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Best Sneakers For Vet Techs

Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book

Best Techwear Shoe? Nike Presto Utility Low + Mid Review

For any student vet tech or anyone who aspires to become a fully trained vet, this anatomy coloring book is sure to help with their studies. Including 400 easy to color illustrations, the book covers a range of different animals including cats, dogs, horses, pigs and birds. Accurate with detail, each diagram also comes fully labelled to help with studying and revision.

Dawgs Mens Premium Working Shoe

If you are facing some problems at feet and working in veterinary service, this shoe can be the right option for you. As it works with orthotics and comes up with soft insoles, gradually it will solve your foot problems.

Its ultra-thick sole provides excellent arch support to prevent back pain also. This working shoe features a synthetic sole and non-marking rubber outsole. The outsole is highly durable to retain stability and traction.

There is a super lightweight low impact heel to continue sufficient heel support. Its quality materials are enough comfortable for extended wear on hard floors.

With all other features, it also comes with odor-resistant material. So, you can enjoy the odor-free movement. At a super reasonable price, you can pick this excellent shoe to have a great experience.

Things We Like

  • Only black and white color are available
  • Not slip-resistant

Birkenstock Professional Work Shoe For Vet Techs Review

The Birkenstock Professional work shoes are lightweight and straightforward, with many stable and attractive features.


The shoes are made of polyurethane and consist of a synthetic sole. This material makes them comfortable and lightweight, making them the best shoes for vet techs.

Also, the upper is very easy to clean and maintain. The shoes are also dishwasher safe, which proves their durability.


The sole ensures a firm grip and makes them non-slip work shoes. Their slip-on design adds convenience, and the moldable design helps the shoes adapt to your feet shape.

The cushioning footbed provides more stability.

Pros of this vet techs shoe:

  • The shoes are highly stable and comfortable.
  • They are easy to clean and long-lasting.
  • They never let feet in discomfort.
  • They alleviate back pain and foot ache after long work shifts.


  • They require a break-in period.


Our rating for those shoes is 4.7/5.

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Good Shoes For Standing All Day Long

lailanni said:I work part time in a bakery and when I’m back home I work full time in a clinic My current shoes are wearing out and I want to invest in some good ones. I like my knees and want to keep them functional for a long, long time. Something very comfy that can stand up to wear, tear, and poo. Any suggestions? I don’t care how expensive they are as long as they’re worth the money.

CSU PVM Class of ’11

10+ Year Member

UC Davis SVM c/o 2013

10+ Year Member

starlene45 said:I second the crocs option, with two caveats:1. Wear the little “behind the heel strap” if you are going to be doing things like walking backwards carrying stretchers or pulling/pushing lift tables. Otherwise you may suddenly find yourself croc-less.2. Do not, I repeat, do NOT, run around on uneven asphalt parking lots wearing crocs after working a 10 hour shift and then having a beer or two. It only leads to disaster. In fact, don’t try to do anything athletic in them, pre-or post-beer drinking.Anybody know if Dansko’s fit those of us with stupidly narrow feet? My feet are stupidly narrow and I have always had this ridiculous idea that Danskos will not fit me comfortably, and I can’t find anywhere close by that has them in stock for me to try in person… Opinions?

i’ve never worn them, but i’ve heard that Earth shoes are God’s gift to people on their feet. the kind with the toe slightly higher than the rest of the foot, i think they’re called Earth shoes.

Most Comfortable And Best Shoes For Vet Techs

Vet Tech Veterinary Technician Low Top Shoes Gift For Men ...

Looking for most comfortable and best shoes for vet techs? Then youre on right page. Unlike senior doctors, veterinary technicians spend a good part of their day on their feet. During this time, youll be required to perform ex-rays, diagnostic tests, observe and report the condition of animals, provide emergency care, administer vaccines and other medications and heaven knows what else.

As you can see, this work leaves you exposed to anal glands, pee, blood, vomit, poopwe could go on and on. So as you can see, besides the toil involved in standing, there are those unhygienic moments too. That is why you need to start investing in the best shoes.

Before drafting this piece, we scoured Reddit, took a trip down Quora and talked to our vet friends about the shoes they have found to be reliable. Now, this article is a compendium of all their finest suggestions that we know will work for you too.

In case you have a puppy, cow, or any other business to attend to in the next minute, how about checking our top recommendation: Dansko Womens XP 2.0 Clogs. This clog is extremely comfortable, versatile, affordable, and comes in unlimited color choices and designs.

Want to ensure your shoe rack is stocked with all the best options? Tag along for some phenomenal choices.

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List Of The Top Vet Tech Sneakers

If you are looking for comfortable sneakers in which you can spend long shifts at the clinic, we have some suggestions. The best thing is, our suggestions are also with awesome designs for veterinary technicians, they have friendly prices and are durable. Most of them are pretty easy to clean, from our experience with them. You can choose your favorite pair and let us know how you liked wearing them around the clinic.

