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Most Supportive Sneakers For Nurses

Price And Where To Buy

Most Comfortable Shoes For Nurses, Doctors, and Healthcare Professionals

User reviews:4.8/5.0

The Womens Clove Shoe is a nursing shoe that combines fashion and function. They are easy to slip on, easy to clean, and comfortable.These shoes were designed to be supportive and comfortable all day and night, practically made for those long shifts at the hospital.

The Womens Clove Shoes have fluid repellant laces and uppers that can be cleaned with wipes on the go at work or to be put in the wash at home. They are made from Clarino, which keeps them looking new and lasting longer.These sneakers feature rubber soles that are sturdy and steady enough to keep you balanced. They also feature high-performance Ortholite inserts that help fight bacteria and bad odors.

Materials: Clarino, neoprene ankle sock | Sizes Available: 5-12.5 | Width: Medium | Arch Support: Some arch support

Nike Womens Tanjun Running Shoes

Nurses seeking perfect support for running must buy this pair. They give a high level of flexibility and durability during working hours with perfect foot support. They provide maximum cushioning and let you more energize during a noble job.

Its standard color scheme and fine size selection make it a top choice for health workers. You can wear them in different outfits which means putting them up from home and at the clinic has the same choice. The upper making of this Nike footwear for nurses is super light. Literally, feel air inside through holes in the material.

Best Shoes For Nurses Bottomline

Hopefully after going through this nurse shoe list, you found a sneaker, slip-on, or clog that fits your needs! If youre still undecided, then you cant go wrong with the Dansko XP 2.0 Clog. Easy-to-clean leather upper, slip-proof rubber sole, and available in wide sizes, these are some of the best clogs for nurses yet.

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What To Look For In The Best Nursing Shoes

There are some features of a good nursing shoe that help you decide if the shoe is right for you:

  • Durability the upper should be well constructed and be able to take some abuse. Shoes that are poorly stitched or have an excessive amount of stitching can come apart after some wear and soles with rubber inserts can separate over time if the shoe is not flexible enough.
  • Insole a removable insole can be important to make sure you are getting enough support for your foot and back. Also, a removable insole can be cleaned or replaced as needed. If you need additional support and your insole is not removable, then the shoe may not have enough room inside for an additional insole.

Being sure the insole has enough arch support is also important as not all nursing shoes come with insoles like clogs that are single piece of material. It is important to be sure these shoes have enough support for each individual so make sure you check how your own feet feel with the arches and insoles.

  • Fatigue-reducing sole a heel on your sole is actually quite helpful when standing for long periods of time as it helps to keep your feet and your back aligned properly for good posture. This enables you to stay on your feet for longer periods of time. A good rocker sole helps when standing for long periods as it enables you to move the pressure on your feet from your heel to the ball of your foot and back to your heel without a lot of resistance to help keep fatigue away.

Skechers Sport Womens Elite Glam Synergy

Most Comfortable Nursing Work Shoes
  • Open back design

One of the greatest nursing sneakers of all white nursing sneakers, this one is made with all the perfection in it. It has a unique design which made it one of the most popular sneakers for nurses.

It has an open backside which helps the nurses to wear it and put it off easily when they need it. This sneaker is one of the most comfortable ones as it has a leather construction in it. The leather also made this sneaker very strong and durable.

For walking without any risk, this sneaker has a rubber sole that ensures a perfect grip on any kind of surface. The non-marking outsole gives a relaxed walking experience.

To work for a long time in hospitals, this sneaker has a thick foam footbed. Another great thing is this sneaker has very lightweight which enables the nurses to take footsteps freely and comfortably. Some nurses say that this sneaker doesnt give arch support as good as the other sneakers of Skechers.

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Brooks Ghost 13 Sneakers

  • Not enough arch support for some

When youre dealing with all of the responsibilities of being a nurse, you want a shoe that can withstand the rigors of a marathon, Dr. Langone says. Brooks is known for its quality running shoes, and Ghosts are no exception. Theyre described in terms typically reserved for luxury cars: plush, with a smooth ride. Tons of supportive cushioning and a secure fit ensure that youll stay comfy throughout your shift, too.

I stand on a concrete floor every day for eight hours, says an Amazon shopper who used to experience intense pain in their back and feet after working. Brooks is the first shoe I have kept and used for work and has consistently good performance results.

4. Naturalizer Marianne Loafers

  • Not much arch support

With three different width options, Naturalizers super-comfy shoes are designed for people who need to be on their feet all day. This pair features a contoured, dual-dense footbed that provides plenty of support to the arches and heels, plus a cooling lining to keep your feet dry.

These shoes are fantastic! I work in a clinic standing all day, but wear business casual, a reviewer explains. I need to be able to squat and kneel often during the day. I also have relatively flat feet and the shoes are very well cushioned and supportive. They are also very on trend at the moment!

Best Shoes For Nurses 30+ Shoes Tested In 2022

Nurses are on their feet all day long. And without a proper pair of shoes, the feet and legs can feel strained.

