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Arch Support Inserts For Sneakers

Analysis And Test Results

The Big Lie About Flat Feet & Custom Arch Support! (Updated)

Insoles come in all shapes and sizes, with some being geared toward providing more comfort, while others are geared towards providing more support or relief for foot-related pain. While this review can serve as a guideline for what the best insoles are like, if you suffer from foot pain, it should not be a replacement for medical advice from an expert in foot care. If you are not used to arch support, it is recommended that you give your feet time to adjust to your new insoles by wearing them for longer and longer each day before you decide they are not for you.

Some insoles can be ordered in your size, while others are of a “trim-to-fit” variety. Many of the “trim-to-fit” will have sizing guidelines directly on the insole so you can make an accurate cut with your scissors. Others you’ll have to trim yourself, and we suggest taking out the built-in insole of your shoe and tracing it onto your new insoles for precise sizing. You should always remember to take out the built-in insoles of your shoes before using your new insoles.

Each pair of insoles was rated and analyzed according to four different metrics: fit, feel, construction, and cushion. Read on below for our in-depth review of how the 10 insoles we tested measured up in each category.

How Do Insoles Work

Insoles work by encapsulating and guiding the feet to help support healthy biomechanics. They gently and gradually encourage correct alignment of the feet and joints while reducing the strain on muscles and ligaments. Insoles can be designed to support different needs. For example, arch support insoles support the arch of the foot, while sports insoles help provide comfort, shock absorption and injury prevention.

Vionic Brisk Miles Sneakers

Best Everyday Walking Shoes

If you have flat feet and overpronate, the Miles provides you with solid arch support and increased stability, Dr. Sutera says. The orthopedic shoe is equipped with Vionics signature lightweight EVA midsole and advanced motion system, which includes a podiatrist-designed orthotic, cushioned outsole and a breathable upper. Thermoplastic urethane overlays offer stability, so you can move with control with each step. Choose from medium or wide width and four different color options, including white, indigo, gray and black.

What reviewers say: Im a hairdresser and stand on concrete all day long. I get plantar fasciitis, but the first day of wearing these shoes I noticed a huge difference. My heels feel so much better, and today, not even a full week after having, them I can walk around barefoot without having horrible pain.

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How To Choose Shoe Insoles

There are two types of inserts: those that you can purchase over the counter or at the store, and those that you need a custom consultation for, Dr. Bonnie Chien, an orthopedic surgeon at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center specializing in foot and ankle conditions, said.

If you don’t want to break your bank with a custom insert, opting for a store-bought insole might be a more accessible option. There are a few qualities to look out for when purchasing an insole on your own, though.

“You want to look for materials that are semi-resistant, materials that actually provide support,” New York-based podiatrist Ernest L. Isaacson, DPM PC said. “You want something that actually contours the arch and resists bending.”

Isaacson notes that people with a higher arch will “do better with a less-rigid type of insert.” They should also look for an insert that will contour the arch and bring the ground up in essence. On the other hand, those with flat feet might want an insole with a bit more structure.

“Shoe inserts come in many different styles and materials,” Sutera said. “The type that is best varies from one person to another and really does depend on the shoe and activity as well. That being said, in general, I think materials that are semi-rigid or semi-flexible, like graphite with a cushioned topcover made from Poron or EVA are durable, comfortable and give the most support without so much bulk.”

Best For Flat Feet: Profoot Flat Fix Orthotic Insoles

Arch support Insoles for Women Flat Feet Shoes Inserts Cusion Pads 2pcs ...

While Dr. Rimawi’s first choice for flat feet would be a custom orthotic, he also likes this over-the-counter option because it helps control heel pronation and provides arch support. Both are necessary features to help correct flat feet and mitigate pain or soreness from the condition.

These cushioned, shock-absorbing inserts have hundreds of positive reviews. “If you need or use inserts for flat feet these are the absolute best and the only ones that I will ever use,” one customer said.

Price at time of publish: $6

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Arch Support Insoles To Combat Foot Pain

Our FootActive Comfort insoles are the most popular and best-selling arch support insoles, which provide a medium degree of support as the full-length insoles but afford more flexibility as the shorter size can be placed in tapered shoes and sandals for those who need to wear arch supports in warmer months or slender shoes.

FootActive are the foot experts and we design specific arch support insoles to specifically target the most common foot problems. Our medical-grade arch support inserts are designed for many foot conditions, such as Metatarsalgia and Plantar Fasciitis to alleviate pain.

The medical range of arch support insoles UK provides the firmest degree of support, made from high-density EVA and microfibre topper to encourage good foot hygiene. In turn, the Sensi range is the softest arch support insole we manufacture and is designed to specifically help those with sensitive feet or conditions such as diabetes or arthritis. These products were developed to reduce the risk of wound development as issues can be harder to spot with diabetes, due to weakened nerve endings. All our other arch support inserts provide a medium degree of support.

What To Look For In The Best Shoes For Arch Support

Whether you have flat feet, high arches or flexible feet, supportive footwear can help reduce your risk of these foot issues and make walking more comfortable in general.

