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Best Sneakers For Heavy Runners

Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoe

Best Running Shoe for Heavy Runners | 5 Things to Look Out For

The Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Running shoes feature an aggressive grip with a precise foothold and are ideal for runners who want to tackle those soft, technical trails.

The Speedcross 5 uses what is known as Contagrip® TA, a rubber compound that protects the rest of the underfoot platform from wear-and-tear. The design of this layer provides additional surface traction, an essential element to running.

The speedcross comes with significant amounts of cushioning, which is provided by the EnergyCell+. This is not only a highly durable piece of foam, but it also gives you that extra protection that your feet need, especially in the heels.

The upper part of the shoe is a nylon mesh that is stretchy but not too loose or constricting. Breathability is provided by the minute pores that are in the fabric. The padded tongue and collar are designed to cushion the upper dimensions of the foot. These cushioned portions of the shoe are also tasked with preventing in-shoe wobbling and accidental shoe removals.

Overall an excellent shoe, but it is on the pricey side.


  • Can be used on multiple terrains


How To Make Your Running Shoes Last Longer

1. In Your Daily Running

After a strenuous time doing your workout routine, it is easy to want to kick off your shoes without removing the laces properly. This may sound harmless but over time, the heel collar may bend, lacing system become damaged and stitching and glue softened. Always remember to remove the laces from your shoes before taking them out.

If your running routine is something you do daily, it would be best to have at least two pairs of running shoes instead of one. Your shoes will last longer if you use them alternately.

2. When Storing/ Cleaning Shoes

When storing your shoes, look for a place that is cool and dry. Humidity will cause moisture to build up and in time cause your shoes to fall apart. Try and find a location that has a good flow of air.

If your shoes end up wet, let them air-dry instead of applying direct heat over them in an attempt to hasten the drying process. Heat directly applied to the shoes may weaken the adhesives and contribute to a shorter life.

Never put your running shoes in the washing machine and instead use mild soap, a brush, and water to clean them. Then, let them dry naturally.

When To Buy New Running Shoes

You should be replacing your running shoes every 300 400 miles. Do not purchase new running shoes right before a race. You want to allow time to break in your running shoes. Allow at least a month, before a race, to break in your running shoes. If youre running multiple back to back races, like Run Disneys Dopey Challenge, youll want to purchase several pairs of running shoes. If you run on a daily basis , your running shoes need a break. By alternating shoes, youll allow the cushion to expand. Once again, itll offer you the support you need.

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Skechers Energy Afterburn Shoes

For Men For Women

If you are looking for something very stylish and casual at the same time, these shoes are perfect for you. The shoe consists of 100 percent leather. It is an imported material and always remains in high demand.

One can see the popularity of the shoe on social media. It is considered to be a premium product. The white color gives the product an attractive lookout. Skechers, as a big company, and will never let you down.

The rubber sole is excellent to use, and the pattern printed on the shoe makes it even more attractive. It is a branded product with a lot of positive effects for a person who is overweight.

The heel is very high as compared to the other brands, and comfort is the main goal of the brand. The fabric is soft to touch, and the premium quality helps you walk throughout in style.


  • It is not a long-lasting product.

New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon 3

Best running shoes for heavy runners  2019  Solereview

> Daily Trainer

  • Weighs 8.7 oz. for a US M10.5 2E
  • 6 mm drop
  • Neutral

I cant help but get all giddy when the Beacon gets mentioned. While I didnt love the first version, I put about 400 miles in v2. Once I heard that Fresh Foam X would make its debut in the v3, I was pretty much sold.

Upon step in, its clear that the v3 is softer than the v2. FFX provides a more cushioned and bouncier ride. I was testing it on easy runs, long runs, and speedwork. They all felt great in their own way. While moving slower, the ride was cushioned and soft. Once I sped up, it got more bouncy and responsive.

In my opinion, the upper fits better. The wide width is great in the midfoot, and the toe box isnt nearly as sloppy as the v2. I should note that my 10.5 felt long and I could have easily run in a size 10 and still had some room. The Ground Contact Fresh Foam outsole is almost the same as the v2 and still provides sure footing at faster speeds.

While Im not pleased that the Beacon v3 has gained .7 oz. from my v2 pair, finding a wide shoe that comes in under 9 oz. is a treat. This shoe will 100% stay in my rotation.

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How Does Age Affect The Feet Of Older Runners

As you age, the ligaments and tendons of your feet lose their elasticity, thus stretching out. In the process, the depth of your foot arch reduces, which leads to a flat foot. Also, the Achilles’ tendon shortens with age, and this further aggravates the flat-footed condition. It becomes more evident in your running and walking.

