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Best Sneakers For Playing Tennis

Why Surface Specific Shoes Are Important

The 4 Best Tennis Shoes Under $100 Fall/Winter 2020 | Foot Doctor Review

An often-overlooked advantage of clay court shoes is the fact that certain areas are closed off as well. For example, at the top of the shoe with hard courts is a breathable mesh most of the time. While that helps quite a bit with breathability, it also allows for clay to sip into the shoe.

This could cause a lot of trouble, so it is usually made of finer material on clay court shoes. This still offers some flexibility and breathability, but doesnt fill the shoe up with pellets of clay.

Ideally, every tennis player who plays fairly consistently should have one pair of hard court and one pair of clay court shoes.

Wearing clay court shoes on hard courts not only feel differently, but its a good way to get other players mad as well. Even well cleaned off clay shoes might have a little residue left on them, and it will quickly dirty up a clean hard court.

Heres my up-to-date surface specific tennis shoes:

How Often Should You Replace Your Tennis Shoes

Shoes degrade naturally, Patton explains. The PU material becomes less springy over time.

He notes that if you play less frequently, such as a maximum of twice a week, you should be get at least six months of wear out of your tennis shoes before needing to replace them. Conversely, if you play very competitively for hours at a time say three or more times a week he mentions that a pair might only last you a month.

Bondi agrees. According to the USTA, the midsole of the tennis shoe starts to wear down between 45 to 60 hours, at which point the shoes should be replaced, she says. If you play tennis for an hour or more at a time, that means you could look at replacing your shoes pretty often, and less if youre more of a casual player.

Bondi mentions there are also other factors that can shorten the lifespan of shoes, including the court surface, style of play and weight of the player.

The singles, hard court, or more aggressive player is going to wear down a shoe quicker than other court and player types, says Bondi.

So, ready to find your perfect match? With the help of our experts, we compiled the best tennis shoes for women you can buy. Shop them ahead.

Finding The Perfect Fit

Hands down, the most important thing to get right when purchasing a new pair of tennis shoes is the fit. Let me walk you through a few different topics you should keep in mind when evaluating shoes.

SizeThe size of your shoe is perhaps the most obvious when it comes to achieving the right fit. But how sure are you of your sizing?Ideally, youll have roughly a half-inch or 13 millimetres between the tip of your big toe and the front of your shoe. A quick test that works reasonably well is to use the width of your thumb to check this space. Adequate room at the front of your shoe helps to avoid jamming your toes together and pre-vents blisters, while also allowing them to breathe and stay cool. Tennis shoes that are too large, on the other hand, can also lead to excessive move-ment of your foot, which can also lead to blisters and issues with your calf muscles and Achilles heel.

WidthFor a large portion of the worlds population, standard or regular width shoes do the trick, but if you fall outside of this range, then its crucial to find the correct width for the health of your feet.

Toe BoxThe available space for your toes in a shoe will correlate with the width of a shoe. However, since most shoes are standard size, youll find that some have tighter or more roomy toe boxes.

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Are Tennis Shoes Non

Yes, these shoes are designed to be non-slip. However, this does not mean they will necessarily be non-slip when it comes to walking on wet or oily surfaces. Most athletic shoes, including tennis sneakers, are designed not to slip on the surfaces they are meant to be used on such as tennis courts, including grass and clay courts.

Performing at your best on the court is not only about your racquet and balls, it is mostly about your footwork. You need the best tennis shoe you can afford to be able to lift your game to the next level. Comfort, support, flexibility, and stability is what the best rated tennis sneaker will offer you, along with durability and breathable material construction. All of these plus exceptional traction will get you onto the winning path on the courts.

Expert Tip by Alexis DeSalva Kahler

Where and how you play tennis will influence which shoe is best for you. Remember the heel should have a snug fit, otherwise your feet may slip.

