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Pawn Shops That Buy Sneakers

What Does A Pawn Shop Want To Buy

Sneaker Pawn: Teenage Entrepreneur Opens First Sport Shoe Pawn Shop

A pawn shop makes a profit by selling items and also by loaning money against items and getting it back with interest.

This means the items they are most interested in buying are those they know will be easy to sell.

Power tools in good working order by known brands like DeWalt, Bosch and Milwaukee, can be sold to pawn shops.

Circular saws and power drills are always in demand. Builders and contractors often sell tools to pawn shops, and other contractors, mechanics and DIY enthusiasts will buy them.

High-quality hand tools like socket sets and wrenches can also be sold.

You can sell TVs, computers, laptops and printers, but nothing more than a few years old. Games consoles like Xbox, Wii and PlayStation will sell, as long as they work fine.

Jewelry is one of the most popular items in pawn stores and one of their biggest sellers.

Someone might want to pawn a valuable ring, watch, necklace or other item, and either get a loan on it or a lump sum payment.

Gold is worth much more than silver, of course.

Watches are not interesting to a pawn store owner unless they are authentic and a brand name. Piaget, Rolex, Breitling, Cartier and Chanel are some examples of brand name watches which a pawn shop might be interested in.

Collectible currency and coins like half dollars, silver dollars, rare paper money and American eagles might also interest a pawn shop dealer.

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Put Cash In Your Pocket Today By Pawning Your Jordans

When most people think of property they could pawn for cash, jewelry and electronics like flat screen TVs and Blu-Ray players are usually the first things that come to mind. Apparel items like shoes are rarely considered.

Thats a big mistake, as some designer sneakers like Nike Jordans can fetch great prices at the pawn shop. Think about it. The average price of a pair of Jordans is between $160 and $180, and the price of some of the rarer Jordans is even higher. Even if you can only get about a third of their sale price by pawning them, thats still $40 to $60 in your pocket. For some of the rare versions of the popular sneaker, you might even get $100 or more.

You cant just show up at your local pawn shop with any old busted-up pair of sneakers, however. If youre planning on pawning your Jordans, they need to be clean and in good shape. The better the condition theyre in, the more likely it is that youll get a good price for them.

If parting with your beloved Jordans is a tough pill to swallow, remember that you can always redeem them from the pawn shop within the time window of your pawn agreement. Fast cast pawn shop owners are always happy to return goods for clients who redeem them, as it puts money in their pocket faster than waiting on the items to sell.

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Pawn Shops That Buy Designer Shoes

From Louboutins to Air Jordans, designer shoes are a highly sought after item by stylish mavens and fashion collectors alike. Whether your closet is full of designer shoes collecting dust or youve inherited a pair of rare sneakers youll never wear, you could make a substantial amount by pawning them.

You Probably Wont Even Give Me Top Dollar Without The Box Theyre In

Sneaker Pawn

Again, SOME truth to that. If you have the original package, it helps in authentication and preservation of the shoes. Its not the deal-breaker though. The SHOES are the deal-breaker. If we can recognize them upon eye-contact, then we can quickly assess the value of the sneakers. The Box is a perk in that it helps us maintain the sneakers while the pawn loan from them is in effect.

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Sneaker Pawn E 125th St New York Ny 10035

  • This is a placeholder

  • 4.6 Miles

  • Came here today after an appointment just to look around and man… I walked out here with two shopping bags… sad part is, I’m not surprised lol Much more spacious then the union more

  • $50 for $75 Deal

  • 13.3 Miles

  • Men’s custom made suits and tuxedos for all formal occasions. Tailor fit to your body, with on site alterations. You can find a wide selection imported goods including slim fit, more

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    Sell Sneakers For Cash ~ Buyers ~

    Designer Sneakers and ShoesWe also buy new and gently used designer sneakers. Louis Vuitton, Balenziaga, Maison Marginal, Gucci, and much more. Stop by if your in NYC. We pay cash on the spot

    Get Cash on the Spot!Highest Prices Paid! Guaranteed!In and Out in 5 Minutes!Zero Risk!

    Sell Sneakers For Cash ~ Buyers Sell Sneakers For Cash New or Used Sneakers and Shoes Sell Sneaker For Cash- BUYERS Call or Text:We Buy Used & New Sneaker – Shoes Get Cash on the Spot!*We Offer Legit Checks*

    Sell Sneakers For Cash ~ Buyers Sell Sneakers For Cash New or Used Sneakers and Shoes Sell Sneaker For Cash- BUYERS Call or Text:We Buy Used & New Sneaker – Shoes Get Cash on the Spot!*We Offer Legit Checks*

    Sell your designer sneakers and shoes for cash here!We buy Yeezys, Gucci, Dior, Jordans, Balenciaga, Nike etc. Get cash for your sneakers faster!

    We buy sell used new Yeezys, Jordans, Balenciaga, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, Supreme and Many More.