Support and comfort are the key elements of a great nurses shoe. However, there is a wide array of models that do just that. To help you, we have trimmed it down to the best shoes from five different categories.

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Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe

Best Running Sneakers

Product Overview

You need a sneaker that can survive the rigors of a marathon when youre handling all of the duties of being a nurse.

The Brooks Ghost is no different from the other high-quality Brooks shoes. They are noted as being plush and having a smooth feel. Youll stay comfortable during your shift thanks to plenty of padding and a snug and supportive fit.


Product Overview

The gel technology in the heel area and the EVA midsole provide simple comfort if you frequently have sore arches, or experience heel pain after working long shifts. These ASICS shoes are accompanied by an Ortholite sock liner, which adds another layer of comfort underfoot and is perfect for nurses with flat feet.


  • It has gel bolstering technology
  • The sock liner is made from Ortholite
  • Great fit with compression socks


  • The shoe is small in size

Keds Womens Spirit Leather

Nurses shoe review, the most comfortable shoes to stand for 24 hours shift.

A very simple looking but effective nursing shoe for the women to wear during nursing. Nurses can wear this shoe for a long time without any tension as it has lace up panel on the upper part to attach this shoe with the feet tightly.

Its soft leather gives both long lasting quality and comfort to the nurses. This leather also saves the shoe from the water.

There is mesh covered padding at the tongue and at the collar. The mesh of this sneaker keeps the inside of the shoe cool. It has a curved bicycle toe and the perforated design made it one of the best sneakers for nurses to wear.

You can choose any one of the 3 different colors of it. MivroStretch technology makes the construction of this sneaker advanced than the other sneakers. There is no cushioning support in this sneaker.

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Best Shoes For Nurses In 2022

Personal Finance / Best Shoes for Nurses

Nursing is a physically demanding role, requiring lifting, prolonged standing, walking, and sometimes running in short, nurses are on their feet the majority of their shifts. Understanding the approach to selecting the right footwear can impact and potentially prevent injury, particularly from overuse.

Foot mechanics and positioning varies, meaning choosing the right shoe is up to the individual. However, there are some suggestions that will indicate if the shoe is the right fit.

In this article:

New Balance Fresh Foam 880v10

Many Amazon reviewers note that this shoe fits well on the first wear, which is a good sign that these purchasers found the right fit for them. With a firm and higher inner sole than most, this shoe appears to be a good fit for someone with higher arches or who needs a more supportive insole. This shoe costs $130 and appears to be a good investment for daily running or walking.

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Skechers Sport Womens Loving Life

  • Attractive design

A gorgeous looking sneaker for women who are dedicated to nursing patients. The black color fits well with this shoe. But there are other colors too. This sneaker has high-quality rubber to make its sole to provide maximum safety.

On any kind of surface, this sole is ready to get a sufficient grip. These nurse sneakers have a breathable mesh with bungee laces for the desired comfort for the nurses.

The upper part is made with Synthetic and fabric to make it comfortable for nurses. The insole of this sneaker has memory foam which helps the nurses to stand or walk for a long time in the hospital.

The outsole is very flexible and thats why this sneaker lasts long even it is curved. The only drawback is it does not slip-free.

Brooks Womens Levitate 2

Creative Nursing Shoes

Levitate 2 shoes have been said to be the most cushioned and bounciest neutral running footwear available in the market today. The Brooks womens Levitate 2 lives up to these features as it offers plenty of cushioning and flexibility, which makes it one of the best running shoes for nurses on feet all day.

  • DNA AMP midsole for impressive cushioning and shock absorption
  • Adjustable fit knit upper for supreme comfort
  • Lace-up closure that allows for a snug fit

The Brooks Womens Levitate 2 Running Shoe comes with an adjustable fit knit upper a feature that distinguishes it from other running shoes in its price range. The stretchy fit knit upper comprises a heel wrap as well as an Achilles guard that will help keep your Achilles tendon from becoming inflamed. Inflammation of the Achilles tendon can occur as a result of repetitive running and walking. Aside from its protective function, the collar wrap provides a lustrous and trendy appearance that is not available in several other running footwears.

The footwear has mid to high arch support, which means it is perfect for individuals who have tendon issues within the foot such as plantar fasciitis. The shoes upper is attached to a sturdy crystal rubber outsole that delivers fantastic traction, high durability, plus plenty of flex adding more support to every stride. The Womens Levitate 2 has a lace-up closure that assures you a secure fit and its DNA AMP midsole ensures you enjoy a bouncy walk and cushy feel.

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Timberland Pro Renova Professional Womens Shoes

Best Shoes for Nurses with High Arches

  • Womens sizes: 5.5 to 11
  • Colors: Black and chestnut
  • Special features: Ample arch support, available in normal and wide widths

Another perfect nursing basic, Timberlands Pro Renova Professional stands out due to its ample arch support, helping feet achieve the ideal anatomical neutral position. It also offers complete structural support while being lightweight and plenty of shock absorption to relieve foot fatigue. After 13 hours of wear, one Amazon reviewer was shocked by how comfortable they were compared to their previous pair of shoes. By the end of the day and night, my legs were not sore, my feet were not hurting and my lower back was not aching, they write.

