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Best Mens Sneakers For Plantar Fasciitis

Best Dress Shoes: Clarks Warren Slip

Best Tennis Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis | Tennis Express

While Clarks shoes are not dirt cheap, they are well made and built to last, according to Dr. Peden. They are the shoes I wore for years during my training, he revealed. The brand dates back to 1825 and is still one of the best-selling shoe brands nearly 200 years later. Their popular Emslie Warren style is a heeled bootie, that offers a dressy look with the comfort level of a clog or sneaker. Basically, you get all the benefits of a comfortable shoe without sacrificing style. It features the brands trademark Cushion Soft foam comfort footbed, offering ample support, as well as a durable TR rubber traction outsole to keep you from slipping. It is available in a few color options as well as whole and half sizes and also different widths, so you can customize it to your foot and desired aesthetic.

If you are looking for a timeless boot that doesnt resemble an orthopedic shoe whatsoever, Dr. Peden suggests Nisolo. I love this brand, he says. Great style well made with ethical practices. An overall good company and Im happy with their shoes. The Chelsea is basically the most comfortable version of that It Girl boot you see in every magazine spread. Available in a nutmeg suede and a smooth leather black and brandy, it is a perfect addition to any of your outfits, ranging from jeans and leggings to skirts and dresses.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a degenerative irritation at the origin of the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that spans from the calcaneus of the foot out toward the bases of the toes. It affects 1% of Americans and 10% of runnersNational Center of Complementary and Integrative Health. Analysis of Data on the Prevalence and Pharmacologic Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis Pain . Accessed 09/25/2021. . Whats more, its the leading cause of chronic heel pain in adults. For the many people affected by plantar fasciitis, it can be challenging to find a pair of shoes that provide some relief.

The plantar fascia plays an important role in how you walk, providing arch support throughout the length of the foot while also helping with shock absorption. Repeated stress or overload to this tissue can lead to inflammation at one of its attachment points. The most common site of plantar fasciitis pain is at the heel bone. Pain is usually worse with barefoot walking , walking in flat-soled shoes and with increased activity.

Shoes To Avoid If You Have Plantar Fasciitis

When you have plantar fasciitis, not just any shoe will do. You want something that will cushion your foot to best protect your injury and promote healing.

Avoid low drop shoes. Tightness in the calves and stiff ankles results in feet pronating more to compensate and this puts more strain through the plantar fascia. A higher drop will often reduce some stress through the plantar fascia. Find a shoe that matches your foot type.

Peter Charles

Minimalist shoes are considered low drop shoes since they have a very low heel-to-toe angle, or sometimes none at all.

  • Minimalist shoes. This includes flip flops, ballet flats, boat shoes, and barefoot shoes. These types offer minimal stability, cushioning, and arch support, which puts extra stress on your plantar fascia and heel bone.
  • High heels. These force your foot into an unnatural position which can cause long-term damage.
  • Platform and wedge-style shoes. These have a rigid footbed that doesnt provide cushioning and can affect the way you walk.
  • Improperly fitted shoes. Shoes that arent the right size can cause more damage than aid, especially if theyre too tight. This includes shoes with incorrect arch support.
  • Worn-out shoes. Shoes tend to act their age- as they get older they wear down and lose their support. Even if a pair of sneakers doesnt look worn out they may be past their prime after about 250-300 miles of wear.

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Merrell Mqm Flex 2 Gore

If you’re looking for a shoe that is appropriate for trail walking or hiking, the Merrell MQM Flex 2 GORE-TEX is a good option. The waterproof shoe was designed with shock absorption, dual-directional flex grooves in the midsole to give you a better grip on the ground and a removable insole that has flexible support.

These qualities make it a functional shoe that can be used for any of your outdoor adventures. Reviewers say the shoe is comfortable, stays dry and can handle high mileage on uneven terrain. It’s even a fan favorite for taller and heavier men because it can support them well.

One reviewer said they tried other popular shoe brands for trail running, and found this shoe to be the best option. He said, “The MQM FLEX2 is a GREAT trail running shoe for the big runners, who want support and stability instead of marshmallow pillow soles under their feet.”

How We Pick The Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Best Men

Foot pain is no joke. It is our mission to help you find the best shoe to alleviate the discomfort of plantar fasciitis.

Equipped with a shoe testing lab, an extensive knowledge base, and a team of dedicated testers, we spend at least 7 hours on every new shoe release. Here is our procedure:

  • To avoid bias, we purchase all running shoes with our own money
  • Log at least 30 miles in each pair
  • Cut it open and measure 30+ different parameters
  • Gather all available feedback from experts and users
  • Summarize it all in an extensive review

Assign each shoe a CoreScore to measure it up against 80+ shoes in its category.

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Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5

These Mizuno running shoes work with a Wave cushioning system to distribute impact away from pressure points in the foot.

Theyre sleek, smooth, and come in lots of cool color options. We think they provide a nice midpoint between the Nikes realistic road feel and the Asics stability features.