Top Pick

Our best choice for tennis shoes in 2021 is the New Balance Mens MC806 Stability Tennis Shoe and the reasons are obvious. Feature packed and designed to offer you maximum comfort, support, flexibility and durability this is one of the best sports sneakers.

The ABZORB cushioning and C-Cap midsole are designed to wrap your feet in comfort and the perforated toe box and side panel will protect your most vulnerable part of your feet in the best way, and the part that takes the most punishment during a game, you toes.

How To Find A Good Pair Of Tennis Shoes

Best Hard Court Tennis Shoes for Women: Pro Player

Because of all the lateral movements, playing styles and court surfaces, its essential to make the right call with your feet. Here are a few specifics to consider before making your next tennis shoe purchase.

Fit: Its been said that an hour of tennis generates nearly 11,000 steps. Thats a lot of stress on your lower body. Your feet need to be comfy. When you walk, if youre more pronated in your gait , youll want a tennis shoe with stability and sound lateral support. Those who are supinated will want better flexibility, durability and heel support.

Playing Style: While the objective of getting the ball over the net is the same for everyone, we go about it differently. Some players like staying back on the baseline, so they should lean towards a shoe with a durable sole and great cushioning. If youre more of a serve-and-volley type, aim for something lighter and flexible.

Look: Throughout history, some of the sports worlds most colorful characters have played tennis. That vibrancy certainly translates to their shoes, where animated aquas and loud limes have been the name of the style game for decades. The direction you go with your look may depend on how much attention youd like to garner while swingingand how stringent your tennis leagues dress code may be.

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Adidas Originals Women’s Adizero Club 2 Tennis Shoe

Adidas, one of the famous brand in the shoe market, has designed the shoes, especially for tennis players. The synthetic rubber sole shoes are best to keep your feet comfortable, supportive, and stable throughout the game. The shaft measures about the low top from the arch. The boots have the specific Cimcool feature that provides cooling to entire feet. This means your feet remain dry and you can enjoy the game without any discomfort. Additionally, the mesh upper is present that make the shoes breathable. This means you dont feel any heat in your feet region and remain sweat free throughout your court time. To provide you the complete support and relaxation there is present the abrasion resistant Adi tuff wraps. These are present around the toe and medial forefoot that protect against the foot drag that may occur during various moves.

Why do we like it?

  • Rubber sole
  • Comfortable

Our Verdict

  • We love these shoes because these are made of the textile material. These are the comfortable shoes that provide you relaxation and comfort to your feet.

New Balance Fresh Foam Lav

Like everyone else, were smitten over Coco Gauff. We know that natural talent has a lot to do with the sensational start to the 16-year-olds pro career, but we have to believe that New Balances line of forward-thinking shoes plays a role in her success, too. Because of the Knit Bootie, the Fresh Foam LAV hugs your foot like an aunts embrace. And with the Fresh Foam midsole, youll have all the ease and bounce you need for those grueling 15-shot rallies. .

Courtesy New Balance

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Types Of Tennis Shoes Based On Playing Styles

All tennis shoes can be roughly segmented into three categories based on the primary benefit they offer: speed, cushioning, and stability. Which one to choose depends on the type of player you are and your preferences in the shoe feel.

The table below describes the differences between the shoes in more detail.

Types of tennis shoes based on playing style

  • Best for agile, aggressive players who slide often

Weight: the most lightweight category among the three

Upper: feature minimal designs flex more efficiently with the foot

Midsole: have a low-to-the-court profile with moderate cushioning

Outsole: not as durable as stability tennis shoes

  • Best for players who move around the court a lot

Weight: average

  • Best for baseline players who prefer solid and supportive shoes

Weight: on the heavy side

Upper: crafted with supportive features

Midsole: have an abundance of cushioning embed supportive structures like shanks to keep the foot stable

Outsole: the most hard-wearing, often comes with a durability warranty

New Balance Mens 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

ATTN Parents with Junior Players: Best Tennis Shoes for your kids (for on & off court activities)!

