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Best Type Of Sneakers For The Gym

Best Overall: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

What are the best types of shoes for exercise?

Our best overall selection are the Nike Mens Air Zoom Pegasus 36s which are a great all-around shoe for the gym. They’re sleek with a seamless design and offer ample arch support for running and jumping, with plenty of ventilation throughout for breathability and longevity.

They have fantastic multi-surface traction for every gym surface, which is ideal for CrossFit workouts. The Air design and beveled heel make for easier transitions between activities, while the sock liner shape and partial bootie design create a comfortable and snug fit.

Good For Outdoor Fitness

Reebok Nano X1 TR Adventure

If the last couple of years has taught gymgoers anything, it’s that we may not always have the luxury of a kitted-out indoor studio to train in. As well as dealing with the bad weather that often comes with exercising outdoors, it also means wearing shoes that are better suited to natural surfaces. The Nano X1 TR Adventure takes its cues from the popular Nano line-up a range designed for indoor functional fitness and adapts it for the more demanding needs of the outside world. The shoe still features Reebok’s responsive Floatride midsole cushioning but also includes a lugged outsole to stop you from slipping around on wet and muddy surfaces, and a durable ripstop upper.

The 10 Best Workout Shoes For Men In 2021

  • hiking/ trekking
  • Fast trail running

If you dont like the weightiness of heavy-duty hiking shoes, the Bare Access XTR by Merrell could be the perfect shoes for you. The shoes are designed to provide moderate cushioning with a barefoot feel.

The shoes are low to the ground, with FlexConnect dual-directional midsole grooves. The flex grooves and zero heel-toe offset maximize ground contact, which concurrently increases grip and stability.

With a weight of less than 500 grams, the Bare Access go the extra mile when it comes to lightweight hiking shoes.

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Best For: Trail Running

“For trails, I prefer Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX. These are Gore-tex to keep your feet dry and have firm soles for added stability on the trails. The toe box is also reinforced to keep you from stubbing your toe. As these shoes are sturdier, they are good for indoor cycling and some indoor exercise classes. With a firm sole, some activities might be difficult in these shoes.”

Mollie Millington, runner and certified personal trainer.

Best Barefoot Shoes For Running

The Best Gym Shoes to Crush Every Kind of Workout

Barefoot running shoes need to account for outsole durability. Since barefoot shoes have thin soles, to begin with, the soles utilized for barefoot running need to have enough tread for traction and long-term scuff support.

Below, Ive provided two of my favorite barefoot shoes for running. Please note, I am by no means someone who is running marathons in their barefoot shoes, but Ill use them for shorter and mid-range runs , so if that sounds like you, then the models below should be a good fit for you.

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The Best Shoes For Zumba Class

You need tons of stability in CrossFit, so it’s OK to have a heavier shoe. “Since there’s not as much fast-paced movement, a more stable shoe is key to supporting your feet, knees and hips,” says Canuso. Cushion becomes less important for this type of training, she adds.

Our pick: Asics GT-2000 6 or Gel Kayano 26, both of which have solid cushioning and are naturally wider . The Kayano is especially great if you over-pronate , because it has extra arch support.

Buy it: Price: $60Buy it: Price: $65

Adidas Powerlift Weightlifting Shoes

If you spend most of your time with the heavy stuff, thats what these shoes are built for. Theres a TPU midsole to deliver strong support when attempting those big lifts, the laces and strap combination aim to keep your midfoot locked down to give you that stable base, while the raised heel is designed to keep things in place for that clean and jerk. The woven upper gives you that sock-like fit, but also makes sure toes have the freedom to move and keep things comfortable as you power through your session. £

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Why Running Shoes Arent The Best Idea

Ill admit it. Ive wore running shoes to do HIIT with before. Starting out, you just want to get straight into it and you dont really know what youre getting yourself into. So, its not the end of the world to use running shoes, but its just not encouraged. Some might do a wonderful job for you, others not so much, it just depends. Nevertheless, the reason they generally are not such a good idea is because running shoes are made to go straight forward in one singular direction. You might be turning while you run, but you are not cutting laterally across, and you are definitely not going to be moving backward much if at all. If so, thats a strange running regiment!

Because of all the lateral and backwards moves that you might do, you need a shoe that is able to handle the load. Moving from side to side puts a lot of strain on your body, and as a result, you shoe takes a lot of abuse. Look down at your shoes, or someone elses as you run from side to side in a Heisman move. If the shoes look flimsy from this angle, chances are they arent supporting you. Over time, this will only get worse for you because they will wear down quicker simply because they were not built with much, if any, lateral support to begin with. The same concept applies to moving backwards, though, its a little bit better than the sideways stuff!

