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Comfortable White Sneakers To Wear With Dresses

White Sneakers For Women

How to Wear Sneakers with Dresses and Skirts | by Erin Elizabeth

Let me tell you, I just LOVE white sneakers. First of all, they can range from all different styles and come in many materials making this shoe versatile and fun. And finally, we can wear comfortable white sneakers and still look chic!

Here are my top picks for the Best White Sneakers for Women. Whether you are looking for your next everyday shoe, a stylish leather sneaker, sporty white sneaker, or a classic white sneaker- I have you covered in this list!

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Womens White Wool Sneakers: Allbirds

You read correctly, these Allbird sneakers are made of merino wool! A mirable fabric that is cozy and soft, doesnt retain odors, and holds in warmth or sweat in during the summer. But thats not all, this company cares about the environment and uses green materials to make everything from the cushy midsole to the wool upper.

And many users say these are classy looking white sneakers that look more like a shoe, but are very easy to walk in. While this is not a shoe to wear when its raining, it would work well for dry days.

White Leather Walking Shoes: Fitflop

Weve talked about FitFlops before, but usually were mentioning their amazing sandals. However, they also make a great pair of sneakers.

The Rally sneakers features ANATOMICUSH technology, which is designed with a single-density layer of anatomically curved cushioning for superior comfort. With a soft and breathable cotton lining and insulated footbed, these shoes will keep your feet dry and warm.

One reader says these are the best white sneakers for travel, sharing, The most comfortable and supportive of this kind of shoe I have ever tried on or owned. Just wore the suede version for a 6 day conference with no problem, and I am having foot surgery next week!

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Greats The Royale Sneakers

If you’re looking to upgrade your sneaker collection, The Royale Sneakers are a sustainable pair you’ll never want to get rid of. Handcrafted from a breathable, full-grain leather with extra cushioning and natural rubber soles, they are advertised as the white sneaker for the rest of your life with good reason. Wear them on long walks, travel days, or to workwith a sleek shape and minimal branding, they can be styled with nearly any outfit.

What About Golden Goose Sneakers

Fashion Week Outfit: White Boho Dress and Platform Sneakers

Golden Goose sneaks do look amazing with dresses. Id be remiss if I left them off the list. If you are lucky enough to have a pair of these $500 sneakers, great. But I have trouble recommending these when the my Adidas and Vans are worn just as oftenfor a fraction of the cost. That saidif you are dying for a pair here are a few Id recommend:

What are your fav sneakers to wear with dresses? Anyone else with me on the Adidas and Vans train?

All photos featuring The Carina Dress in navy were shot by Marisa of Redfield Photo. All others were shot by Vafa Photography. As always, you guys are seriously the BEST.

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How To Clean White Leather Sneakers

  • Materials: Paper towels ivory soap as its the cheapest cotton rags Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
  • Gently wipe the exterior of your sneakers to remove any large dirty marks. And then let them dry for about 10 minutes.
  • Clean the sole with the dampened Magic Eraser. Rub the Eraser over the soles of your sneakers until all dirt and stains have disappeared.
  • And finally, wet the cotton rag and rub it on the ivory soap for lather. Then massage the uppers of the sneakers until they return to their original pure white color.
  • Wipe off soap with a dry rag and leave sneakers to air-dry for another 10 minutes.

Axel Arigato Marathon Trainers

Theyll entice any laid back fashionista to take up track.

But the 90s retro detailing, mesh uppers and chunky soles are more than just a fashion statement. This pair of white Axel Arigato Marathon Trainers is perfectly designed for optimum comfort.

Youll still have to take them out for coffee after a jog. These white designer sneakers deserve to be seen.

Best for: Showing off your new fitness regime at a coffee shop.

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Converse Chuck Taylor All

Havent we all owned a pair of Chuck Taylors at some point? This Converse classic hasnt changed much looks wise since it was released back during the 1920sthe ultimate testament to an enduring design that got it right the first time. Slip them on with your favorite pair of jeans and a loose-fitting tee and go.

Saint Laurent Court Classic

How To Wear Sneakers With Dresses [FOR SPRING]

Every cloud has a silver lining. And this pair has a few.

Soft Italian white leather is used for cloud-like comfort. And is contrasted with a silver heel tab and silver Saint Laurent embroidery. The durable rubber soles promise to stand the test of time.

And like any saint, these court classics wont leave your side.

Best for: The stylish silver lining to cloud-like comfort.

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High

  • Image Source: unsplash.

An unmistakeably iconic silhouette. The Converse Chuck Taylor High-Top is a go to pair of kicks to complete a dressy outfit. One of the most trusted ways to style a dress with sneakers, the Chuck Taylor sleek, slim-fit and streamlined design. They are a classy white and elegant choice that complement the femininity of a dress by hugging your ankles. They come in a wide array of colours, giving you plenty of options to choose from. For an even more sophisticated look, opt for the leather material Converse as this will add an elegant finish that the canvas material doesnt. Theyre also much easier to clean!