Why Dont I See Any Progress

A reasonable rate of weight losing is about 1 to 2llbs per week. If you constantly run and perform cardio activities, your body will get stronger, leaner and grow more muscle. You might even see an increase in weight in this situation due to muscle weight. You are encouraged to use other methods to keep track of your progress, like body fat percentage, or noticing your clothes fitting.

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Which Shoe Brand Is Best For Running Shoes

There are a number of great shoe brands to choose from for the best running shoesit all depends on the style and support you’re looking for, as well as how often you run. Start your search with either leaders in all-around athletic gear or shoe brands that make running shoes and running shoes only. Frequent runners tend to prefer performance and racing styles by Hoka, Nike, On Running, and Asics, while more casual runners have found great running shoes at Adidas, New Balance, and Reebok, among others.

  • Responsive cushioning
  • Enhances speed

If your weekends are filled with 5K and 10K races, you’ll want this Nike running shoe close by. With a cushioned, aerodynamic sole and a flexible upper, these ZoomX Vaporflys are made for hitting PR after PR.

Runners say owning these shoes has led to some of their best races yet. “There was zero ‘break-in’ time with these, they felt perfectly conformed the first time I wore them,” one shopper says. “The knit is stretchy enough and breathable, and the design of the shoelaces keep them from untying.” Other runners note that the foam soles wear out faster than some other pairs, so you may be due for a replacement in a shorter amount of time.

Sizes: 512

Saucony Mens Guide 10 Running Shoes


These Saucony shoes are perfect for heavy runners due to a wide range of specially designed features. The rubber soles, for example, utilize IBR+ technology to improve your traction while you run.

Saucony has placed XT-900 carbon rubber strategically across the shoe to stabilize areas that are prone to wearing out quickly. These shoes also have a highly supportive midsole that greatly improves the responsiveness of the EVA foam.

This pair also has mesh to improve its airflow and overall flexibility. The overall design has been known to be especially helpful for individuals with weak knees.

You can find these shoes in sizes 7.5 to 14.


  • Rubber outsole for greater traction.
  • XT-900 carbon rubber to improve durability.
  • Mesh to improve flexibility and airflow.
  • Especially helpful for individuals with weak knees.


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The Best Running Shoes For Seniors

The Best Neutral Pronation Shoes are the Brooks Ghost 13, available for older ladies and men, and it offers the best price-value ratio from all shoes in this selection.

Best Overpronation and Stability Running Shoes are the Hoka One One Arahi 5 also available for men and women. Stable and even at a lower drop, still very comfortable.

Best Budget Running Shoes for the Trail with Neutral PronationAsics Gel-Venture 7 are especially suitable for running or walking on unpaved surfaces.

The Best Budget for Road Running is the New Balance 680v7 . These shoes are great for a runner with wide feet and are very light and comfortable.

Are Brooks Adrenaline Good For Heavy Runners

Brooks is a solid brand for heavy runners, but it doesnt have anything special in its line just for obese people. The Brooks Adrenaline series has plenty of support and cushioning to absorb impacts.

The Brooks Transcend shoes are ideal for heavier running because they also have a wider last with more room in the toe box, which keeps the foot from sliding around inside the shoe.

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Brooks Ghost And Glycerin

After I broke up with the Nike Pegasus, I went on this long and arduous journey to find the next best thing. After trying on about 8 different pairs of shoes I fell in love with the Brooks Ghost and Glycerin. Like the Pegasus and Vomero, the Ghost and Glycerins are Brooks Premier cushion running shoes. But there was some stark difference between the two. The Brooks Glycerin had more cushion and more blown rubber on the tread. Which for me was a plus because that meant they would last longer. The Ghost was also good to me but for an extra couple of bucks, the Glycerin would last longer the Ghost.

Why I stop wearing the Brooks Glycerin 14

Like Nike, Brooks wanted to make the Glycerin more responsive and lighter. They reduce the amount of foam the shoe and blown rubber the shoe had. Those were the things that I loved about the shoe!!! Look at the picture below on the left is the Brooks Glycerin 14 and on the right is Brooks Glycerin 15.

While it wasnt enough to change the ride of the shoe. Theshoe wasnt as durable as the previous model. I had 2 pairs on the BrooksGlycerins 14 in my closet when I bought a pair of the Brooks Glycerin 15s. Iwent through them in half of the time that it took for me to wear out theGlycerin 14s! Luckily I had those two pairs of Glycerin 14s stored away untilI found a shoe that fit my needs.

+ Best Running Shoes For Older Runners For 2022 Review With Buying Guide

Best running shoes for heavy runners  2019  Solereview

As we age, we face a potential decrease in strength and limitations in range of motion. Having the best running shoes for older runners is a major consideration at this time in your life. Even more so than when you were a younger runner.

Seniors and older runners require shoes that will provide arch support and stability. They also need shoes that are good at shock absorption.

