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What Are The Best Sneakers For Arthritic Feet

Different Types Of Arthritis

How to CHOOSE the Best Shoes for Arthritic Feet & Joints | with FootGeekz

It is important to note that various types of arthritis can present themselves differently in the feet. The following are some of the different kinds of arthritis:

  • Osteoarthritis This is one of the more commonly found types of arthritis that affects the first metatarsophalangeal joint or the MTP. This is the joint that connects the big toe to the rest of the foot. That said, osteoarthritis is also commonly found in the ankle and midfoot as well.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis This normally affects both feet at the same time and the same joints in each foot.
  • Psoriatic Arthritis This causes swelling called dactylitis in the entheses, which is the area where the ligaments and tendons of the feet attach to the bones. This condition is more commonly known as plantar fasciitis.
  • Gout A gout flare affects the big toe of one or both feet at a time.
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis Not seeking the proper medication for Ankylosing Spondylitis can lead to other severe complications such as plantar fasciitis and a painful Achilles tendon.

Fitting Shoes For Rheumatoid Arthritis

We have customers in our sister shop “Helen Midgley” who suffer from painful foot problems and we successfully fit them with shoes that look good and feel great. Comfortable shoes don’t have to look ugly and unflattering and we wanted to regularly share with you some of our fitting experiences, hoping that they will help you to find the right shoe for you.

To kick us off we are starting with what to look out for when searching for shoes for rheumatoid arthritis. We see this condition time and again and completely empathise with those who are suffering and searching for shoes. Quite often people who suffer from this painful condition also have swollen and deformed toe joints, making the search for comfortable shoes that more difficult. You can find out more about this painful condition by clicking here> >

Innovative Women’s Arthritis Sneakers Work Wonders To Enhance Comfort And Mobility

  • Premium Orthotic Insoles with anatomical arch support control overpronation and help ease stress on the joints of the foot, knees, hips and lower back.
  • Soft, foam padded interior offers a gentle contact with the foot, eliminating pressure points and enhancing comfort for arthritic feet.
  • Ergonomic soles with a mild rocker design and help propel foot forward with minimal joints motion and adds spring to your step.
  • Wide toe box and extra depth design offer a relaxed fit and extra room for bunions and toes.
  • Ortho-CushionTM System with multiple cushioning layers reduce impacts on the heel, foot and entire body.

These shoes are the most comfortable I have ever worn. With arthritis in both feet I struggled to walk some days. Two days after I started wearing this brand of shoes I was practically pain free.

Judy Hawley


I have been using Orthofeet footwear and foot orthotics for my patients for over 15 years, and I can attest that they offer the best solution for people with sensitive feet, including those with foot pain, diabetes and arthritis. These shoes are designed with unique ergonomic features that cannot be found in any other brand. My patients love them, and in fact I wear them myself daily, as they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.”

–Steven Gershman, DPM


These shoes are by far the best and most comfortable shoes I have had. Now I can finally walk long distance without constant pain.

–Denny Ernette


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Best Socks For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Look for socks that provide maximum cushioning under the forefoot. Cushion acts to slow the velocity of the foot as your foot hits the ground and by doing so decreases force under the ball of the foot. This cushioning helps to replace some of the cushion that is often lost in people with RA

Avoid cotton socks. Cotton compresses almost immediately when you start to wear them and provides essentially no cushion. Acrylic materials on the other hand will provide cushion throughout the day.

The socks we recommend most often for those with RA are from Thorlo. Specifically you want to look for the Thorlo Thick Padded Socks. They are available in many styles from running socks to dress socks to hiking socks.

When youre looking for the best shoes for rheumatoid arthritis, advice from your podiatrist can be invaluable. The Foot & Ankle Center of Washington has also provided you with a Free Recommended Shoe List.

If you live in the Puget Sound area and are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis of the feet, make an appointment to see us in our Seattle office as soon as possible.

