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Mens Wide Width Basketball Sneakers

Nike Lebron Witness 3

Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet in 2022 – Review Crunch

The Nike LeBron Witness 3 basketball shoes are made of a knitted textile upper. The pattern makes it soft and comfortable for wide feet. You will notice that the knit pattern is wider. This makes the fit more comfortable and feels roomier from inside. The collar comes with additional support on the sensitive Achilles tendon area. The midsole has a foam that gives maximum comfort and cushioning.

The air sole units of this pair are full length. It gives extra support for wide feet during moments of intense pounding. You will feel the comfort from heel to toe when running and jumping. The rubber outsole is thick. Durability is not a problem and you can use this indoors or outdoors. The outsole base is wide enough to support different foot widths. It is complemented by the flexible upper and soft midsoles. Traction is enhanced by the modified herringbone pattern on the outsole. A heel tab facilitates easy entry for wide feet.

Being a signature LeBron shoe, you will notice the Ohio state details on the heel tab and on the outsole pattern. Subtle hints of the LeBron lion logo are debossed on the tongue area. Overall, this pair is suitable for wide feet.


  • Wide knitted textile upper for roomier fit
  • Comfortable midsole foam that supports wide feet
  • Heel tab to facilitate easy wide foot entry


Jordan Air 11 Retro Best Jordans For Wide Feet

This brand of basketball shoes is great due to the unique features used in constructing it. However, the traction is at odds with its uniqueness since it is only reliable on clean floors.

If used the shoe outdoors or on dusty floors, you will need to wipe off the dirt occasionally to enhance their traction. This may also affect their durability even though players are looking for quality and longevity.

It has the Zoom Air cushioning that is designed to use the FlightSpeed plate for better functionality. The latter technology also comes in handy in giving the brand a great bounce with improved responsiveness. While this is also ideal for lateral support, we advise that you use the shoes for a while so that you can break the plate down. This way, you will be able to experience the bounce you are looking for.

  • The inconsistency of the traction feature makes it unreliable
  • It is a bad choice for players with standard feet width

Jordan Nike Air Xxxv Dna

Jordans For Wide Feet

Air Jordan 35 is a true-to-size basketball shoe with extra room in the toe area, excellent performance and great grip. The shoe is especially designed for indoors and offers solid power for instant stop and start on hardwood courts. Along with having enough room for wide toes, this pair fits perfectly and locks the feet down nicely. Also, these lightweight shoes provide great comfort and Zoom Air cushioning for impactful responsiveness.

Johnathan always found it difficult to find the right fitting pair. He used to say, Its a curse to have wide feet.. However, he was quite comfortable on the court while testing Jordan 35 DNA.

  • Bulky heel, I found myself a bit higher than ground
  • Flat shoe laces untie quite often, make sure to tie them tight

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Adidas Performance Mens D Rose 7 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Although they are strong, comfortable, and feature a signature style, you should definitely consider trying them out before buying them.

For traction, this pair is fitted with herringbone throughout the outer layer and thick rubber. It is great for cutting sideways thanks to the grip provided by the whole shoe structure.

If you are a fan of Derrick Rose, then you should know that these shoes reflect his great strength, especially in the lateral moves. It is designed with full-length boost cushioning for comfort and protection of all high-pressure areas. However, if you are looking for a bounce, this brand is likely to disappoint you.

  • The sizing of these shoes will run a bit narrow for some feet

Light Cushioning And Extra Stability:

All the shoes on our list contain the best support and stability factor in the current lot. You will find encapsulated midsoles, EVA sock liners, and Zoom Air to increase comfort but decrease the overall weight. The support is brilliant, too, with the majority of the shoes being mid-top and lace-up.

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Useful Tips And Resources

Having wide feet is normal, but its not something you should simply ignore. Finding the right pair of shoes that can accommodate your feet is crucial for comfort and performance on the basketball court.

Even when you arent playing, its important to consider other options because they can greatly improve your comfort and general health. Stay away from tight-fitting shoes and give your feet the room they deserve.

Cramming your feet into shoes that are too small can lead to a range of problems.

Why You Should Invest In Quality Extra Wide Basketball Shoes

Top 5 Basketball Shoes for WIDE Feet!

Basketball is a game of comfort, and for wide-footers, that is a trickier slope than many realize. Most basketball shoes are designed to be slightly narrow to give athletes a more lockdown and secure fit. If you have extra wide feet, you know how annoying it is since that would undoubtedly mean that you have to deal with all sorts of pressure aches and pains brought upon by an average-sized sneaker.