Tied For Number One Best Shoe For A Veterinary Technician Or Dvm

  • KEEN Womens Targhee II Hiking Shoe
  • Tied for our number one pick of best vet tech shoes is this Keen shoe. There is a reason why we feature waterproof hiking shoes as the best vet tech shoes. Firstly they are comfortable, secondly, they have support, and thirdly they are usually waterproof.

    The KEEN is excellent at supporting your ankles while providing a soft footbed that comforts your foot. To point out my husband has plantar fasciitis and Keen is the only brand of shoe he can wear. Comparatively all other brands cause him to feel pain while standing.


    • A special sole featuring multidirectional lugs. This gives you excellent traction on a slippery surface.
    • Great arch support.


    • Too wide for some with narrow feet. As a result, this might be a plus if you like to wear heavy socks.
    • Too big in the heel.

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    Offers Comfort When Standing Or Walking

    As a vet technician, there is a need to stand for long hours during surgical procedures, and therefore comfort is important for you to concentrate fully on your work. You are also required to stand while speaking to the pet owners when explaining the sickness of their beloved animal. Therefore, you require the right of shoes, cushioned to absorb shock, and comfortable to stand and walk on.

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    Skechers Womens Flex Appeal 20

    â TOP 5 Best Reebok Shoes For Men You Can Find On Amazon [ 2021 Buyer’s Guide ]

    The Skechers Womens Flex is a super flexible option of ankle shoe for vet techs on the go.

    This shoe is 100% textile, meaning it has moderate breathability and durability. It also has a memory foam insole for extra comfort. It wont be as durable as many of the shoes on this list, but its very lightweight, has the clout of being a Skechers product, and its toned down aesthetic is a good pick for a professional look.

    Skechers Flex comes with a rubber sole for strong gripping power. But, going down as low as the ankle comes off as a minus in my book for a vet tech shoe, as it places your feet in the hazard zone for spills and fluids. Itll be fine for long hours standing and moving though, and, depending on the kind of vet tech you are, that might be all that matters.

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    # Crocs Women’s On The Clock Professional Shoe

    This is the current price of these Crocs Womens Medical Pro Shoes available at Amazon .

    • Size Available: Here is another choice if you need the best shoes for nurses, which are affordable as well. They also come in size 9 to size 14.
    • Comfort: There is no disputing that these are among the most comfortable womens crocs for vet techs out there. They are manmade and come with some synthetic sole to offer the needed shock absorption. Plus, they are slip-resistant and come with tapered fit at the heel for a relaxed and secure fit.
    • Toe protection: The shoes come with foam and a well-cushioned footbed that assures you of comfort all day long. This feature makes them a good pick for the long shifts at work. Whether you are using them to walk around or standing while attending to the animals, these shoes will offer you enough comfort.
    • Durability: You might be fooled that these shoes may not last for long since they are crocs and made of PU material. On the contrary, you can be sure of using these shoes for long without worrying about them wearing out too quickly. The PU material is strong and flexible enough, which makes them durable and able to serve you for quite some time.
    • Other Features: These crocs are designed to be worn both at night and during the day. They come with enclosed toe and heel that offer you a snugly fit. You will also have an easy time working with them since it doesnt require any elbow grease to clean them. They are easy to clean and also dry quickly.

    Mesh Canvas Or Other: Best Shoes For Veterinary Professionals

    Vet techs are often on their feet or on the move for much of the day. How well their feet hold up matters a lot. With that in mind, we first looked at shoes that would offer the best breathability and durability. Mesh and canvas shoes both came up in our research, and either would make a fine fit for those in this noble profession.

    Always remember, in general, mesh shoes offer greater airflow and movement, whereas canvas fits are more durable and come waterproofed.

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    Engraved Veterinary Pen Light

    Give them something special they will use everyday with this colorful and engraved pen light. Perfect for inspecting animals eyes, the pen also doubles up as a stylus for cell phones and tablet devices. Featuring engraved illustrations of paws, dogs and stethoscopes, this is sure to come in useful during their shifts.

    Merrell Mens Jungle Moc Slip

    Best Shoes for Vet Techs

    Merrell is a brand thats relatively new to the game but has quickly amassed a following. It was originally designed for the purpose of hiking, biking, and camping but people who are on their feet all day such as those in the medical community soon took a liking to it. It is a casual looking shoe but very comfortable and easy to pull on. These are great shoes for the office, but you can really wear them just about anywhere.

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    # Crocs Women’s On The Clock Shoe

    This is the current price of these Crocs Womens On The Clock Work Medical Pro Shoes available at Amazon .