The New Balance Mens 806 V1 provides superior on-court stability and support as it uses C-CAP, ABZORB, and ROLLBAR technology. They are made up of 90% leather and 10% synthetic fiber which makes this shoe comfortable and durable. The full-grain leather upper makes this shoe incredibly strong, durable, and perfect for long hours. It comes with a rubber sole in a herringbone pattern that adds traction for lateral support when moving too fast by minimizing the risk of slippage. The LIGHTNING DRY wicks moisture away to provide cool and comfortable wear to feet and strengthens grip. It offers unbelievable motion control and the shoes wont feel on your feet as they are lightweight for fast movements. They are quite reliable and provide great lateral support for old players that need a shoe that prevents slippage. It comes with a lightweight EVA midsole that provides good cushioning while you are bouncing or jumping. With proper airflow, you can keep your feet dry and cool all the time even when playing for long hours.

The rollbar technology helps to transition into running state from walking state without affecting too much of your feet which minimizes the risk of stain while transitioning. They weigh only 1 pound which makes them perfect for fast movements and lateral support allows you to move as fast you can without worrying about slippage.

  • Feel natural and great on-court while playing.
  • The size is too small so be sure to order a perfect fit.

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New Balance Womens 896v2 Tennis Shoe

The new balance brand gives one of the sturdy shoes and this shoe is specifically made for women. These shoes are imported and are made up of total synthetic material and they have rubber soles and the midsoles are made of REVlite material, which saves the energy of feet and gives maximum stability. These shoes are highly durable and have great endurance in every part of their length. Herringbone outsole makes the shoes easily flexible and gets rid of any unwanted clay. Moreover, the inserts are removable which helps players practice good hygiene and reduces chances of infection in the feet. The shoes are made from a mixture of synthetic and mesh making them doable and they last long even in the harshest conditions.

These shoes are fit to size and give full support and sturdiness to feet. The colours are bright and the design is minimalist to give an eye-pleasing look, color combination includes black and seafoam, white and pigmented white, black and orange, dark and light colour, black and bright violet whited peach and black, lastly, navy and black.

These shoes are designed for court matches and the minimal design causes no blisters or injury on the players feet. The shoes are sturdy, stable, well fitted, and self-cleanable. The only drawback of this shoe is that it isnt cushioned so some players find that disturbing. You Can also check the Best Pickleball Nets.

Lightweight Honorable Mention: Head Sprint Sf 30

Backed by a six-month outsole durability guarantee, the Head Sprint SF 3.0 is a great choice for aggressive hardcourt sliders who enjoy flexibility, speed and lightweight feel. The upper is constructed from a unique SuperFabric material which is abrasion resistant and supportive.

Shop womens Head Sprint SF 3.0 / mens Head Sprint SF 3.0.

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Stability Honorable Mention: Nike React Vapor Nxt

Like the Vapor Cage 4 above, the Vapor NXT blends features of stability and speed. This tennis shoe might tip the scales as heavy, but they still feel rather nimble around the court, and a stiff frame along the lateral side helps keep the shoe feeling stable. These Vapor NXTs wont be as durable as the Vapor Cage 4 or Asics Gel Resolution 8 but will feel faster on court.

Shop womens Nike React Vapor NXT / mens Nike React Vapor NXT.

Best Budget: Nike Women’s Court Lite 2

Shoes Original for Tennis Player

Nike’s Court Lite tennis shoes for women are a longtime classic that won’t break the bank, Garcia says. Their soft ankle padding helps prevent chafing and blisters as you shift your weight from side to side.

They’ve also got a thick outsole, which is ideal for hard courts, she says. Thicker soles are more resistant to wear from the court against your shoe. But if you’re playing on clay or both hard and clay courts, she recommends opting for a clay-specific or hybrid shoe .

