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Best Sneakers For Male Nurses

Reputation Of The Brand

Best Nursing Shoes for Men Reviews 2021|| Best Shoes for Nurses on Feet All Day

Consumers’ purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by the best shoes for nurses male brand’s reputation. Your e-previous store’s customers’ reviews or the brand’s longevity are both taken into consideration while making this decision. More than 60 percent of buyers will abandon their shopping carts if the quantity of bad reviews on their best shoes for nurses male product or service is significant. As a result, it is critical to keep an eye on the online store’s reputation.

A Guide To The Best Wedding Bands For Nurses

Shopping for an engagement ring as a nurse is no easy feat, given that wearing wedding rings while on the job can be tricky.

While your wedding band is supposed to be a show of commitment and sentimental milestones, it can become a hazard when youre using your hands every day to potentially save someones life.

Besides, there is no count to the number of gloves you wear every day and times you have to wash your hands in the course of work.

It can be a complex task to find the best wedding band for nurses with all these factors in mind. Fortunately, this guide comes your way to make your search easier and help you make an informed choice.

Best Nursing Shoes For Men Skechers Crocs Dansko And More

If you are wondering What are the most comfortable shoes for male nurses?then this guide is right for you because we will be narrowing down the BEST nursing shoes for men trending in the market today. Our nursing shoes are listed in order depending on the rating from Amazon. We have also done our own research to include a whole variety, so no matter what, you will find your style here. For example, our list consists of clogs, sneakers, slippers, sandals, and more. With that said,

Here are the KEY features that you should consider when purchasing your next pair of mens nursing shoes:


We believe style equals comfort since some types of nursing shoes may have additional features depending on the type of style they are. For example, sneakers provide a laced closure while sandals have a strap that wraps around the ankle. As a nurse, you will have your preference, so choose a style you are comfortable with, for example, sneakers, clogs, sandals, etc. While some nurses may prefer slip-on shoes, you may prefer ones that require them to be laced up for a tighter FIT. We recommend choosing a style of nursing shoes that will allow you to perform at your very BEST.

Memory Foam


As a nurse, you will be working in fast-paced environments with the likelihood of spills occurring. For this reason, its essential to choose a pair of male nurse shoes with a slip-resistant bottom. Not to worry, a majority of the shoes listed below have a rubber slip-resistant sole.

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Adidas Mens Pureboost Go Running Shoes

PROS: Lightweight with good traction, super comfortable, breathable, offers excellent stability

CONS: Not the best option for people with high arches

The Adidas Pureboost Go running shoes offer a cushioned sole and a breathable, flexible knit upper that fits the top of the foot effortlessly. The outsoles were made with durability in mind, with rectangular indents and round lugs positioned in a grid, which protects the midsole from wear and tear. This also protects you from slipping.

The midsole features Adidas famous BOOST material for maximum comfort and support. The material was designed to be responsive to your feet, so the support moves in every angle that your foot moves. The knit upper material is thin, yet fits snuggly like a sock. It also has extra overlays to provide more stability.

The tongue is thin and unpadded, creating extra wiggle room for your upper foot. Keeping that in mind, these sneakers run on the bigger side, so you may have to size down. Additionally, the price point of these sneakers enters into the three-digit territory. Its reasonable for what these long-lasting and comfortable shoes offer, but they may be pricey for some.

Hoka One One Clifton 8

Best Shoes for Nurses Standing All Day

The HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 is a great choice for male nurses. These shoes are made of synthetic materials and have a synthetic sole. They are available in blue coral/butterfly and are perfect for running.

The Clifton 8 has a great design that makes it comfortable to wear. It is lightweight and has a breathable upper that helps keep your feet cool and dry. The shoes also have an EVA midsole that provides cushioning and support.

Overall, the HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 is a great choice for male nurses who need shoes that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

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Keds Womens Spirit Leather

A very simple looking but effective nursing shoe for the women to wear during nursing. Nurses can wear this shoe for a long time without any tension as it has lace up panel on the upper part to attach this shoe with the feet tightly.

Its soft leather gives both long lasting quality and comfort to the nurses. This leather also saves the shoe from the water.

There is mesh covered padding at the tongue and at the collar. The mesh of this sneaker keeps the inside of the shoe cool. It has a curved bicycle toe and the perforated design made it one of the best sneakers for nurses to wear.

You can choose any one of the 3 different colors of it. MivroStretch technology makes the construction of this sneaker advanced than the other sneakers. There is no cushioning support in this sneaker.

Create A Nursingcom Swag Shop

Before you start I want to help address one thing that may seem daunting when you are first getting started. As you are looking through the setup processes for different shops like Amazon, Etsy, etc, you may wonder whether you should set up a business or just sell as an individual.

For all of the Swag shops mentioned below, it is not a requirement to create a business. What I would suggest is to set up your shop first. Take some time to test your products and marketing. If you start to make money, that is when you want to set up your business. Here is a great article that walks you through the decision and steps to set up a business: Do I need a Business License to Sell Online.

