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Merrell Men’s Waterproof Sneakers

Waterproof Shoes And Boots

Merrell Moab Adventure Chelsea Polar Waterproof SKU: 9254960

Waterproof shoes are essential equipment for any wet-weather adventurer. Merrell waterproof footwear is sealed from the elements so you don’t have to come inside when the clouds open up. Stay out and stay dry in rain proof shoes fitted with GORE-TEX® or M-Select DRY waterproof technology that is engineered to keep water out while retaining breathability.

Our waterproof shoes, boots, and sneakers come ready for wet surfaces, with traction outsoles that keep you stable while you climb over slippery rocks or forge through forest streams. If you like long wooded walks or rugged mountain climbs, browse our selection of waterproof hiking boots to find the perfect fit that can adapt to any weather you encounter on the trail.

With styles ranging from tall to low-ankle height and featuring a variety of insulation options to match any climate on the spectrum, you’re sure to find a suitable pair of waterproof shoes for your favorite outdoor activities. If you want a lighter-weight and more stylish water-resistant option for urban adventures or your office commute, try a pair of waterproof sneakers or a simple waterproof Moc made with moisture wicking M-Select DRY tech. Whatever water your daily routine throws at you, stay safe with waterproof shoes from Merrell.

Merrell Mens Mqm Ace Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

  • Select Size to see the return policy for the item
  • M Select DRY impermeable membrane seals out water and lets moisture escape
  • Engineered mesh and TPU upper
  • Hook and lace-to-toe lacing for secure fit
  • Floating Hypercage for lightweight support
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Merrell Air Cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability

You Want To Try A Different Style

Just about everything in your shoe collection is similar in style. While thats fine, dont you think some variation in color and design would be a good thing? Take a look at the Merrell shoes offered this season and seriously consider something thats appropriate but a little different from the footwear you already own. Even a little change like a square rather than a rounded toe coupled with a different colour or shade will be good.

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Toe And Foot Protection

One of the benefits in opting for a hiking shoe over a lightweight trail runner or standard sneaker is added foot protection. The Moab 3 boasts a raised rubber toe cap right at the front, which does a nice job taking the sting out of any direct hits to rocks, and reinforcements along the side of the toes also help isolate you from impacts. Its true you can get even more toe protection with a full rubber caplike what you get with KEENs Targhee collectionbut the difference is relatively minor. And its a similar story with the rest of the shoe: The Moabs thick cushioning used throughout the upper material, at the heel, and underfoot offer good all-around protection for most on-trail uses.

Waterproof Boots & Shoes For Men


Men’s waterproof boots by Merrell let you outperform the storm. Whether you are a serious hiker, a trail runner or just love taking walks outdoors, you need to keep your feet dry to keep moving in wet weather. Damp feet can be very uncomfortable, and in some cases even dangerous. Don’t risk your most valuable assets on the trail by wearing shoes without optimal protection. Shop Merrell’s expansive selection of waterproof shoes for men to get the perfect amount of rain, snow and weather defense for all your wet-weather adventures. Take advantage of our exclusive M-Select DRY and M-Select WICK technologies, breathable GORE-TEX® membranes and advanced traction outsoles to create a barrier against moisture while enjoying exceptional ventilation and stability. Running across rivers and streams or hiking during spring and winter storms can be a fun and exciting challenge. Ensure that the challenge is safe by keeping moisture away from your feet in Merrell men’s waterproof boots and shoes, designed to deliver comfortable performance regardless of damp or snowy conditions. We even offer men’s waterproof snow boots, featuring M-Select WARM insulated uppers that let moisture out while keeping body heat in. Don’t put reaching your summit at risk by wearing footwear that’s not designed to withstand the rigors of weather. Shop our M-Select DRY collection of waterproof shoes for men and enjoy the trails come rain or shine!

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Shoes For Sports Comfort And More

Merrell shoes for women include sandals, running, shoes, and even flip-flops, providing you with a range of different options depending on your footwear needs. Merrell mens shoes provide a similarly wide range of options, giving the men everything from sandals to sneakers to choose from. All of the shoes are designed for maximum comfort and utility. They include antimicrobial agents that help reduce odor, which is especially useful if you plan to exercise in these shoes. Soft foam footbeds on most of the shoes provide support and cushioning throughout the day.

Merrell womens shoes and mens shoes are ideal for any sort of active lifestyle. Whether you are looking for something casual for a trip to the beach or a rugged shoe that can withstand many workouts, there are dozens of options available to you at reasonable prices.

Hiking boots may have been where Merrell started in 1981, but theres a lot more to their line today. Youll find comfortable sandals and other types of footwear just waiting for your consideration. Walking on a Cloud carries a full line of Merrell footwear that you will find perfect for your needs.

Look near and far and you will see that we offer some of the best pricing available. Customers in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto can tell you all about the level of support and care we provide for each sale. If you happen to live in Calgary or Vancouver, well make sure the shoes are shipped promptly and securely.

You Need a New Pair of Merrell Shoes Today!