However, Dr. Splichal says that people who experience foot pain may actually benefit from wearing minimalist shoes because they help strengthen the feet and arches. Sensory stimulation, like rolling your feet with a ball, can help release trigger points and enhance foot grip, improving the overall strength of your feet.

When shopping for arch support shoes for flat feet, Dr. Sutera recommends pairs that offer support and stability from a rigid device to help hold up the arch.

Rigid devices would include insoles, orthotics, arch support and shoe gear that are overall stiffer than their very cushioned and flexible counterparts. The flexibility/rigidity of insoles, orthotics and shoe gear varies, she explains.

Meanwhile, women with high arches looking for arch support can benefit more from choosing shoes with more flexible and cushioned insoles to help absorb shock.

In terms of the level of arch support you require, youre going to have to test out a couple of pairs to figure out the perfect version for you.

Ready to shop? Here are the 15 best arch support shoes for women, including cute shoes with arch support, the best walking shoes for high arches and more.

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What Is Arch Support

Our feet are designed to distribute weight and pressure but sometimes our bodies do not maintain the optimal positions of the foot’s musculoskeletal structures resulting in a collapsed or high arch. Trying to manipulate these structures from underneath the foot is what we think of as arch support. Unfortunately, this has not been shown to be effective in correcting the alignment or position of the foot’s musculoskeletal structures.

Best For Wide Feet: Powerstep Wide Fit Insoles

How to Make Easy Arch Support Insole Socks | HANDMADE | Shoemaking Tutorial

For those with wider feet, Dr. Rimawi recommends these Powerstep insoles. Made with dual-layer cushioned EVA foam and deep heel cups, these wide-fit orthotics add ample arch support and comfort to any shoe. The arch shell stabilizes your arch and heel to prevent stress on feet, ankles, joints, and tendons.

They have more than 1,100 five-star ratings on Amazon and hundreds of positive reviews. “I have very wide feet and as a woman, it can make finding shoes and orthotics difficult,” one customer shared. “As soon as I put on, I knew this was going to be good. Within a few days of wearing them, the pain subsided greatly. I love these!”

Price at time of publish: $34-46

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Dr Scholl’s Running Insoles

Style:Arch support:REASONS TO BUY

The Dr. Scholl’s Running Insoles offer excellent shock absorption and arch support with their triple-zone design. Like the ones from Currex RunPro, these running insoles have padding for the ball of the foot and the heel as well as hard plastic reinforced arch support. The extra padded zones help absorb the shock associated with pounding pavement or trails, and Dr. Scholl’s claims that these insoles reduce shock up to 40%. This reduced shock combined with the thin plastic arch can help relieve pain associated with runner’s injuries like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and runner’s knee.

These insoles slipped easily into our tester’s running shoes, who noticed their stride feeling lighter and easier due to their great shock absorption. But our testers found that these insoles took up valuable real estate in their running shoes, which made them feel snugger than they would prefer. There is also pronounced extra padding directly under the metatarsal, which could be great for someone suffering from metatarsalgia, but since our testers do not, this extra padding just puts unwanted pressure on that part of the foot. Though they may sacrifice some room in your running shoes, these insoles provide great shock absorption and support for a low price.

Try On Inserts Before Purchasing

Trying on your insole before you purchase it is a simple way to ensure youre not wasting time and money when picking out a new arch support insole.

Regardless of the recommendation for buying the device, one needs to try this device on before purchasing, said Kor. Do not purchase these devices online without trying on or having knowledge of the return policy.

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Who Needs Hindfoot Control

Everyone needs their heel to be in a neutral position. If your shoes do not provide adequate control, it will need to be added with insoles. Some will need more specialized insoles such as insoles for dress shoes. If you suffer from flat feet, overpronation, or misalignment, you may find that you need insoles in all of your footwear to find comfort.

1. Hatfield, G.L., Cochrane, C.K., Takacs, J., Krowchuk, N.M., Chang, R., Hinman, R.S. and Hunt, M.A. , Knee and ankle biomechanics with lateral wedges with and without a custom arch support in those with medial knee osteoarthritis and flat feet. J. Orthop. Res., 34: 1597-1605. doi:10.1002/jor.23174

2. Chen, T. H., Chou, L. W., Tsai, M. W., Lo, M. J., & Kao, M. J. . Effectiveness of a heel cup with an arch support insole on the standing balance of the elderly. Clinical interventions in aging, 9, 351356.

Our Guarantee

Best For High Heels: Ball Of Foot Forefoot Cushions

Spencer Unisex Orthotic Insoles Inserts High Arch Replacement Shoe ...

While high heels certainly look great, they’re notorious for being a killer on the feet. Fortunately, there are ways to make them a little more comfortable. Dr. Rimawi says these insoles “offload pressure on the front of the foot to provide symptomatic relief.” Ball of Foot Forefoot Cushions’ medical-grade gel pads sit comfortably at the bottom of your favorite heels to cushion your foot and absorb shock, helping to relieve pain, calluses, and more.

