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Best Sneakers For Custom Orthotics

Do I Have To Remove The Insoles When Using My Orthotics

SuperFeet Shoe Insoles – Best non custom orthotics for foot pain – Review

In most cases, we recommend that you remove the insole, or footbed, from your shoes and replace them with your custom foot orthotics. Most shoes that are compatible with orthotics have a removable footbed that provides the space for your custom foot orthotics to fit inside comfortably. It is always advisable to remove the footbed or insole from your shoes and replace them with your custom foot orthotics. You should not place your orthotics on top of the existing insoles. Your orthotics work best when they rest securely in your shoe, directly on the midsole of the shoe.

There are some cases, however, where there is no removable footbed, but the space within the footwear is sufficient to use your custom foot orthotics comfortably. In these instances, if the interior of the shoe is flat and secure, and there is enough space inside for your orthotics and your foot to fit comfortably, you can successfully use your orthotics.

How Do You Wear Running Shoes With Orthotics

In the majority of the cases, you should remove the insole from your shoe with the custom foot orthotics. Your orthotics work finest when they are present firmly in your shoe. It should stay directly on the midsole or interior of the shoe. There are few cases, though, where a removable footbed is not available. But still, regardless of it, the area present in the footgear is adequate to put your custom foot orthotics easily. Hence, it is quite easy to wear your orthotics with running shoes.

Brooks Addiction 14 Running Shoe

  • Bulky shoe

Brooks Addiction 14 is a stable running shoe with motion control footballs suitable for moderate to severe overpronators.

We can use this shoe for daily runs but, it is not suitable for long-distance running as the shoe is stiffer in the Upper.

The sock liner in the shoe gives a soft and plush feel on the run. This shoe has plenty of space in the upper to accommodate orthotics.

The midsole in the shoe also provides arch support along with its supersoft cushioning.

Features of Brooks Addiction 14

The upper of the shoe has engineered mesh with ventilation panels to provide breathability.

Stiff synthetic overlays were added to the shoe to lock down your feet.

The tongue and heel collar of Addiction 14 is made of softer material and padded well for comfort.

The midsole of the shoe has BioMoGo DNA to provide excellent cushioning to the shoe. BioMoGo foam also attenuates shock and impact from the hard surface.

Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar extends from the middle to forefoot of the shoe. It helps in reducing the pronation issues of the runner.

Stack height of heel 32 mm | Stack height of forefoot 20 mm

Heel to toe drop 12 mm

The outsole of the shoe has HPR Plus Carbon Rubber to provide better durability. It also has Flex Grooves on the outer to provide better flexibility on the run.

A heel segmented crash pad is featured in the shoe to aid in flexibility and traction.

Specifications of Brooks Addiction 14

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Best Budget: Vionic Malibu Slip On At Vionic

  • Comes in a variety of colors

  • Great value

  • Only comes in medium width

Comfortable right out of the box, these shoes are from podiatrist-approved brand Vionic and come at a lower price point than most of their productsmaking their well-constructed shoes accessible to more people. With an upcycled cotton upper and a sole made from a combination of rubber and soybean-based compound, theyre not just friendly on your feet: theyre friendly to the environment too. Plus, if they get dirty because youre wearing them so often, just pop them in the washing machine.

Sizes Available: Womens 5-11 | Materials: Cotton canvas textile upper, TPR outsole | Width: Medium | Arch Support: Neutral

New Balance 1540 V3 Rubberized Outsole

The Best Shoes For Custom Orthotics

Suppose you are looking for the best neutral running shoes, the ASICS Men s Gel-Fortitude 8 ranks very high. Thanks to its sophisticated manufacturing process, it has a rigid sole and great foot support. Besides, it responds swiftly to lifting and landing, making your run more pleasant.

It contains a toughened plastic to keep the mid-foot region in position throughout the exercise. There is extra padding close to the upper to prevent the heel from slipping while running. The ASICS Men s Gel-Fortitute 8 eliminates impact on the feet upon landing with the added gel. This inclusion helps to absorb shock and prevent twisting of the ankle.

There is a mesh upper in the running shoe to keep the inside area well aerated. Moreover, this breathable mesh prevents sweat build-up on the toes. Other features of these running shoes include the tongue, robust insole, and heel collar. The accompanying insole is strong enough for those who do not require extra orthotics.

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History And Origins Of This French Shoe Brand

Hoka One One is an athletic shoe company founded in 2009 in Annecy, France, by Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard. The duo wanted to design a shoe that would let them run downhill faster, so they created a shoe that had more cushion than other running shoes at the time and featured a thick, oversized outsole.

Hoka One One comes from the Maori language phrase, which loosely means fly over the Earth. Their shoes gained attention because their designs focused on a maximalist style when many other shoe brands were still on the minimalist kick.

Hoka shoes featured over-the-top cushioned soles, which contrasted with the rest of the competition. The shoes were popular among ultramarathon runners because of their increased cushion and stability. However, they quickly became popular among other runners because of their cushioning and lightweight appeal.