Another example of a problem to tackle later would be setting up a brand. Initially, you will probably want to test your business idea first and set up a brand later, once you have proved your concept.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way. . . lets walk through several different options for your Swag Shop.

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Nursing Sneakers For Women Or Men What To Look For

It all starts with your feet.

Once your feet start to hurt, then its your heels, legs, knees, hips, lower back, shoulders, you get the picture. And if youre especially unlucky, youll develop plantar fasciitis as well.

If you see yourself nodding in complete agreement with the above statement, then please, check out this list and read on.

Its no secret that nurses are unsung heroes of the medical team. The doctor gets all the glory, yet its still satisfying to know that because you do the job you do, youre contributing to the well-being of the patient.

But lets be selfish for a moment. A nurses schedule is hectic, but most of all, long and demanding.

A nurse can count on hours upon hours of frantic work on their feet. And since there arent many of us mere mortals blessed with perfect feet, the shoes a nurse wears is of paramount importance.

So its the wise and prudent nurse thats diligent and does their homework. Thus, these reviews are a good starting point so you can locate the ideal nursing shoes for you.

Should You Wear Female Nursing Shoes As A Male Nurse

Gales Best Shoes for Nurses? – Review & Unboxing

Yes, you are not limited to only wearing mens shoes. There are a lot of styles and brands that even come with your favorite team or character on the shoe! Generally speaking, the female nurse sneakers will be more narrow and just for women, but you can find many styles in both genders.

It doesnt matter what genders shoes you wear as long as theyre comfortable and practical, which is why every job in any profession needs to have access to footwear that will work for everyone. For example, nurses often need sneakers or clogs in order to be on their feet all day long. Although this question originally centered on male nurses, female nurses also like the extra comfort of flats or MAFS-style nursing shoes. If youre a male nurse and are looking for some sturdy but stylish mens nurse dress shoes then take a look at our Mens Nurse shoe collection! So if youve been told no before from past employers because of your gender, fear not! There are plenty more.

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Best Nike Shoe For Male Nurses

You know we couldnt let you go without giving you a Nike shoe. One of the most consistently high-rated shoes among male nurses is just about anything Nike.

The Nike running line has lightweight, breathable fabrics to keep your feet cool plus thick, cushiony soles with good arch support for comfort.

So heres your best Nike pick for male nurses:

Wear The Most Useful Shoes For Your Situation

This bit of advice is pretty simple and reflects on the previous tip.

When you arent working, dont use your work shoes for personal activities.

It includes playing sports, going for long walks, using them in daily activities, etc.

The longer you wear your shoes, the faster you wear them out.

Additionally, some activities stress your shoe unnecessarily or lower their lifespan.

For example, wearing your shoes to the gym will impact the midsole and traction, leading to less support at work.

As a result, the best way to safeguard your shoes lifespan and durability is to use them only when working.

If you want to wear them outside work, purchase a second pair for personal use.

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Hoka Bondi : Shoes For Women

Being an upgraded model of Bondi 6, Hoka Bondi 7 is quite more breathable and strategically structured to help you pave smoothly throughout the day.

These are the best Hoka shoes for women are high-stacked and heavy, which recalls improved rides with a distinctive flex movement.

Its new engineered mesh uppers offer improved fit, rigidity, and structure to the overall shoes. And, for extra configuration on the toe box, and midfoot, there are overlay strips too. It has a wide base where my feet feel more stable and breathable.

Ive also experienced their traction levels, which are superb on pavement, tar roads, gravel, and grass in dry and wet conditions.

Thus, Bondi 7 is built to give you a more stable and firmer ride with durable outsoles, albeit theyre a little pricey, but worth the comfortable features.

Fila Mens Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Shoe

Nurse Sneakers (Nursing Tennis Shoes) for Men

These shoes have received an ASTM F2913-11 certification for slip resistance, meaning that they provide some friction on wet floors. The design uses more durable materials than many fabric options, but it has perforations to increase breathability. Both the midsole and sockliner are crafted from memory foam.

  • Strong leather upper with a slip-resistant rubber sole
  • Has been certified as slip-resistant on wet floors
  • Memory foam midsole and sockliner provide relief
  • Breathable perforations keep feet cool and dry
  • Lace-up closure allows a customized, roomy fit
  • More likely to use waterproof materials

Cons of Clogs:

  • Not as flexible or responsive as sneakers
  • May be heavier than sneakers, though this varies by the pair
  • Dont conform as tightly to the foot as sneakers

Pros of Sneakers:

  • Athletic shoes designed to support the muscles and joints
  • Often contain removable liners and room for custom orthotics
  • Laces allow for a tight, customized fit

Cons of Sneakers:

  • May not be as sturdy or protective as clogs
  • May not be approved according to certain dress codes
  • Athletic support sneakers are often pricey

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Hoka Clifton 6 Shoe For Men

Hokas Clifton line of shoes has worked its ass off in improving the performance output! It is a well-renowned line for factors such as the usage of soft materials, lightweight, maximal cushioning, adaptability, and more.

