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What Does Deadstock Mean Sneakers

What Does Dead Stock Mean In E

What Does DEADSTOCK Actually Mean??

In e-commerce, dead stock refers to products that are no longer available for sale. This can happen when a product is discontinued or goes out of stock and is not replenished.


Dead stock can also refer to seasonal items that are no longer available for purchase. E-commerce businesses must carefully manage their inventory to avoid having too much dead stock.

With the definition of dead stock and the idea of scarcity, we can see how something being deadstock can be something of value.

What Does Deadstock Mean

Sneaker slang is something that takes a little time to get used to, and can often get very confusing. And, more often than not, your journey will begin on resale markets like Facebook groups, or maybe even on eBay. This is where youll find all kinds of sneaker abbreviations that you do NOT understand. Youve got DS , UNDS , NDS , VNDS , and so much more! Check out this cheat sheet here!

So, what does deadstock mean?

DS sneakers are sneakers that are brand-new, in-box, and NEVER worn! Not even tried on! Sneaker resellers use this term to quickly and easily describe the condition of their sneakers. Of course, in the past, the term DS also meant sneakers that were completely OOS! But, the official definition is in favor of brand-new kicks!

In short, deadstock sneakers mean authentic, new, unworn pairs of sneakers. They come with the original box, original box lid, and the box label with the shoe size. And, if the release includes accessories, they should be included in the package.


But, what does deadstock mean other than just brand-new? We gotta clear all possible confusion on the matter. So, what is deadstock other than just unworn sneakers?

What Does Og Mean In Shoes

OG in shoes means the very first-time original release. This release is wholly opposed to the re-releasing of the same shoes.

Say, for example, if you have watched a movie released for the first time, then that movie is called the OG release or version. But, if a second or return version of that same movie gets released after a couple of times, that is no longer the OG.

The same goes for any certain shoe brands which can release various new and original variants of the shoes. For the Nike brands, they have OG athletic shoes, OG gulf shoes, etc.

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What Is Dead Stock

Dead stock, also known as dead inventory or obsolete inventory, refers to items that arenât expected to sell. Dead stock can negatively affect a businessâs bottom line.

Donât confuse âdead stockâ with âdeadstock,â a niche term used by some consumers, such as sneaker enthusiasts. Deadstock usually refers to discontinued lines of unworn sneakers, or vintage items like clothing and fabric that are no longer available on the market but still have their original tags. Unlike dead stock, deadstock items often sell at a premium price.

What Is Family Sizing

What Is a Deadstock Sneaker?

Now that you know what is meant by a full sizerun, you can think about what is meant by the term “family sizing”.

This term from the world of sneakers also refers to the quantity of a release. As with the Full Sizerun, a certain pair drops in every size. With a Family Sizing release, however, the whole thing is kicked up a notch!

When a pair is announced in Family Sizing, the shoes are produced and sold in every size imaginable, from very small to very large . A good example of this type of release is the various adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 models.

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Can You Sell Used Shoes On Stockx

StockX is a sneaker online marketplace, where collectors and enthusiasts buy and sell sneakers. This platform allows buyers to find out information about the shoes they are interested in , as well as the price at which others are selling them. Sellers can also find out if their products have sold or not on StockX, so they wont be left stranded with unsold inventory that nobody wants to buy.

What Does Ds Mean In Shoes

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Shoes not only help by meeting our basic requirements but also provide us with many economic opportunities.

That is to say there are numerous large trade centers, industries, and private business opportunities created thanks to the shoes.

For various necessary purposes and such commercial activities, these shoes come in different coding and symbols. One such common question related to these codes is, what does DS mean in shoes?

DS in shoes refers to Deadstock, which further represents the brand new pair of perfectly labeled and box-lidded shoes. These types of shoes are reallevel retail selling shoes that are mainly seen for branded footwear.

In this workwear adviser guide Well discuss the following:

  • Does deadstock mean fake?
  • What is DS size in shoes?
  • What Does OG Mean in Shoes?
  • What Does H/O Mean in Shoes?
  • What Does BIN Mean in Shoes?
  • FAQs

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The Evolution Of Deadstock Meaning

I think it should still be used to describe shoes that were discovered as new old stock, Leaventon says. But It seems like its been made into one word thats now used to describe product thats unworn. Could be vintage or not. Could also be a hot-selling shoe thats being resold at a consignment shop. So while it may be unworn, its notand never really wasdead stock. So now its used more as a way to describe the condition of the product than how and where the come up happened.

It seems unlikely that the genie can be shoved back in the bottle at this late date. To mix metaphors, the horse has left the barn, and the barn has been burned down. Dead stock is now deadstock, never to return. Some OGs, like Dante Ross, refuse to use the term at all: I honestly never liked the whole idea, he says. It goes against the principles of being a sneakerhead from my generation. Others, like MC Serch, have chosen to redefine the term themselves: hen you are talking about originals, he says, fresh-in-the-box, never-been-worn jawns that are so unique that a sneaker brand would never retro them.

