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Designer White Sneakers For Women

Prada Cloudbust Thunder Lug Sole Sneaker

MUST HAVE Designer Sneakers for Women 2020 *THE ONLY SNEAKERS TO BUY*

Pradas Cloudburst Thunder Lug Sole sneakers combine the best of sneaker comfort with an adventurous, outdoor-inspired style. Theyve been bulked up with 3D injected rubber overlays but have a surprisingly lightweight sawtooth sole. The Prada Cloudbust Thunder Lug Sole Sneaker is a great option for those looking for something more fashion-forward given the statement-making sole, Lobban says. They look great with a full fashion technical sportswear look, but also with a more contemporary tailored vibe.

Comfortable White Walking Shoes: Skechers

Were big fans of Skechers shoes, and these are no exception. The slip-on style is a great alternative for when you dont want to wear a shoe with laces. The FitKnit structure and breathable mesh make them so breathable and add texture and dimension to a classic and sporty slip-on style.

This style has a generously cushioned footbed and a grippy traction sole, so your feet stay comfortable and in place while walking. As one reader says, Skechers has a pair of walking white sneakers Ive had my eye on. The most comfortable shoes Ive ever worn are from Skechers.

Trending White Sneakers From Designers To High Street The Fashion Pack Are Wearing In 2021 Plus The New Nike Snkrs App Sneaker Lovers Need

White sneakers will always be a classic wardrobe essential for all seasons and especially Spring and Summer. The white sneakers trend is perfect for when you need something more practical than slides or heels e.g. for when youre running to your airport gate in your Veja sneakers or after your kids. Classic white leather sneakers for women have gone from gym wear to street wear with brands and styles for all tastes and budgets. From designer white sneakers to more affordable brands, the white sneaker trend is still going strong. If youre on the hunt for a pair of Nikes youve seen on the street or want to see what Nikes about to drop, the new Nike snkrs app does all of that .

The best white sneakers for women style and in designer might change from year to year but the basic shape is a must have in every womans shoe collection. Womens white leather sneakers are more practical and longer lasting than suede or canvas as well as being more fashion forward for 2021.

Find the perfect, versatile womens white sneakers for your 2021 wardrobe. These are all of the in brands and styles this year from Adidas, Valentino, Golden Goose, Veja Campo, Stella McCartney, Givenchy and Reebok that the fashion influencers and bloggers are wearing this year. The best white sneakers for women that dont look like school plimsolls but practical and stylish footwear.

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Koio: Best White Sneakers For Women

A good pair of white sneakers is an essential to any womans capsule wardrobe. Colourful trainers are fun but a staple pair of white sneakers ensures comfortable outfit pairing no matter the occasion. Koios Triple White are our favourite pair for keeping at the front of your wardrobe at all times, with their laidback cushion-cosy style. These are the sneakers youll find yourself dreaming of whenever youre obliged to wear something a little more formal, and the pair youll automatically throw in your bag ahead of any vaguely described occasion.

Not too casual and not too formal, these Koio white sneakers answer all of your what shoes are suitable today? questions in a cool, cosy and understated way. Buy yourself two pairs because these are set to become new favourites almost immediately.

Best for: Introducing you into the online world of sneaker cleaning communities in an effort to keep them squeaky clean.

Reebok: Best Vintage Sneakers For Women

Women Sneakers 2019 Fashion New Designer White Shoes Women ...

The best vintage sneakers combine all of the best bits of vintage with none of the not so glamorous parts. Think: the brightly coloured labels, chunky soles, retro style and appeal with none of the less-stylish scuffs or scents or damage that might come with actual vintage trainers. And, if youre looking to add a new pair of vintage kicks to your wardrobe, look no further than the tried and tested all-round favourite: Reebok. Once a staple for gym class at school, Reeboks careful resurgence into the streetwear scene has perpetually held it at the helm in recent years when it comes to fashionable vintage style shoes.

Reeboks Club C 85 Vintage Sneakers are reminiscent of the trainers of your youth in the best way possible. Bringing back days of adventures with friends but none of the freezing cold track running of your youth, these vintage trainers are here to stay.

Best for: Searching through the back of your wardrobe for more old college memories.

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Slim White Sneakers: Jibs

Jibs slip on sneakers are a HUGE favorite of TFG editor-in-chief Alex. She wears them as her flying shoes often. The slip-on style is easy to take on and off at airports, the Therma rubber sole is strong and flexible, and the natural cork insole wicks away moisture and doesnt retain odors.

Another great feature is the perforated upper is 100% real biodegradable-leather, so theyre environmentally friendly! They truly are perfect for travel, as they support feet and they look chic too! One wearer says, Love these shoesincredibly comfortable and stylish. Will wear them running errands, going for a stroll or for travel, and a night out!

Gucci: Best Designer Sneakers For Women

Gucci sneakers are some of the most popular designer shoes on the market and the brand has spent time over the last few years making a name for itself in the premium sneaker market. Sure, you could go all out with some of Guccis more heavily embellished designs but for a pair that promise to hold their own with the rest of your outfit, look no further than Guccis New Ace Leather Sneakers.

