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How To Dress Up Sneakers

Know That There Is No Age Limit


Contrary to what you might have heard, canvas sneakers are a timeless casual outfit piece that does not have a recommended age.

Everyone can wear them in the right circumstances.

Since sneakers originated from sports shoes, they are functional above all else, which removes any unwritten rules from them.

You can wear them to the gym or when playing sports, as they are still at their core athletic shoes, and they are perfect when doing lighter physical activities.

So, if you’re going out to the park, walking your dog or you’re taking your kids somewhere you’re going to spend a decent amount of time walking after them. It might be a good idea to pull out those canvas sneakers.

It’s just that and I’m not saying this is a good thing younger guys may get away with wearing them in more scenarios, which brings me to my next point.

When Did Sneakers Get Their Start

The sneaker dates back to the late 18th century, when a crude, rubber-soled shoe became popular.

Then, around a century later , a US-based rubber company created Keds a rubber sneaker with canvas tops.

These became the grandfather of the modern-day sneaker which gets its name from making peoples footsteps so quiet that they could literally sneak up on someone.

More than 23 billion sneakers were produced in 2020, and in the past decade, sneaker technology has paved the way for luxury sneaker brands.

Couple that with changing fashion and businesses relaxing dress codes has led to more self-expression in the workplace.

What Fit Works Best With Trainers

Baggy dress pants and sneakers DO NOT work together. Nor do super-skinny pants and sneakers.

The key to a balanced outfit is to find the perfect fit so opt for a slim-cut suit. The more neatly tailored it is, the better itll look with sneakers.

The goal is to look intentionally styled. The last thing you want is for people to think you forgot to put your Oxfords on so wearing a well-tailored, slim fit option with your sneakers demonstrates an intentional style choice rather than a fashion mishap.

Pants with a break are too formal and conservative to pair with sneakers. A better option is to crop the suit’s trousers so the cuffs fall just above the shoe’s tongue. See no break’ on the image below to get an idea of how dress pants should fall on sneakers.

Pro tip: Wear your sneakers to the tailor to show him where you want the trousers altered!

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Is There Such A Thing As Dress Sneakers

The men’s dress sneaker is a formal shoe hybrid with the comfort of sneakers increasing the options you have in your wardrobe. With that said, your dress sneakers will also help you stand out with different types, styles, and colors to choose from.

A dress sneaker stands out from the shoe because the sole tends to be uniform, with no distinct heel making it more comfortable and removing pressure from your feet.

Likewise, a dress sneaker stands out from a normal sneaker because of the distinct style and materials used to create it.

Today’s article is sponsored by Ace Marks luxury men’s dress sneakers versatile and timeless enough to fit any outfit in your wardrobe while being both comfortable and built to last.

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27 How To Wear White Sneakers With Jeans

3 Easy Ways to Dress Up Leggings and Sneakers

A super simple look to throw together is a white sneaker-and-jean outfit. This outfit can be worn around the house, to grab coffee with friends, or a quick grocery run. You can dress it up or layer it up for extra style or warmth or strip it down to the basics if necessary. And since we love a versatile look, we definitely recommend giving it a try. Plus, these are items you likely have in your closet already!

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White Sneakers With A Suit / Sport Coat

White sneakers with suits are for the daring gentlemen among us. Not everyone can pull off the looks, but those that can, do so with a sartorial sophistication thats as nonchalant as it is divergent.

In order for this to work though, there are 3 things to keep in mind:

  • The suit has to fit flawlessly
  • Stick with the neutrals like navy, grey or beige
  • Keep it casual
  • For example, a textured linen suit is much more suitable to be worn with white sneakers than say a suit made from worsted wool. And another way to create harmony between the suit and sneakers is to combine them with more casual tops like breton stripes or an unbuttoned OCBD.

    Alternatively you can wear white sneakers with a sportcoat and odd trousers like chinos or even jeans. The rules are more lax here as youre going decidedly more casual. Feel free to play around with a pocket square. For your top, you can opt for a polo shirt, basic white t-shirt or even the more refined rollneck sweater.

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    The History Of Canvas Sneakers

    Canvas is a woven fabric made from cotton or linen and has been used to make shoes for a long time.

    In the 18th century, a company called U.S. Rubber Company made the first mass-produced sneakers known as Keds.

    They consisted of a canvas structure glued on top of a rubber sole.

    Noticeably, they did not feature a left and right foot, but a universal shoe made to fit all feet.

    It was easy to make and could be afforded by the masses, so other companies saw the potential of the product.

    One of those companies was the Convers Rubber Co.

    They saw the increase in popularity of Basketball and quickly realized there was a market for a shoe that fit the player’s needs.