The 5th edition of the Wave brings back a little more cushioning to balance out the streamlining and structural features that made the 3rd and 4th editions such mixed bags for our reviewers.



  • Reviewers said they were expensive, and didnt last as long as they had hoped for the price. The mesh upper is the major weak point, and while most reviewers didnt have any complaints, some users found that their toes came through the mesh in just a few weeks.
  • The 5th edition of this shoe is our favorite yet, but it does fit slightly different, especially in the toe. This ones a bit narrower than previous versions.
  • Some reviewers complained that the Mizuno is somewhat heavy. Thats the one downside of the plastic wave feature, which is pretty solid .

Lets Review 10 Best Best Mens Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis :

This shoe is best and great for plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a very common condition that affects many adults, sometimes it can be due to poor shoes, pregnancy, or even obesity, keen sportsmen are more affected by plantar fasciitis. These shoes help you a lot in such conditions, when you are walking and standing this shoe protects your body from any pain.

The material used for the manufacturing of this shoe is synthetic and fabric. And omega verso shocks are also used for the sole and breathable mesh upper fabric. Extra roomy and the depth toe box is also used for diabetes and bunions patients, accommodates removable insoles, or just a little extra wiggle room.


  • This shoe is the best option for the plantar fasciitis
  • For custom orthotic inserts used removable insoles
  • These shoes also available in a few colors and color combination
  • These shoes available in different size


Orthofeet is the best plantar fasciitis shoe as the worlds most comfortable and stylish orthopaedic shoe. You can walk pain-free and comfortably wearing this shoe. Orthofeet orthotic shoes offer the best orthopaedic shoe solution in foot pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and neuropathy, and superior cushioning along with premium orthotic insoles that feature anatomical arch support Lightweight sole with ergonomic design.


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New Balance Womens Wx608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe:

When excellent arch support and padding are discussed, there are only a few pairs of shoes that can beat this training shoe by New Balance. This US-based company brings yet another specimen of their caliber with the Womens WX608v6, and we say this with abundant confidence vested in this brand. Some of the best features of these shoes are the dual-density collar foam that offers both support and cushioning to the wearer, helping to manage debilitating fascia pain.

Most people love the heavily padded comfort and sturdy arch support, along with the plenty of toe room the manufacturer provides to let the toes wiggle. Because of this, not only users with narrow feet but also wide feet can enjoy the craftsmanship of these walking shoes. The upper is made with leather material that allows a longer life to the footwear, making sure that you have enough flexibility to work with at all times. These are undoubtedly some of the features that your walking shoes must-have if you are dealing with foot problems, especially plantar fasciitis.

What we love:

  • Leather upper adds durability and flexibility
  • Comes with an internal shank
  • Ideal for flat and broad feet types

Keep in mind:

  • Not recommended for sensitive feet

Saucony Liberty Iso 2

Brooks Ghost 11 – Best Mens Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis (2020)

The Liberty ISO 2 is a highly cushioned shoe that may give people with plantar fasciitis extra comfort while running. It is suitable for runners with a normal-to-low arch and runners who have mild-to-severe pronation, which is when the foot rolls inward.

An ISOFIT upper provides a responsive fit, and the contoured footbed provides good support from toe to heel. The wider fit of the shoe also gives extra stability.

The company states that its EVERUN topsole helps deliver a more energized run and continuous cushioning. It also notes that the PWRFOAM midsole improves durability.

At the time of publishing, the Liberty ISO 2 has a list price of $160.

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Good Cushioning Helps With Pain Relief

Cushioned running shoes will protect the plantar fascia from tension caused by repetitive impact while running. A reliable running shoe for plantar fasciitis offers excellent shock absorption as the foot strikes to the ground.

At the same time, it is not recommended to wear an overly plush shoe as it may cause instability in the foot and ankle.

Running shoes with balanced or firm cushioning are more suitable in the case of plantar fasciitis.

Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 9

These motion control shoes from Adidas counter pronation and provide strong arch support and stability through the sole.

There are models available for men and women. Theyre the most structured shoe here, and are the best choice for people who have P.F. and lots of pronation and wobble around the ankle.

The 9th edition adds the new Adidas Fit Band, which is designed to have a gentle but snug sock feel around your foot.

Its one of the least restrictive-feeling stability shoes on the market right now, which is why we love it for severe pronators.



  • These arent for off-road use. While the soles are non-slip, reviewers said that these shoes are definitely not suited to unpaved surfaces.

These New Balance shoes are available for men and women. They use low, segmented cushioning to provide the support of a stability shoe without being too clunky or elevated.

New Balance says theyre built for people with moderate to severe overpronation.

We think theyre a comparable shoe to the Brooks, but with a bit more padding for heavier people or runners with fallen arches.

If you have flat feet and still want to run races, these are for you!



  • Some reviewers werent happy with the included insole, and switched it out for a gel or orthotic insole. Its definitely focused on padding rather than corrective arch support.
  • There are only two color options.

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Avoid Minimalist Running Shoes

Minimalist running shoes are not recommended for runners with plantar fasciitis because they have less cushioning with little to no arch support.

