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Is Flight Club Sneakers Legit

How To Ship Items


As a client, it is essential to note that the delivery and processing speeds vary depending on the bulk of your purchase and your geographical location, including pricing options. The cheapest options will typically take seven to nine business days before reaching the clients. Sneakers or apparel tagged as Fastest to you will be shipped out on the same day, and clients will receive it after one to four days.

It is also important to note that once Flight Club ships your purchase, clients will receive email information that includes tracking information so they can check where their parcels are in the delivery process.

Is It True That Flight Club Sells Imitation Sneakers

Unlike some other sites, there are no fakes on Flight Club. It’s worth noting that Flight Club is known for not selling fakes and takes pride in its reputation. Perhaps it is worth the extra expense. According to the company, the verification process for establishing 100 percent genuine shoes has been improved.

Is Yeezycom A Scam

Many unhappy clients, as well as news stories, claim that Yeezy Supply is a scam. Hundreds of dissatisfied customers have flooded this online store’s Facebook page with complaints that the Better Business Bureau was forced to investigate and stop. Do not buy from Yeezy Supply if you came here for a quick conclusion.

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Is Flight Club Real Or Fake

Flight Club has a consumer rating of 1.66 stars from 152 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Flight Club most frequently mention customer service, wrong size and fake shoes problems. Flight Club ranks 54th among Athletic Shoes sites.

Is Flight Club A Scam

Nike Air Zoom Flight Club

So, is Flight Club a scam or not? I would say that they are not a scam, it is actually a great business idea that they have realized in the sneaker niche. How they can see whether or not a sneaker is 100% real or fake I have no idea about though.

Keep in mind that they do NOT offer any refund, so once you have bought a product there is no going back.

Here are the exact words of their terms and conditions page:

Since the majority of products we carry are provided on consignment from independent sellers, all sales with us are final. No refunds or exchanges will be permitted. If you are concerned about sizing for a particular style of shoe, please feel free to email us before your purchase. We will gladly provide you with the best information possible, but please note that comfort preferences vary for each person.

To read all of their terms and conditions

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Kickscrew Real Or Fake

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the authenticity of Kickscrew products , but why this doubt?

In addition to the fact that the store is from the city of HONG KONG which already generates a certain prejudice, they decided to add a label / seal similar to the OFF WHITE brand to the products authenticated by the store:

But beyond this peculiar authentication signature the answer is Yes! Kickscrew products are authentic!

See the testimonials of some Sneakerheads and Youtubers about KICKSCREW :

See too:

Frequently Asked Questions About Flight Club

some frequently asked questions about the Flight Club store:

Is the Site Reliable?

Yes! the Flight Club store and website is completely trustworthy!

Is Flight Club is Legit ?

The answer is yes ! the Flight Club store is completely legitimate!

Are flight club products authentic?

All products on Flight Clubs official website and physical stores are 100% authentic.

Where to find a flight club store?

Currently, in addition to the official website, it also has 3 physical stores located in: New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Why are Flight Clubs product prices/values high?

The products Flight Club are more expensive because they are consigned stores ie does not have a stock itself.The products available are from resellers who register and deliver their shoes/products to the store to make the sale, with this the store charges a fee / percentage of the sale value.

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Limited Shoes That Should Have Been Sold Out

The person who sent me the mail about Flight Club was concerned with the fact that they had shoes that should have been sold out a long time ago as they are extremely limited. For example the Yeezy Boost sneaker shoes.

How can Flight Club continue to have the shoes in stock, month after month when there is such a high demand for the shoes?

Do they buy them from some really savvy copy maker from China and then claim the shoes to be the real deal or what´s going on?

The question made me think that it might actually be the case, I mean how hard can it be to make exact copies of a shoe and claim it to be the real deal?

On the other hand, what difference does it make if the shoe both looks and feels exactly the same as one that was made in the Adidas store in the first place and not in a secret fabric in China?

Personally, I wouldn´t care what so ever but I promised to make my best answering the question, I took a quick look on the official website of Flight Club and I noticed pretty quickly that:

Flight Club is not only selling, but they are also BUYING shoes.

That means that they can buy shoes from people who bought the real deal in the first place and then sell them to its customers.

The question that I got from my reader when I told him that made me even more confused.

How come the price on some of the REAL shoes such as the Yeezy Boost isnt higher when people sold real ones for a much higher price on eBay a couple of years ago.

What do you think?

Is Flight Club A Genuine Company

Sole Supremacy, Detroit Kicks and Flight Club Review LEGIT!!!!!