Best Mens Basketball Shoes

How to choose the best athletic shoes for your workout

For basketball shoes, you have to think of plyometrics and bounce. This isnt a one-dimensional activity. Similar to boxing, you are pivoting, running backward, jumping, and side shuffling. Therefore, it requires sneakers that can handle it all. Keep an eye out for super bouncy cushioning to give you those big ups.

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Best Barefoot Shoes For Crossfit

Until recently, there hasnt really been a ton of barefoot shoes designed for CrossFit. A great barefoot CrossFit shoe will need a couple of characteristics that separate it from other barefoot shoes on the market.

These two characteristics include a more durable upper construction and outsoles that provide grip for multi-directional activity. For this style of training, durability is the name of the game, and below are my two favorite options.

Nike Zoom Structure 24

A firmer medial post is no longer a part of the Nike Structures design, so this shoe is more gym-friendly than the past models. Last years Structure 23 ditched the medial wedge for a wide and cushioned midsole. The 24 is based on the same midsole, so nothing has changed under the slightly-tweaked upper.

The Structure 24s midsole and outsole create a cushioned and supportive base.

The rear midsole is where plenty of cushioning and stability co-exist. The foot sits cupped by the midsole rather than atop it this arrangement gives the shoe adequate support during weight training sessions.

A compressed Zoom Air bag under the forefoot makes treadmill running enjoyable and efficient. The outsole geometry also helps with the overall stability and traction.

Bringing everything together is a fully-sleeved upper with a very plush tongue and heel a strap-based midfoot lacing system locks the foot down during workouts.

4) Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

The Adrenaline GTS 21 was a softer shoe than the 22. It was almost as if the Ghost 14 got a set of Guiderails . However, this years Adrenaline GTS 22 is slightly different. Thats why it features here instead of the Ghost or Glycerin.

The Guiderails have never been perfect. Having said that, the Adrenaline 22 is a supportive running shoe.

The outsole footprint provides plenty of ground contact and traction, and that works very well on the gym floor and treadmill.

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Q: What Makes Up A Weightlifting Shoe

A: A weight lifting shoe will have a fairly pronounced heel. No, its not because men who power lift are short! Theyre been designed that way to provide a specific range of motion which is especially important when you are power lifting and training with weights where function and good form are everything. The raised heel helps you to get deeper into those large compound moves, like squats for example, without compromising on stability.

The heel wont just be higher, it will be stiffer too and generally the boot itself might have a higher top around the ankle, again because this aids stability and postural security. You might find that they typically comprise of straps rather than laces too. Again because this adds to the overall integrity and stability of the shoe

Or Minimalist Exercise Shoes

The Best Gym Shoes for Every Type of Workout

An alternative to cross trainers are minimalist exercise shoes, which are light, flexible, and with little cushioning. Ironically, these completely un-engineered shoes are good for a wide range of activities including strength training, running, cycling and group exercise classes.

If you like a little of a variety in your activities, cross training shoes or minimalist shoes may very well be suitable for your needs.

However, if you want to practice any of these activities at anything other than a very basic level or have any health issues that need to be taken into consideration, you would be better served wearing shoes especially designed for the job.

And remember, always match your socks with your chosen shoes because even the best-performing shoe can be super uncomfortable when paired with the wrong type of sock.

  • Total9

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Best Barefoot Shoes For Lifting

When looking for the best barefoot shoes for lifting, Im considering two key aspects. First, I want to get as close to the ground as possible when training heavy and lifting so models with removable insoles are often my preferred choices.

Second, I want the toe box to have ample room for toe splay so I can truly grip the floor and equipment with ease. Below, are two of my favorite options for barefoot shoes optimized for lifting.

Ryka Fempower Daring Training Shoe

You can sport the sneakers from this popular Veja x Rick Owens collab all the way from the track to the grocery storeand youll be sure to get a slew of compliments on the way. Theyre super light and flexible, with a stretchy sock-like upper material that keeps your heel from sliding out of place. While these Runners arent cheap, they combine fashion and function for anyone looking for a multipurpose, minimalist cross-trainer .

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What To Look For In The Best Workout Shoes

When shopping for the best workout shoes, consider whether you have any concerns like high arches, wide feet or bad knees. Although any shoe is not a panacea, the right shoe can help minimize pain. Theres also a ton of anecdotal experience out there on the best gym shoes from top brands, like Nikes top running shoes and Adidas best running shoes for marathon training. Tried and true is the way to go here.

If you have flat feet, go for a wider-lasted workout shoe, which will give your foot room to move instead of feeling pinched, says pedorthist Michael Fishkin of Northern Illinois Foot & Ankle Specialists. And anyone with bunions should look for gym shoes that have arch support and plenty of stability, says Dr. Glenn Davison, owner of Advanced Podiatry in New York City and New Jersey and a fellow in the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

For ankle support, look for high-top shoes with extra stability. If youre trying to be gentle to your feet, choose orthopedic sneakers with firm, stable cushioning these can be some of the most comfortable sneakers for women and most comfortable shoes for men around, too.