Orthofeet Proven Heel And Foot Pain Relief Arthritis Shoe

Best Shoes For Arthritic Feet

Next on the line is the Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief Arthritis Shoe. This shoe is classy and highly supportive. It is specifically designed for people suffering from arthritis, and it helps to relieve the pain that comes with this condition.

The shoe is available in two different colors, brown and black, and you will love the design. You can wear it with pretty much any outfit, which means you can use it on different occasions.

The shoe is super lightweight, spacious, and comfortable. This casual style shoe is also great for women with flat feet. If you have any foot condition such as hammertoe, bunions, and foot pain, this is one of the best shoes to opt for.

You can use these shoes to walk or stand for a very long time without feeling any discomfort or pain on your feet or heel. The shoe comes with an insole that provides orthotic support and it provides great anatomical arch support.

It also comes with high-quality cushioning pads to ensure you do not feel pain in your foot. The shoe has an extra-wide toe box to ensure your toes remain comfortable and relaxed.

It also fits securely and firmly, thanks to the additional depth, and this helps to prevent pain caused by hammer toe and bunions.


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Sole Bliss’ Best Shoes For Arthritis

Now that we have discussed what to keep an eye out for and what to avoid when you are looking for shoes for osteoarthritis, we want to show you some of Sole Bliss’ best shoes for arthritic feet. From heels to flats, trainers to boots, Sole Bliss has the best collection of shoes for your feet! Here are just a few of our favourites…

Orthofeet Serene Tan Womens T

If you are in the market for a pair of lightweight, comfortable, spacious, and casual style shoe, then the Orthofeet Serene shoes may be the best bet for you.

It was designed specifically for women with flat feet and other foot conditions such as bunions, hammertoe, and other painful symptoms in your feet.

The Orthofeet Serene is known to enhance comfort, support, and alleviating the pain caused by walking or standing too much. The orthotic support provided by the insole is attributed to its anatomical arch support, while the quality cushioning pads is the nemesis to your fatigue and foot pain.

Its T-strap feature provides a unique style and all-round comfort. Its extra-wide toe box provides enough room for toe movement while the extra depth ensures a comfortable fit and prevents pain caused by bunions and hammertoes.

The ortho-cushioning system makes them lightweight and adds some gait to your steps.

Overall, the shoe provides excellent stability while its seam-free interior combined with foam cushioning ensures a perfect fit by eliminating pressure points.



  • Easily collects dirt

Orthofeet Orthopedic Arthritis Diabetic Serene Womens T-Strap Shoes provides a great deal of comfort and protection for individuals with sensitive feet as well as other foot conditions.

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Causes & Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis

There are millions of people with osteoarthritis and painful foot joints. Osteoarthritis tends to occur over time and has a cumulative effect, which is why old age is one of its main causes. Osteoarthritis is most common when you are over 60 years old but can occur much earlier than that.

Arthritis can also be genetic so if your parents or siblings have osteoarthritis, you are more likely to suffer too.

Other risk factors for osteoarthritis and painful foot joints include poor posture, obesity, past injury . Medical conditions such as diabetes and conditions which cause inflammation of foot joints may also lead to osteoarthritis.

Women are also more likely to suffer with osteoarthritis than men. In some cases, menopause can be a cause of osteoarthritis.

Brooks Mens Addiction Walking Shoes

What are the BEST Shoes for Foot Arthritis?

If you are looking for the best walking shoe for arthritis, we recommend you go for the Brooks Mens Addiction Walking Shoes. Professional chiropractors and podiatrists across the globe recommend these shoes for people with arthritis.

The shoe is highly comfortable and supportive. They provide more support than many shoes out there. Brooks designed these shoes to adjust to your feet and to improve stability while walking.

The shoe is made with 100 percent leather, and it features a great design and style that you can use for any event. It comes with an MC pod construction, which contributes to its durability and comfort.

It comes with a synthetic outsole that provides you with great traction and balance even on wet and rough terrains. The shoes are very comfortable on the feet and you can use them to walk a long distance without any pains.

