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Machine Washable Slip On Sneakers

Rule : Bag Up The Laces

Aetrex Angie Machine Washable SlipOn Sneaker

If you’re going to wash a set of laces in the machine, it’s a good idea to put them in a small zip-top mesh bag. The bag will allow the laces to get cleaned but will prevent them from winding around everything else in the load. You can buy a set of washable mesh bags for less than $10, and they can do double duty to corral small items or dirty laundry when you travel.

Best Option With Arch Support: Ecco Soft 7 Woven Slip

If you require shoes with extra arch support, Amazon customers suggest checking out these Ecco slip-on sneakers. The plush cushioned footbed provides comfort and stability, while the woven design adds a cool high-fashion twist. Reviewers love how supportive they are and how soft the supple leather is against their feet. “These are the best shoes I have ever worn,” raved one shopper. “I have tried on about 30 black leather slip-ons and none were comfortable. The arch support is great, they do not pinch, and there’s no break-in . They are wonderful, like walking on marshmallows.”

To buy: , from $66

Best Packable Option: Sanuk Pair O Dice Sneaker

The canvas upper on these Sanuk sneakers folds flat, making them incredibly easy to pack. The shoes also feature an antimicrobial additive that reduces odors and a padded footbed that feels like a cushioned yoga mat. For these reasons and more, more than 1,000 Amazon customers have given the lightweight sneakers a five-star rating. “Perfect and comfortable. Wore them all day traveling with no blisters or aches,” wrote one customer.

To buy: , from $23

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Best Platform Option: Steve Madden Gills Sneaker

Looking for a pair of sneakers that will boost your height? These Steve Madden slip-ons have a 1.25-inch platform that will give you the perfect amount of lift while still being completely walkable. Along with a padded collar that won’t cause blisters, the sneakers also boast a lightly cushioned insole and a durable rubber sole. “So stinking cute, have them in several colors and patterns,” said one reviewer. “Clean and sharp looking. Used on a trip to Europe. Easy to get on and very comfortable.”

To buy:, $70

Best Versatile: Rothy’s The Sneaker

Skechers Women

Courtesy of Rothy’s

  • Expensive

Rothy’s slip-on sneaker is a worthy splurge: Not only is it backed by environmentally sustainable practices, but its versatile enough to streamline your whole wardrobeespecially in a basic shade like black, although it is offered in a dozen shades and prints. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it everywhere.

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Rule : Don’t Overdo The Detergent

It’s so tempting, when we consider a washable item that’s quite dirty, to use a ton of detergent. More detergent feels like it should make something more clean! But that’s totally not true, because overusing detergent will leave soap residue behind, and that can make the shoes stiff and even lead to staining. So use a regular dose of detergent and resist the urge to add more.

In terms of what type of detergent to use, your regular old detergent will be just fineâno need to go out and buy any specialty products.

How To Wash Stride Rite Washable Shoes

To wash any of our M2P shoes, including our light-up washable sneakers, follow these simple steps:

  • Fasten all hook and loop closures.
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe off as much caked-on mud or dirt as possible.
  • Toss the shoes into an empty washer.
  • Add either liquid or powder detergent.
  • Wash with cold water on a standard cycle.
  • Remove and air dry.
  • That’s it!

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    Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

    There are reasons why Stan Smiths have been in the fashion zeitgeist the past few decades: Theyre equal parts fashion-forward, comfortable and long-lasting. Its no surprise they ended up being our absolute favorites.

    Where the Stan Smiths truly impress is their level of durability. After 18-plus months of wearing, Im continuously amazed by their ability to hold up. While the toes and the soles have scuff marks here and there, to the naked eye, it only looks like a few months worth of wear and tear instead of a few years worth. More noteworthy is the fact that unlike other leather sneakers that Ive owned, theres no noticeable cracking on the surface.

    No sneaker is without its flaws, however. As someone with particularly high arches and therefore subject to an excruciating break-in period on most shoes I found that these dont have as much support as some of the other options on this list. Youll want to break the shoes in before you start clocking serious miles with them.

    However, the biggest issue Ive noticed over the past months is that this design lacks ventilation holes, especially compared with the other options on our list. As a result, my feet can feel overheated, especially during the warmer seasons. While these two issues are ones Im willing to accept for the benefit of the shoes longevity, if youre looking for a more summer-friendly shoe, Id suggest you scope out the breathable options below.

    Best Cushioned Option: Ugg Bren Slip

    Skechers Summits Tie-Dye Washable Slip On Sneakers – Looking Groovy on QVC

    Ugg is known for producing comfortable high-quality shoes, and these slip-on sneakers are no different. The travel-ready shoes have an ultra-cushioned footbed and a terry-cloth lining that is super soft on your feet. The cotton upper adds ventilation so your feet won’t overheat, and the durable rubber sole provides excellent traction on all types of terrains. “I wore these in Europe every single day in record-breaking heat and they were so comfortable,” raved one shopper. “No breaking in period! We walked on average at least 10 miles a day and these were lifesavers!”

