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Sneakers To Wear With Sweatpants

Final Words On Shoes To Wear With Joggers

What SHOES to wear with sweatpants.

If you’ve been looking for the best shoes to wear with joggers or some great shoes to wear with sweatpants, now you know that there is no shortage of choices!

Whether you’re looking to wear these compy joggers or swear to a casual coffee date, a stroll in the park, or even to elevate dressy joggers, there is a shoe and a look that will make sense. And I didn’t even list them all just ones I believe are the best shoes to wear with joggers and similar pants.

Not only do joggers’ outfits make a comfy look, theyre also super trendy at the moment and I dont see them going out of style anytime soon.

Especially when you have boots with joggers like combat styles, joggers with heels that are strappy and lots of sandals and dress shoes that can make even the most casual sweatpants look chic.

On the lookout for a new pair of joggers or sweats to add to your wardrobe? Take a peek at my favorite retailers to shop for womens joggers: Zappos, Saks Fifth Avenue, My Theresa, Revolve and Luisaviaroma.

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According To Kendall Kim Kardashian And Emily Ratajkowski That Is

What shoe do you wear with sweatpants? A sneaker, probably. A heel if youre feeling fancy. But, a boot, probably not? However, if youre the type of celebrity that gets the gossip mags drooling and the fashion girls fawning, then theres only one shoe to choose from: a high-heeled, pointed-toe calf-grazing boot.

Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski have made a habit of shocking with their clothing choices. However, its usually because theyve left their bras at home or done something so bonkers the Daily Mail is in meltdown, like wear a crop top. But, actually, this time, they have worn something quite head scratching.

Kendall, who has fallen for this trend so hard shes worn it more than once, was an early adopter of this styling trick. The model has made an art form of tucking her ballooning trews into a pair of ankle boots. Shes done it with snakeskin shoes and side-striped pants, and chocolate-coloured velour trackies and lace-up Yeezys. The look flirts with juxtaposition and gives the ungainly amount of sweatpant fabric a funnel to be slimmed in to.

Kim Kardashian debuted her rendition of Kendalls outfit just yesterday. She slipped the hem of her black joggers into pointed snakeskin kitten heels. And, in a similar move, Emrata paired her Adidas sweats with sharp-toed white boots. They say, three is a trend, so maybe this styling trick really is worth a go

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What To Wear With Sweatpants

If Covid has taught us anything, its thatthe beauty of sweatpants has been underappreciatedfor too long. We understand that previously they were all about comfort, never about looks, but why should the two be mutually exclusive?

We believe that instead of being a matter of why you would wear them, it really needs to be about what to wear with sweatpants to make that look shine.

With a bit of care and planning, sweatpants can actually enhance outfits beyond casual comfort to a place of pure style and grace. From walking looks to business affairs, all it takes is the right combination of tops, bottoms, and accessories to make a look complete.

Once the ways to style sweatpants have been mastered, friends and family will be begging for fashion tips in no time.

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Wearing Sweatpants As An Outfit

First of all, its essential to understand that, while most people keep sweatpants to wear with their workout clothing, as pajamas or loungewear, or to the airport, they can be used as a part of an outfit, too. They can even look good while doing so! While it might feel like a foreign concept to planning a pair of sweatpants as your trousers for the day, its not quite as out-there as you might think.

The first thing you need to differentiate before you can know what shoes to wear with sweatpants is gender. If you prefer to follow womens style rules, you will be wearing different shoes than mens style rules would call for, for example. The rest of the outfit changes dramatically, too, of course!

If you dont align with the mens or womens rules, you can always mix and match standards between the two, as well. Just be aware that doing so may throw others off slightly. However, the rules for looking good in sweatpants are very forgiving, so dont be afraid to get a bit creative!

The next thing you must do before turning your sweatpants into an outfit is to pick out a pair of well-fitting, high-quality sweatpants.

Sweats that are too loose or egregiously large will always look messy, regardless of how you style them, so its essential to dress with pairs that fit you properly. This goes for both men and women. Avoid those oversized, grey cotton sweatpants whenever possible, too!

  • Shopping
  • Around the house
  • Running errands

Color Matching Shoes And Formal Pants: Faq

Shoes with Sweatpants

We talked briefly about why color is important when it comes to shoes and formality the darker the color, the more formal shoes generally look.

But a common issue people have is actually choosing the right shoes for specific colors of formal pants.

Here are a couple of those questions answered in style.

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Mens Yellow Sweatpants Coupled With Boat Shoes

Yellow sweats or pants definitely look good with neutral-toned shoes, especially with a pair of brown boat shoes. This outfit is easy to manage since yellow sweatpants perfectly blend with neutral but basic colors. Just throw in some patterned tees and a dark-toned jacket to give a casual but hipster vibe when going out.

Birkenstocks & Earthy Sandals

Birkenstock-style sandals with joggers are a popular combo, as are their clog slides. I love a black leather version, especially if studded, to add an edge, whether to a one-colored sweatsuit or black joggers and pastel tee.