    Sell Sneakers For Cash in New York CityWe buy Yeezys, Jordans, Off-White, Gucci, Balenciaga, Supreme, Dior, Gucci and more. One Pair or an entire collection we are equipped to buy them all. We even have our own transportation to help out. Call today. 19176088939

    Pawn Shops That Buy Gold Near Me

    Pawning Stolen Travis Scott Jordans!
    • Dapatkan link

    Pawn Shops That Buy Gold Near Me. Pb pawn & jewelry is known as the best pawn shop in san diego. 1st united pawn & loan carries a wide variety of precious metals at our various retail locations.

    It is all about helping youwhether you are in need of cash or just looking to save some cash on the item you needwe are here for you !!! Whether you are looking to buy coins, precious gems, and other metals, or looking to sell, you have a number of options. Each of these businesses is local, ready to do business with you, and eager for your business.


    We are here for your money needs. Stop by our pawn shops in west jordan, and lindon.


    Find local ceres pawn shops. Because tempe pawn & gold is not only the pawn shop near me, we are the pawn shop that puts the most cash in your hands for your valuables!


    Each of these businesses is local, ready to do business with you, and eager for your business. Whether you are looking to buy coins, precious gems, and other metals, or looking to sell, you have a number of options.


    There are a number of pawn shops in and near cle elum for you to choose from. 3 best pawn shops in seattle, wa expert recommended top 3 pawn shops in seattle, washington.


    Gold buyer near me vs online cash for gold. There are a number of pawn shops in and near leavenworth for you to choose from.


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    Where Can I Sell My Shoes For Cash

    Pawnshops are one of the best places to sell your designer shoes if you are in a financial pinch. They are federal, state, and county-regulated businesses that enable customers to swap their valuables for cash quickly and easily.

    There is an increasing number of pawnshops that specialize in dealing with designer shoes. As explained earlier, going to a reputable pawn shop that is knowledgeable in the designer shoe resale industry will get you the fairest deal possible. How do you know if a pawn shop is trustworthy? There are a few pieces of information to consider before making a deal to pawn your designer shoes:

    • How many years has the pawnshop been in the pawning business? Look for a shop that has a long-standing history over one that has only been around for a couple of years.
    • What kind of reviews and testimonials do they have? Research the pawnshop online to get an idea of the experiences previous customers have had with the shop in question. It may be a good idea to steer clear of any shops that do not have an abundance of reviews to look over.
    • Does the shop provide the services that you need? If you have designer shoes to sell, but the shop is not familiar with dealing in designer shoes, keep looking.
    • Can the pawnshop prove their experience and expertise? Reliable pawnshops will have a license, certification, and even an endorsement in some cases by reputable business organizations.

    Or Are You Looking For Some Quick Cash And Want To See What Your Gently

    Whether youre looking to complete your collection or looking to sell a pair of your gently-used luxury brand shoes come see us at Garden City Pawn!

    People love to get the biggest and best brands especially if they can save some money. Your designer shoes may be in demand! Bring in your designer shoes and leave with some extra cash in your pocket. Your sale price will depend on the type of shoe, condition, and the demand for that particular release. If theyre in high demand, a pawn shop may be willing to pay good money for a pair of gently-used Jordans or other collectable sneaker.

    Should You Pawn or SellJordans for Cash?

    Bringing your shoes to a pawn shop near you is a great way to get a decent value for your items and leave the store with cash in hand.

    What to Do Before You Sell Your Jordans?

    Before you head to a pawn shop, look at them first, and assess the condition and answer these questions:

  • Do your sneakers smell? Are they marked up with scuffs or other damage? Clean your shoes and consider conditioning them if applicable.
  • Do you know exactly what year and style Jordans you have? The more information you offer your pawn shop, the easier it will be for them to determine the value of your item.
  • Still have the box or original wrapping? This can increase what the pawn shop is willing to offer you!
  • Not sure if you can sell or pawn an item?

    If you have any questions, call 734-525-0777 today.

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    A Teenager Opens A Sneaker Pawn Shop In Harlem

    John Kim 1 VOTES

    Sneaker stores in NYC are a dime a dozen really, but its the niche consignment shops like Flight Club are what make NYC the uncontested hub for kicks. Adding to the menu of sneaker options is a new store called Sneaker Pawn, which was started by a Harlem-bred teenager named Chase Reed. The store isnt quite the typical consignment store, as Reed has adopted a pawn-shop style of trade Sneaker Pawn assesses a proper price for the sneaker based on the condition of a sneaker and pays the pawner the figure while giving the option to buy back the shoe at the same price with a $20 storage fee added on top. However, if another buyer comes in and makes an offer on the sneaker, the pawner is entitled to 80% of the profit, while the shop keeps 20%. In a nutshell, Sneaker Pawn will either receive $20 or 20% of the profit for a sneaker. Your thoughts on this venture? Check out this article on the NYPost and be sure to check out Sneaker Pawn for yourself at Lenox and West 120th.