If in doubt opt for white sneaker styles like the OG pictured above!

Where to Buy? Converse

White Sneakers To Wear With Your Dresses This Summer

Summer is on the horizon, which means the warm-weather outfit planning officially starts now. Are you ready? It’s okay if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration. After all, the ever-changing seasons bring a different set of outfit requirements with them, which means that when a new one rolls around, you basically need to relearn how to dress for the temps. But that’s where we come into help, dishing out one easy-to-follow outfit guide after another to eliminate any dressing confusion.

A handful of no-fail getups? We found 20 cute outfits that you can easily copy here. We rounded up a couple of casual summer looks here, too. Today, we’re focusing on another one of our go-tos: flowy frocks with sneakersâwhite kicks, specifically. It’s a combo that’s equal parts comfy and chic, and who doesn’t want that?

If you’re asking yourself about the best white sneakers to wear with your dresses this summer, we have the answer, below. Read on to see which silhouette pairs best with frocks and then shop the styles that are currently in our shopping carts.

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Adidas Originals Sleek Trainer

  • Image source: adidas

Another simple silhouette, adidas take on a minimalist trainer is a perfect way to style a dress in an effortless, casual manner. The narrow fit of this shoe offers a streamlined appearance that will make your feet look beautifully elegant, which is an ideal quality for a pair of shoes, especially when pairing them with a dress or skirt. The consistently-sized sole contributes to a very put-together design, injecting some sophistication.

Where to Buy? adidas

The Best White Sneakers For Women

What Dresses To Wear With White Sneakers 2021

One of my absolute must-have wardrobe staples is a classic pair of white sneakers. I love styling them with jeans, summery dresses, shorts, jumpsuits, and loungewearthey pretty much go with everything. Plus, theyre the ideal travel shoe to pack for trips that require a lot of walking.

But finding the perfect white sneaker is no easy task

Some feel too childish others make your feet look too big and worst of allsome are downright uncomfortable.

Below, youll find a selection of the best white sneakers for womensome of these I personally own and others are styles that have high ratings or were recommended by friends.

p.s. If youre into chunky white sneakers, we have an entire post dedicated to our favorites!

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White Sneakers & Wide

Wide-leg jeans are a huge new trend for this season, so you need to know exactly which shoes or boots are going to give you the full fashion look. First of all, it can be dangerous to wear stilettos or any high heels with wide leg jeans, as when you walk down stairs or steps the heel often gets snagged on the hem and causes you to fall forward. So your best fashion and safety match will be one of the many types of white sneakers. If you are tall, then flat trainers are fine for you.

If you are short, you definitely need more height with wide-leg jeans to balance the extra width. So platform white sneakers will give you the best look. They match well with all shades of blue and look smart, but relaxed, which is the correct vibe for most wide jeans. And this all goes for flare jeans, bell-bottoms, straight-legs, balloon jeans and barrel jeans, too. So you can keep your favorite white sneakers in your shoe wardrobe, but probably buy a new pair of wedge-heeled or platform-sole white sneakers to get the best proportions with the new trouser styles.

How Can You Keep White Sneakers Clean

Keeping white sneakers clean depends on the material. For canvas sneakers, Sean McDowell, Vice President of Design and Product Development at Sperry, says to reach for a little bleach. “I use a spray bottle mixed with water and bleach,” he explains. For this process, you’ll want to remove the laces and then use a strong bristled brush “to get in all of the recesses of the canvas and rubber sidewalls,” McDowell notes. Once you’ve scrubbed them clean, place them in the sun for a few hours to dry and brighten them up. With that said, bleach is a harsh chemical, so it’s best to use this method on white canvas sneakers that are inexpensive. For more expensive pairs, it’s best to protect them ahead of time with a stain-resistant coating and spot clean as needed.

To clean white leather sneakers, McDowell recommends using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. “I use an old toothbrush to get in all the nooks and crannies,” he explains. “It’s gentler than bleach and, with smooth leather, you don’t need to go as deep as canvas,” he adds.

As far as laces are concerned, you can easily remove them from your sneakers and toss them in the wash with your whites for a fresh scrub. And, if they get to a point where they are too far gone, purchasing a new pair of shoelaces is an inexpensive and quick way to freshen up your soles.

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Best Travel Shoes For Women

I generally pack 3 types of shoes when I travel:

  • A pair of sneakers
  • A stylish but comfortable pair of flats or moccasins
  • An easy slip on pair of flip flops / sandals
  • I am admittedly an over packer so sometimes I pack multiple pairs of shoes from the 3 categories. The upside is Ive tried and tested many different shoe brands over the years! Ive organized my list of the best walking shoe options for travel according to the 3 categories above.

    Converse Chuck Taylor Low

    How to Style White Sneakers in Casual Dress ~ Sassy Elle

    Its another classic that never dies. These white low-tops are a great alternative for those who prefer a more modern silhouette.