    • Size: These womens shoes are designed in size 7 to size 15, and the price tag is very attractive as well. They are one of the most affordable shoes on this list and out there on the market.
    • Comfort: Nobody would want to have shoes that arent comfortable, mostly if you plan to put them on for a long time. Well, these shoes are meant to keep your feet comfortable for long enough. They are slip-resistant, even though they are crocs. Thanks to the enclosed toe and heel, you wont have to worry about your feet slipping at work. The shoes come with a tapered fit in the back, which offers a secure and relaxed fit.
    • Material: Besides that, the shoes come with a Croslite foam and deeply cushioned footbed. With this, you will be sure of the needed comfort to last you well throughout the day. If you will be working for long shifts, these would be the ideal choice of shoes youll want to go for.
    • Durability: These shoes are made to last, thanks to the durable PU material. Plus, they are manmade to last for long while resisting tear and wear. The best part is that they are perfectly water-resistant. You wont have to worry about coffee or liquid spills on them at the workplace.

    If you need crocs that are anti-slip, and the right choice for those slippery floors at the hospital, these would be the right choice for you. They are very comfortable, and they fit perfectly on your feet.

    Best Inexpensive Vet Tech Shoes

    Podiatrists always recommend having a few pairs of comfortable shoes that you can interchange daily. The Marsvovo should be that vet tech shoe that you wear on the days you are not wearing the Merrels or KEENs.

    One of the great features of this brand of vet tech shoes is that you can wash them! Being able to wash shoes that you wear to your veterinary office job is so important! With this in mind, washing them may make them deteriorate faster. Being that these DVM shoes have a low price point buying 2 pairs is worth it.


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    Best Breathable Slip On Shoe For Men

  • TOMS Mens Classics
  • The TOMS Mens classic slip-on shoe is great for any veterinary technician or veterinarian that wants some comfort. This vet tech shoe is very breathable, the material is made out of the cloth-like canvas upper.

    If you are a man with a wide foot then TOMS might not work for you. For TOMS if its an option just size up if you have wide feet.

    Just dont let the dog eat your TOMS, like this IG superstar Reeva.

    Carry your pair of TOMS to the veterinary clinic so you can switch into them later on. The veterinarians I have spoken with love to switch into their TOMS after the patient part of their shift is over. Veterinarians and vet techs spend a large part of their shift doing paperwork, .

    Switch to TOMS shoes and give your feet a break.


    • For every pair purchased they donate a pair to a child in need.
    • Washable .
    • In short, it is the shoe that you can wear all day!


    • Inconsistent sizing
    • Keep in mind, if you wear them daily, you will need to replace them after a year .

    The Best All Black Vet Tech Shoes For Men

    Top Acronym Presto Alternatives – Techwear Sneakers
  • KEEN Utility Mens PTC Oxford Work Shoe
  • Tied for best black mens vet tech shoe is the KEEN flint. This is the only shoe many veterinarians claim they can wear. More importantly, if you have wide feet then this is the shoe for you.

    Whether you are a vet tech, a veterinarian, a nurse, or a Doctor, this shoe will make your workday so much easier.

    Due to the all-black color of the shoe, this Keen Utility is a cross between a casual shoe and a dressier shoe. Now dont get me wrong this is not a dressy shoe, but it can appear that way since it is all black. You will get the same comfort that other KEEN shoes provide with this model.

    If you are in the market for mens vet nurse shoes, definitely get a pair of KEENS.


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    Gemax Womens Running Sneakers

    If you are finding comfort with a very low price these GEMAX Womens Running Sneakers are undoubtedly one of the best choices for you.

    With a low budget this you can use these shoes for daily use from indoor to outdoor, travel, exercise, and for any occasion.

    Various sizes and colors are available for everyone. I recommend the bigger size for the winter season.

    It will provide more comfortable to your nice feet.

    These shoes have lace without any tongue and these features help you to adjust the shoes very easily without any hassle.

    Anyone can adjust the shoes by pulling the lace according to their need. These shoes provide you comfortable along with great style in looking.

    You can stay comfortable and stylish all day.

    The upper side of the shoes is made of knitted mesh material which makes the shoes breathable for your feet and gives you a comfortable atmosphere that keeps you cool and also fits to help you reduce irritation.

    The sole of these shoes is made from resistant and MD outsole with enough buffer between your feet and ground. This shoe is perfect to wear for all seasons. The sole is made of rubber and it is slip-resistant.

    Check Latest Price

    Animal Pattern Healthcare Sneakers

    What better work shoes for a veterinary technician than these awesome dog pattern healthcare sneakers. Also available with a cat print for cat lovers, these shoes will be loved by any vet tech. Featuring a synthetic sole and breathable textile material, they are available in a range of sizes and are sure to let everyone know they love animals!

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    Features Of Good Shoes For Vet Techs

    There are multiple features for the best vet techs shoes:

    • Lightweight design. This will make it easier for you to wear them for a longer time.
    • Sockliner must be able to adjust orthotics. It can help people that suffer from feet deformities.
    • They are cushioning in the heel and foot curve areas. A pain-free application is guaranteed.
    • Breathable upper mesh and tongue. This will help improve your heat containment.
    • Smart lacing system. It can give you secure bending of the ankle to the foot arches and improve your safety when being at work.

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