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Dress Shoes Comfortable Like Sneakers

Dress Sandals And Lace

How to Make Dress Shoes MORE Comfortable || Dress Shoe 101

From strappy heels to a low sandal, you can wear dress sandals and lace-ups to a day at the shops or while having some drinks with the girls. Elongate your legs by coupling this footwear with a summery dress, or put a girly spin on a pair of pants with these dainty heels. For formal events opt for stilettos with a ribbon that you can work up your ankle its a delicate and feminine option.

Walking Cradles Belle Slingbacks

This classic slingback includes Walking Cradles trademarked Tiny Pillows insoles, which are formed with dual-density foam to provide more bounce with each step compared to memory foam alternatives. With its pointed-toe silhouette, the style adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit and a subtle two-inch lift. Its available in a mix of widths ranging from narrow to extra wide, so even people with the widest feet can find a great fit.

Dress Socks For Standing All Day

Now that weve covered the shoes you should be wearing, what type of socks are you wearing? If youre not wearing over the calf dress socks, that could be a contributing factor to any swelling or fatigue in your feet and legs.

So what makes over the calf socks ideal for men standing in dress shoes all day? Two things:

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Why Are Mens Dress Shoes Not Comfortable

Mens dress shoes are often considerably less comfortable than casual or athletic shoes. While they rarely provide all-day walking support, there are several ways to make them substantially more comfortable. First, lets look at what makes them uncomfortable to begin with.

  • Shoe Construction – Few mens dress shoes have removable insoles. Instead, your foot rests on leather or synthetic materials without cushioning or arch support.
  • Footwear Materials – Stiffer leathers are often used for mens dress shoes. These leathers do not conform to the shape of your feet as well as softer, more casual leathers.
  • Design – Thin leather soles afford very little cushioning. Built for looks not comfort, these soles tend to be hard and slippery.
  • Fit for Business – With firmer leathers, there is little give to ease discomfort if the fit is a bit narrow or tight. The shoes must fit perfectly.

Zerogrand Laser Wing Oxford

The Most Comfortable Mens Walking Shoes for Travel

A sneaker-oxford hybrid, the Cole Haan Zero Grand takes comfort to a whole new level in every part of its design. Its made with the same kind of foam cushioning youd expect from a running shoe, a perforated leather upper for easy movement, and Comfort Fitsock technology that instantly cradles to the shape of your foot without having to be broken in.

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Standing All Day In Dress Shoes

Whilst many of us spend our eight hours sat firmly behind a desk, which isnt particularly healthy either, there are other professions that require being on your feet all day.

Catering, retail, security and education are but a few where you can find yourself standing for hours on end. Although standing and walking are indeed healthy activities, there gets to a point where it becomes too much.

In fact, prolonged standing is a major cause of disorders such as Plantar Fasciitis, which can become a chronic condition. Otherwise, you may suffer from sore and tired feet, which puts you out of action by the time you clock out.

Additionally, many of the professions where youd be required to stay on your feet may also have relatively strict dress codes. As such, youll be obliged to remain rather formal, which rules out footwear such as sneakers.

The 9 Best Sneakers That Look Like Dress Shoes

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

In my opinion, no one should ever have to compromise comfort in the name of fashion. Whether you’re commuting to work or heading out on the town, the best sneakers that look like dress shoes keep you comfortable and stylish at the same time. In order to find the ideal pair for you, you’ll want to marry the right look with the right features.

The best dressy sneakers will likely resemble a flat, a wedge, or a loafer, but it should still have all of the features that make a shoe especially comfortable this includes a nonslip sole, breathable, flexible materials, and a padded insole. Unlike your average sneaker, some won’t have laces , but some may replace the laces with buckles, straps, or zippers that way, the shoe still fits securely and is easy to put on and take off.

Almost everything else is up to your own personal preferences. Are you looking for a pair that’s more fashionable or professional? Do you prefer suede, canvas, or leather? What color will best match your work wardrobe? These nine sneakers span a wide range of styles, but they’ve all got one thing in common: They’re cute and comfortable.

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Picking A Pair Of Comfortable Shoes: A Closer Look

Now that youve got a shopping cart full of the most comfortable dress shoes for women, youll want to narrow down your picks based upon an essential component: comfort.

A survey done in 2009 showed that 87% of women suffered from shoe pain, many of which reported continuous blisters and heel pain.1 This study begs the question: why are some womens shoes still designed without proper foot care?

Unfortunately, with decades of unrealistic beauty standards in the rearview, ill-fitting shoes for women seem to be deeply rooted in history.

Shoes And Serious Foot Conditions

Sneakers Disguised As Dress Shoes by NobleSole

If you have serious foot ailments, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, then you may be interested in recent research that points to the role of shoes in helping you find comfort. According to the journal Current Opinion in Rheumatology:

Emerging research suggests that there may be a significant role for foot orthotics and footwear in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis of the hip, knee, and foot.