    How Does A Pawn Loan Work

    Inside the First Sneaker Pawn Shop

    If youre in a bind and need cash fast, pawn shops will offer you something called a pawn loan. Unlike payday or title loans, the annual percentage rate on pawn loans is much lower . To get a pawn loan, you need to visit your local pawn shop and bring something youre willing to leave as collateral, like an old computer or diamond ring. The employees will evaluate your items worth and decide whether to offer a loan. Please note that pawn loans wont get you the full resale value of your item. Rather, you can expect anywhere from 20% to 60% of the full amount, but once you pay back with interest, you get your item back.

    Need help? Want to offer help? Try FoodFinder to find a pantry near you:

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    What Pawn Shops Wont Buy

    Cell phones, DVDs, video games and expired car seats arent really what they are interested in, mainly because they are very common and often found cheaply in thrift stores.

    Pawn shops know that cell phones are risky items because they are often stolen, although some might accept them so phone ahead and ask.

    Some pawn shops do accept guns while others dont.

    If you do want to pawn a gun, it is best to phone the store and ask whether they are interested, rather than simply walking in holding a weapon!

    Replica items like fake designer bags, are something pawn shops normally decline.

    Other items which they are unlikely to want include books or clothes, the exceptions being valuable first edition books or similar.

    Only pawn items which are in working order. Broken electronics, for example, are not going to be worth anything.

    Collectible Sneakers Buy Sell And Loan

    Each one of us has an entirely unique personality. Our sense of fashion is a reflection of that personality. Many individuals have found that a pair of sneakers can help express who they are.

    Sneaker have been manufactured in the U.S. and around the world for several decades. Over those years, some styles have stood the test of time and have given rise to a movement that values stylish sneakers from the present day and years past. The collectible sneaker market is huge, and those participating in this market understand the true value of obtaining a rare, sought-after sneaker.

    At Goodfellas, we get it! We are here to help you buy and sell the sneakers you are after. And, if you are in need of money we will even loan you our money using your cherished sneakers as collateral. Use our money for whatever you need. When you are done with it, pay us back and we will return your sneakers to you in the same condition that you brought them to us in.

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    Phoenix Pawn Really Does Allow Us To Pawn Sneakers

    Phoenix Pawn is a pawn shop, after all. We do our best to provide as many unique types of pawning possible to help Phoenicians and residents throughout the Valley. This included footwear. This is not limited to just residents of Phoenix. Any customer from the surrounding Valley cities of Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Avondale, Scottsdale, Casa Grande, Glendale, and more can pawn sneakers with us! Visit today and see how far your shoes can make money for you!

    Valuable Shoe Brands And How To Pawn Them

    Sneaker Pawn Shop Opens In Harlem

    Posted on:

    If you are low on cash and have designer shoes in good condition lying around, you could be in luck. When people buy designer shoes, they do not always realize that they may be holding on to valuable assets. Designer shoes that are in high demand can help you rack up a pretty nice chunk of change at the right pawn shops. While not all pawn shops accept designer shoes, some specialty pawn shops genuinely look forward to them walking through their doors.

    Learn more about the potential wealth your designer shoes may have just waiting for you to discover.

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    Stores All Over New York City Trade In Used Nikes Adidas And Other Popular Brands

    We buy a lot of stuff that other people wont touch, said Tony Chen, co-owner of Soled Out JC, a shop in Jersey City, N.J.

    Last week, I tried to pawn my old sneakers. While my Adidas are worn down, they are still a nice shade of blue, and the style is one respected by sneakerheads. I was curious how much I could get.

    Yes, you can pawn your used kicks, or even sell them for cash. While consignment stores including Flight Club and Stadium Goods have long ruled the secondary market for unworn, collectible sneakers, recent years have seen the emergence of stores all over New York City trading in used Nikes, Adidas and other popular brands.

    Pawn Your Designer Shoes At The Vault Jewelry And Loan

    If you are looking for a dependable pawn shop to sell your designer shoes, The Vault Jewelry and Loan in Northern Virginia is ready to help you! Our team of specially trained associates has decades of knowledge and expertise to give you a fair deal on your designer shoes and get you the cash you need fast. Our friendly and professional staff is ready to serve you.

    When you come into our shop, we will carry out an appraisal to determine the value of your items based on condition and appearance, brand, model, and current demands. We will then give you a fair offer based on those key factors and leave room for negotiation. It is our goal to meet an agreement with each customer that will be mutually beneficial.

    When you pawn or sell to us, we will not pressure you into making any deal. We offer free quotes, fair prices, and above all else, privacy. Licensed, bonded and insured, you can trust that you are in good hands when you make a deal with The Vault Jewelry and Loan. We offer quick cash loans for times when you run short on funds as well as the option to sell items outright. Some reasons why you may consider visiting us include:

    • Running low on cash and can not get to the bank
    • Unexpected expenses
    • Obtaining a loan without impacting credit
    • Unable to borrow money from a bank or lender due to poor credit
    • Having a vast collection and wanting to make a quick, large profit

    Not only do we accept designer shoe brands, but we also specialize in items such as:

    • Handbags

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