It comes with great cushioning and high-quality padding that alleviates pressure to keep you comfortable while walking. The midsole does a great job of absorbing shock as you walk or run. It also helps to return energy, making it very easy for you to walk.

The shoe features BioMoGo DNA that adapts to your speed, weight, and stride to make every step you take comfortable. The shoe provides a secure fit and it is slip-resistant.


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Finding The Best Shoes For Osteoarthritis

Sole Bliss is here to help you find the best shoes for osteoarthritis! There are a few key factors to look out for when shopping for arthritis shoes.

Firstly, look for shoes with a wide toe-box which accommodates your foot shape. Sufferers of osteoarthritis often suffer with conditions such as bunions, hammer toes and deformed joints which can accompany arthritis. Opt for shoes with a wider toe-box in order to give your room foot to breathe.

Sole Bliss shoes also have an ingenious Bunion Bed stretch panel which stretches to accommodate these foot conditions, relieving the pressure from bunions and cushioning any difficult joints. The best shoes for arthritis will match the shape of your foot so that you do not have to twist or contort your foot to fit in the shoes. It is important that your arthritis shoes do not rub either.

Secondly, the best shoes for arthritis will offer plenty of cushioning. All Sole Bliss shoes feature our anatomically contoured and ultra-cushioned footbed. This signature footbed is designed to provide cloud-like comfort underneath your entire foot, contour to the shape of your foot, and provide shock absorption as you walk on hard surfaces.

What Is The Shoes For Foot Arthritis

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of shoes for foot arthritis is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the shoes for foot arthritis listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

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Best Budget: Vionic Malibu Slip On At Vionic

  • Comes in a variety of colors

  • Great value

  • Only comes in medium width

Comfortable right out of the box, these shoes are from podiatrist-approved brand Vionic and come at a lower price point than most of their productsmaking their well-constructed shoes accessible to more people. With an upcycled cotton upper and a sole made from a combination of rubber and soybean-based compound, theyre not just friendly on your feet: theyre friendly to the environment too. Plus, if they get dirty because youre wearing them so often, just pop them in the washing machine.

Sizes Available: Womens 5-11 | Materials: Cotton canvas textile upper, TPR outsole | Width: Medium | Arch Support: Neutral

Finding The Best Shoes And Socks For Rheumatoid Arthritis Will Improve Your Life

The 8 Best Shoes for Arthritis of 2021

Complete list of Recommended Shoes for Rheumatoid Arthritis is found below.

More than two million Americans are affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis , and approximately 90% of these people may experience foot pain, ankle pain, and/or unstable ankles as a result. It is quite common for RA to first manifest in the toes, progressing through the forefoot, the back of the foot, and into the ankles.

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How Does Ra Affect The Feet

Rheumatoid arthritis can affect multiple joints, but the first symptoms will arise in the ball of the foot or the toes when it impacts the feet.

As the symptoms worsen, you may begin to notice pain in the arch and the heel, and eventually, it will spread to the ankles.

As well as the joints becoming painful, stiff, and immobile, the ligaments supporting the arch may also weaken. This can lead to the arch collapsing, leading to further foot problems.

Running Shoes For Arthritic Feet

  • The uppers are made from a fabric combined with synthetic material this shoe is extremely comfortable and supple when worn for long periods.
  • Particular care has been taken to shape these shoe contours, used by those suffering from moderate to severe Arthritis.
  • It comes with a medial-side window for enhanced fit and comfort, which helps keep the feet compact and tight without putting any pressure on the feet thumbs and joints.
  • It easily accommodates wide or swollen feet, which is essential for those who have Arthritis. It, therefore, does away with the need to have larger shoes to take care of inflamed feet.
  • The shoe is made of pure leather, which is very soft and supple. Hence, it is very comfortable for those who have Arthritis.
  • The synthetic sole is very light and does not put too much pressure on the feet. Therefore, it is ideal for all those looking for a unique shoe for Arthritis.
  • Another important feature is that the shaft of the shoe measures around 2 inches from the arch. This makes it very comfortable for those who suffer from heel problems and inflamed toes and fingers.
  • It comes with a cushioned collar that absorbs pressure while walking.
  • The entire shoe is very lightweight without compromising on the required features for those who have Arthritis.

