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Comfy White Sneakers For Walking

The Best White Sneakers For Womens Travel

Most Comfortable White Sneakers

A common myth is that one cannot wear white sneakers while traveling for fear of being recognized as a tourist. The truth is, whether you wear white sneakers or not, you probably will be snuffed out as a tourist anyway but Europeans, North Americans, South Americans, etc. all wear white sneakers to go out about their day, so that really isnt the true indicator. White sneakers are the ultimate travel shoes a critical item that should absolutely be packed in your suitcase or worn on the plane. Heres why:

  • Sneakers provide proper arch support while walking 28,000 steps a day exploring a new city
  • White sneakers match with all of your outfits so you dont need to bring multiple pairs of shoes that will inevitably weigh your suitcase down
  • White sneakers are incredibly versatile. You can wear them with a sundress, trousers, or with black jeans and a leather jacket.

So which of these comfy white sneakers are the best for womens travel? Lets go through all of the top options to find you your perfect fit! Invest in your feet and choose a pair of these comfortable walking shoes to make your trip experience that much more enjoyable.

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P.S. Make sure you purchase a pair of these travel shoe bags before you travel! Youll keep the dirty bottoms of your shoe soles away from your clothing and accessories in the suitcase.

How To Find The Best White Sneakers

To find the best white sneakers worth investing in, you have to consider your personal style and needs. While a simply stunning pair of white leather sneakers are a classic choice for everyday fits, men with an active lifestyle might want to consider a sneakers foot support and breathability. And if your wardrobe leans more towards timeless menswear over streetwear, minimalist designs would be more beneficial to your footwear arsenal over athletic-leaning styles. Crisp white sneakers can be difficult to keep clean on a regular basis, so if youre not the kind of guy who handles his sneaker with care, an off-white shade with a gum sole will wear in well over time.

And speaking of fresh white kicks, what happens when your new white sneakers get scuffed and dirty from your everyday adventures? If youre sporting a pair of casual Converse or Vans shoes, embrace the marks for a lived-in look that provides a touch of cool factor to your weekend wardrobe. But if youre going to attend a more formal occasion or an important meeting, its best to keep them squeaky clean.

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Best For Work: Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers

What We Love: Our favorite aspect of these sneakers is the design the clean lines and fabrication make them feel as luxe as a pair of work appropriate leather loafers.

What We Don’t Love: Our biggest complaint is the sizing, as the brand doesn’t carry half sizes and the size range isn’t as expansive as we’d like.

When wearing sneakers to work, you want to look for a pair that has clean lines and is made of a more luxe fabrication, such as leather. These white sneakers from Common Projects are our top pick for this category because they meet those requirements and so much more. In addition to being like a loafer’s chic sneaker counterpart, they are incredibly comfy a vital detail for a shoe you plan to wear for over eight hours and have a versatile design that pairs well with anything from a tailored powersuit to a pair of trousers and blouse to a midi dress and cardigan.

The sneakers’ one downfall is its sizing. They fit true to size, however, the size range isn’t as inclusive as we like to see, plus they aren’t available in half sizes, which can be problematic for some.

Material: Leather | Fit: True to size | Size Range: 34-39

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Tips For Buying White Sneakers For Travel

Look for easy-to-clean materials

According to shoe collector ââAJ Silberman-Moffit, who owns over 50 pairs of sneakers, canvas is a great option if you want a pair that’ll stay white for a long time. OxiClean can help revive the white color while a magic eraser can also work to spot-clean the tops when necessary.

Leather and vegan leather are equally easy to clean and maintain. “I prefer wearing leather or vegan leather sneakers,” adds Silberman-Moffit. “These materials wipe clean with either a damp paper towel or a traditional cotton towel. I have also used baby wipes and similar wipes to easily clean dirt and debris. I purchased leather cleaner and moisturizer, and I use these on my sneakers regularly to keep them in great shape.”

Prioritize comfort

Sneakers with arch support are the most comfortable, especially when traveling. “Many of the sneakers in my collection are from Adidas,” says Silberman-Moffitt. “The arch support in these is stable enough to make wearing them comfortable to walk in all day. At the same time, they have a classic look that never goes out of style.”

Opt for versatility

“For females, plain white sneakers can be dressed up with nice slacks or a summer dress or dressed down with shorts or capris,” says Silberman-Moffitt. “For men, a classic white sneaker free from patterns or accent colors is equally versatile and can make packing just one pair of shoes for an entire trip much more manageable.”

Rothy’s The Lace Up Sneaker : Buy Sooneeya White Sneakers Women Comfortable ...

Rothy’s first lace-up sneaker is a new favorite when it comes to basic white sneaks. Like all Rothy’s products, they’re made entirely out of recycled materials and are 3D knit to reduce waste during production. They’re also comfortable right out of the box, with no break-in time needed and a cushy padding that hits the back of your ankle, so whether you wear them with or without socks, they won’t cause blisters. Another perk: They can be thrown in the wash, which means the bright white color will stay just that. Plus, the textured look makes them stand out from the other half dozen white sneakers in our closet.