Surprisingly, the role of shoes and footwear has been somewhat neglected by researchers studying foot, knee, and hip conditions. Although there is good preliminary evidence that footwear can affect the progression of arthritis and other serious conditions, few studies exist that address this question directly.

Dunham Men’s Burlington Waterproof Oxford

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Should Your Shoes Match Your Dress

You can wear shoes that match your dress if you intend to wear different color accessories, for example, a cream dress and shoes with a pink purse. An all-black outfit lends itself well to shoes of any color, and with multi-colored or brightly patterned garments, it is best to choose simple shoes in neutral colors like black or white.

Dress Shoes That Are Actually Comfortable And Stylish

Published on February 25, 2022by Karlton Miko Tyack · Shoes

If youre looking for comfortable dress shoes for men, youre in the right place. Weve got the 15 best right here.

If youre looking for comfortable dress shoes for men, youre in the right place. Weve got the 15 best right here.

Out of every style of shoe, dress shoes rank at the bottom on the comfort scale. Theyre built for style, often rooted in tradition, with comfort rarely taken into account. We may not have it as bad as the ladies, but lets be real.

Those of us who suit up for work arent always just sitting at a desk all day. We might be running from meeting to meeting, sometimes on marble or concrete, or stomping around town to get to clients. Formal occasions like weddings often call for standing or dancing.

For you fellows whod rather not suffer for fashion, weve rounded up the 15 most comfortable dress shoes for men. From clever hybrid footwear to well-padded dress shoes, weve got a range here for smart casual and formal situations.

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Nike Blazer Low 77 Vintage


The famous Nike Blazer sneakers may be pushing the limits of what can be considered dress sneakers, but as more workplaces adopt looser and more casual dress codes, we think these white sneakers will be work-appropriate for the vast majority of guys. We featured the high-top version of these shoes in our guide to the best white sneakers of the year, but the low top version is actually better for the office. If your Nike Killshot 2 leather sneakers need to be replaced, trade them in for these classic Blazer sneakers. Theyll pair perfectly with jeans, chinos and slacks.

Style Vs Comfortfinding A Balance

NobleSole Dress Shoe Sneakers » Gadget Flow

The shoes here are for dressy or semi-formal occasionsbasically office work shoes. My other articles feature running and walking shoes that are highly rated for foot and knee comfort. I have also included my own personal experience with foot-friendly dress shoes, with an eye on both comfort and looking sharp and stylish.

Be aware that not all comfortable mens dress shoes qualify as stylish, so this article excludes some good candidates simply because they dont meet my standards of acceptable mens fashion. Maybe my standards are higher than yours, but in any case, a pair of shoes has to earn the approval of my internal fashion police before Ill list it here.

For older men, in which group yours truly happily includes himself, comfortable shoes that look stylish are often less of an option and more of a necessity. We’re caught between needing to look our age with classy footwear and needing to find shoes that feel good on aging heels and arches.

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Johnston & Murphy Xc4 ‘prentiss’ Plain Toe Shoe

While these shoes are sure to provide a sense of style to any ensemble, their real draw is the fact that they can withstand any type of weather. The upper is constructed with soft, waterproof leather and the sole is made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane, while memory foam cushioning in the footbed offers arch support.

To buy: , from $130

Everlane The Day Heels

Theres a reason Everlanes Day Heel has earned a cult following. Available with either a smooth leather or suede upper, the design features a sturdy two-inch block heel for an appropriate lift with a ballet flat-inspired silhouette that sits comfortably on the foot. The elasticized heel stretches to fit every shape as a rounded toe follows the natural curves of the foot to reduce pinching at the toe, making these a great option for women with wider feet. People with wide feet should avoid pairs with narrow, pointy or a stiff toe box, Dr. Sutera says. Look for wide, round, soft and mesh styles to help ensure theres enough room for wider feet.

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What Are The Most Comfortable Women’s Dress Shoes

There is nothing more important than a pair of shoes that fit, and comfort should be your priority so you can successfully focus on the task at hand and not your aching feet. If you are not a fan of high heels, don’t force yourself into them. A few options for women’s dress shoes include mules with a heel, heels with an ankle strap, a pair of classic pumps, or pretty slides, all of which are classic and chic.

Shop The New Free People Movement X Hoka Footwear Collab For Summer 2022

Maratown, the world’s most comfortable dress shoes – LIVE on Kickstarter

Be it all white, platformed and bright, or even a bit scuffed up, dressing well spans from head to toe and sneakers are a big part of kicking your fashion game up a notch.

While you most certainly need a pair of good workout shoes in your closet, as well, fashionable sneakers are a must-have and are now trendier than ever to pair with basic jeans, shorts, skirts and even formal dresses for a laid-back but styled outfit.

