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Best Sneakers For High Impact Workouts

Top Shoes For Hiit Comparison Chart

How to choose best shoes for Zumba , Aerobics workout
New Balance Womens FuelCore Nergize V1 Low Top
Nike Womens Metcon 4 Low Top
Puma Womens Tazon 6 WNs FM Ankle High
New Balance Womens FuelCore Agility v2 Low Top
Altra AFW1776P Womens XT Low Top
Reebok Mens Crossfit Nano 8.0 Low Top
Nike Mens Metcon 3 Low Top
Inov-8 Mwnes All Train 215 Low Top
ASICS Mens Gel-Nitrofuze TR Low Top

Ultimate Guide On Best Sneakers For Elliptical Training

If working out on the elliptical machine is your thing, you are definitely going to need a pair of sneakers for elliptical training that let you work out comfortably.

The elliptical machine is known to be a good choice for low impact workouts, especially if you wish to do it indoors. When it comes to this particular trainer, there’s no specific shoe type but yes you can make a choice.

From trainers to running shoes to cross-training pairs, there are options that work well with this equipment.

When you stride on this machine, the weight is taken up on the pedals and that makes it important for you to get a pair that meets the requirement of the machine.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind before you buy a pair:

Allbirds Mens Tree Dashers

Weve written about AllBirds before, so you know were a fan. Other than the fact that they are environmentally friendly and can be worn sockless , they are probably the best pair on this list for running errands. For biking around town to grocery shopping and even some light training gym, these sneakers are universally functional and ooze comfort, breathability, and style.

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When Should I Replace My Hiit Shoes

Just like running shoes, HIIT shoes start to lose their usefulness after a while. One of the best things to go by, even though it is HIIT, is by the miles you have used them for. A good session of HIIT can see you rack up a mile or two or even more, depending on the type of exercises. All of that in a small area, too. Keeping track of that can be done with a smart watch or Fitbit. 300 to 500 miles is the recommended term of use for running shoes, though some might last longer and some might last shorter than that.

The best ways are to look for wear and tear. If you notice that there are visible creases starting to form on the outsides of the shoes or that the rubber is coming off the sole, then you should most likely also be preparing to replace your current shoes. Another sign that your shoes are ready to be put out to pasture is if they dont feel like they used to.

If you are used to never getting any pains wearing them and suddenly are having foot pains or problems in the ankles or heels, then it just means they have worn out and are not what they used to be. Replacing them will prevent you from getting chronic foot problems, which can take place if you continue to heap pressure upon them.

Best Workout Shoes In Order Of Preference

The Best Shoes for High

It’s all about that base, baby, with the Under Armour TriBase Reign 2 training shoes. UA had a good hard look at the feedback it received about the first iteration of these workout shoes and created a something that has more traction, more durability and even more comfort than its predecessor.

The triangular base hence the name ‘TriBase’ has a larger external heel counter for added support at the rear of the shoes. The sawtooth pattern of the outsole provides all the traction you need so when you are lift heavy weights or jump around on hard floors doing a full-body HIIT workout, you won’t have to worry about slippery feet .

The stability doesn’t stop there: the low-ground construction of the TriBase Reign 2 puts you and your toes in control of the movement and stability of your body. You won’t find a high stack here, like in modern running shoes, but for the same reason, the TriBase Reign 2 is not the best choice for treadmill sessions, the sole being flat and less cushioned.

This doesn’t mean this workout shoe is not responsive, though: the full-length Micro G foam midsole does have a slight bounce and will take the weight off your feet when you jump around.

Support, flexibility, a stable platform and good connection with the ground below: these are all attributes that make a great workout trainer and the Nike Free X Metcon 2 features all of these in droves.

Read our full On Cloud X review here

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New Balance Minimus Prevail

New Balance has been making some major waves in the running world over the past year. As a result, it’s easy to forget that it also delivers an extremely credible CrossFit style shoe in the form of the Minimus Prevail.

Coming in at 284g for men and 243g for women, it’s one of the lighter functional fitness shoes you’ll find on the market with a lot going for it in terms of durability and features.

The perforated knit upper allows a high level of breathability for sweaty workouts whilst the 4mm drop outsole has been developed by Vibram. That means that not only do you get a tough, hard-wearing build but there’s also an impressive level of grip that’s especially noticeable with lateral movement.

Overall, you get a very nicely balanced shoe that’s comfortable whether you’re lifting weights or tackling a killer WOD.

It also features a TPU External Heel Stabilizer and comes in a range of attractive colorways. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, the previous models are often available at a lower price and are well worth a look if you don’t mind losing some of the more recent design features.