    These Converse Chuck Taylors are easy to dress if youre after a slip-on, slip-off sneaker. And they showcase the same iconic features as their high-collared counterparts.

    These all white Converse low-top sneakers know how to keep life simple.

    Best for: A slip-on, slip-off simple lifestyle.

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    Keep Your Sneakers Clean And White

    Want to pack your stylish white sneakers but worried about them becoming muddy, dusty, or dingy on your trip? Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will keep your sneakers looking brand new, no matter where you are jet-setting off to! A scrubbing sponge, Magic Erasers are super light and wont take up space in your carry-on.

    Travelers love this product for keeping their sneakers looking fresh. One reader says, I love my Magic Eraser. It keeps my sneakers looking brand new. Sounds awesome, so theres no need to worry about how sightseeing will ruin your sneakers!

    What do you think are the best white sneakers for travel? Share in the comments below!

    Nike Air Force 1 Shadow

    The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow features the same iconic shape as the original Air Force 1 silhoette. Adding a few tweaks here and there to modernise it.

    With the iconic swoosh plus the Air branding, youre getting a double dose of Nike. Although on the chunkier side, this shape would contrast beautifully with a simple slip dress, giving a very contemporary, relevant way to style a dress with sneakers.

    Whats even better, you can personalise your own colourway on the Nike website to give it your individual touch that matches your identity.

    Case in point, this simple pink dress works well with an almost complete white AF1. working those pink hints on the Air Max Shadow to compliment the fit perfectly.

    Where to Buy? Nike

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    Tips For Wearing White Sneakers:

    Consider these dress sneakers. Dont take them to the gym, and do not try to wear your gym sneakers in their place. They are two different things.

    You want them to be all white. We want these to look fresh and crisp.

    Look for a slim and low profile. Avoid anything too clunky or heavy. Instead, you want these to feel light, so look for silhouette that skims your ankle.

    Have fun with them! Pair them with printed skirts and silky dresses you can wear them with jeans, a tee, and a blazer, and depending on your style, you can even wear them with a suit.

    Below are our top eight sneakers, in a variety of styles and price points. They are all great, its just a matter of which one you like best.

    I wouldnt be a fashion writer if I didnt talk about Nike Air Force 1s, the original style that set off the street style trend that eventually influenced modern style.

    These are heavy, with a high top style everything I just told you to avoid. )

    Im highlighting these because if you want the real fashion option, these are it. And most importantly, so you can be inspired by the original and make it work more practically with other options.

    Like with these next pair of sneakers, also by Nike:

    On Cloud Running Sneakers

    Pin on Outfit

    Feel like floating on a cloud? This pair is calling your name.

    These On Cloud Running Sneakers are comfortable enough to run a marathon. However, everyday admin is also deemed a worthy excuse to get your hands on a pair. With zero-gravity foam and a CloudTex sole, your feet will feel like theyve died and floated to fashion heaven.

    Best for: That zero-gravity foam floaty feeling.

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    Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Sneaker

    We featured the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow in our most recent Outfit Formula.

    These have a lower profile so they are easier to wear with different bottoms. I love the extra details on the shoe, especially in the all white as they have dimension but arent in your face.

    Very comfortable, sporty, and on trend.

    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, known for her stunning wardrobe mix of couture and high-street brands, frequently wears Supergas

    Royals, theyre just like us!.

    And because the Duchess and I are practically twins, we both like to wear them with skinny jeans and a striped boatneck top.

    They are a cute, comfortable and affordable everyday sneaker.

    Keds Triple Kick Canvas Sneaker, $60

    Next up, Keds, one of the original white outfit sneakers.

    Because these are very casual, I wouldnt wear them with dresses or anything youre trying to dress down. However with shorts, jeans, etc, they are great.

    They are easy to wear, casual and affordable.

    Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker

    Originally conceived as a tennis shoe, this unlikely fashion staple has been spotted everywhere from New York to Paris . The shoes clean silhouette is timelessits been kicking around since 1971and was built for long days of movement, with extra foam padding that protects the back heel and cushioned soles to prevent blisters. Stan Smiths also come in a variety of colors and collectible small-batch releases, though its hard to go wrong with classic white, whose three perforation stripes nod to the brands heritage.

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    White Sneakers And Faux Leather Leggings

    Leather and faux leather pants and leggings are almost impossible to tell apart these days. And both types of fashion pants upgrade your look. However, if you want to wear them for a casual occasion, dont wear high heels, put on some comfy white sneakers instead. White sneakers are the perfect blend of chic fashion with relaxed attitude. And as brown leather pants are the latest trend, youll score more fashion points if you switch from black to brown.

    Adidas Falcon Triple White sneakers are set to be a leader for the next big sneaker trend. And this may be because theyre a clever blend of a delicate shoe and a chunky trainer. They certainly are selling out fast on many sites, so now might be the best time to buy, before they become out of stock by summer!

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