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The Best White Sneakers For Women

One of my absolute must-have wardrobe staples is a classic pair of white sneakers. I love styling them with jeans, summery dresses, shorts, jumpsuits, and loungewearthey pretty much go with everything. Plus, theyre the ideal travel shoe to pack for trips that require a lot of walking.

But finding the perfect white sneaker is no easy task

Some feel too childish others make your feet look too big and worst of allsome are downright uncomfortable.

Below, youll find a selection of the best white sneakers for womensome of these I personally own and others are styles that have high ratings or were recommended by friends.

p.s. If youre into chunky white sneakers, we have an entire post dedicated to our favorites!

Best High Top: Alexander Mcqueen Tread Slick High Top Sneaker

What We Love: Style-wise, we love how these high-tops have a boot-like feel.

What We Don’t Love: We don’t love the price point. While they are a designer sneaker and our top choice compared to other high-tops, they are quite an investment.

These Alexander McQueen shoes are like combat boots trapped in a high-top sneaker’s body and we are here for it. We believe that high-top sneakers are a great way to make a statement and lean into your personal style a little more and, although they are all white, these designer sneakers don a lot of flair with their trendy chunky platform sole and boot-like feel.

With all that said, the price point is definitely on the higher end. While we don’t love that, we do love that Nordstrom has a stellar return policy, so if you don’t love them as much as we do, you can return them up to 45 days after your order date.

Material: Leather | Fit: True to size | Size Range: 5-11

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Most Comfortable Stylish Shoes For Summer Sightseeing: Vionic Kirra

Finding comfortable stylish walking shoes can be an impossible task especially when travelings involved and youll be spending countless hours sightseeing non-stop. The Vionic Kirra is the ideal balance between form, function, and fashion.

Not only is this timeless leather sandal easy to wear with any summer outfit, but Vionic shoes are famous for their podiatrist-design footbeds making them perfect for women with high arches or feet that require extra support.

They also have the seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association and are available in over 10 colors and sizes 5-11 in both regular and wide widths. Our readers love these shoes!

Madewell Kickoff Trainer Sneakers $98

Top 10 Most COMFORTABLE Sneakers of 2022

As one of our personal favorites we stroll around in IRL, Madewells Kickoff Trainer Sneakers are of exceptional quality which, is unsurprising, given the brand has a well-received Sneaker Shop.

If completely white sneakers arent your jam, these are neutral enough to pair with everything, even some of Madewells bestselling dresses we adore.

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Allbirds Natural White Wool Runners

They arent called the worlds most comfortable shoes for nothing. Allbirds has achieved cult status among travelers for designing sustainable shoes youll never want to take off. Not only are they incredibly lightweight, their super-fine, odor-resistant merino wool material is as breathable as it is cozy, allowing you to wear them without socks . Youll be just as comfortable wearing them around the house as youll be meandering around Rome.

Stylish Shoes For Travelers That Dont Need Arch Support: Superga Sneakers

Superga tops our list for comfy and cute walking shoes, and the readers agree. Stylish, comfortable walking sneakers that look like a traditional lace-up sneaker may be a bit more difficult to come across, but luckily the Italian brand Superga makes it easy for us with its classic 2750 Cotu sneaker, among their other styles.

These simple shoes are fantastic essentials to bring along with you on your adventures, but theyre best for women who do not have any foot issues or require arch support. Read the complete Superga Sneakers review!

As the name states, the Cotu Classic sneaker is a timeless piece thatll stay in style for seasons. It has a clean and simple silhouette that can be incorporated into most casual outfits, along with a vulcanized rubber sole for added support. Lace up a pair for your next trip!

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Sam Edelman Ethyl Sneaker

Sam Edelman does everything right when it comes to shoes. They are, by far, my favorite shoe brand mainly because their flat sandals are perfection. Seriously, if you need a pair for the summer, the soles on those sandals are soft and cushiony and will just fit your feet very well. Luckily, Sam Edelman also makes a low top white sneaker that is probably the most visually appealing of all the sneakers on this list. The shoe looks so cute with dresses and midi skirts!

Compare prices on | Nordstrom | Zappos |Sam Edelman

Converse Chuck Taylor All


Havent we all owned a pair of Chuck Taylors at some point? This Converse classic hasnt changed much looks wise since it was released back during the 1920sthe ultimate testament to an enduring design that got it right the first time. Slip them on with your favorite pair of jeans and a loose-fitting tee and go.

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Cute & Comfy White Sneakers For Every Budget

This page may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon and Rewardstyle affiliate, we may earn a small commission for any purchases made through these links. Click here for the disclosure statement.

I like to joke with my boyfriend that when we both wear white shoes were the Clean Shoe Crew. Theres something striking and refreshing about white sneaks because they are so bright and clean. Some people like white shoes because their legs look tanner in contrast.