Buy Price: $64.99

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Best Stability: Wilson Rush Pro 30 Sneaker

Wilsons flagship shoe is engineered for stability, thanks to an anti-twist outsole outfitted with a supportive chassis thats designed to prevent supination . That means you can rush the net without fear of twisting an ankleall while the durable rubber outsole gives you maximum traction. Despite added stability, these shoes are still lightweight and super breathable thanks to the thin mesh upper.

Very pleased! They feel excellent on court. Typically I have struggled to find court shoes that did not feel overly heavy. These feel great and light, yet very supportive and cushioning.Mandy

Tennis Shoes New Releases Our Picks

We were really curious about what brings the year 2018 in tennis shoe fashion. We usually follow mainly NIKE and ADIDAS as trend-setters, but this year also ASICS comes with pretty . Nike did not show the new Roger Federer model due to an unclear situation with his contract.

Therefore our picks are dominated by Adidas. Their new Barricade series is just great. We can not resist to show you all types . We just love their design.

Nike came with 11 new releases, so our task was to pick three we liked most. Check below if you love them too.

adidas Men’s Barricade 2018

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Best Tennis Shoes 2020

Season 2020 is heavily impacted by the spread of the corona virus. Thankfully, the plans for new shoe models were set far in advance. Therefore, we were able to admire and shop a lot of brand new models before the start of the lockdown.

There is a one trend that characterizes 2020. Almost all brands are now offering laceless tennis shoes.

Check our top 3 selection of 2020 models including one laceless model from Adidas, a new series of great Asics Gel Revolution, and Rafa Nadal new Nike shoes.

Nike Court Zoom Vapor Cage 4 Asics Gel-Resolution 8

Lets have a short look at what shoes tennis pros wear on courts during the season. Once dominant brands Nike and Adidas are under strong pressure from newcomers like Under Armour or New Balance.

Between ATP top players, Adidas shoes are worn by Kei Nishikori, Dominic Thiem, and Tomas Berdych. Nike has under contract two living and playing legends Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and Asics just lately signed Novak Djokovic.

New Balance shoes are worn by Milos Raonic and Under Armour, shoes are worn by Andy Murray.

Between WTA top players, Nike is definitely the top brand with Williams sisters wearing their top products. Simone Halep signed a contract with Nike recently. Also, Czech and Slovak top players, Petra Kvitova and Dominika Cibulkova walk on the court in Nike shoes. Adidas shoes are proudly worn by Angelique Kerber and Sabine Muguruza.


Cushion Provides Amazing Comfort

The 5 Best Tennis Shoes For 2021 (Spring)

The Resolution 8 is padded around and under your foot for an amazing feel of comfort. Every step feels like walking on a cushion, while still allowing you the close-to-floor feel. The upper shoe is still made of a harder material that requires some break-in, but significantly less than most other tennis shoes.

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New Balance Womens Fuelcell 996v4

Not all tennis matches are played on the hard courts and having the correct shoe when taking on the challenge of a different surface, such as clay, is vital if you are going to perform at your best. Slipping on clay courts is often one of the stumbling blocks to player, with the New Balance Womens Clay Court 996v4 Tennis Shoe you will not experience these problems, the rubber sole and clay court outsole will help you to keep your feet even when you are having to stop, turn and volley at speed.

The design of the shoe is specific to clay courts with the Evoknit upper, REVlite Midsole, and full-length Ndurance and PROBANK technology. All of these combine to provide you with a superior grip on the clay surface, along with superb comfort, even when your foot slides along the surface and of course exceptional support.

Mastering the clay court is no easy task but with a shoe that is specifically designed for the hazards and challenges of this type of surface, such as the New Balance, you stand more than a better chance of besting this difficult surface.

Clay surfaces bring with them all sorts of new challenges to any tennis player, from pro to novice. Having specialized footwear to help you conquer it is a necessity. Comfort, support and most importantly grip of your shoe is of utmost importance. Specially designed rubber soles of the New Balance are what you need to succeed on this type of surface.


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