However, if you reach for this type of sandal with an earthy feel, make sure they are in tip-top condition, so it doesnt drag down your jogger outfit. My favorite Birkenstock outfit pairing? Any style with their extra big buckle!

Any sweatpants or jogger works with this shoe type. You can also try a pair of fuzzy-lined slides or clogs during cooler months.

You can also rock a matching sweatsuit with your Birkenstocks as long as the shoe color works with your outfit. A cute leather bag will tie things together. A vintage band tee under a utility jacket would be a fun mix with satin joggers.

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What Shoes To Wear With Dressy Joggers

Dressy joggers come in many materials and finishes faux leather, satin, metallic, sequin and Ponte knit classics. Bulky sweatpants need not apply! You can get away with making dressy joggers even chicer, with the right shoes.

That way, you can attend a function with a more strict dress code or wear them as office attire. And that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to choose heels, either. Black sock booties and patent loafers & boots can also shnaz up a look!

I love wearing my military green joggers made of silky viscose with a cotton shirt, caramel crossbody purse or white handbag and buttery leather ballet flats or pumps. See my outfit, here. But you can also make a black pair fancy with an in-tone bodysuit and satin blazer.

Even a pair of classic black or grey tapered joggers can be elevated with a nice top, trench or tailored jacket. These are my favorite shoes to wear with dressy joggers, below:

  • Strappy Stilettos
  • Ballet Flats

Michael Michael Kors Kimberly Sandals $9999 At Zappos


These high-heel sandals feature an open-toe front, a wrapped stiletto heel, and a halo ankle strap

The classic black Loubi Queen ankle-strap sandal from Christian Louboutin is brilliant. However, the Michael Kors Kimberly sandal will give you the same look and is much easier on the wallet!

If you are wearing black joggers, opt for nude or dark green sandals instead.

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How To Dress It Up

Dress up sweatpants? Yes its not only possible but encouraged. From cozy sweatsuit sets to joyful joggers, sweatpant outfits can be dressed up for most occasions. With the right pair of sweatpants, you can head to work, catch up with friends over brunch or run your weekend errands. To elevate this basic the key is to play with colour and material.

Read on to find how you can seamlessly transition your everyday loungewear to cool and convertible sweatpant outfits.

A classic ballet flat pairs beautifully with a pair of sweatpants.

There are a myriad of dressy ballet flats in the market from dressy to casual, and selecting the right one to pair with your sweatpant outfit depends on the colour and material of the shoe. Neutral colours provide a touch of sophistication to your look so opting for colours like black, white, brown and navy blue allow for versatility across all of your wardrobes outfits. Including neutral coloured shoes in your closet also allows for increased styling options for your capsule wardrobe and ensures you can get the most out of your closet.

We recommend sticking with a basic ballet flat or a cut-out flat versus doing a strapped ballet flat which will not work as well with a pair of longersweatpantsas they will cover the extra detail.While minimalist shoes work well with longer, looser fitting leggings, we recommend wearing elasticated ankles with a bolder shoe such as a patterned loafer in order to properly showcase the shoe.

White Top And Joggers With Animal Print Flats

Lets style with leopard shoes. If you want to give this look a try, it has a lot of style and comfort. This outfit is perfect for those who enjoy wearing leopard print flats

The Animal Print Flats are highly comfy and match any outfit. This clothing will assist you in becoming trendy as well as comfortable. The Leopard Print Flats are ideal for those who enjoy walking or running outside

This pair looks great together, especially if your top is white or light-colored

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Common Projects Original Achilles Full

Classic. Theres a reason the Common Projects Achilles low have remained a feature sneaker in the mens style books for years they pair well with everything from suits to jeans and everything in between. In the case of suits, choose slimmer cut trousers with a shorter break and some dark coloured socks when rocking these. Its best to pair the colour of your shoe with a matching suit, e.g. Black Suit, Black Shoes.

Material: Full-grain Leather

Image: Axel Arigato

Neon Colored Shoes With Sweatpants


Shoes in neon and other bright colors are appropriate for everyday wear and special occasions. They can be worn with different clothes, from casual to formal.

Youll need a pair of neon or other high-contrasting shoes to go with your sweatpants if you want to pull off this look.

Neon is one of the unique colors in the shoe color range. Its excellent for making your clothing stand out from the crowd. There are so many distinct neon colors that youre likely to discover one that matches your sweatpants nicely.

Classic black leather shoes can be replaced with sparkly shoes. These sneakers go with a wide range of clothing, but theyll look especially good with sweatpants!