Dansko Professional Womens Clogs

Best Slip-On Nursing Shoes

  • Womens sizes: 4.5 to 13, medium and wide
  • Mens sizes: 105 to 15, medium and wide
  • Colors: Multiple options
  • Special features: Shock absorbing outsole, easy-to-clean leather upper, incredibly durable

Dansko shoes are very popular among healthcare and food service professionals. They provide heel support, which takes pressure off the achilles tendon, explains Sean Peden, MD, Yale Medicine foot and ankle surgeon and assistant professor of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation at Yale School of Medicine, adding that a tight achilles is the main cause of plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis. In my opinion, these are very sturdy shoes that also protect the feet well, both from injury from above and the bottom he says. Dansko Professional Clogs feature a leather upper that provides needed structure for your feet and can easily be wiped clean with soap and water to remove a days worth of work germs. The inner frame combats pronation and keeps feet in the ideal position to avoid pain that can stem from standing all day. The outsole absorbs shock but has some flexibility. Reviewers note their comfort, saying they never had the problem of breaking them in, meaning no blisters, rubbing, or any type of discomfort.

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Skechers Work Sure Track Trickel Shoe

Skechers Work Sure Track Trickel Shoe offers stability and reliability to those who operate in high-volume work settings. As youd expect from a high-quality shoe, it provides a balance of protection, comfort, support, and traction.

Externally Skechers work shoe features an easy-to-clean leather upper with ventilated lining. It allows the sneaker to offer full foot coverage while preserving healthy airflow.

Attached to the leather uppers heel is a convenient pull tab that helps nurses easily slide their feet into the shoe.

The shoe interior comprises a soft fabric lining that helps soothe and comfort the foot. In addition, its moisture-wicking properties minimize unwanted wetness and provide a bit of odor control.

The interior also provides a plush tongue, padded color, and memory foam insole. In addition, it enables users to replace their footbed with an aftermarket orthotic insole.

Beyond the footbed lays a shock-absorbing midsole thats dense but flexible, providing excellent protection against hard floors. Finally, the bottom of the work shoe features a slip-resistant nitrile rubber outsole.

The outsole has been tested with ASTM F1677-96 Mark II standards to ensure adequate traction on wet and oily floors.

Skechers Work Sure Track Trickel Shoe is an excellent option for nurses in busy environments where hazards and hard floors are commonplace.

Sticky Cute Nursing Shoes

Most Comfortable Shoes for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals ???

Made from a thermoplastic, these nursing shoes are water resistant to ensure you keep your feet away from damp and messy situations. They are a low cut slip-on shoe with a full-heeled back to keep your feet where they are supposed to be no matter the patient or conditions.

A large heel and front foot area of the sole are covered in an anti-slip rubber in an effort to keep your feet secure and the footbed is made with a highly absorbent material to help keep moisture away from your feet all day.

As these shoes are made specifically for nursing, they have a small exclusive pin that is only available on their healthcare line.


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Skechers D’lites Memory Foam Sneakers


These Skechers sneakers garner high praise from service workers for their comfort and durability during long workdays. Theyre also lightweight with unique air-cooled memory foam comfort insoles and non-slip flexible traction outsoles, which keep your feet glued to the floor through spills. And, they come with a shock-absorbing midsole, meaning your feet will feel like theyre floating all day long.

I recently had surgery on my foot and was told that I needed to transition to wearing an orthopedic shoe for three months, wrote one Amazon customer. In my quest for an alternative, I came across this shoe. It’s very lightweight and has great arch support with air-cooled memory foam. YAY, no sweaty feet!! It also has a very sturdy sole. I showed them to my podiatrist and she approved. On my next visit, she was wearing a pair. I am in these shoes every day and they fit and feel great. I will be buying another pair in a different color.

Price And Customer Reviews

Interested in buying these shoes?

It will cost you around $79.99 $159.99 to own a pair of these shoes. But considering the features and the health benefits you get, its such a reasonable amount.

Many customers have applauded the comfort and functionality that comes with the Reebok ZigWild TR 2 shoes. You should check them out and give us your opinion.

These shoes are lightweight allowing you to walk for long hours without tiring your feet. They are also highly breathable, allowing you to wear them for long hours without sweating your feet.

The excellent quality makes them ideal for nurses who go for extended shifts. The advanced ACTEVA midsole technology and cushioning system are some of the best features that come with the New Balanced Womens Cushioning Trail Running Shoe.

The sturdy grip on the outsole allows nurses to walk on newly cleaned and slippery floors without much fear and struggle. They are also an excellent choice for nurses with wide feet and high arches.

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