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Best Sneakers For Knee Pain

Best For Toe Arthritis: Hoka One One Bondi 7

EXPERT GUIDE to the Best Shoes to Minimize Knee & Back Pain


  • Available in mens and womens varieties/sizes

  • Highly cushioned sole

  • Runs slightly narrow

Technically, these are running shoes, but they work just as well for running errands as they do around a track. People with toe arthritis will appreciate the rocker-bottom sole, which helps take pressure off the big toe, as well as the shoes toe boxwhich is roomy while still being supportive. The breathable lining was designed to cut down on rubbing, so its also a good option for those prone to blisters.

Sizes Available: Mens sizes 7-16 womens sizes 5-12 | Materials: Mesh upper, memory foam collar | Width: Mens widths: regular , wide , and x-wide womens widths: regular and wide | Arch Support: Neutral | Weight: Men: 10.7 oz women: 8.9 oz

Why Your Knees May Hurt

There are several reasons why your knees hurt. Age, of course, is a part of it, as is weight. But there is often much more to it than that. Here are some reasons you have pain in your knees :

Bursitis:You have bursae throughout your joints. They’re small sacs of fluid that act as shock absorbers, and if you do things that irritate them, you can wind up with a painful condition called bursitis. In this situation, your bursae become inflamed and painful to the touch. Overuse and repeated bending and kneeling are among the moves that can inflame your bursa. I had this condition for several months as part of the damage caused by my ACL tear, and it was pretty bad. The bursa on top of your kneecap can get inflamed, causing pain and swelling.

Patellar tendinitis: This diagnosis means you have inflammation in the tendon that connects the kneecap to the shin bone. The most common cause is hard landings, so the term “jumper’s knee” is sometimes applied to this condition.

IT band syndrome: The iliotibial band is a long band of tough connective tissue that runs from your hip down to the outer part of your knee. Like other connective tissue, it can be irritated by overuse or injury. Pain from this condition typically occurs on the outer side of your knee. It’s most common in runners and walkers who spend a lot of time going downhill.

Here’s what happened to my knee.

Best Running Shoes For Pain On The Inside Of The Knee

If you have pain on the inside of the knee you absolutely must get a proper diagnosis before you run. One of the more common conditions associated with inside knee pain is arthritis of the medial compartment of the knee. If you have arthritis present here running is probably not the best activity for you. At the very least dont run on it unless you have a doctors ok.

In some situations, however, there is pain on the inside of the knee simply because there is too much pressure going through the joint there. In this situation, the correct shoes may help.

Force through the inside of the knee is increased when the foot in turned in . This is called supination and is the opposite of pronation. So in most cases if you have pain on the inside of your knee a anti-pronation shoe like the Brooks Addiction is exactly the opposite of the type of shoe you want. In this situation you should look for a shoe that allows some extra pronation and prevents excessive supination.

There are not many of these anti-supination shoes on the market. The one I recommend the most is the New Balance 1080 series. The 1080 is cushioned on the inside but firmer on the outside and has the best ability of any running shoe we have seen to decrease force though the inside of the knee.

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Avoid Wearing High Heels

Stilettos are fashionable, but theyre not good for your knees.

According to Stuchin, studies reveal that high heels exert enough stress on the kneecap to cause severe knee injuries and pain.

In fact, according to a Harvard study of high-heel wearers, the impact on the kneecap was 23 percent higher in high-heel wearers than in barefoot women.

How To Treat Knee Pain While Running

Best Running Shoes to Cure Absolute Knee Pain, Men &  Women, 2020 ...

If you have experienced pain in your knees while running, then you know how difficult it can be to finish your activity. We have been there, so we know that this is never fun. To treat knee pain, most experts suggest that you should give yourself plenty of rest and reduce the number of miles you run each day.

You should also ice your knee often to mitigate the inflammation. In addition, there are many anti-inflammatory drugs that can help with reducing the swelling in your knee.

Throughout the day, work on strengthening your knee with a variety of exercises. Some simple exercises that have been shown to support and stabilize the knee cap are straight leg raises, hamstring stretches, and forward lunges.

While you can keep running, you may want to consider cutting your run short as soon as you experience any pain in your knee. Make sure that you avoid running on hills and uneven surfaces. Of course, if your knee pain is unbearable, you should avoid running all together.

To prevent further damage to your knee in the future, you should always ensure that you are wearing the right running shoes for your foot type. If you continue to have problems with your knee, you may need to visit a doctor and a physical therapist.