The majority of consumers are dissatisfied with their purchases, according to Flight Club’s consumer rating of 1.55 stars from 179 reviews. Customers frequently complain about Flight Club’s customer service, incorrect size, and tracking number issues. Among athletic shoe sites, 123rd is where Flight Club ranks.

Flight club

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Where To Buy Authentic Yeezys Online And Avoid Fakes

Want a pair of Yeezy but don’t know where to buy them and which sellers to trust? Read this detailed guide on how you can get your hands on a pair of original Yeezys from different legit sellers. I also offer useful buying tips and advice in order to avoid being scam.


Known for offering second-hand goods, eBay is one of the best source to find and buy legit Yeezys without the high profit margin from resellers. Here you can buy pre-owned, new with tags , sparingly used or heavily used Yeezys. Just remember one thing, make SURE you are only buying from LEGIT Yeezy sellers on eBay!Here are proven legit Yeezy eBay sellers: vipexclusives, croatianstyle, stripecenter, thecoolshoeshine, 9am6pm, sneakerchamps, pondon, solesupremacysales

Tips for Buying Yeezy from eBay
Online Website Resellers & Marketplace

Another option other than eBay are reseller websites and online marketplace. The upside is, these websites usually authenticate the shoes before putting them on the market so you can be sure you’re buying an authentic one. The downside is, the prices are usually a lot more expensive compare to eBay.

StockX:GOAT:Sole Supremacy:Flight Club:NOTE:Grailed and Reddit below are user submitted marketplace so BE SURE to “legit check” and research before buying!Grailed:Reddit sneakermarket:

Tips for Buying Yeezy from Resellers and Marketplace
Tips for Buying Yeezy from Authorized Sellers
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How To Sign Up To Fight Club

Now that you know all about Fight Club and you are just itching to have your hands on the latest sneaker model, how exactly do you start? Well, here are simple and easy steps for you to follow. Unfortunately, Flight Club does not have an app yet but do not worry! You can grab your laptop and follow the steps below to purchase your sneakers.

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How Can It Function

This is in short where you either purchase shoes or sell shoes.

To sell your shoes it essentially works like this:

  • You bring or send your shoes to Flight Club

  • They assist you with deciding your deal costs, this is finished with sensible market esteems utilizing the experience and broad information.

  • They sell your shoes on the web, and in their New York and Los Angeles stores.

  • You get a check for 80% of the last deal cost once your shoes are sold. The remainder of the cash goes to Flight Club.

  • Review Of Buying Sneakers On Flight Club

    Authentic Jordan Flight Club 91 Gym Red Preschool Kids ...

    As one of the oldest established members in the sneaker resale game, Flight Club, founded in 2005, remains one of the most familiar names and still holds its reputation as one of the greats.

    Newcomers like StockX and GOAT have come on to the scene, both offering fierce competition, so the question stands now perhaps stronger than it has before:

    Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

    Is it worth buying from FlightClub?

    Lets dive in to see if the oldest name in the game is able to hold onto the throne nearly two decades into its creation.

    When someone thinks about the resale aftermarket, Flight Club is one of the first names to come to mind.

    With nearly sneakers currently in inventory, nearly all of which are Jordans and other valuable aftermarket sneakers that go for above retail, its no wonder Flight Club continues to hold this hard-earned reputation.

    What its like to buy from online

    First beginning as way back in 2005, Flight Club has made online shopping a very important part of its business.

    Today more than ever, online shopping is important to the reputation of Flight Club.

    So its not a surprise that many people go to Flight Club when it comes to buying sneakers online.

    Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

    But there is something thats crystal clear when you compare Flight Club to other options: its expensive.

    So, what are you really paying for?


    AfterPay financing

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    Can You Sell Used Shoes On Flight Club

    Moving a new or lightly worn sneaker can be challenging. However, with Flight Club as your ally, youll be equipped with the right tools to move your product and make a fair profit. When you ship your product, you will get paid through either PayPal or bank transfer, depending on which method you prefer. To start selling with Flight Club today, sign up now !

    What Is Flight Club

    If you want a website that can provide you classic Jordan sneakers, the newest Yeezys, the latest Adidas Dri-fit shirts, or jaw-dropping price drops on the latest deals, then Flight Club is definitely the website for you! They are the worlds number one sneaker consignment marketplace located in three strategic locations: New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami.

    If you want to compare Flight Club to other sneaker shopping websites, why not check out our review of StockX?

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    What Is Flight Club About

    Flight Club has been the most trusted source for people looking for limited and rare sneakers since 2005. Today it is considered as the world´s nr 1 sneaker marketplace. They also sell clothes and other accessories.

    It was founded by the entrepreneur Damany Weir.

    They are not only an online store but they got real physical stores in both New York and Los Angeles.