Merrell Vapor Glove is one of the most well-known minimalist shoes

Minimalist shoes are bad for both heel and forefoot strikers since there is no enough cushioning to lessen the impact forces.

Asics Gel Nimbus Running Shoe

Best Men

ASICS brings some of the best innovations on the table when it comes to supporting shoes. Due to the immense success and appreciation this brand has achieved over the years, it is safe to say there is hardly a reason to like it! The ASICS Gel Nimbus Running Shoe is among the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis on the market. Runners are often at the highest risk of developing an inflamed fascia, and a pair of shoes like these can be a significant step toward feet health for them.

As a condition, Plantar Fasciitis can make life uncomfortable and painful. This ASICS model flaunts a GEL Technology Cushioning System that works on your inflamed feet and provides adequate support. While the shoes make you feel like youre walking on air, they also make sure to offer you enough sturdiness as you go through the day.

The product also features an IGS Technology that provides your feet with a normal gait cycle or stride, healing your feet. The AHAR or ASICS High Abrasion Rubber outsole provides a lot of grip at the sole of the feet thereby, making it ideal for all kinds of weather. We recommend these shoes for a user who is planning to run more than 15 KM in them.

The reviews and ratings of the product online suggest excellent customer satisfaction, and according to us, these shoes are an overall good deal. Please remember that sizing can come off as a bit of an issue for feet with narrow-width. Otherwise, this is fantastic shoes.

Keep in mind:

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Where To Buy Trusted Plantar Fasciitis Shoe Brands

Come into any one of our stores located in Costa Mesa, Anaheim Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, San Dimas, Long Beach, Temecula, La Quinta, Redlands, and Palm Desert, today and shop our Trusted Plantar Fasciitis Shoe Brands!

At Lucky Feet Shoes, we carry many plantar fasciitis shoes: sandals, heels, walking shoes, running shoes, casual sneakers, clogs, wedges, flats, booties, and boots. Come and visit us today! If you are looking for Trusted Plantar Fasciitis Shoe Brands in Orange County, the Inland Empire, Los Angeles County, Temecula or Riverside we have nine stores to serve you!

What Are The Best Shoes To Wear When You Have Plantar Fasciitis

John Davis

Plantar fasciitis is the bane of many runners existence.

Its the third-most common running injury, accounting for one in every twelve doctor visits for a runner.1

The aching, stabbing pain in your heel that rears its ugly head every morning when you get out of bed is a constant reminder that your body is still injured.

Plantar fasciitis has a nasty reputation for becoming a chronic, long-lasting injury that sticks around for months or even years.

But its not just about what you do while your running shoes are on.

Today we are going to look at things you might be doing in your daily life that explain why your plantar fasciitis is not healing, most importantly focusing on shoes for plantar fasciitis that will help you recover, rather than make it worse.

Before we begin, if you are looking for our plantar fasciitis exercises, you can find it in our treatment for plantar fasciitis article, including a plantar fasciitis home treatment plan.


Lets help you find the best plantar fasciitis running shoes, dress shoes for plantar fasciitis, best work shoes for plantar fasciitis, and even sandals!

Part of the reason plantar fasciitis feels like it never heals is because it isnt just aggravated by running.

Yep, its true:

Plantar fasciitis is common among sedentary people who never run.

It gets worse:

According to one study published in 2005, up to ten percent of the adult population may suffer from plantar fasciitis.2

What does that mean?

Actually, yes.

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Stretches Before Your Walk:

Plantar Fasciitis pain can be debilitating, especially in the morning hours, when you jump right out of bed. To ease into your morning walks, we suggest a couple of stretches below. These stretching exercises will add flexibility and movement into your feet, and reduce chances of injury:

Stretch Calves:

Calf stretches are one of the most natural exercises you can do to relieve the pressure from your feet. Since muscle tightness is one of the biggest culprits in plantar fasciitis pain, doing this stretch can help you loosen your muscles and get you ready for a pleasant walk!

  • Stand one hand distance from a wall and lean against it
  • Keep the affected leg bent from the knee, and push the other leg back.
  • Straighten the back leg knee, keeping the heel of both the feet to the ground.
  • Make sure there is a stretching sensation in the extended leg
  • Hold the stretch for at least 10 to 20 seconds
  • Release and do it on the other side
  • Do this exercise for at least two to three times

Seated Stretches:

Since standing stretches can take a toll on your feet, you can try the below-mentioned seated stretches for your plantar fasciitis. These stretches will help you open up your feet and relieve a lot of pent up pressure:

Does Running Worsen Plantar Fasciitis

Vionic Mens Walker Classic – Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis (2020)

Technically, yes. Running worsen your plantar fasciitis, but it is also one of the most common reasons some people develop foot conditions in the first place. This is if you wear flimsy and worn-out shoes that are unsupportive and hard. If youre looking to run with plantar fasciitis, you can do so if your condition is mild. And, always make it a point to wear running shoes that provide ample cushioning and support.

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