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Wolky Womens Jewel Sandal

Wolkys sandals are great, stylish shoes for people who struggle with arthritis yet would still love to wear chunky, bright footwear. Wolkys provides full customizability, with a leather footbed that can be taken out, and adjustable toe, instep, and back straps that accommodate any foot, whether you have wide feet, narrow feet, large feet, a high arch, or a low arch. With Wolkys, youll also get your most comfortable fit yet with a memory foam insole and soft, full-grain leather material to the upper. This sandal is also not only inspected, but certified by the APMA, the American Podiatric Medical association, and is approved for its comfort and fit. Overall, this is a great shoe for those who have arthritic feet.

However, there are some downsides. Although theyre lightweight, these are clunky shoes, and some people may not like the look and feel of them, as they come in bright colors as well. The leather is also hard to clean unless you own a kit for cleaning leather. Like many sandals, the straps may also take some time to adjust to, and they may leave red marks or blisters at first, especially if you strap your foot in too tight.

  • Certified by the APMA, American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Leather footbed thats removable and customizable
  • Outsole made of lightweight, polyurethane material
  • Instep strap, toe strap, and back strap are all adjustable for a completely custom fit
  • Absorbs shock and provides ultimate comfort

Faq For The Best Shoes For Bad Knees

How can I run with bad knees?

You should look for a good pair of running shoes that have good arch support that will reduce the impact on your knees. You should also have your knees evaluated by a doctor to make sure they are fit for running.

Can running shoes affect your knees?

Running can affect your knees in multiple ways, including injury. To reduce the risk of injury, consider running in running shoes that are designed for running.

What are the best exercises for bad knees?

For bad knees, exercises like swimming and yoga are good for strengthening and stretching the muscles around the knee and improving overall flexibility.

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Midsole Cushioning Or Stabilizing Features

If you tend to supinate in other words, if your foot tends to lean outward as it hits the ground you may need extra cushioning in your shoes for shock absorption. However, too much cushioning in your running shoes can actually increase the amount of impact on your knees. You may need to try a few different cushioning levels until you find a cushioned shoe that is just right for you.If your knee pain is caused by overpronation meaning, your foot leans inward as it strikes the ground youll likely want a pair of stability shoes with structural support such as medial posts. Stability shoes with a wide footprint that are designed for shock absorption may also help ease the pressure on your knees.Make sure to check your shoes for proper fit, and dont rely on a break-in period. You should also take each new pair for a test run to make sure the comfort endures.

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Best Tennis Shoes For Knee Pain

What Are The Best Shoes To Wear After A Total Knee Replacement

Having pain in your knees is unfortunately not an uncommon thing for budding tennis players.

All of the constant twisting, turning, starting and stopping makes knee related injuries almost synonymous with the game of tennis.

All of the best professional players in the world have experienced knee injuries at some point of their careers, and thats with the best equipment, medical staff and physiotherapists at their disposal.

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Try On Shoes In The Afternoon

When you go shopping for walking shoes, bring along your regular exercise socks and any insoles you wear. Your feet are larger later in the day due to water retention which occurs from being upright. Whether you stand, walk or sit during the day, shop in the afternoon or evening to ensure a proper fit, she says.

Have your feet measured by a professional fitter to confirm your foot size. There should be a half-inch between your big toe and the end of the shoe, and the width of the shoe should be snug, but not tight.

Walk around in the shoes at the store for 10 to 15 minutes before buying them. The shoes should feel comfortable right away.

Alternatively, if you buy online, wear your shoes around your house to guarantee fit before scuffing them up on concrete or the treadmill.

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Brooks Adrenaline Gts 22

For those who have knee problems and overpronate, this is a stability shoe that could help ease the pain and discomfort in your knees.

If you like the sound of our best overall shoe but cant use it because youre an overpronator, the Adrenaline GTS incorporates much of the same technology, just with some added extras for structure.

The engineered mesh upper allows air to circulate effectively. Its enhanced by 3D Fit Print technology, which is a screen-printed midfoot saddle that hugs your foot to keep it sturdy and secure. A lace-up closure provides a locked-in feel that you can adjust to suit your level of comfort.

Like the Dyad, this shoe features the dual BioMoGo and DNA foam cushioning, which deliver a responsive and shock-absorbing ride, as well as a light molded foam insole. Youll also get the benefit of the heel crash pad and blown rubber forefoot for better grip.

Extra stability features include the GuideRails Holistic Support System, which are supportive structural pieces along the medial and lateral sides of the shoe to prevent unnecessary movement.

Some wearers may find that the toe box is a bit small and their toes tend to rub against it, causing chafing.


  • BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft midsole
  • Progressive Diagonal Rollbar
  • Some may find that the upper tends to rub against the toes

Can Your Running Shoes Cause Knee Pain

16 Of The Best Shoes For Knee Pain In 2020

Yes, unfortunately, improperly fitted shoes can provoke many running injuries. A thin sole and weak cushioning do not protect your knees from overload. Besides, with various foot defects , shock loads are transmitted with each step to the knees, hip joint, and lower spine. Over time, inflammation develops in these places, causing pain.

