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Christian Dior Walk N Dior Sneakers

Fake Walk’n’dior Sneakers: The Laces Method


Laces of White Canvas do not have the same effect as the previous model but there still are some major differences.

The letters are more square-like on the original model and much bigger than the ones shown in the right picture. The faux laces are also supposed to be thicker and wider.

Not only the laces but the toe cap is also flawed as well, as the original one is pointier while the fake one is much rounder.

Hopefully our steps are easy enough to understand and follow along. If you still have questions, we would encourage you to reach us out through our live chat and our expert team will help you in spotting fake WalknDior sneakers.

There are 4 more methods until you fully get to know how to tell if WalknDiors are fake.

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Walk’n’dior Real Vs Fake: The Heel Method

The heel might be the detail that replica factories got most accurately but there are still some differences between these pictures.

The original heel seems to be a little taller than the fake one and the letters on it are much bigger than they are shown in the right picture.

Three sections of the heel need to be symmetrical too.

There problem appears on the heel counter too As you can see, the fabric line is perfectly straight on the original model, while it goes side-ways on the fake model.

How To Authenticate Walk’n’dior: The Insole Method

There are high-quality and low-quality replicas being made every year of different brands.

In this case we have an insole of the low-quality replica compared to the original.

The authentic letters are much thinner, narrower and larger in size than the ones shown in the bottom picture.

The letters of “Paris” need to be much smaller than the signature and this detail was not taken into account at all.

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Walk’n’dior Fake Sneakers: The Insole Method

This is the last method we will be talking about for today.

As you can see, there are fewer mistakes in this case but there still are some details that need to be pointed out.

First of all, the position of the letters is wrong. The signature is supposed to be in the same spot as it is in the upper picture.

Even though the letters are pretty similar in these both cases, the fake letters need to be a little thinner than they are.

Christian Dior Biography And Important Works

Dior Unisex Walk

When Christian Dior launched his couture house, in 1946, he wanted nothing less than to make an elegant woman more beautiful and a beautiful woman more elegant. He succeeded, and in doing so the visionary designer altered the landscape of 20th century fashion.

Dior was born in Granville, on the Normandy coast, in 1905. His prosperous haute bourgeois parents wanted him to become a diplomat despite his interest in art and architecture. However, they agreed to bankroll an art gallery, which Dior opened in 1928 in Paris with a friend.

This was the start of Diors rise in the citys creative milieu, where he befriended Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau. After seven years as an art dealer, Dior retrained as a fashion illustrator, eventually landing a job as a fashion designer for Robert Piguet, and in 1941, following a year of military service, he joined the house of Lucien Lelong. Just five years later, with the backing of industrialist Marcel Boussac, the ascendant Dior established his own fashion house, at 30 avenue Montaigne in Paris.

Just two years after the end of World War II, the fashion crowd and the moribund haute couture industry were yearning, comme tout Paris, for security and prosperity, desperate to discard the drab, sexless, utilitarian garb imposed by wartime deprivation. They needed to dream anew.

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Fake Walk’n’dior: The General Look Method

We are sure you have seen this model before and it is no surprise that replica factories try to replicate them as there is a huge demand on these sneakers!

The authentic sneakers have a beige background color and the letters have a blue outline This details have been totally missed on the faux model as the background color is darker than it is supposed to be, more on the grey side than beige The same thing can be said about the grey outline of the letters that was supposed to be blue.

The letters on the original model are more defined and easier to tell them apart whereas these letters blend in with the background on the fake sneakers which gives the print a faded-out look.

Apart from the print the midsole is too tall on the fake WalknDior when it is supposed to have the same measurements as the model in the top picture.

How To Spot Fake Walk’n’dior Sneakers: The General Look Method

The White Canvas model is just as appealing as the Oblique Embroidered Cotton model.

The surface of the original model is much smoother even though there is a canvas structure to it while the fabric on the faux sneakers is too grainy, not as pale white as it is supposed to be but more on the light grey side.

Not only the fabric but also the shape is different in both of these cases The original midsole is more nicely shaped, while the fake one is just straight and thicker than it is supposed to be.

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The Silhouettes Lucky Star Pattern Pays Tribute To Monsieur Dior

The Dior womens 2022 Cruise collection is filled with surprises, with the reworked WalknDior sneakers being one of them.

The high-tops feature the Dior Étoile motif on the vamps and heels, which is an ode to Monsieur Diors signature lucky star patterns. Elsewhere, the leather uppers are available in three colorways such as tone-on-tone white, white and gold, and white and blue. Christian Dior branding can be found towards the shoes rear, with the moniker placed across translucent duotone plastic. The pair is rounded out by off-white midsoles.

The Walkn’Dior sneakers are now available on Diors website for £790 GBP .

Walk’n’dior Legit Check: The Sole Method

Dior WALK’N’DIOR SNEAKER White Cotton Canvas Unboxing! Elegant classy Dior sneakers for women!

The bottom of the shoe is not visible for the viewer while wearing it but we need to compare these two pictures as most of the time the replica factories do not take as much care while producing them.

The black star that is put on both of these pictures is put asymmetrically on the original sole and the silver outline gives it a 3D look whereas the fake star is shaped differently and does not have the same silver outline that has to be there.

Besides the star, the engraved details are inaccurate on the fake sole and it does not have the same luxurious look to it.

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How To Legit Check Walk’n’dir Sneakers: The Laces Method

The laces on the original model are much thicker and wider than the ones shown in the right picture.

The letters on them are faded out and grainy which really gives the laces a luxurious look, while the letters on the fake laces are much smaller in size and pitch black, without that faded look that the original laces have.

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