    To buy:, $75

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    Cleaning Shoes In The Washer

    So, now that you know what causes your shoes to stink, its time to get back to the main question. Yes, it is possible to put your favorite pair of sneakers in the washing machine, but before you do, there are a few things you need to be aware of:

    Following these tips will help prevent damage to both your shoes and your washing machine.

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    Rule : Always Air Dry

    Plenty of people put their sneakers in the dryer. Don’t be one of those people. Think of it this way: Plenty of people eat scrapple, but it doesn’t make eating scrapple a great idea. Not to unfairly denigrate scrapple, but I think you understand the point here.

    When the sneakers come out of the washer, they’ll only be dampâthe final spin cycles will remove most of the wash water. Still though, it’s a good idea to set them to dry in front of or near a fan, open window, AC unit, or dehumidifier, all of which will help to speed up the drying time.

    If the shoes have removable insoles, take them out to dry separately , and flip the tongue out over the toe box to allow more air to circulate through the interior of the shoe.

    Once the shoes are dry, you can re-lace them and get back to the important business of looking awesome in your coolâand very cleanâsneakers.

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    Best Sustainable: Allbirds Women’s Tree Loungers

    Courtesy of Allbirds

    • Made with eucalyptus tree fiber

    • Machine-washable

    • Doesn’t come in various widths

    Allbirds construction makes them super lightweight for travel, comfortable for an active trip, and versatile in various climates. Their construction from responsibly sourced eucalyptus tree fiber makes for breathable shoes that keep feet cool. Proprietary foam with an S-curve makes these shoes super light and flexible, conforming to the way your foot naturally moves.

    Best Overall: Dr Scholls Madison Sneaker

    Skechers Women

    These cute slip-on sneakers by Dr. Scholl’s have nearly 10,000 five-star ratings for a reason. The insanely comfortable shoe has a memory foam footbed for added support and a thick rubber sole that provides excellent traction. More than 1,500 customers have given them a five-star rating, with one writing, “I’m definitely not a sneaker person other than wearing them to the gym but was looking for a comfortable walking shoe for traveling. I just used these on a trip and am so pleased with them. They are very cute, super comfortable, and do not feel clunky like most sneakers do. I even got a few compliments on them!”

    To buy: , from $36

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    Best For Wide Feet: Dr Scholl’s Nova Slip On Sneaker

    Courtesy of Zappos

    • Comes in various colors and widths

    • Lightweight

    • Not as durable as other options

    Dr. Scholl’s is widely known for comfort and its accommodating silhouettes for wide feet. Nova is stylish and supportive, as well as flexible and lightweight. I have a wide foot, so Dr. Scholls was the perfect choice, one reviewer notes. My sneakers fit perfectly.

    Best For Walking: Blowfish Malibu Play

    Courtesy of Zappos

    • Reviewers note that they’re slippery

    Get the comfort of a walking shoe with the cool, distressed style of a vintage sneaker with Blowfishs Play shoe. The slip-on style makes these easy to wear, but the grommets resemble a traditional sneaker worn breezily without laces. This sneaker comes in nearly 30 colors and prints, so its easy to make the look your own.

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    Allbirds Women’s Tree Runners

    Machine washable, sustainably-made, and celebrity approved? Yes, the Allbirds Tree Runners manage to hit all three, and have gained a huge following thanks to their all-day comfort. If youre looking for performance sneakers, the Allbirds Tree Dashers are also fully machine washable, and ready to hit the road on your next run.

    Rule : Provide A Buffer

    Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit Washable Knit Slip-Ons – Grateful on QVC

    Another good way to protect sneakers from getting too banged up in the washing machine is to fill the rest of the load with something like towels, blankets, or sweatshirts. Just be aware when selecting those items that they’re going into the machine along with really dirty shoes, so maybe don’t wash your brand new white towels with your grimy Stan Smiths. It’s pretty common sense, of course, but mentioning that you should avoid washing anything delicate alongside heavy items like sneakers is worth saying anyway.

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    Everlane The Forever Sneaker

    Everlanes The Forever sneaker features a completely recycled construction and can even be sent back to Everlane to be recycled into new materials once youve out-worn it. Plus, the brand wash-tested the style 10 times to ensure it would hold up. The cotton canvas silhouette comes in five colors to choose from.

    What Makes A Good Shoe

    These are the keys:1. Thick sole for absorbing shock, give great support to your foot, and protect from the elements.2. The heels. Pay attention to the heel design, better choose a deep enough to hold your foot.3. Material . It’s important to know what material is used to ensure the comfortable feel you get.

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    Best Backless: Superga 2402

    • Doesn’t come in various widths

    The quickest way to channel the vibe of strutting around Europe on a sightseeing holiday? Get yourself a pair of Supergas. This slip-on version from the century-old Italian brand has cool backless styling and a lace-up front, with a canvas upper and rubber sole.