    How To Sell Shoes On Flight Club

    Brand New Unboxing From Flight Club!

    Flight Club provides you with a platform to dispose of your old sneakers and clothes. To sell with Flight Club, go to the websites page of sales and create a submission. Flight club officers will receive your request, review your listing and the authenticity of your product, and list your entry upon verification.

    When your product sells, you can request a bank transfer or a digital payout through PayPal.

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    After Purchasing A Pair Of Shoes

    After purchasing a pair of shoes, I noticed the photo, or image of the final shoe was slightly different than what I ordered. It was essentially a suede version in the same color way, but I was looking for the leather version of the shoe. I immediately brought this to the attention of customer service and while it took a minute to receive a response regarding the matter, their service specialist named Duncan D. came back explaining the error, and assured me that the shoe I purchased was correct upon shipment. While the result was in my favor, I could tell by the response received that Duncan D. really took the time to be thorough, reviewing the images I sent as well as reading my note. Not only that, he was kind and thoughtful in regard to addressing the time it took to respond, which I already expected with the Holiday Season. Attention to detail is a big factor in everything I do, so I greatly appreciate companies, associates and representatives who approach every situation in this manor and treat their customers with respect and of great importance. While in a lot of cases you’d think this is a basic practice, or should be by any company, but sadly it is not, and Flight Club sets a bar that should be modeled after. A++++

    What Do They Specialize In

    The Flight Club website specializes in all of your streetwear designer sneaker needs. From the most classic pairs to the newest and hottest drops, they have it in stock! Aside from sneakers, they also offer apparel, so this site should be your go-to when you want the freshest designer streetwear. To learn more about the products they offer, let us look at the different brands they have on their site.

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    Is Flight Club Legit

    Before StockX , there was Flight Club . Founded by Damany Weir in 2005, Offering a wide range of Nikes, Jordans, Adidas, Yeezys and other coveted brands.

    Flight Club doesnt just sell sneakers but also a variety of different streetwear pieces along with their own wares.

    Unlike stores like Footlocker or Finish Line , Flight Club is a retail store operating under a consignment system where people can sell their wares at the store, and then Flight Club receives a percentage of the final sale in return.

    The Flight Club does not have a stock itself, but consignors, and the products are sold by retail prices that are generally higher than the original retail price .

    In addition to the online store, Flight Club currently has 3 physical stores, namely:

    Are Flight Club Shoes Brand New

    Jordan Flight Club

    From limited editions to unworn vintage sneakers, Flight Club has fresh pairs of your must-haves and your sneaker grails. Today, they welcome thousands of daily customers and ship hundreds of sneakers around the world from its three locations. And theyre always brand new and guaranteed authentic.

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    Is Stockx Real Shoes

    The short answer is yes its 100% legit! With over 1,000 employees, six authentication centres, operating in almost 200 countries, StockX is definitely the real deal, so if youre on the hunt for that sneaker grail, a luxury watch, or even a sought-after collectible, its definitely the first place you should look!

    Here Are The Specific Expressions Of Their Agreements Page:

    Since the majority of products we carry are provided on consignment from independent sellers, all sales with us are final. No refunds or exchanges will be permitted. If you are concerned about sizing for a particular style of shoe, please feel free to email us before your purchase. We will gladly provide you with the best information possible, but please note that comfort preferences vary for each person.

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    Does Stockx Sell Fake

    The team of authenticators at StockX does not disclose how many fakes are discovered, but Einhorn said that StockX now detects “significantly fewer fakes than we previously did, which is owing to our rigorous authentication procedure. StockX had just one authentication center with four distinct authenticators five years ago.

    Does Flight Club Do Size Swaps


    Ryan RobertsFlight Club We dont own the sneakers in our inventory, so we cant do size swaps, unfortunately. If you sell your sneakers with us, you can apply your earnings to a purchase in our store like the 9.5 you need. If youre interested, feel free to register at

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    Does Goat Refund Your Money

    You have 3 days to request a return from the date you receive your GOAT Clean purchases. Once we process your return, we will refund you for the amount you paid, less the shipping costs to and from you. This refund will be issued in the form of GOAT credit to use on future purchases.

    Is Flightclub Shoes Legit

    Flight Club has a consumer rating of 1.57 stars from 122 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Flight Club most frequently mention customer service, wrong size and phone number problems. Flight Club ranks 96th among Athletic Shoes sites.

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    Get Your Dream Kicks At Flight Club

    Getting the best sneakers at reasonable prices is no longer a dream. Flight Club has built a lively and sustainable environment where you can buy and sell the best foot and streetwear without fear of getting scammed. Create a Flight Club account and get started on building your dream sneaker collection today!

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