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Iii

The debate on the benefits of barefoot shoes is one that has been waging for many years now and it’s not one we’re going to go into depth with here . However, when it comes to training in the gym there are clear positives to having your feet firmly on the ground, from building natural stability to ensuring your feet have maximum flexibility when performing movements.

The Primus Lite III is a minimalist shoe designed to offer as much freedom as possible when it comes to moving around, whilst still ensuring the foot the grip and protection you would get from a conventional shoe, just in a lean 4mm sole. The wide shape also allows your feet to move freely within the shoe without restricting movement, whilst the thin sole means that your feet can feel the ground.

Another important aspect of the shoe is that it’s both vegan and made from recycled post-consumer plastic waste. In addition, when you’ve finished with the Primus Lite III you can send it over to the team at Revivo where the shoe will be reconditioned instead of sent to landfill.

The minimal size and flexible build also make them a great option for travelling, just scrunch or roll them up and stick them into whatever free space you have available in your bag or suitcase.

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How Does A Hiit Workout Work

HIIT is a cardio workout where you do short bouts of high-intensity workout routines, that allows you to push yourself to the limit for short periods.

These intense bursts of energy, in turn, rev up your metabolism, while your body then slowly normalizes itself over the next few hours. So generally speaking, while your body is returning to normal functioning you are still burning calories for a few hours while doing nothing at all.

HIIT is not a difficult workout, but rather intensive and hard work, it will most definitely push your limits, and similarly your pain threshold. You can likewise look forward to some aching muscles the next day, that is if you have done the exercise correctly and this video you will see an example of a HIIT fitness routine

Under Armour Mens Micro G Engage 2 Running Trainers

Best Water Shoes for Aqua Aerobic and Water Exercises: my favorites.

The comfort and ease that comes with the Under Armour mens trainers is one of the major quality that makes it one of the best in 2021. It is a light shoe that ensures men runs faster, supporting the legs to ensure safety and ease of training.

It features an Upper mesh and foam overlays that cushions your feet as well as keeps it ventilated. The inner heels serve as a support for the foot to the midsole without reducing its flexibility

The outsole is made of a blown rubber that leaves your feet feeling light during training and ensure the shoes are flexible and lasts for a long time. The 4D foam ensures your shoe fits perfectly, ensuring you dont slip while training.

This shoe is perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor training with a groove that makes your feet sync naturally and ensures your stepping is not forced or compromised.


  • Rubber sole that enhances durability
  • Mesh and Foam overlays that are breathable and also provide lightweight support
  • Internal TPU heel counter that ensures stability
  • 4D Foam footbed that minimizes slippage
  • Micro G foam that gives a responsive, resilient feel
  • Flex grooves that promote forefoot flexion


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Puma Womens Tazon 6 Wns Fm

Another shoe that looks great with contrasting colors that offset one another, the Puma Tazon 6 is a good choice for training in HIIT. The one gripe you might have is that most of the colors are pink or purple. While these shoes are good for a lot of activities in the gym and elsewhere, it must be said that they are a little bit heavy for extreme cardio. So things like dancing and kickboxing are probably out of the picture for you. However, weight training and tabata should be more than fine, while insanity or similar programs should also be doable. The arch support and support in the ankles are also very good in them, as they use a TPU shank to increase the stability, leading you to not have to worry about rolling over your ankles or developing plantar Fasciitis. The inside has a breathable sockliner built in to give you comfort by feeling good and keeping you cool at the same time, which is a win-win. The outside uses mesh in various places, though it is not overly prevalent on the tops of the toes, which is actually a good thing because they are quite sturdy and will do well for pushups and other plank exercises. The heel has EVA in it to help absorb those repeated shocks as well, meaning its got all-around protection and support. They do tend to run a little small, so keep than in mind as well. The toe box is also narrow as well.

  • A little bit heavy and stiff

How Do I Fit Myself

As always, getting a pair of shoes with a good fit is the most crucial thing you can do while shopping. Getting that, though, can be tough for some people. First, you need to figure out what your true size is. You can either take measurements of your foot or just base this off of your current shoes. However, a wise thing to do is to go in person and try several pairs on.

A key tip to remember is to always try on shoes either later in the day or post exercise. This is especially important for something like HIIT. Look down after you have done at your ankles and feet. The blood vessels and veins show much more easily, and this prompts the feet to swell. Trying on shoes without this swelling could cause you to be uncomfortable once this swelling kicks in during the workout.

Lastly, with a good HIIT shoe, you should be mindful to NOT size up over the size you need. This doesnt mean that you shouldnt take into account whether a shoe runs large or small, but it does mean that if you are an 11.5 that you shouldnt just automatically round up to a 12. This is because you need a more snug fit than in a running shoe or in a cleat due to the movements in multiple directions and the extreme reliance about being stable in your workout. So getting as close to your actual size is very much recommended.