    • Doesn’t come in various widths

    These athletic-style walking shoes are ultra lightweight, making them comfortable to wear and easy to pack. They have a rubber sole and a memory foam insole, which absorbs force and keeps you on your feet for activities without discomfort. Laces do help adjust the shoe to your foot, but theyre not required. You just slip it on easily.

    Rule : Preparation Is Key

    Skechers Women

    Before you can dump your kicks in the washer to let the machine do the work for you, you need to do a little prep. Think of it as the mise en place of laundering.

    The first thing to do is to remove the laces from the sneakers. You can toss them in the machine along with the sneaks, but you should wash them separately because a ton of dirt and grime collects around the eyelet, so you want to be sure that area gets maximum exposure to water and detergent.

    Next, if the shoes are heavily soiled, bang them over a trashcan or brush them off with a rag to dislodge dirt, grass, street detritus, etc. Then, spray them liberally with a laundry pre-treatment product like Shout or Resolve before the shoes go in the wash.

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    Best Overall: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip

    • Doesn’t come in various widths

    You cant go wrong with Converse Chuck Taylors, a timeless classic given a timely boost by Vice President Kamala Harris preference for wearing hers on and off the job. This slip-on version is even easier to wear, with fixed no-tie laces. The elasticized collar makes them easy to get on and off, and the brands recognizable canvas upper is lightweight and holds up to just about anything.

    The Anatomy Of A Machine Washable Shoe

    Every element of our washable shoes is durable enough to handle the most energetic toddlers, the biggest messes and the most menacing washing machines. With innovative constructions and quality materials, you can laugh it off when your child stomps through the mud . You’ll smile knowing their shoes can simply be slipped off, washed and ready another day of adventures.

    All of our washable shoes include the following four components:

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    Best Unisex: Vans Checkerboard Slip

    Courtesy of Vans

    • Expensive

    Vans classic slip-on is one of the most enduringly cool style staples out there. The canvas shoe with the Vans flag label and waffle outsole is as durable and comfortable as it is recognizable. The black-and-white checkerboard is equally eye-catching for all genders, for adults and kids alike.

    Washable Shoes For Every Occasion

    Skechers Ultra Flex Washable Knit Slip-On Shoes – Sky’s The Limit on QVC

    With so many washable styles to choose from, its easy to find footwear that supports all your little one’s favorite messy activities. If youre ready to keep those floors clean or, at least, cleaner than usual shop the washable shoes for toddlers and kids at Stride Rite.

    Find supportive, comfortable styles in your little ones favorite designs to keep both of you happy and prepared for playtime. Read our size guide and fit guide to find the perfect pair for your mini-me, and check out our foot facts and faqs for even more info on the best shoes for growing feet. Then, shop our full collection of washable shoes online or find a Stride Rite store near you today!

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    Best For Warmth: Olukai Pehuea Heu Genuine Shearling Slip

    Not only are these Olukai slip-on sneakers fully lined with shearling to keep your feet warm and cozy, but they are also fully waterproof, so you can wear them outside in the rain or snow. The sneakers provide all-day arch support, plus they have collapsible backs, allowing you to wear them two different ways. “I have not taken these shoes off since they arrived they are comfortable, cute, and just the right amount of warmth for January in Denver,” wrote one customer.

    To buy:, $130

    Cole Haan Generation Zerogrand Stitchlite

    After selling nearly 3 million pairs of its Zerogrand sneakers, its safe to say that Cole Haan has design down when it comes to footwear.

    The Generation Stitchlite comes with the brands signature sole support and comfort, something that proves to be a real godsend when you break in your shoes. The Stitchlite, in particular, ups the ante by providing a springy arched outsole, as with as comfortable insoles that help mimic the motions of the human foot.

    This hasnt gone unnoticed during my time wearing them. Among the biggest benefits of these shoes is how quickly they have conformed to my feets natural curvature and shape. While Id by no means place them in the performance category, its worth noting that their shock absorption wont take a toll on your feet during long walks or a hectic day of errands.

    In many ways, I treat them as slip-on sneakers . They also happen to be among the brands lightest sneakers to date, with a perforated, stitched design that makes them completely breathable. Plus, I find the perforated detailing an on-trend addition to my athleisure outfits, and it gives more texture to an otherwise boring sweatshirt and leggings combo.

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    Best With Arch Support: Dr Scholl’s Leta Slip

    • Comes in various colors and widths

    • Expensive

    This Dr. Scholls slip-on sneaker offers excellent arch support with a memory foam footbed it also has a chunky rubber platform sole. The fabric toe box and soft linings are made from recycled plastic bottles, and the brand donates one tree to the nonprofit Trees for the Future with each purchaseso you can feel good about your shoes while you feel good in them. Choose from versatile grey suede, fashion-forward black leather, or calf-hair leopard print.

    Wearing A Pair Of Slip

    Skechers Women

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