After trying the Ball of Foot Cushions for the first time, a reviewer said, “Instead of pain that made me not even want to wear my favorite shoes, there was this feeling of walking on clouds. It was so soft and cushiony. I then started walking around in them. Not only did that wonderful feeling remain, but I was extremely surprised at how well the cushions stayed in place.”

Price at time of publish: $10

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How To Choose Arch Support Inserts According To Podiatrists

Buying Guide

Looking for extra arch support or cushioning in your shoes? Heres what podiatrists say to keep in mind if youre considering arch support inserts.

A pair of supportive, well-fitting shoes in good condition can go a long way in keeping your feet cushioned and comfortable. But, if you still find yourself wanting an extra level of support, arch support inserts could potentially be a solution. An arch support shoe insole is a device that is designed to help support and cushion feet appropriately to try and minimize overuse foot and ankle conditions, said Many arch support inserts can be purchased over the counter at a pharmacy or running store. However, you can also work with a podiatrist to customize insoles to best fit your feet.These devices are made specific to the patients unique needs and foot structures and can be made of a number of different materials, styles, thicknesses, lengths, etc., explained Alex Kor, D.P.M., M.S.

Heres everything Mendeszoon and Kor say to know about arch support inserts.

If youre considering insoles to help mitigate foot pain or injury, be sure to speak with your doctor first about what might be best for you.

What Do Arch Support Inserts Do?

There are several reasons you may be interested in trying out arch support inserts, including trying to alleviate some sort of discomfort or pain in the foot, ankle or lower leg.

Types of Arch Support Inserts

  • High-volume insoles: These are generally used with shoes that have shoelaces .
  • Where To Buy Arch Support Insoles

    As you’ve already learned, buying arch support shoe inserts at the drugstore won’t give you the support and relief your flat feet need to stay healthy and energetic. Instead, you’ll want to get your insoles directly from a brand’s website or through a store with a customer service person who can help find you the best arch support for your feet.

    Whether you’re adding women’s or men’s insoles with arch support to your footwear, if you have flat feet, remember that the style of shoes you wear will also make a huge difference. Shoes that don’t offer support or let you add arch support orthotic insoles will leave your flat feet feeling tired and sore at the end of the day. High heels, flip-flops, casual shoes, and sandals can aggravate painful conditions associated with flat feet.

    The best thing you can do for flat feet is to determine the kind you have and add flat feet insoles with the appropriate arch height to your footwear. Supporting your low arches with the best arch support insoles for flat feet will do wonders for relieving pain.

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    Strengthen And Stretch The Foot

    A weak “foot core” can lead to instability and injury. While we often focus on the big extrinsic muscles that support the ankle and foot , there are 11 small intrinsic muscles located entirely in the foot. These stabilize your foot during strike and push-off. They absorb load and store energy mid-stance. Most importantly, these muscles support the arch of the foot. Strengthening these muscles will allow them to better support the arch.

    Here are two quick foot core exercises:

    • Foot Doming – Start with your foot in a neutral position, flat on the floor. Then, shorten the foot by contracting the “foot core” muscles to arch the sole of the foot. Make sure to keep the toes flat on the ground. Start sitting down. As you progress, try standing, then standing on one foot, then hopping.
    • Heel raises – Stand in the middle of the room and press all of your toes firmly into the floor. Lift both your heels up so all your weight is on your toes. Hold for two seconds and repeat. Try two sets of 15 repetitions.

    Orthotics Shoe Insoles Shoe Inserts Arch Support & Inner Soles

    How to keep shoe insoles, inserts, arch support, heel cushions, in place

    Orthotic Insoles, Heel Pads, Inner Soles, Arch Supports and other shoe inserts provide first-line therapy for a variety of common foot problems that stem when you walk or stand for not having enough orthopedic support. Inserts are considerably more affordable than custom orthotics and are designed for use in non-orthopedic shoes. Inserts are accessible within patients that suffer from mild to moderate foot pain. Your podiatrist can advise you on whether an arch support or custom orthotic would be more appropriate for your foot condition.

    What Is Orthotics?

    Orthotics for shoe inserts, Sports orthotic insoles, or orthoses are devices that work to restore our natural foot function by placing it inside the shoe. This is necessary to our lower body when over-pronation has disrupted the natural biomechanical balance. Poor foot biomechanics cause many common complaints like knee pain, heel pain, and lower back pain. The science that checks the bodys movements during running, walking and some other sports are known as biomechanics.

    Over-pronation is the common form of bad foot biomechanics that drop of the arches and rolling inwards of the ankles and feet. Orthotic insoles restore natural foot function realign the ankle and foot bones to their neutral position and correct over-pronation. In turn, this will help ease problems of other parts of the body like the hips, knees, and lower back including the feet.

    Why Do We Need Orthotics?

    Foot Pain Treatment and Prevention


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    Sof Sole Perform Athlete Insole

    Sof Sole Athlete Performance Insoles
    Sof Sole Athlete Performance Insoles

    Made mostly out of proprietary foam, and with two gel insertsone beneath the forefoot and one under the heelthese insoles add more cushioning than support. But for neutral-footed runners looking for extra shock absorption than their shoes provide, these budget-oriented insoles do the job. Theyre among the softest-feeling in this roundup .

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