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Brooks Adrenaline Running Shoe

Why this shoe is so great: While a little pricier, this shoe comes recommended by surgeons and orthopedic specialists. It has a range of color options to fit your personal style and is available for both men and women. While its classified as a running shoe, it could be a good fit for day use if you spend a lot of time on your feet.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Best For Hiking: Keen Targhee Hiking Shoe

Whether youre an avid hiker or someone whos looking to explore more of the outdoors, this waterproof hiking shoe will aid your adventures while ensuring your feet are comfortable and secure.

They feature a rubber outsole that has high-traction alongside a dual-density and compression-molded inside that gives your foot the security you need to handle all-terrain without the pressure that can often lead to pain.

The shoe has a torsional-stability ESS shank in the midsole that helps stabilize your foot as you move and a waterproof protective inner and outer layer that wont compromise support due to inclement weather.

Buy it: , Price: $104-296.95 , Price: $89.57-273.35

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The Worst Kinds Of Shoes For Your Knees

Not all shoes are ideal for walking. Certain types of shoes can even damage your joints. For example, high heels can increase pressure on the front part of your foot and even on your toes. Its best to limit or completely avoid wearing shoes like stilettos and other types of high heels.

Whats more, even pumps and shoes with a slightly elevated heel can cause damage to your joints. Do you wear shoes with 1.5 inch heel? They can still put strain on your feet. While these kinds of shoes are fine in moderation, youll want to avoid consistently wearing them.

Why Trust Verywell Fit

Best Shoes For Knee and Foot Pain! (Plantar Fasciitis and Patellar Tendonitis) NO MORE PAIN!

Through many years as a running coach and marathon runner, Christine Luff has dealt with knee injuries, both personally and in her trainees. For protection from knee pain, she recommends regularly replacing running shoes and sticking to reputable brands such as Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Hoka, and Saucony.

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Shoes For Knee Pain From Arthritis

Got knee pain related to arthritis? Here are some shoe buying tips we found from the Harvard health blog: Consider stability athletic shoes with firm soles and a supportive insole. A slightly curved rocker sole that helps distribute the body more weight evenly as you walk. This sole may not be right for you if you have balance problems.Finding a well-fitting shoe is also key. A few tips on the right fit: Find a shoe with a wide toe box with enough room. Keep in mind there should be at least half an inch at the front of your toes. And look for a supportive heel counter which helps keeps your heel in place in your shoes.

How Can I Prevent Knee Pain

There are a number of steps one can take to prevent knee pain. Shedding extra pounds and keeping them off will avoid placing extra strain on your joints.

Engaging in a form of cross-training such as weight lifting or CrossFit will help one to gain strength, and yoga or dynamic stretching increases flexibility. Improving both of these can help to prevent knee pain.

You should also take care to walk, run or do other sports with proper form. Work on getting your technique right so that theres no extra pressure or stress placed on joints.

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How To Pick Walking Shoes When You Have Knee Pain

Youâd never go for a walk wearing high heels or flip flops, right? You might be surprised to learn that wearing the wrong walking shoes could be just as bad for your knees.

âYour shoes affect the amount of impact your knee takes with every step,â says Matt Minard, DPT, a physical therapist and orthopaedic specialist with Carolinas Healthcare System. âThe right shoes are the first line of defense in dealing with knee pain.â

All walking shoes arenât the same. They can vary in how much cushioning and support they offer. The design also affects how the shoe feels and whether it creates pressure points on the foot, which can affect your walk and, in turn, worsen knee pain.

Three Exercises To Help Lessen Knee Pain

10 Best running shoes for Knee Pain &  Bad Knees for 2020 â Women, Men

While self-massage can sometimes help lessen knee pain, Knighton says retraining a runners gait by addressing hip and core strength is much more efficient in the long term. Some doctors recommend orthotics, but research has recently proven that gait retraining exercises are more effective than the use of orthotics for those with patellofemoral pain. The following are exercises Knighton recommends.

Self-Massage: Using a foam roller, iron out the muscles above and below the knee band). Restrictions in those muscles and their surrounding fascia could be tugging on the knee in ways that disrupt patellar tracking and create pain.

Posterior Tibia Rotation: Start out by holding a stretchy band out in front of you standing on the leg with knee pain. Then, rotate away from the anchor point over your standing leg. At the same time, form an arch in the foot . As you rotate back, slowly allow the arch to move into its beginning position of a flat-footed stance. Knighton says the goal of this exercise is, to control pronation of the foot during initial contact to midstance of the running cycle.

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