Others like keeping shoes clean, and honestly, white shoes are just a vibe. If you dont already have a pair of comfy white sneakers in your arsenal for the summer, its time to join the crew.

What Are The Best Womens Shoes For Travel In Europe

A reader asks: We just moved to Sicily for the next three years. We are looking to travel extensively during that time all over Europe. Of course, that requires good shoes for walking all day. Are there any stylish but comfortable shoes that are not sneakers and will not kill my feet? I am prone to blisters, and my feet hate me when there is no support in my shoes.

Finding stylish walking shoes for Europe used to be an almost impossible task. However, in recent years, comfort footwear brands have stepped up their game, and they finally are creating womens travel shoes that look as good as they feel. These are the shoes I packed for my summer trip.

From comfortable flats to gladiator walking sandals, cute sneakers to waterproof ankle booties, and even dressy walking shoes such as wedges, women finally can breathe a sigh of relief at the idea of finding a balance between form, function, and fashion.

Fashionable walking shoes have arrived, and theyre getting better every day!

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Balenciaga Phantom Sneaker $795

Oh, Balenciaga. Its Phantom Sneaker is all the rage, giving you an effortlessly stylish feel because, well, lets face it these are stylish to its core.

Though $795 may be steep for a pair of trusty whites, the Phantom doesnt disappoint. The pair is leather-free, Italian-made and simple to care for a light clean with a cloth will do.

New Balance Fuelcore Nergize V1 Sneaker $65

TOP 10 MOST COMFORTABLE Sneakers For Summer / Vacation 2022!

Were big fans of New Balance, especially for the brands popular sneakers. Notably, its FuelCore Nergize V1s offer a cushiony midsole and underfoot comfort thats specially designed for all-day wear.

Be sure to note that the brand recommends sizing half a size up, when compared to your traditional New Balance shoe, for this specific pair.

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Best Summer Shoes For Vacation: Aerosoles Conchlusion

Aerosoles has been a long-time favorite for Travel Fashion Girl, offering a variety of comfortable flats for walking that are just as cute as they are comfortable.

Ranging from chic espadrilles to dressy flats, they allow travelers to incorporate stylish footwear into their capsule wardrobe without having to worry about sore feet. Aerosoles have so many options to choose from including the best-seller Conchlusion gladiator sandal, shown above.

Its a cute walking shoe for travel thats perfect for hot summer days and sightseeing in style. The strappy design keeps it feminine, while the adjustable ankle strap allows for a secure fit.

It has light arch support, a cushioned soft footbed, rubber soles, and is available in classic, neutral colors. In addition to the perfectly neutral Tan Snake color shown in the above image, readers absolutely love the Tan Combo color.

Adidas Superstar And Stan Smith

The Superstars and Stan Smiths are the classic Adidas shoes. These white sneakers have more or less retained their original silhouette for years and years which makes sense because they are the ones everybody knows and loves. And, they match with everything in our travel capsule wardrobe including sundresses! Some recommend a half size smaller than your usual shoe size, so be sure to check out the size guide for some clarification. If you want to purchase an all-white shoe in womens sizes, you will want to get the Adidas Superstar shoes or the Stan Smith direct on the Adidas website. You would need to get the Stan Smith all-white shoe in a mens size on the other sites.

Compare prices on | Nordstrom | Zappos | Adidas

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Most Comfortable Walking Shoes For Women That Like Ballet Flats: Skechers Microburst

Skechers is known for creating comfortable walking shoes, and the Microburst One Up Flat is a dressier version of them. Our readers are raving about them!

One reader says, I just got this style from Skechers and love them. I usually average seven to nine miles a day of walking while traveling, and the comfort and padding in these are fantastic. Plus, they look great with leggings and jeans.

Our readers have worn them to travel all over Europe, stating that they are a super comfy all-day walking shoe and even look cute with shorts, dresses, and skirts. Readers agree: Theyre like walking on clouds.

This particular style of flat walking shoes comes in several neutral colors, as well as a cute multi-color option with black or white for the base.

Besides being super comfy walking shoes for travel, Skechers are easy to keep clean, too. One reader says, Just wore my Sketchers for three days of all-day walking in Los Angeles, including Disneyland. When they get dirty, I just toss them in the washer.

What Walking Shoes Do Podiatrists Recommend

barefoot life white sport running woman and man, outdoor walking ...

When starting your walking shoe shopping journey, Perkins advises you start by looking at the cushioning a shoe offers. Cushioning is a vital element in most waking shoes, since this is what helps with shock absorption as the foot impacts the ground, she says.

By the way, you shouldnt have to break in a new pair of shoes . One of the things I always tell my patients is that shoes should fit and feel comfortable as soon as you put them on, says podiatric surgery specialist James Stavosky, DPM. So, don’t settle for anything less than love at first…fit, and don’t wait for uncomfortable shoes to eventually feel better on your sore feet.

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