What Is A Full Sizerun

What Does Deadstock / VNDS actually mean?

In the following, we will now look at a few terms that you come across almost daily in new releases, private purchases or on the websites of the various brands. We start with the term “full sizerun”.

These two words can be found very often on social media posts from retail shops. For example, if a sneaker is released brand new and advertised with the words “Full Sizerun”, this means that all sizes are available for this release.

So the new Jordan 1 release is available in every size listed on the size chart of the Jordan Brand. For example, the Air Jordan 1 High OG ‘Prototype’ is releasing on Thursday, 30 September 2021 in a Full Sizerun at Nike.

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What Causes Dead Stock And How To Avoid

While poor inventory management practices often lead to dead stock, itâs important to note that any business can find itself with shelves of unwanted goods. Itâs not always possible to predict trends in demand, and unexpected economic factors can take a toll on consumer spending.

Here are seven common reasons companies end up with dead stock:

  • Inaccurate forecasting. Forecasting canât always be perfect. Flawed data, unrealistic expectations or factors beyond the companyâs control can cause inaccurate forecasting, where businesses incorrectly predict demand and order too much inventory. It happens to all retailers from time to time.

    How to avoid: Companies can use a variety of strategies to improve forecasting accuracy, including analyzing order history to get a better idea of demand, incorporating data about economic conditions and tracking competitorsâ activities. Inventory management software that uses machine learning to identify patterns in data can help improve forecasting.

  • Inconsistent ordering practices. Whether buying items at the wrong time â when demand is low â or ordering too many at once, a company can find itself stuck with excess inventory.

    How to avoid: One way to avoid the problem of inconsistent purchasing is by regularly tracking any of the 30-plus inventory management KPIs that are relevant to your business, to help ensure the company orders the right amount to replenish inventory at the right time. Important KPIs include:

  • What Does Dead Stock Mean To Retailers

    Inventory Reduction Techniques

    • Clearance sales. Simple methods are often the best.
    • Clearance bundling. Items that simply dont move on their own may be bundled as accessories to others.
    • Buyback. Items that dont sell in your store but are still hot in other markets may be sold back to the distributor in many cases.
    • Charitable donations.

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    Where Can You Get Deadstock Sneakers

    These shoes are the most challenging and highly coveted after. Even more so if it has some hype and low supply. If you are able to cop rare sneakers like Travis Scott collaborations, then you are able to make a pretty high-profit margin when you resell. Multiplying your pairs multiplies your profits.

    Deadstock can be purchased directly through online stores or select retailers who receive a direct supply. However, even at local retail stores, you run the risk of buying a sneaker that has been tried on and returned. Many people will stand in-store lines for hours waiting for doors to open. You can also find online raffles.

    Most deadstock sneakers will come directly from the brands website. Hyped deadstock sneakers are almost impossible to get unless you have some sort of sneaker bot. There are some deadstock sneakers that will sell out it under a minute of its release.

    How To Find Deadstock Shoes

    What Is a Deadstock Sneaker?

    There are a few ways to find deadstock shoes. One way is to visit specialty stores that sell deadstock sneakers. These stores typically have a limited selection of deadstock shoes, so it can be difficult to find the exact pair you want.

    Another way to find deadstock shoes is to search online. There are many websites that sell deadstock shoes, and you can often find a wider selection of shoes online. Prices for deadstock shoes can vary depending on the retailer, but they typically range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

    There are a few places you can purchase deadstock sneakers.

    • Some reselling platforms will sell deadstock sneakers directly from their stores like StockX is only selling deadstock
    • Another option is to find reselling platforms on eBay or Craigslist.
    • Finally, some sneaker brands release limited editions of their sneakers only available through select retailers.

    In order to snag a pair, you may need to be prepared to jump on the bandwagon early!

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    Where Did Deadstock Come From

    I first heard the term deadstock when the eBay phenomena started, says Bobbito Garcia, sneaker connoisseur and author of Whered You Get Those?I thought it was corny, to be honest. I surmise that resellers were trying to describe unavailable sneaker models that had been purchased on bargain tables, or ones that had been dug out of dusty basements at old shops, or ones that people had owned but never had worn. Thing is, for my generation and our small community of forward thinking sneaker heads, we had never looked at those shoes as dead. If anything, those were the livest joints you could cop!

    As the eBay revolution took off, the use of the term deadstock expanded to mean any new shoe, no matter how it was acquired or how old it was. Whether an Air Jordan 1 was from 1985 or 2001, a still-unworn pair was sold as deadstock,DS, or, most likely, DEADSTOCK. This re-defining didnt necessarily sit well with those whose sneaker life predated the term.