It is important that their shoes protect their feet from injury and offer enhanced comfort. As such, high cushioning is ideal.

This is a selection of the best running shoes for senior runners. It includes shoes for older men and women. Save hours searching for your running shoes and take advantage of our expert advice.

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What To Look For In A Trail Running Shoe

Whatever your preference or personal ideology, we think everyone can be a trail runner, especially with the help of a good pair of shoes. The two main things to consider before purchasing trail running shoes are what type your feet need and what type of shoes the terrain you run demands. With the latter, try to think about whether the trails you encounter are technical or smooth, flat or steep, have loose or firm footing, and whether or not you cross water.

Rigid shoes with deep lugs are best on technical trails with poor footing, but theyll also be far less forgiving, even uncomfortable, on road runs. These shoes will serve you better the more rugged the terrain and may work for day hiking as well. Hybrid shoes have shorter lugs and a softer on-road feel than their burly siblings, and are well-suited for soft singletrack and local wooded trails that dont make you slow to a walk due to unsure footing.

What Are Some Running Tips For Heavy Runners

As a heavier runner, its important to follow a few tips to ensure you get the most from your runs and help you avoid injury.

Run with good form

Being an efficient runner will help you run farther, longer, and more comfortably. This will help you get in better shape and lose more weight, if thats your goal.

The best way to become more efficient is to work on your running form. Make sure you take short, quick strides. Land on the ball of your foot and with your feet under you not out in front. Also, practice a slight lean forward as you run. keep your arms low, hands near your hips, moving them straight back and forth in sync with your legs.

Dont be afraid to walk

If you are new to running, dont be afraid to take walking breaks. Even better, try a run/walk program where you alternate running with walking breaks . Some new runners feel this is cheating, somehow, or that you arent allowed to stop running. But one popular run/walk method, the Galloway method, has seen practitioners finish marathons in under 3 hours. Thats fast in anyones book. Run/walk works use it.

Walking breaks give your body a chance to recover. Youll be able to run longer in a way thats less aerobically stressful. This keeps the run from being too hard, which can lead to a frustrating experience, burnout, and ultimately giving up!

Build up your mileage slowly

Use BodyGlide

Replace your running shoes

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Best Running Shoes For Overweight Runners

If youve got plans to kick your fitness goals into high gear, youve come to the right place. Im all about helping you get started with the best knowledge and gear you need. Purchasing the right shoes will make all of the difference when youre running. Ive gathered some great reviews, from fellow bloggers and running resources, to bring you the 5 best running shoes for overweight runners. Plus, Ive divided them into two categories: for road running and trail.

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How To Choose Running Shoes For A Heavy Runner


Like with anything else, the biggest hurdle is knowing how to choose the best shoes as a heavy runner. There are many different criteria that runners should look at, including support, cushioning, stability, breathability, comfort, and durability.

When it comes to supporting the runner, they will want to find a shoe that offers high levels of support because they will have more weight coming down, which could lead to foot problems and comfortability.

An individual needs to have excellent stability when running, especially if the runner is a trail runner. Stability pertains to balance and motion control. In order to find a shoe that has good stability, the runner will need to look for sturdy construction, a good outsole, midsole, and insole.

Other than that, breathability is important so that youre comfortable and the shoes dont end up smelling too bad. Comfort and durability play a hand-in-hand role, and because there is more weight being pressed down on the shoe, they may be the most important features to look for.

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Picking The Right Stability Shoe For You

If you’re looking to try out a shoe to combat your overpronation, Dircksen has a few tips.

Tip 1: Pick the shoe that is the most comfortable.”This is hands down the golden rule for picking a shoe. Even if youve been told you need a motion control shoeif the motion control shoe doesnt feel right, then go with the other one that was more comfortable,” says Dircksen. “Your feet are sensitive! Picking the right shoe is important. Try them on, walk around, do some jumping jacks, hop on the treadmilltake those bad boys for a spin.”

Tip 2: Find out where the ‘break’ is.“Youll want the shoe to ‘break’ at the metatarsophalangeal jointright where the toes meet the balls of the feet,” says Dircksen. “Do this by pushing together the front of the shoe with the back of the shoe and see where the shoe ‘breaks’.”

Tip 3: Talk with a physical therapist and your local run store.“A PT and running store rep that understands their shoes will be able to dive into your past history of injury and point you in the direction of best fit by evaluating the various factors that make up a shoe and how each factor puts load into the body ,” says Dircksen. “That saidcomfort is still king.”

Tip 4: Look for defects.“Sometimes shoes have manufacturing defects. Higher stack heights, different cuts of the upper, slanted soles, so on. Put the shoes side by side and compare to make sure there are no glaring defects,” says Dircksen

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