Supporting your feet also means supporting your health. For those who need them, there are shoes for diabetics that promote circulation and prevent irritation. And if youre searching for the best walking or running shoes for plantar fasciitis, youll find no shortage of styles with supportive arches and that keep your foot in a neutral position.

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Iii

Whats the best shoes to wear for training in the gym?

The Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III is an awesome option for lifting-focused individuals. This shoe has a toe box that is plenty wide for accommodating toe splay so even if you have wide feet you should never run into issues in this model in regard to width.

I also like that this model has a removable insole with a finished internal construction. The Active Sole is only 4mm thick. For deadlifts, you can get super close to the ground in this model and its an awesome barbell-friendly barefoot shoe. The upper construction is breathable and its made with recycled materials which is cool for being environmentally conscious.

  • Best For: Heavy Lifting and Barbell Training
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 0mm

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Reebok Fast Tempo Flexweave

Lifting up these sneakers is likely going to leave you impressed, as they feel extremely light. It is easy to assume that they are going to feel somewhat flimsy and unstable due to the lightweight, but thats far from the truth. The Flexweave woven textile upper manages to provide a very sturdy and reliable build. In addition, it was also designed to provide targeted support for your feet during crucial movements, minimizing the risk of injury.

The insides of these shoes boast adaptive cushioning that works great for a range of CrossFit activities, and can even be sufficient for running. Theres even a special strap inside the shoe to comfortably lock in your foot and prevent it from moving around, so you can totally use this model for running unless youre used to running shoes with huge amounts of padding and support.

Best Cushioned Running Shoe: Hoka One One Clifton 6 $130

Hoka One One is known for its maximalist running shoesmeaning if you want all the cushion and then some, these might be the right shoes for you. Dont be fooled by the bulky appearance, though. Our testers said the shoe still felt surprisingly lightweight and wasnt clunky at all for longer runs.

One reviewer says: Holy cloud marshmallow pillow! These shoes offer plenty of support and cushion. As someone who has been a lifelong runner and now suffers occasional knee pain, these shoes make that pain virtually disappear. Yes, theyre kinda clunky looking, and no, I probably wouldnt wear them all day, but for a good, steady run that left me feeling more energized at the end than at the start, these made an excellent option.

Buy it: $130,

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Q: What Is The Best Fit For Weightlifting Shoes

A: Ideally you want your weight training shoes to be a snug fit. Its all about stability at extreme lifting weights and really grounding yourself from your core down to your feet so you really dont want too much movement. Yes, you need to be able to wiggle your toes, no-one wants dead feet at the end of a deadlifting session but you need a tight fit, just like that muscle vest youre wearing so that you are stable, secure and able to get deep into your postures without fear of toppling over!

Best Shoe For Hiking: Columbia Sh/ft Trail Shoe $130

10 Best Gym Shoes for Every Type of Workout

The coolest feature of these hiking shoes? The completely waterproof outer shell thats paired with a perfectly soft stretch-knit liner. Were not saying it will replace your favorite hiking socks, but it does come close. Similar to another winner on this list, soft beads in the sole of this shoe provide added cushion and help with energy returnso youve got extra bounce in your step to keep going.

One reviewer says: I loved the fitthey gave me room on the sides and at the toe but had the sock-like component toward the tongue at the ankle, so they never felt loose or like they werent supporting me properly. It was a really happy medium. They felt pretty light for material that is leather-/suede-like and waterproof. They were great and can be used for many purposes when walking/running/hiking outdoors. I loved that they look like a cute trainer but have the support for more rugged terrain. True story: I actually wore them with a dress after I wore them on a hike. I loved the look!

Buy it: $130,

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Nike Free Metcon 4 Shoes

Best for boot camps and strength training

Nike manufactures fitness shoes and apparel. It is a well-established sports brand, and its fitness products are available globally.

The Nike Free Metcon 4 supports a broad range of activities. With a durable strap, the shoes offer stability during workouts. They are also lightweight, flexible, and breathable and provide a snug, sock-like fit.

According to Nike, these training shoes are suitable for boot camps and strength training.

They are available in mens and womens sizes. Color options vary between the ranges and include:

  • black/white

The 15 Best Gym Shoes For Every Workout

Working out at the gym may seem like an activity that can be done in just about any type of shoe as long as its comfortable and breathable. However, the efficiency and even safety of certain activities and exercises are going to depend on your ankles, feet, and of course, gym shoes.

Shoes need to be supportive. Here we have rounded up these 15 amazing gym shoes that will be able to accompany you in your training sessions for years.

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