Clifton 6 has slightly redesigned its rockered geometry than the previous versions. It comes with a quite more adaptable fit along with the soft midsole foam. I always look for maximum comfort in jobs like nursing.

It makes standing easier even if its more than 12 hours a day. Ive also experienced a nice squish while walking around with this foam.

Moreover, they have strategically used the same outsole material as the midsole material. It is built with Hi-abrasion lightweight rubber material to save you from carrying heavy weight despite huge job responsibilities.

Is It Worth It To Buy Shoes For Male Nurses

If you are a male nurse, then you know how important it is to have comfortable and supportive shoes. Your feet go through a lot of stress and strain throughout your shifts, so it is important to invest in a good pair of shoes that will last.

Working as a nurse is a demanding job that often requires long hours on your feet. While you may not think of shoes as being an essential part of your nursing uniform, they can actually make a big difference in your comfort and productivity levels.

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Skechers For Work Men’s 76690 Keystone Sneaker

While at the wards, one is bound to make a lot of movements. This shoe gives you an athletic touch all day. Made of leather and upper cushioned neck, it protects the wearer from any external accidents. In case of slippery ground, the shoe is fitted with slip-resistant outsole.

For maximum cushioning, the shoe has a removable foot bed for customization and a raised leather for cushioning. The upper is also durable and padded. The shoe also have the traditional laces giving it a snug fit.


  • Very comfortable for people working for long hours
  • Have slip-resistant outsole
  • Have traditional laces giving it a snug fit


  • Not comfortable for flat feet

New Balance 574 V2 Evergreen Sneaker

My Favorite Nursing Shoes

PROS: Made from premium materials, affordable, excellent color variety, extremely comfortable

CONS: Not all that durable, lacks protective features

New Balances 574s have been one of the companys most exceptional designs overall. The 574v2 Evergreens are considered an affordable luxury sneakerthat doesnt slack on comfort or support.

The 574v2s are made with a non-marking rubber outsole with gripping lugs in all the right places. Not only will they prevent slips, but they wont scuff up any floors either. The companys proprietary EVA Foam is used for the sneakers midsoles fixed to the heel to provide maximum comfort and support. They also come with removable insoles.

The 574v2s also sport suede and mesh upper, for both structure and breathability. Of course, with the suede material throughout, these sneakers arent as breathable as the others. However, they do provide a decent amount of ankle stability.

Although these sneakers dont run true-to-size, they are offered in wide and extra wide to accommodate all types of feet. Unfortunately, they dont provide much protection other than their slip-resistance, and they tend to wear out somewhat quickly.

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Skechers Womens Fashion Sneaker

This footwear is appropriately called Life Loving Fashion sneaker as it provides the style and comfort to make you love and enjoy your professional life. Ideal for nurses who want a generously cushioned slip-on footwear with a breathable mesh construction. The Skechers Sport Womens Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker accentuates comfort throughout the footwear and places emphasis on padding and flexibility.

  • Made of one hundred percent faux leather plus mesh fabric
  • Rubber sole that promotes great traction and grip
  • Fitted with a memory foam insole that ensures maximum comfort
  • Flex groove outsole that ensures durability

The Memory Foam insole fitted on the Skechers Sport Womens Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker is one of this footwears outstanding attributes. This exceptional feature ensures your feet get all the support it needs all through the day, giving you that stress-free walk.

The shoe is actually a slipper-style sneaker as there are no velcro or laces to deal with. Thus, if you suffer from arthritis or some other related condition, and bending down to knot your shoelaces is painful, then the Skechers Sport Womens Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker may be just what you need.

The Loving Life Memory Sneaker from Sketchers is a shoe that checks all the boxes if you are searching for shoe that is breathable and pleasant to walk in for extended periods.

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Brooks Ghost 13 Sneakers

  • Not enough arch support for some

When youre dealing with all of the responsibilities of being a nurse, you want a shoe that can withstand the rigors of a marathon, Dr. Langone says. Brooks is known for its quality running shoes, and Ghosts are no exception. Theyre described in terms typically reserved for luxury cars: plush, with a smooth ride. Tons of supportive cushioning and a secure fit ensure that youll stay comfy throughout your shift, too.

I stand on a concrete floor every day for eight hours, says an Amazon shopper who used to experience intense pain in their back and feet after working. Brooks is the first shoe I have kept and used for work and has consistently good performance results.

4. Naturalizer Marianne Loafers

  • Not much arch support

With three different width options, Naturalizers super-comfy shoes are designed for people who need to be on their feet all day. This pair features a contoured, dual-dense footbed that provides plenty of support to the arches and heels, plus a cooling lining to keep your feet dry.

These shoes are fantastic! I work in a clinic standing all day, but wear business casual, a reviewer explains. I need to be able to squat and kneel often during the day. I also have relatively flat feet and the shoes are very well cushioned and supportive. They are also very on trend at the moment!

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