    What Is Ds Size In Shoes

    DS or deadstock size in shoes refers to such sizing, which is quite rare for most people. That is to say, too small and away from larger sizes available in the market are two kinds of DS shoe sizes that the shopkeepers want to avoid.

    This is because people with such kind of appearance do not fall under the average population. As a result, the shoe demands of those sizing are also below average. It results in dead stock of those shoes in the retailers storage for months after months.

    We have mentioned above the lack of interest of the shopkeepers to keep those DS sizing shoes in their collection. And, one of the main reasons behind this is their loss in business due to cash flow management and lack of spacings.

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    What Is A Deadstock Shoe

    Best Answer

    Kristen Arnold | Answered March 2, 2021

    When looking to resell your first sneaker you will notice that online platforms like only accept deadstock sneakers. So it made me wonder, what does deadstock mean? I have learned that deadstock means a sneaker or clothing has never been tried on by someone and still has is its tags.

    What is a deadstock shoe?

    New With Original Box

    What does DEADSTOCK mean?

    Some websites will sell sneakers described as new with the original box. This means that they could be deadstock but dont have any clear indications of being used. They also come along with the original box and packaging. These sneakers must still have the tags on them as well.

    These types of sneakers can be found at clearance outlets and factories on the inside isles. Typically these sneakers have been tried on and returned. However, even though they have been tried on, there arent any clear signs of usage. This doesnt mean that they havent been worn quite a few times.

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    Risks Of Deadstock Sneakers

    There are a few risks associated with buying deadstock sneakers.

    • The first risk is that the sneakers may not be authentic. Since they are no longer being produced, it can be difficult to determine whether or not the sneakers are real.
    • Another risk is that the sneakers may be damaged or defective. Because they have never been worn, there is a greater chance that something may be wrong with them.
    • Finally, the most significant risk is that the sneakers may sell out quickly and become impossible to find. This has happened with a number of popular sneaker models in the past, so its important to do your research before buying.

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    How To Wrap Shoes Without A Box

    What Do Deadstock Shoes Mean

    There is actually nothing special about deadstock. It is simply a word that lots of sneakerheads want to emphasize that it is brand-new and fresh-box. Many people assume that including all of the original packaging will be involved in this description. The inclusion might be special-edition accessories, alternative shoelaces, or even initial stickers.

    In fact, the word deadstock primarily had a completely different meaning than what is widely used today. In the beginning, the term deadstock was used by retailers instead of resellers. It meant new but unsold stock. In a nutshell, it was dead stock or dead inventory that couldnt be sold.

    After that, deadstock was used within the sneaker industry to describe new second-hand stock and items that were released a little while ago but were still kept in the original box. Today, however, the word deadstock is commonly used when selling newly released sneakers and can still sometimes be sold online or in stores.

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    How Can I Tell If A Shoe Is Deadstock

    Unfortunately, there is no 100% way to tell if a shoe is deadstock because you often have to go by the word of the seller.

    Even the biggest online retailers of streetwear have been accused of selling fakes, so who can you trust?

    Heres a few things that you can do to do your own self-check. There are a few ways to tell if a shoe is deadstock.

  • First, check the condition of the shoe. If it looks brand new and has never been worn, its likely deadstock.
  • Second, look for the original box. Deadstock shoes will usually come in their original boxes, which will be in good condition.
  • Third, check the style number on the shoe.
  • You can usually find this on the tongue of the shoe or on the inside of the heel.

    What Does Deadstock Mean In Sneakers

    When Dead Stock means DEAD ð¤ : Sneakers

    If youre a sneakers fan, youve probably heard the term deadstock but what does deadstock mean in sneakers?

    Deadstock sneakers have never been worn. They may have been produced in limited quantities and/or were exclusive to certain retailers, but for whatever reason, they never made it onto the feet of consumers. As a result, these sneakers are considered highly collectible and can often sell for much more than their original retail price.

    Learn more about deadstock sneakers and how to spot them in this informative blog post.

    Here is the editors choice of deadstock Nike Mens Free Rn 2018 Running Shoe.

  • How much do deadstock shoes cost?
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    How To Find Deadstock Sneakers

    If youre interested in purchasing deadstock sneakers, there are a few ways to find them. One way is to check with your local sneaker stores. Some stores may occasionally have deadstock shoes for sale.

    You can also check online retailers and auction sites like eBay and StockX. Finally, you can try contacting the shoe manufacturers directly. They may have a list of authorized retailers who sell deadstock shoes.


    Now that you know what deadstock means in relation to shoes, you can start your search for the perfect pair! With a little effort, youre sure to find the rare and unique shoes youre looking for.

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