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What Are The Best Shoes For Gym Workouts

Gym workouts, especially heavy lifts, require a stable platform: we strongly advise steering clear away from running shoes instead, use workout shoes with a flat sole. Most CrossFit-style shoes are great for this purpose, including the Nike Metcon 6 and the Under Armour TriBase Reign 3, but for the more adventurous, we would also recommend the Inov-8 BARE-XF 210 V3 or the Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III minimalist gym shoes.

The Best Shoes For Serious Cross

ZUMBA High Top Shoes Trainers

Support your next workout from the ground up with these trusty sidekicks

As a runner, what you do off the track, road, or trail often has just as big an impact on your race performance as what you do on it. Research shows that regular cross-trainingplyo circuits, power lifting sessions, bootcamp-style workout classes, or even cyclingcan help make you fitter, stronger, and faster. But first, to really boost those benefits and reduce your risk of injury, you need to swap your regular running shoes for a training-specific style, like the ones below. Keep reading to learn why and how these workout shoes give you the stability, bounce, and support you needand why your high-mileage pairs probably dont.

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Puma Clyde Hardwood Natural Basketball Shoes

The perfect blend of old-school leather and performance materials, these Pumas are the foundation of PUMA Hoops, the basketball technology under the brand. While many basketball sneakers are made for indoors only, these can also take you to the pavement. They dont have many bells and whistles compared to other basketball styles, but thats what we love about them. Theyre a classic shoe with maximum comfort, grip, and support .

How To Prevent Injuries With An Hiit Workout

Here are some of the main factors to consider in practicing safe HIIT workouts

  • Warm up thoroughly before commencing to your workout, in order to prevent injuries.
  • Make sure that your workout program or coach is legit, and knows what they are doing. Not following a good program with adequate rest periods will end up in injuries.
  • Concentrate on your form and technique first which is most important for the workout to be effective and to avoid further injury.
  • Make sure to give enough time for rest in between intervals, and recovery after your workout.
  • Make sure that you get the right nutrition and adequate sleep for your body to recover and restore itself, as it is with any other form of sport or exercise.

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Things To Look For In A Hiit Shoe

Like all shoes for other activities, there are things you need to have in order to be happy and safe while doing HIIT. We are going to take a look at them, showing why each is just so important and necessary to your cause.


Finding a shoe that is supportive is paramount when you are talking about HIIT. In any given session you can go from a pushup to burpees to side planks to side shuffles and anywhere in between. That means you have to have a shoe that has support in the front and back, sides, and bottom. This is a lot different than in running shoes, or any one type of shoes really. Its unique because there isnt one central focus. Instead HIIT is about training the entirety of the body, meaning you have a diverse set of exercises to navigate through.

Of course, you need to have an outsole that works for you. A lot of shoes have simple designs there but little else. And that works fine, but they arent made for HIIT and the toll that it takes on the foot and body. Arch and heel support is perhaps the biggest thing you need with HIIT. If youve got any sort of issues, like pronation or supination, or heaven forbid Plantar Fasciitis, you need something that can support and cushion that to keep those issues from flaring up or worsening.

The uppers also have to do a job as well, because your toes will be on the floor a lot, and it can get quite uncomfortable down there without them having any support at all



Absorbing Those Shocks

Elliptical Shoes For Womens

How to Pick the Best Shoes for Step Aerobic Training | HIIT | Weight Lifting | Cardio Intervals
  • V-dip design is not very appealing.
  • Tightness around the midfoot section which makes it difficult to put it on.

Women are constantly looking for shoes that are not just high on comfort but are snazzy as well. No matter the occasion, a pair of sneakers or trainers add style creds in great volumes.

That said, here’s a pair that guarantees your workout hours are worth all the efforts!

New Balance Fuelcore Nergize sneakers are proof of a simple yet striking design with oodles of benefits. These sneakers have effective stability and cushioning that can instantly elevate your workout game.

In case you like to hoard sneakers of the same style but in versatile hues, this one comes in eye-catching tones, thanks to its construction, you would like to own this pair in many colors.

It comes in light blue, olive and burgundy colors. The outsole of these sneakers is white that adds a great contrast to the overall pair.

The slip-on silhouette of this pair is seamless and comes with a modern upper with extra-ordinary details.

New Balance is known for its signature REVlite foam that provides lightweight foot support, making this one an ideal athleisure choice.

Be it for airport looks or workouts, this pair will be your go-to!

These trainers minimize the weight on your feet and will make you feel free. They are also the best shoes for elliptical work out. The cushioning prevents shock when in use.

It also has multidirectional flex grooves that grant swift running.

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