Luxe, smooth, white leather combines with a touch of baby pink on the heel, with the brands iconic perforated logo on the side and a comfy inner to pull it all together. Designer sneakers dont come much better than Guccis, and these trainers promise to look incredible and last for years on end. Thats if you ever stop admiring them long enough to wear them rather than gazing at them in your shoe closet.

Best for: Taking your first steps into the Gucci footwear cult.

Roger Vivier: Most Expensive Sneakers For Women

Luxe sneakers are the new luxe heelsbut with far more wearability and opportunity. While theres nothing stopping you from donning your new designer heels to the corner shop or wearing them for a weekend stroll around the shops, a new pair of luxe sneakers might do the job a little better with added comfort by the end of your trip. So if youre thinking of branching out with a stylish pair of expensive sneakers, you might as well do it properly. The best option? Roger Viviers Viv Run sneakers.

Refined and stylish, these Italian sneakers are instantly recognisable with their neoprene panels and thick, rounded soles. In true Vivier style, theyre the first thing youll notice when they enter a room, adding a dash of confidence and a healthy helping of style to even the most casual of outfits.

Best for: Suddenly understanding the sneakerheads who display all their trainers.

Acne Studios: Best Canvas Womens Sneakers


If ever there was a brand to prove that the understated look reigns supreme, it would be Acne Studios. Scandi-cool with a range of muted, chic shades, everything released by Acne from its iconic scarves to its simple, supple trainers is officially a great addition to your wardrobe. Acne Studios Distressed canvas sneakers are made using high quality materials that take the environment into consideration.

Lightweight and versatile, they blend in with the rest of your wardrobe while quietly fending off compliments from every direction. The canvas nature of the sneakers makes them perfect for warm summer days and the ecru shade means theyre just as comfortable being worn with bright colours or darker shades. Durable rubber toe caps, textured midsoles and those signature pink logo tags pull this shoe together into one of the best that Acne Studios has designed.

Best for: A blank canvas of a shoe that draws attention in every sense.

Common Projects: Best Low Top Sneakers For Women

Common Projects whole focus as a brand is to keep things simple: streamlined, understated and chilled out. Slip into a pair of Common Projects sneakers and immediately find yourself feeling a little more refreshed on even the most stressful of days. So it makes sense that the brand would produce the best womens low top sneakers: a pair that exemplify the very notion of laid back lazy days with their simple design and Italian leather.

The Common Projects Achilles sneakers are a winning addition to your wardrobe to infuse an instant dose of chic while letting the rest of your outfit continue to do the talking. Premium materials combine with timeless design and the brands signature gilded serial number to produce a unique shoe that fulfils all of its criteria and more.

Best for: Proving that off-white is the new white.

Why Sneakers Are Never Out Of Fashion

Sneakers are booming like never before. Every day there is a new creation on the market that we just have to have and a new designer to discover. Perfect for you, that Fashionette has a large selection of classic and fancy sneakers and maybe just the right pair for you. Underline your individuality with a cool pair of Adidas superstars or stand smiths or just be casual with a trending pair of Michael Kors sneakers. Every style, every color take a look at our selection and find your perfect fit.

Chiara Ferragni Chiara Suite Sneakers

Price: US$265.00Buy It

Every once in a while it pays off to be a little playful with our choices. Chiara Ferragni provides a beautiful option with these Suite sneakers that has every appeal of its other sparkly items. Flirt your way through the summer with chunky soles, sparkly ankle and labeled laces that would be fun to wear with a flowy skirt.

The Sneaker Goes High Fashion

2019 Spring and Autumn New Designer Wedges White Shoes ...

The sneaker is no longer hiding in the back of our shoe boxes it goes high fashion. It doesnt belong to the sports crew anymore but has successfully conquered the fashion crowd. Designers love the comfortable footwear and surprise us with amazing new designs every season. Mytheresa is always on the run to find the fashion must-haves and designer pieces for you to shop.

Slip-on sneakers are the new first choice for every outfit. The latest trend pieces are white sneakers to contrast a flashy colorful styling or support an all-white outfit. For a modern and sophisticated look, see Miu Miu. The ladies sneakers pair an elegant blue color with a metal toecap. The result: a perfect shoe to upgrade your everyday stylings. For an elegant city look, get Balenciaga slip-on sneakers. In all black, they are plain and simple and go perfectly with a corresponding outfit or even with your business suit. Crafted from finest calf leather, these black sneakers will leave you with nothing but delight.

Add a splash of color to your outfits with Valentino Garavani sneakers. The bright red slip-on sneakers are the must-have statement pieces of the season. The labels signature studs create a playful yet strong look. Go for gold with Lanvin sneakers. Their metallic exterior makes a statement and can add a cool contrast to your outfits. For a rather casual look, get the Jimmy Choo sneakers with black and white camouflage printing. You dont have to be a skater girl to look super cool in them.

