~stylish~

How to Find and Buy Running Shoes Online || REI

Sizing: Adults’ 418 and kids’ 113.5

Shipping: Standard US shipping starts at $8, with free shipping for orders over $50

Returns: You can return unworn sneakers within 45 days

What makes them unique: Puma’s sneakers are both eye-catching and innovative, all while remaining on trend and extra durable for athletes.

Get the red women’s sneakers for $90 and the colorful men’s sneakers for $85.

Best Methods For Manually Buying Shoes Online

There are two basic ways to buy sneakers for resale: the first is sneaker botting and the second is going manual.

Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

While it can reap rewards like checking out with multiple pairs, sneaker botting requires advanced expertise and is not for beginners.

You can also just browse all the other posts in this blog.

For now, lets see how here:

Domoink Sells Unique Unisex Sneakers That Are Always Ready To Accompany You To That Ugly Christmas Sweater Party *and* The Spongebob Squarepants Marathon You Have Planned

Sizing: Women’s 4.515 and men’s 313.5

Shipping: Free standard shipping on all US orders

Returns: No returns, refunds, or exchanges for undamaged orders

What makes them unique: DomoInk is a Black womanowned small business based out of California. It’s run by the contemporary pop artist of each design, Domonique Brown.

Get the “Ugly Christmas” shoes for $69.99 and the Krabby Patty shoes for $110.

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Unicorn Shoes Shop Lives Up To Its Fun Name By Designing Adorable Custom Sneakers With Pretty Much Anything Your Heart Desires Printed All Over Them

Sizing: Women’s 5.512 and men’s 512

Shipping: Free standard shipping on all US orders

Returns: No returns or exchanges

What makes them unique: Want your dog on your new sneaks? No problem. Or maybe you’d like some extra personalization with your name? Or just design the entire shoe yourself! In the words of Ariana, “I want it, I got it.” Oh, and you’ll be supporting a small biz!

Get the watermelon kiwi sneakers for $64.99 and the floral sneakers for $64.99.

Amazon : Best For ‘try Before You Buy’ Shoes

Order Mens
  • Prime Wardrobe lets you try before you commit to buy
  • Amazon has excellent shipping and returns
  • Good selection of shoes and brands

We all know Amazon and, love it or hate it, there’s no denying it’s an excellent place to buy stuff. The shoe selection at Amazon is very good, and there’s a decent range of both new and pre-owned shoes thanks to the various third-party retailers associated with Amazon. The website is actually harder to navigate than many of its rivals, but that’s because Amazon has such a massive range of items – you need to drill into the site to find shoes.

What sets Amazon apart, however, is the Prime Wardrobe services, which is included as part of a regular Amazon Prime membership. Here you can choose up to eight items of clothing – shoes included – at a time, and order them to be delivered to your home. There is a three-item minimum and a $1000 maximum value. Once they arrive you have seven days to try them on, and mark all unwanted items for return. After that you pay for the stuff you want to keep, and use pre-paid packaging for all the returns. It’s so, so simple and is a great way of shopping for clothes and shoes.

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Finish Line: The Intersection Of Style & Sport

Whether you call them shoes, sneakers, runners, trainers, or kicks, we have you covered with the latest footwear to fit your style. Check out new arrivals from premium brands like Nike, adidas, Jordan, Vans, Puma, Champion, Converse and more. Whether youre looking for for the court, for your next race, or the newest activewear, we carry the latest sports gear to keep you at the top of your game.

At Finish Line, we carry the latest and greatest, from to black-owned clothing brands, shop our huge selection of the freshest athletic apparel and accessories. With on-trend hoodies, jackets, , shirts, shorts and matching sets, we got you covered with the hottest sportswear. Finish your look with a or and keep your kicks clean with premium . Always stay up to date on the latest sneaker drops from new Jordan Retros to , the latest sport fashion and , by following our blog and social handles.

Plus, you can always buy online and pickup in-store, so you can get your favorite sneakers even faster with free, same day pickup at your local Finish Line store!

Foot Locker User Reviews And Ratings

  • Has an D- rating via the Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 3.5 out of 5 via Consumer Affairs

We looked at around 120 user reviews of Foot Locker, and separated the ones that were specifically for the online service offered. What users really like about Foot Locker is the brand and the way it treats its customers. The selection of shoes and the style of footwear is usually praised, and it was good to see a range of ages leaving positive reviews. Foot Locker’s physical stores were complimented too, and several members of the online customer service team have been praised by name, which is a great sign.

Complaints usually stem from shipping and incorrect orders arriving, which are very common among other online shoe stores. There were several grievances around ordering via phone, which isn’t a common method of buying shoes, and this does seem to have caused some confusion among customers.

Unusually, Foot Locker has a terrible D- rating via the BBB, and it doesn’t seem to be that good at closing customer complaints.