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Gray Jogger Pants Black Cropped Top And Black Pointed Flats

For those who like to wear jogger trousers, the Cue Cropped Top looks great with a pair of black pointed flats. If you like this combination, give it a shot. Colored kicks and bottoms will look great together

The white and gray jogger pants are great for someone who wants to stay fashionable while exercising outside. In addition, these pants are pretty comfortable, making them an excellent choice

This outfit is perfect for those who wish to stay young and fashionable while working their bodies regularly. The colors go well together, and you can wear them out on the town or to the gym

Tan Sweatpants Partnered By Black Tee And Black Leather Casual Boots

Did we mention that casual leather boots go along with sweatpants? Outfits like this would make you look cooler and fashionable without being too extra at all. Boots give an edgy look, so marrying them with a casual or plain shirt would be an excellent choice not to go overboard. You can set off your OOTD by throwing in some shades and rope-type or metal bracelets.

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Cropped Dresspants With Loafers

Cropped pants with classic, penny loafers or loafer mules are modern and stylish. Loafers are super trendy, comfortable, easy to wear and come in a variety of styles that can be dressed up or down.

Classic loafers and penny loafers look great with cropped pants, whether you’re wearing wide leg cropped pants or tighter cropped pants.

If you want to add a trendy loafer like Prada’s Spazzolato to your cropped pant look, opt for a wider straight leg or palazzo style pant with a lug-sole loafer. These can work for business casual attire with a crop dress pantsuit or blouse. Or pair them with a band tee and studded black purse for a casual punk rock chic look.

If you want to wear cropped capri pants with a more laid-back style of loafers, slip into a pair of loafer mules. Add a tucked in blouse or shirt and a jacket or cardigan for a preppy look.

For a casual date, pair a cotton pair of high waisted cropped pants with loafers and a cropped sweatshirt.

To dress up your look, wear cropped black dress pants with patent leather loafers. Add a billowy blouse or bodysuit, gold jewelry, including statement earrings and you’re ready for a night out on the town!

Whether you’re dressing for work or play, cropped pants and loafers is a winning and trendy combination.

Unsure which loafer style is best? Pick a classic penny loafer or Gucci Horsebit style loafers for effortless styling with all cropped pants outfits. Check out more in my women’s guide on what to wear with loafers.

Green Joggers And Colorful Flats

Best Sneakers to Wear with Camo Pants

This is the costume for you if you want to try something relaxing. The green joggers and flats let you look stylish without making an effort

This attire is both comfortable and stylish. Because the colors are light, its easy to move around

Theres seldom a good reason to avoid wearing brightly colored shoes. The vibrant Nike shirts go with a wide range of bottoms and shoes, making them excellent for jogging or working out

This outfit goes well with yellow or black pants that are fashionable.

Colored shoes go with a wide range of clothes. However, the most excellent method to wear them is when the colors are easy to match

This costume is perfect for those who enjoy jogging or exercising regularly

This outfit is ideal for those who enjoy moving their bodies while looking beautiful. This combo is both practical and fashionable

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Shoes For Skinny Jeans And Skinny Leg Pants

The key to selecting the right pair of skinny leg pants is to remember that the less they bunch around the ankle, the easier it is to create a well-tailored look.

Go for a pair that hits right around or slightly above the ankle bone. Once you have the perfect pair selected, you also have the option of pairing skinny leg pants with a countless number of shoe styles.

Some of our favorite options are strappy sandal heels, pointed toe heels, flats, shorter ankle boots .

above shows how you could wear knee-high or over-the-knee boots with your skinny jeans.

AG Farrah High Waist Skinny JeansBos. & Co. Jade Waterproof Knee High Boot Zac Zac Posen Yancy Pointed Toe PumpAerosoles Catalina Flat

Matching Sweatpants Set With Converse

Converse with sweatpants? Why not? They look amazingly chic and comfy at the same time if worn right. High-top sneakers look fantastic with sweatpants. They are not required to be worn at home, but they can be worn both at home and at the gym if you like. The throwback sneakers are one of the easiest styles to pair with denim and joggers looks, and you cant go wrong with the high-top or low-top versions.

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Black Sweatpants Are Must Have

Sweatpants come in many different colors. In my closet, I have cream, white, navy, black. You name it. We need different sweatpants to suit different mood and create different outfits. However, if there is only one pair of sweatpants you can have, then you probably should get a pair of black sweatpants.

The reason is they are the most versatile and functional sweatpants all around.

First, they go with anything, literally. Whatever your top is, you can throw it on and theyd look alright with a pair of black sweatpants.

Second, black is the most slimming color. That applies to black sweatpants too. Because sweatpants naturally tend to be baggy , the black color can tone down some of that volume.

That is especially good news for petite women, because if you are short, you never want to be expanded horizontally.

They are also great for women with bigger bottom, such as the pear shaped women. If you have the pear shaped body, you always want your bottom to be the darkest shade of your outfit.

Finally, black sweatpants can look less like sweatpants, if you know what I mean. Black sweatpants is the easiest to dress up, without making people even realizing you are wearing sweatpants.

So, what do you wear with black sweatpants? Basically, everything I mention in this article, you can pretty much with black sweatpants.

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