Golden Goose: Best Distressed Sneakers For Women

Distressed jeans are out and distressed trainers are in. Those carefully threaded, gently pulled and ever so slightly worn in sneakers show signs of age in the best way possible to add a casual touch to any outfit. The best distressed trainers come courtesy of Golden Goose a brand thats known for adding a vintage touch to all of its garments in a way thats both stylish and versatile.

The Golden Goose Superstar low-top sneakers are the type that you can obviously tell are firm favourites. Both from the amount youll wear them but also from the iconic distressing on either trainer, which youll inevitably add to the more you pair them with your outfits. The major advantage of distressed trainers? The more you wear them, the better they look. And theres no need to keep them squeaky clean thanks to their detailing, either.

Best for: Unapologetically getting them dusty because its fashion.

Essentials: Best Womens Tennis Shoes

You could wear Essentials White Tennis Low Sneakers for a game of tennis with your friends. But you could just as easily wear them for brunch, weekend catch ups or commuting on a busy weekday. Everything about these sneakers is designed with comfort in mind, from their round toe, leather footbed and treaded rubber outsole.

These are the sneakers that feel equally at home running around the tennis court as they do sitting still over a latte in the city centre. But premium materials like Italian calfskin leather and close attention to detail on the embossed logos means you might be more likely to pull these beauties out only when theres a guarantee theyll come home just as shiny white as they first left the house. Some white shoes are designed to get a little dirty but the Essentials White Tennis Low Sneakers deserve to be kept sparkling clean.

Best for: Wearing for tennis and forgetting to change them afterwards.

Valentino Garavani Open Sneakers

Give your feet a proper pair that will make them look pretty and sweet at the same time. Valentinos open sneakers are made in quality leather but seals the deal with the aesthetic effect of a strawberry pink shiny stripe that provides a good contrast with the white. Rockstuds also adorn the heel for added punch.

Puma: Best Budget Sneakers For Women


A good pair of Puma trainers is the footwear equivalent of your favourite cosy pair of pyjamas or the comfy white t-shirt you reach for when you cant be bothered to think up an outfit on a Monday morning. Reliable, yet smart enough to make it seem like youve made an effort. Better yet? Theyre budget friendly enough to buy a pair in every colour you fancy.

The PUMA California Sneakers come in a huge range of colours, including off-white, silver and black, and work perfectly as your new weekday sneaker from the Monday morning commute to the Friday evening spontaneous drinks. Laidback style fuses with a hint of 90s chic to create a trainer appreciated for its popularity as well as its comfort levels. Cute and stylish, theyre a win-win pair for anyone looking for budget-friendly sneakers.

Best for: Being your fashion fallback on any occasion.

Nike Phantom React: Best Womens Sneakers For Running

The best running sneakers make exercise a breeze. Those personal best 5Ks, spontaneous treadmill sessions at the gym and Saturday morning meet-ups with your most energetic of friends all suddenly become something to look forward to with the addition of a great pair of running trainers. Nikes Epic Phantom React Flyknit sneakers are the pair to help you achieve just that.

Even if youre not typically someone who sets an alarm for a 6am coffee and gym session, youll second guess those morning sleep-ins once your new pair of Nike trainers are tempting you with their bounce and breeziness. A lace free, slip on design makes getting ready for a run an almost invisibly quick process and a sleek black colourway emerges effortlessly with the rest of your workout wardrobe.

Best for: Counteracting those scary 6am alarms.

The Best White Sneakers For Women

One of my absolute must-have wardrobe staples is a classic pair of white sneakers. I love styling them with jeans, summery dresses, shorts, jumpsuits, and loungewearthey pretty much go with everything. Plus, theyre the ideal travel shoe to pack for trips that require a lot of walking.

But finding the perfect white sneaker is no easy task

Some feel too childish others make your feet look too big and worst of allsome are downright uncomfortable.

Below, youll find a selection of the best white sneakers for womensome of these I personally own and others are styles that have high ratings or were recommended by friends.

p.s. If youre into chunky white sneakers, we have an entire post dedicated to our favorites!

Axel Arigato Clean : Best Overall Sneakers For Women

Practical and stylish, cosy and comfortable, unique and versatile enough to not need an extra 10 minutes of thinking time when outfit pairing. In short: Axel Arigato sneakers. Take it one step further and youll find a pair that promise to do all of the above and maybe even a little more. The pair in question?

Axel Arigatos Clean 90. Clean by name and clean by nature, these are the sneakers youll simultaneously want to admire in your wardrobe and also wear on every occasion possible. The shoes that will make you dig a little deeper into the world of leather repairs, cleaning materials and whitening creams. Fresh and understated, these trainers confidently walk into the world of luxe footwear without much competition at all. Buy them and get used to seeing the same minimalistic silhouette in all of your photos from now on.

Best for: Polished minimalism on a daily basis.

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