Sure, you can still for those narrow cuts by opting to go half or even a full size up, but more often than not, the comfort in the toe area is going to be replaced by a shoe that runs long. For us, thats not an option. Youre just trading one problem for another.

Not only that, trying to fit into uncomfortable shoes can lead to foot injuries in the long run. A study done in 2017 found out that 86% of adults who have a history of foot lesions are wearing ill-fitting shoes. Almost 40% of them show symptoms of neuropathy.

For these very reasons and more, you really need to invest time and money for the best extra wide basketball shoes for you. Hopefully, our efforts in bringing you a list of what we think are the best extra wide basketball shoes make your life a little less easy.

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Learn More About Men’s Athletic Shoes


Athletic Shoes & Gym Shoes for Men

The men’s athletic shoe collection at DICK’S Sporting Goods includes men’s running shoes, basketball shoes, training shoes and tennis shoes, plus so much more. Sport-specific shoes are specially designed for the rigors of your game, and they’re a great way to get the support and stability you need for training.

Discover men’s athletic shoes with a variety of technologies and features. Best of all, you can find styles you’ll love from brands like Nike®, Brooks®, ASICS® and many more.

Sport-specific athletic shoes are constructed just for your game. Basketball shoes, for example, support quick, multi-directional footwork on the court, while running shoes offer stability for the repetitive forward motion of your gait cycle.

When buying men’s athletic shoes, be sure to consult product information for details on your footwear. A few key factors can help you make the most of your selection. Breathable uppers allow for much-needed natural airflow. Light, responsive foam cushioning in the midsole helps provide comfort and shock absorption. Sock liners promote fit and moisture-wicking.

When purchasing new shoes, you should think about your playing or training surface. Some shoes are made for wear on indoor and artificial surfaces, while others are fortified for use on outdoor or concrete grounds.

If you find a lower price on men’s athletic shoes somewhere else, we’ll match it with our Best Price Guarantee.

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Nike Mens Lebron Soldier Xiii Sfg Basketball Shoes

Are you tired of the old traditional lacing system? A new laceless system has been developed for this sneaker. The high-quality laceless system replaced the old conventional lacing system. They wrap your foot so that your foot remains consistent in the grip. It is the most comfortable for wide feet and highly suitable for basketball courts where you can efficiently run and dunk by wearing them.

  • The new lacing system wraps the whole foot one lace wraps your midfoot, and the other goes to the ankle. Due to the lacing system, the support to the ankles and midfoot remain consistent.
  • The solid rubber traction pattern provides an excellent grip on both surfaces. Play like a pro at harsh surfaces also.
  • The cushion is not much comfortable but is acceptable. But the forefoot and zoom unit will never disappoint you by providing the mix-up of court feel. It also provides impact protection.
  • The bottom is zoom-loaded protection which helps out in a quick-cut direction even after 5 seconds preventing any injury.
  • The attractive pair is for all heavy feet with almost zero weaknesses.
  • The shoe is much more responsive because of the zoom air unit. Pressing the foamy midsole pushes the zoom air unit hence, your foot comes back quickly during jumping.
  • Easy to wear basketball sneakers with the only help of one hand. You can quickly strap the lace.

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Top Of The Line Basketball Shoes With Wide Fit

Some of the athletes are facing problems like discomfort and bad performance during the game due to the fewer options for wide fit basketball shoes. So it is a common issue for those who have wide feet and they cant find the perfect size. Many of us have problems with size when it comes to buying shoes, especially when you are shopping online.

Usually, players prefer to buy sneakers from stores where they can try them but unfortunately, not everyone can go to the stores and have time for such an important choice of their wide width basketball shoes. So, here we are giving the best review for those who are going to have wide size basketball shoes for their feet.

  • Material: Sturdy And Durable

Nike Mens Air Versatile Ii Basketball Shoe

Basketball Shoes Wide:

A phenomenal-looking basketball shoe with having an awesome design. The true-to-size basketball has excellent fitness, like gloves. The mesh upper lets your wide feet stay fresh while playing. The Nike versatile is entirely compatible with sudden stops and lateral movements. The court performance of the shoe is perfect, which will satisfy the feet. The grip on the asphalt surfaces is incredible that works smoothly without slipping.