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Good Reviews And Proper Filters

Filter in, filter out, and read the reviews, Popp instructs. I usually start by filtering down to the category/style/brand I am looking for, but then progressively remove the filters to see if I missed anything spectacular. And look for cues on sizing, whether thats new technology solutions or purely customer reviews.

Popp says this kind of filtering strategy will likely save you a lot of time and energy in returns. If the shoe does arrive and it doesnt seem quite right, though, Popp suggests trying it on twiceand not after a long day on your feet. This will ensure that it wasnt a fluke or love at first sight and you are truly able to walk comfortably and style the shoes as you anticipated, Popp explains.

Shoescom User Reviews And Ratings

I Bought A Sneaker From EVERY Sneaker App…. EXPOSED??
  • Has an A+ rating and is accredited at the Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 2 out of 5 via Consumer Affairs

We looked at around 90 reviews of and found that they were largely positive. While the store scores low ratings on Consumer Affairs we did notice an awful lot of ‘user error’ reviews, or reviews calling out for very minor issues with their service, like being a day late with shipping. Where negative reviews and complaints were filed, we were delighted to see that the company’s response – especially on BBB – was prompt, polite, and often resulted in customer satisfaction.

In terms of positive reviews, people were pleased with the exchange policy on offer, and the selection of shoes. The generous exchange period was mentioned too. While clearly isn’t the cheapest online shoe store, it’s well thought of and clearly has excellent customer service.

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How To Sell Your Sneakers Online: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Not every sneakerhead is in the game for the same reasons. Some are in it for the nostalgia, still in love with the pairs they wore in their teens. Some are in it for the clout, addicted to posting their latest pickups on Instagram. Others, meanwhile, are in it for the profit, running their sneaker closet like a business.

Regardless of how you got into sneakers, these days it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the shoes dropping every weekend. The reality is, eventually a time will come when youll feel the need to liquidate some of your stash, either to make way for new pairs, or simply because you feel its time to downsize the collection. In turn, sneaker-specific marketplaces such as Grailed, Klekt, StockX, and others have been on the up, connecting buyers and sellers around the world.

For those who are new to the hustle, heres a step-by-step guide to selling your sneakers online:

Should You Consider Shoe Subscription Services

If you are a real shoe lover, an occasional online purchase may not be enough, and it might make sense to sign up for a shoe subscription service. Sites like JustFab and ShoeDazzle offer memberships for about $40 a month. You get to shop their picks at discounted prices monthly, or you can save what you paid in membership fees to use toward future shoe purchases whenever you want to liven up your wardrobe. Usually, you can opt to skip months and not pay the subscription fee when you really cant afford it. There are also shoe subscription services that cater to more specific interests for example, Sneakertub.

And of course, there are many subscription sites that are much broader, offering all sorts of clothes, including but not limited to shoes. Whether any of these services is worth the money is largely a matter of personal opinion. We think it is worth a try if you really love shoes, especially since the companies’ cancellation policies are pretty customer-friendly.

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Dsw User Reviews And Ratings

  • Has an A+ rating via the Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 3.5 out of 5 via Consumer Affairs

After looking at more than 150 user reviews for DSW, we noted that customer service – especially in their physical stores – was something people loved. Many also praised the benefits of the VIP program, and noted that the discounts you get from it more than make up for the ‘costs’ of sign-up. You do appear to surrender a lot of data, and DSW is persistent in sending you coupons once you’re signed up, but this is no bad thing considering the discounts you will get.

On the negative side, some users noted that the delivery is far from perfect, and that customer service isn’t always as effective at resolving the issues. While the majority praise the customer service experience, some have noted that they were unhelpful. DSW has also had a few issues with VIP points balances on its site, which has drawn a handful of negative reviews. Overall, though, users love the combination of online and physical stores when it comes to DSW, making this a strength of the brand.

Nike Sb Dunk Chunky Dunky

Puma Men EF Cushion Slipon Fade DP Purple Running Shoes

This Nike collaboration with ice cream brand Ben & Jerrys sold out immediately after launching last year. The traditional SB silhouette is updated with colors that mimic the Ben & Jerrys pint packaging, while the a drip design on the Nike swoosh adds to the ice cream motif.


Nike SB Dunk x Ben & Jerrys Chunky Dunky, see latest price at

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Want To Buy Sneakers Online Use One Of The Coupons Below:

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60% off site-wide

Adidas Comes Up With Some Pretty Innovative Design Concepts While Also Prioritizing The Comfort And Durability Of Their Products Throughout The Entire Manufacturing Process

Pro tip: Joining the Adidas Creators Club is totally free and you’ll get free shipping on each order, 15% off your first order, exclusive access to certain styles , and more.

Pricing: Women’s $39+, men’s$45+, youths’ $33+, children’s $21+, and babies’/toddlers’ $30+

Sizing: Women’s 515.5, men’s 420, youths’ 10.5K7, children’s 10K7, and babies’/toddlers’ 1K10K

Shipping: Standard US shipping starts at $4.99

Returns: You can return your unworn footwear in its original packaging within 30 days

What makes them unique: Adidas has been around since 1949, which means they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their sneaker game while still keeping up with modern tech and maintaining sustainable practices

Get the black sneakers for $140 and the white Ozweego sneakers for $120 .