You Need Something For An Upcoming Event

Theres an event or activity coming up and you literally have no shoes that are right for the occasion. Certainly there will never be a better time to buy a new pair of Merrell shoes that will be just right. Since Merrill has so many styles of women and men, it wont be hard to find exactly what you need.

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Other Versions Of The Merrell Moab 3

Given the popularity of Merrells Moab collection, its not too surprising that the latest Moab 3 comes in several variations depending on your preferences and objectives. In addition to the standard non-waterproof shoe tested here, the low-top offerings also comprise a waterproof variation with Merrells in-house membrane for $135, as well as an upgraded version with Gore-Tex for $155. If you prefer the added stability of an over-the-ankle design, there are a number of boot options to consider, including the non-waterproof Moab 3 Mid and two waterproof variations . All of the aforementioned designs are sold in both men’s and women’s options with varying colorways. Rounding out the collection are a few Prime versions with full-grain leather uppers for men , as well as lighter-weight synthetic Edge models.

Youre Wearing The Same Pair Day In And Day Out

Merrell Mens Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Boot Review ( 1 full year of use)

Conventional wisdom holds that it makes sense to rotate the shoes you wear from day to day. Doing so makes it easier to minimize the wear on any one pair of shoes. The result is that they remain in good shape and you can keep them longer.

Unfortunately, youve gotten into the habit of wearing the same shoes every day. Now is the time to invest in one or more pairs of Merrell shoes and add them to the rotation. Along with enjoying more variety, you will find it easier to keep all your footwear in better condition.

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What Sets Merrell Shoes Apart

Merrell shoes for men and women both have certain elements in common that give them a reputation for high quality and extreme comfort. All of these shoes use Vibram technology in their soles, which provide more comfort and a better grip for slip resistance. The shoes also use Opti-Shell technology for waterproofing and Aeroblock and Opti-Warm to help keep the feet warm even on cold winter days. Together, these technologies work in tandem to create an all-weather shoe that is perfect for almost any use.

Build Quality And Durability

A hallmark of the Moab collection has been its impressive build quality for the price, and the latest third-generation model carries the torch. Considering this is a $110 hiking shoe, the pig suede leather and mesh upper have an impressively premium look and feel, and the soft cushioning throughout feels reminiscent of a pricier design. For reference, many of the Moabs direct competitors are more expensive, including the KEEN Targhee Vent and Oboz Sawtooth X .

In terms of durability, its still a little too early to make a definitive call, but all signs have been positive thus far. The upper is holding up well, and Merrell did a nice job strategically placing the sections of open-weave mesh to minimize issues with tearing or trail damage. The same goes for the lining along the interior and Vibram rubber outsole, both of which are in good shape with no issues to date. Ill report back here if anything changes as I continue to use the low-top shoe and boot variations of the Merrell Moab 3, but I expect they will all have a healthy lifespan.

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Quality Mens Hiking Boots And Shoes For Any Adventure

From day trips to backpacking treks, Merrell has all the mens hiking footwear you need to outfit your next excursion. Choose from a wide selection of benefits for your hiking boots or shoes, including strong traction, ventilated, insulated, and waterproof hiking boots. Our lightweight hiking shoes like the Verterra collection are designed for those fast hikers who want to conquer miles and peaks quickly in agile, responsive hiking shoes and hiking boots for men that fits like a sneaker. Or set out on a longer expedition with Merrell hiking boots and shoes designed with the durability and ankle support needed for backpacking trips. Browse our entire collection of hiking boots and shoes for men to find the right footwear for your adventure.

Youre In The Mood For A New Pair Of Shoes


The bottom line is you want a new pair of shoes. Thats the only reason you really need. Theres something about having new shoes to pair with some of your current outfits that makes them seem newer themselves. The fact that those new Merrell shoes are also so comfortable to wear will make it all the easier to be happy with the purchase.

There is no better place to find Merrell shoes than Walking on a Cloud. Spend some time today checking out the latest styles and colours. It wont take long to find one and maybe even two pair that need to be part of your collection.

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Some Of Your Shoes Have Seen Better Days

As you look through your shoe collection, its obvious that some pairs are not worth keeping. They were great in years past, but they are simply too worn to keep. Now is the perfect time to get rid of the footwear you will never wear again and invest in a new pair of Merrell shoes. While youre at it, why not treat yourself to two pair?

What We Like

  • All-day comfort is excellent: The Moab has plush padding throughout, provides great isolation from the trail, and offers a smooth ride with good flex at the forefoot.
  • Impressively well built for the price, including a premium suede and mesh upper and excellent cushioning that feel reminiscent of pricier designs.
  • Airy build with strategically placed open-weave mesh panels does a great job maximizing airflow on particularly hot days.
  • The fit should make most hikers happy: The lacing system is reliable and secure, and the heel and toe box are roomy enough to be comfortable without feeling sloppy.

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What We Dont

  • Heavier than most hiking shoes and far less nimble than many modern trail runner-inspired designs.
  • Low collar and mildly flexible build arent a great match for carrying a heavy pack over long distances.
  • Despite tweaking the outsole shape and incorporating a new rubber compound, the Moab 3 still lacks the bite needed for rocky and technical approaches .

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