  • The Nike Mens Air versatile offers a superior grip with the traction pattern of herringbone. The rubber outsole is much more durable and stretchy.
  • The breathable upper lets the air flows around your feet hence your feet remain fresh for longer.
  • You can wear this sneaker in your daily basketball tournaments because this shoe is lightweight because of the Visible Air-Sole heel unit.
  • The cushion is firm for wide footers. The foam-backed textile provides comfort ness hence you feel contained.
  • In addition, the cushion air sole provides support during dynamic landings on the heel.
  • Stability and support are the main problems for wide footers during a basketball game. For this problem, The Nike Air Versatile has flywire cables that provide excellent support and stability while playing. Along with that, it fits your budget also.

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Adidas Neo Mens Cf Executor Mid Basketball

The mid-cut basketball shoes are designed for gym and basketball courts. The 2 in 1 Adidas NEO CF Executor is a durable and classic style basketball shoe. The Cloudfoam cushion never disappoints the wide footer in terms of comfort. The incredible convenience of cloud foam cushioning offers versatility for a longer time. Maximize your performance with the best wide feet basketball shoe having a street tech style.

  • This shoe is compatible with slippery courts having a herringbone traction pattern that offers superior grip to the slippery metal courts. In addition, the rubber outsole provides extra grip for maximum mobility.
  • Having wide feet but low at budget? Then the Adidas NEO CF executor is made for you. This sneaker fits your budget at a very reasonable price.
  • The support to the ankles is incredible because of the ortho lite sock liner. It is anti-microbial that wraps your feet seamlessly, providing superior support. You can quickly cut the direction without fear of injury to your ankles.
  • The upper is super stretchy and crafted with a breathable mesh upper and synthetic. Mesh upper provides airflow around the foot for preventing sweat while playing.
  • The support from arch to ankle is excellent because of the lace-up system. The stability for wide footers is the main point here. The mesh tongue and padded collar provide better stability around the court and add easiness while wearing the shoe.
  • A quite affordable shoe that has all these robust features.

Nike Lebron Xiii Best Performance Basketball Shoes With Great Traction And Cushioning

Are you looking for high-performance basketball shoes? If you are, the Nike Lebron XIII is here with the latest Zoom L.E.A.P technology for maximum cushioning and support.

This includes hexagon zoom pads where three of them are included in the forefoot area while one is found on the heel. This feature gives the player the extra bounce needed for better performance. They feature the Kinetic Flywire cables for protection even at a great impact.

Hex pods are featured to enhance traction and are complemented by the large bars found on the outer sole. The large bars are enforced all-round the shoes to enhance the comfort of the player regardless of the direction he or she is moving.

  • They may feel slightly uncomfortable to some feet due to their hardness
  • They may be a bad idea for players with high arches

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Wrapping Things Up: The Best Extra Wide Basketball Shoes

Weve gone over a lot today. Heres a helpful table to consolidate every extra wide basketball shoes we went over:

We completely understand the struggles of a wide footer, thats why we put this list up in hopes of helping you choose the best extra wide basketball shoes for you. This includes seven models across different brands and price tags for you to make a wise and informed decision.

Nikes are commonly the favorites since under their massive roster of signature and budget models, you are bound to find one that suits best for your specific needs. In the case of wide footers, the Nike LeBron XVII and the Nike Air Jordan XXXI tops the list. We dont recommend it for beginners, but for an intermediate player that wants comfort plus aesthetics to stand out, there are worse choices out there.

The Adidas TMac Millennium is the unsung hero for wide footers. It does not receive much recognition from the masses , but its truly a complete package you wont regret.

The Three Stripes is on a roll after making Wide variations of the Ilation and Ownthegame models. There is nothing flashy about the two, but they are reasonably priced sneakers that get the job done.

There are still several models that are on the outside looking in but did not make our list for the best extra wide basketball shoes. The Curry 3 wide feet and the New Balance extra wide basketball shoes are among those, to name a few, but we have everything covered in our list.

Adidas D Rose Basketball Shoes

Top 5 Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet!

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Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Adidas, usually considered as the next best substitute to Nike in the NBA circuit, has a wide variety of shoes to comfort your wide feet. The synthetic material mesh made of fiber allows your feet to rest in a breathable space.

The toe also rests inside a comfortable cavity where a snug is felt. Coming to the width of these shoes, this pair is wide enough to allow your feet to enter and settle down with a minimal amount of effort.

Lace-up support further increases stability by holding your feet in a stable posture. The shaft, on the other hand, is mid-top. This allows you to speed your movement to the best possible extent with an adequate amount of support for your ankle. Both the size of your shoes and the weight matter a lot, especially in the case of wide and bulky feet.

The outsole is made of rubber to enhance the traction to the optimal limit and enables you to keep a firm grip on the ground. The cushioning is also very light. You will never feel an added burden on your feet while walking or running.

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