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Nisolo Incorporates Their Own Chic Twist On Classic Sneaker Looks Using Top

Sizing: Women’s 511 and men’s 813

Shipping: Standard US shipping starts at $4.95, with free shipping for orders over $200

Returns: You can return unworn shoes within 30 days

What makes them unique: Nisolo’s sneakers are simple enough to match just about anything in your closet, but they still have that ~expensive, high-quality~ look to them that’ll most def turn some heads.

Get the women’s sneakers for $130 and the men’s mid-top sneakers for $160.

Tip: Arch Supports Arent Fitted In Accordance With Your Shoe Size Theyre Based On Your Arch Length

StockX: How To Buy & Sell Sneakers on StockX

On the Brannock device, the tiny slider that touches the ball of your foot measures the arch length. Dont be alarmed if the measurement is larger than your shoe size, this is normal and youre not an ogre. Just know that arch supports focus on the contoured shape beneath your feet, not the distance around your foot.

5. Customize Your Arch Supports

The number of shoes that come straight out of the box with added support is very limited. Its usually up to you to purchase and install them. Except for select brands like Noat, Birkenstock, M8T and Dansko all of who make some of the strongest work boots and shoes.

Sometimes the insoles that support your arches and heels can be longer than your shoe. In which case, youd need to trim them. You can do this easily by using the original soles as a tracing template. Once you have an outline, simply cut off the excess and, BOOM, youre good to go.

The first few times you wear your arch supports, theyll feel a little weird. If these are your work shoes, you may want to carry the original insoles with you. Just in case your feet become irate with you and start protesting.

Over time the arch supports will save your feet. Theyll also stop bugging you and your life will be normal again.

Foot Fact: Women are 4 times more likely to experience foot problems than men.

6. Dont Buy Cheap Shoes Online

7. Function Over Style

Imagine if youre a server or technician, do you really think the customer cares about your shoes?

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Thousand Fell Is Home To The World’s First Recyclable Sneakers Crafted From Sustainable Materials Like Recycled Bottles Coconut Husks Aloe Vera And Sugarcane Did I Mention Their Shoes Are Stainproof And Water

Sizing: Women’s 510 and men’s 813

Shipping: Free standard US shipping for all orders

Returns: You can return unworn sneakers with original packaging for free within 30 days

What makes them unique: Aside from being recyclable, Thousand Fell’s sneakers’ insoles are made from recycled yoga mats. And socks? Not necessary. The liner is made of anti-odor aloe vera to keep your feet cool and safe from blisters. And that whole stainproof and water-resistant thing? Courtesy of the protective quartz finish applied at the end, so go ahead and wear those white sneaks without fear.

Get the women’s sneakers for $120 and the men’s sneakers for $120.

What Are Your Consumer Rights For Refunds

While most of the best online shoe stores offer at least a 28-day refund policy on all items, we find that the terms of these policies vary wildly. You may be wondering what your rights are, as a consumer, and the answer is that it varies per state. This guide from the excellent FindLaw website breaks down your federal and state rights in relation to online shopping, so if you’re in any doubt, head over there and look up your particular state. California, for example, mandates that a full refund must be offered within 30-days but ONLY if the retailer fails to clearly state their refund policy at the point of sale. Most other states do not offer these protections.

The basic summary is that, while it’s seen as best-practice for retailers to do so, stores are not legally required to accept returns on goods whatsoever. So, while it’s unlikely you’ll find any online shoe stores failing to have a refund policy, you are not legally protected if you buy from somewhere that doesn’t have a full returns policy. Ouch.

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Shoescom : Best Store For Specialty Shoes

  • Great variety of shoes, especially if you need specialty pairs
  • Frequent discount codes and coupons
  • Great website with loads of search options has a large inventory of shoes, free exchanges and helpful customer service. In addition to a large selection of everyday footwear for women and men, there are many specialty footwear options, covering narrow and wide shoes, and even things like dance shoes for kids.

The search browser is useful to find a specific shoe, or you can find a category type, like boots, oxfords or slip-ons if you want more browsing options. You can also filter for such specialty features as orthotic-friendly, vegan, moisture wicking, insulated and diabetic-friendly. You can refine your search further under specifying categories like canvas, clogs, flats, size, color, price range and brand. The product photography on each page is clear and bright, and there are further options for changing size and style. Scroll a little further down, and you get a good range of customer reviews and comment on the fit of the shoes. The site is really offers free shipping, and there’s no minimum value needed to qualify. If you decide you dont like the shoes, you can return them within 60 days for a complete refund, and shipping on returns is free. However, there is a fee of $6.95 for ‘restocking’. Items that are labeled as final sales, however, dont qualify for returns. There’s also a rewards club called Shoefans, which is worth enrolling in.

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