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Mistake: You Shoe Shop In The Morning

Feet tend to swell during the day, so buy shoes in the afternoon when your feet are at their largest. Shoes should be snug not too loose and not too tight. There should be about a half-inch of room between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Make sure you try shoes on both feet as your feet may be a different size and width. If one foot is larger than the other, buy a size that fits the larger foot.

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Womens G

Shoes for Arthritic Feet

Another great offering is the Gravity Defyer Mens Shoe which features everything that you need to alleviate your arthritic pain with all its vast features, including its brilliantly engineered insoles and orthopedic inserts.

It is one of the best shoes for women who are willing to take the first step towards experiencing everyday comfort.

The shoe features enough protection and support to help users walk for long hours without pain. It also enhances fast-paced activities by absorbing the impact and returning the energy to your body.

The omega VersoShock feature adds quality cushioning to your feet, helps your gait, and improves your foot condition.

The synthetic and breathable mesh upper keeps the feet fresh. In fact, the G-Defy Ion model looks similar to most sneakers regarding its design, use of fabrics, and low-rise shape but with a medical purpose.

There is a variety of colors to choose from, so women with arthritis arent stuck with few options.


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Anthony Ng Bsc Bed Dip Tch

Rheumatoid arthritis is a common inflammatory condition, causing foot pain with associated stiff and swollen joints. Consequently, this leads to foot and joint alignment complications with accompanying bone erosion.

The key is to support the rheumatoid foot during active walking or running. Footwear plays a major role in reducing or avoiding structural and functional foot alterations. This will reduce the need for frequent visits to medical professionals or the need for orthotic devices.

Many RA individuals wear suboptimal footwear which can be detrimental to their foot condition. It has been proven that implementing correct footwear advice into your clinical practice offers one of the best long-term treatments.

ASICS new lightweight alternatives the GEL-Nimbus Lite and GEL-Kayano Lite offer the ideal support/flexibility/cushioning to decrease rheumatoid mechanical foot stresses. They provide the ideal non-pharmacological foot management to prevent or reduce erosion and subluxation to improve foot function.

These two models have the ability to improve foot alignment by enhancing the controlling velocity movement caused by natural gait, thereby reducing intrinsic muscle activation to delay or slow foot related progression. This is paramount for maintaining stability and pain reduction.

Orthofeet Monterey Bay Mens Sneakers

Orthofeet provides orthopedic shoes that provide premium fit and support for people who have a variety of issues, including arthritis, with their feet. These sneakers have orthotic insoles that provide great arch support and a heel pad thats extremely cushioning and adapts to your foots contours the more you wear it. Theyre designed with extra depth, padded foam, and an engineered cushioning system. The shoe is made to alleviate pain, whether that pain is in your knees, heels, toes, or feetor even the lower back.

Just like any shoe, however, there are negative aspects to Orthofeets sneakers. The material of the shoe doesnt have long-lasting durability, and the biggest issue that there seems to be is with the Velcro part of the shoe. Many people dislike the Velcro, as dirt and other debris easily becomes trapped within it, which leads the Velcro to lose its stickiness and makes it more difficult to ensure a tight, custom fit.

  • Ortho-cushion makes your gait natural and easy
  • Designed with complete comfort features
  • Mesh material not durable in the long run
  • Velcro lace-up does not work well with some people
  • Hair, dirt, and debris may get trapped in the Velcro, making it harder to ensure a tight fit
  • Great for walking, but may not be great for other activities
  • Rubber outsoles could use more traction

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