New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11

  • Soft cushioning
  • Breathable upper

As running shoe soles have grown more shapely over the yearswith more dramatic mid-foot cut-insNew Balances 800 series has remained faithful to the unsculpted last. These shoes are well-loved for their cushion and support, particularly by those with wider feet, as theyre available in standard, wide, and extra-wide widths. Shoes in the 880 series provide mid-level neutral cushioning and a responsive ride. The latest version has grippy, dependable traction that wont wear down too early in your training cycle, and a woven knit mesh upper that might not win any cutting-edge style awards but breathes well and has plenty of stretch. Its also slightly lighter than the v10.

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Best Running Shoes For Orthotics

People who suffer from orthotics can relate that how hard it is to find the perfect shoe size. It is

People who suffer from orthotics can relate that how hard it is to find the perfect shoe size. It is a challenge to find the Best running shoes for orthotics. Orthotics is a kind of ankle brace that can treat several foot problems. The majority of people to use orthotics are those who suffer from foot pains and plantar fasciitis. Or have difficulty in walking and running.

Custom orthotics are also preferred to provide you with good arch support. Yet a lot of people find it difficult to get the best running shoes while they wear orthotics. Therefore, today we will talk more about the best running shoes for orthotics.

Brooks Mens Dyad 10 Running Sneaker Best Wide Option

Best and Worst Shoes to Wear with Orthotics and Insoles

Our second option is another mens model. Dont be disappointed, a female version of this pair is also available!

We felt this to be better than the later version, the Dyad 11 which is more of a stability runner and whereas the Dyad 10 is more a true neutral shoe.

It comes at a reasonable price-point, and the footbed can be removed. Nevertheless, this pair offers all the specifications requiredsoftness, heel, ample space, and excellent breathability.

The extra heel firm cushioning is noticeable as is the overall support throughout the length of the foot.

Tech Specifications:

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All Shoes For Orthotics Comparison Chart

The table below acts as a summary of the 15 best shoes for orthotics I will review. You can cast a glance at this table before making your choice.

Best Shoes for Orthotics
5 x 5 x 0.7 inches 12.6 oz
5 x 5 x 0.7 inches 10 oz
13.49 x 8.35 x 5.09 inches 14 oz
Best Dress Shoes for Orthotics 12 x 8 x 5 inches 11.99 oz
Best Stylish Shoes for Orthotics 12.3 x 5 x 9.5 inches 19.2 oz
11 x 7 x 4 inches 12 oz
Best House Shoes for Orthotics 12.2 x 7.2 x 4.6 inches 8 oz
13.25 x 5.13 x 8.13 inches 13.4 oz
10 x 15 x 6 inches 10.6 oz
10 x 15 x 6 inches 9.0 oz
10 x 15 x 6 inches 8.12 oz
12.28 x 8.31 x 4.29 inches 12 oz
12 x 7.6 x 4.6 inches 10 oz
15 x 6 x 4 inches 9.81 oz
12 x 8 x 4 inches 9.8 oz Textile and Synthetic

New Balance 840 Neutral Running Shoes For Men And Women

One type of footwear which is frequently recommended as one of the best shoes for orthotic inserts is the New Balance 840, thanks to its wider and deeper toe box. The technology and features utilized in the shoe are all geared towards making it a high-performance running shoe. There is a New Balance 840 walking shoe that is Diabetic approved and has been recognized as one of the most comfortable and best-fitting shoes available.

The New Balance 840 running shoe is very similar in construction to the 928 because both are built on SL2 last, with a slight rocker sole and unparalleled cushioning. It uses ABZORB technology for maximum shock absorption and flexibility. This style is particularly popular with people who have wide feet and a high arch.

New Balance 840 running shoes are one of the best shoes for orthotic inserts, and they provide a lot of cushioning.

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Best House Shoes For Orthotics: New Balance Womens 900 V1 Walking Shoe

Key features

Colors 4 options

I still put 900 V1 walking shoes into the category of best house shoes for orthotics since many people wear them at home. Some people face the same problem with walking on a laminate floor the joint pain that all the normal slippers cannot help. New Balance, with these shoes, already conquered a large group of women requiring arch support.

To be honest, the appearance of these walking shoes is not appealing at all. But their performance in keeping your feet stable and protecting them from pains while standing or walking within the house can effortlessly persuade you. I also hope New Balance will release more colors or a better design. Lets wait for a design renovation!


Colors 8 options

These are cross-trainer shoes for orthotics, but I suggest them as best for golf since the performance is very suitable for golfers. Moreover, the shoes are worth the price regarding excellent quality, fit, and comfort.

The most prominent specification of this New Balance pair of shoes is the midsole, which is very firm and stable yet flexible. Do golfers need to walk on wet grass? No problem, the waterproof function will support then. Finally, the shoes offer fantastic support for orthotics. You never need to worry about your physical issues with the knees, feet, or ankles.