Your best bet is having a few pairs lined up, including basics like white and black, and then a few statement sneakers that show off your own personal style. Not only are bright and fun shoes on-trend, but when paired with a typical quarantine outfit of loungewear and a tee, they automatically elevate into a purposeful and practical athleisure look.

Scroll below for some of our picks of the best kicks for 2022, ranging from neutral to a bit chaotic but always fashion-forward.

Look and feel fresh in your new white sneakers from New Balance.

These all-white running shoes will take you places, be it the track for a good sprint or on a casual day in the city. The shoes are also conveniently slip-on, so no need to bother with loose laces or ties when gearing up to go out.

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Allen Edmonds Strand Oxford Mens Dress Sneakers


We have Allen Edmonds on here twice, because they really get what guys need when theyre on the hunt for a mens dress shoe or mens dress sneakers. Weve previously named the suede version of these shoes one of the best sneakers for winter, but for the summer, were feeling the classic leather version of these popular shoes. Allen Edmonds based this sneaker on their dress shoe of the same name. Theyre Oxford dress shoes with the soul of sneakers.

Nisolo Lightweight Flex Derby

Three times lighter than the average shoe, folds down flat for packing, and has a fancy derby designNisolos Lightweight Flex Derby is pretty much the perfect mens dress shoe for travel.

Despite the travel-friendly design, the Derby still packs in plenty of comfort features, including cushioned insoles, a waterproof upper, and antimicrobial insoles and outsoles.

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Sabah Womens Great Jones Shoes

The second you get your feet in a pair of Sabahs, youll understand why people love them so much. Each pair is handmade with exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship with the softest Turkish leather. Once you break them in, these modern-casual dress shoes will feel custom-made to your foot.

What Are Comfortable Men’s Dress Shoes Brands

The formal shoes that feel like trainers

If you’re looking for new comfortable dress shoes, you’re in luck as there are several brands out there that built in more comfort. Consider shopping for shoes from these makers for the style you need combined with the comfort you want.

  • Allen Edmonds – Allen Edmonds makes a collection of quality dress shoes that have removable insoles and lightweight cushion outsoles. The outsoles are not so thick that they detract from the traditional look of the shoes. The material in the outsoles will not wear particularly well, but it will be more comfortable than any leather-soled shoe. These shoes are re-craftable for a good value. Made in the USA.
  • Neil M – Neil Munro has been making shoes in the U.S. for decades. The Neil M line features a thin layer of polyurethane foam inside to increase comfort. Most styles have removable insoles some have rubber soles. Another advantage of Neil M is the huge array of sizes offered. The shoes are top quality.
  • EccoEcco dress shoes for menfeature the same direct-attach construction as the rest of their shoes, creating a flexible shoe with a soft polyurethane outsole that is very comfortable. The shoes have removable insoles and a second layer that helps dial in the fit. Expect mid-range pricing and European sizing. The disadvantage of Ecco is that the direct-attach construction cannot be resoled.
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    Dress Shoe Features For Standing All Day

    Shoe brands have learned to change with the times and are now catering more towards ergonomics. Once a shoe that was associated with rigidity, many now feature characteristics reminiscent of athletic shoes.

    From PU footbeds to EVA midsoles, were beginning to see a revolution in modern footwear where the traditional dress shoe is easier to wear.

    However, whilst cheap dress shoes tend to skimp on quality, which can make them quite uncomfortable, the traditional construction of premium footwear can actually be quite soothing too. Nevertheless, here are a few modern features that the best dress shoes for standing tend to feature:

    Dress Shoes For Women On Their Feet All Day

    Running from place to place doesnt have to be a pain, thanks to these shoes. Ballerina flats or low heel pumps or booties will keep your feet protected and in style choose from a variety of designs to complement your outfit. If youre opting for height, choose a pair of chunky heels that secure your balance and prevent the chance of you slipping. For extra comfort, try a supportive insole youll be on your feet with ease all day.

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    Foot Pain And Dress Shoes

    Those of us with sore feet and a desire to look good can find it hard to shop for shoes since good-looking ones can leave us barely able to walk and “therapeutic” shoes make us look like we’re on the run from the old folks home.

    I put together this guide to stylish-yet-comfortable shoes for men like me who have a few aches and pains in heels, arches, and ankles, but still want to look like we care about our appearance. All of the pairs here have high ratings for comfort and foot supports, and are also good-looking and, in some cases, truly fashion-forward.

    Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.

    Bill Cunningham

    Best For Arch Support: Vionic Shane Oxford

    Carmina: Is It Worth It? (Men’s Luxury Dress Shoe Review)

    These water-repellant Oxfords by Vionic were specially designed by a podiatrist to provide ultimate comfort and orthopedic support. The shoes have removable leather-covered footbeds that mold to your foot’s natural curves and help provide ample arch support. For added traction, each shoe boasts a durable rubber outsole.

    Sizes: 7 to 13 | Material: Leather, rubber

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