Colors 4 options


Colors Various


Colors Various


Colors 3 options


Colors Various


  • The cushion might not be adequate for running on solid ground

What To Look For In Orthopedic Shoes For Seniors

The Best Shoes For Custom Orthotics

Whether you need orthopedic sneakers or are simply looking for the best shoes for older adults, be flexible and understand your choices. Strength, flexibility, disease and their environment are all factors to be considered, says Ware.

Consider these factors when choosing orthopedic footwear:

Comfort and adjustability. Hooks, loops and Velcro can help make shoes more comfortable and easier to get on and off.

Seniors, especially men, do not bend well, so they often compromise support for ease of putting on the shoe, says Ware. A good trick is to purchase some expandable laces and pre-tie the shoe, converting them into a more accommodating option for support and swelling. The lacing system allows the person to slip the shoe on, much like a loafer.

Cushioning and shock absorption. The insole is inside the shoe, where the footrests. Shoes with removable insoles give you more flexibilityyou can replace them with insoles that provide more cushioning or stronger support.

Traction and grip. The outsole, or the hard bottom of the shoe, should conform to your foot. Non-skid soles can help prevent falls.

Toe box. This is the area in the front of the shoe, where the toes go, and it can be round, pointed or square. Anyone who has worn pointed-toe shoes knows all too well that the toe box can cause discomfort. The deeper the toe box, the more room there will be for your toes.

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New Balance 928v2 Walking Shoes

If you need an everyday walking shoe for orthotic inserts and have a pronation problem, then New Balance 928v2 motion control shoe will work for you. For those who need shoes for narrow heel and wide toe box, New Balance 928v2 which is built on the last SL2 will solve the problem. They are one of the best shoes for orthotics because they provide maximum cushion and support. They are one of the most commonly advised by the podiatrists.

If you stand or walk all day, or you have any foot problem, knee pain or back pain, try them for custom orthotics. The customs Orthotics will fit into these shoes very nicely because they offer many wide width sizes, deep and wide toe box. The rigid rocker sole will provide the maximum support.

Why Hoka Works Great With Orthotic Solutions

Many orthopedic professionals recommend HOKA shoes for those experiencing any foot pain in need of orthotic solutions. HOKAs range of products provides patients with a variety of supportive and cushioned shoes that help them during any activity levels, no matter their foot type or shape.

Their well-known oversized cushioned soles can provide the wearer with a lot of support and enable them to stay on their feet all day, whether thats for work or play. The design works great for those who suffer from ball-of-foot pain and heel pain like plantar fasciitis. The oversized cushioning on the soles will decrease the pressure under the heel and ball of the foot as you are walking.

The unique shape of the Hoka includes something known as a rocker sole, with the front and back of the shoe both curving upward. The rocker soles also help decrease the heel and forefoot pressure and decrease joint motion in the foot, making it an excellent option for people who suffer from foot arthritis and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

But even with all this added cushion, HOKA shoes still manage to be feather-light for their size, even compared to some minimalist shoes.

All in all, HOKA provides quality orthotics shoes for men and women alike. Here are some of our most recommended HOKAs to wear with your orthotic solutions:

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Saucony Womens Echelon 7 Running Shoe Best Overall

Wearing orthotics doesnt mean you need bulky shoes and have to give up on style. This pair is elegant yet efficient to keep you running comfortably on the road or tracks.

This Saucony model wins the prize, in this list anyway, for the firm but comfortable feeling of support in the heel and middle of the foot.

Like other neutral shoes these can be worn be under pronators although only about 5-10% of peoples gait supinate significantly. Im one of those but mostly due to an ankle injury.

Im going to stick with using bespoke orthotics and I remove the insole on running or walking shoes. The Echelon 7 was well designed with replacement insoles in mind as I found out.

If you dont want to remove the included insole, this model has plenty of space to fit yours on top. Reviewers report that most orthotic inserts can be added above the footbed.

Tech Specifications:

Finding Shoes For Orthotics That Are Stylish

Best orthotics, best running shoe orthotics, best orthotic insoles

After my post on what to wear in the corporate world, which requires a more refined shoe, I was asked my advice on appropriate shoes for the business environment that are still a high enough level of refinement to suit. Many of my clients have problems with their feet and wear orthotics. It can be very difficult to find a work appropriate shoe that isnt too chunky that still fits the orthotic and looks good. But its not impossible. With a quick internet search I found quite a few options.

Bared Footwear is a brand that was designed and developed by a podiatrist. Each shoe has a removable insole that can be replaced by your orthotic.

Frankie 4 is another brand designed by a podiatrist and a physiotherapist. Each shoe has a removable orthotic and the range includes sandals which can be super hard to come by!

Diana Ferrari make an orthotic friendly range of shoes with removable insoles.

Ziera made for a wider foot, make an orthotic friendly range some are pretty unattractive, but there are some better options to wear with your work clothes. These little oxfords are orthotic friendly and cute too!

Naot, Camper, Naturalizer and FitFlops also are wider shoes which may be workable for orthotics wearers.

Online retailer of shoes Paul Carroll also sells a range of shoes to fit orthotics.

Also, check out Zappos which has a range to fit orthotics.

If you wear orthotics and have round certain brands that work well please share your finds in the comments!

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