    After some trial and error, in 1917 they came up with the first Converse All Star Basketball shoe.

    P.S. Did you know that sneakers got their name from the word sneak? It was nicknamed that way because, compared to other footwear at the time, it made noticeably less noise when walking around!

    One of the first people to recognize the All-Stars potential was Chuck H. Taylor, a professional basketball player.

    He joined the company as a salesman in 1921 and spent the next couple of years traveling the country.

    During this time he was conducting Basketball clinics and selling the shoes.

    His effort was acknowledged by the company in 1932 when they added his name to the shoe ankle patch.

    In 1957 the company introduced the first low top canvas sneakers.

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    What Shoes Will Be Popular In 2021

  • Retro Rag & Bone Runner Sneaker .
  • Cl nylon sneakers from Reebok are available.
  • The Veja Sdu Rec Vegan Sneakers are made of vegan materials.
  • The Nuances in Cowhide are a great choice for
  • The Simon Miller Low Raid Clogs are made of high quality materials.
  • The Nicole Salda*a Paula Clog Sandals are $333.
  • Leather mules by Bottega Veneta .
  • Ways To Dress Up A Simple Pair Of Shoes

    How to dress up sneakers for women over 40 – fashion for women over 40

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    Is you wedding day coming up soon? Are shoes the next thing to tackle on the wedding planning checklist?

    Maybe youve already bought a beautiful pair of satin pumps, or perhaps you already have a pair of go to oldies-yet-goodies in the closet. Either way, if you feel like your shoe choice needs spicing up, youre in luck!

    Weve found 14 ways to dress up a simple pair of shoes that will give your heels a little something special taking them from basic to absolutely wedding-worthy!

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    Brown Dress Sneaker With Gum Sole

    Youll want to wear warm and natural colors with vibrant brown dress sneakers. They will also pair nicely with white, gray, and blue suits to bring a sense of balance to your outfit.

    Gum is a natural rubber that is harvested from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. Its a natural alternative to polyurethane soles that most modern sneakers have, and the neutral tan color compliments pretty much every other color. The gum is durable, easy to clean, and lasts for a very long time.

    If you go with a monochrome suit , add a brown leather belt, brown watchband, and other small accents to your outfit. Brown is a versatile and earthy color that will give any outfit balance.

    Dress Up Your Everyday Sneakers And Closed

    Sneakers are easy to style, once you get the hang of their casual aesthetic. Hopefully, these tips will offer some guidance on dressing up your sneakers and closed-toe shoes so you can step out in style. And best of all, whether its for work or for play, sneakers and closed-toe shoes offer all-day comfort and long-lasting support.

    Try dressing up your sneakers and closed-toe shoes with an existing outfit to create a cute and stylish ensemble!

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    Rhinestones On The Heels

    When in doubt Bedazzle! Have fun with your plain white shoes and cover the heels with Adhesive Rhinestone Crystals to add a bit of bling.

    You dont have to be getting married in the near future to turn a pair of plain shoes into something special. We hope youre inspired to dress up a simple pair of shoes and make them spectacular!

    Despite her dreamy wedding blogger lifestyle, Meredith’s day job is running and a full-time mom to an active toddler. If she could, Meredith would spend her days taking cruises, helping animals in need, and watching Big Brother!

    • Meredith

    How To Style Sneakers For The Office

    10 Ways to Wear Sneakers with a Dress 2021

    Tickled Pink: What can we say? Brights have taken over the basics of office attire. This ensemble is one of my favorite ways to wear sneakers. Keeping it chic in sneaks, these signature white sneakers from Puma will pull together any look for the office if you are keeping it simple in the footwear. I picked mine up from Norstrom rack for a steal, grab yourself a pair here.

    My tailored suit is one of my closet favorites from plus size trendsetters Eloquii, pair with a coordinating tee to polishes up the look are youre ready for the office and happy hour.

    Now, if you really want to amp up the OOMPH, check out this look I put together. Another take on suitings with sneakers is a super sexy version featuring this tailored Orche suit from Simply Be. This clean blazer and tapered trouser look paired with these Nike x Undercover Gyakusou Air Zoom topped off with this ultra-feminine lace bodysuit from City Chic peeking underneath are sure to turn a head or two, hell three and four to be exact.

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    Recap On How To Pair Sneakers With A Dress

    Today, wearing trainers aka sneakers and a dress is completely acceptable in multiple occasions, such as an event, dinner, or even a night out! I find myself leaving my heels at home and wearing a white pair of sneakers most of the time out now.

    Personally, Im so happy this trend of wearing sneakers and a dress isnt going away anytime soon. I definitely recommend adding a pair of classic sneakers, chunky sneakers, and even leather sneakers to your wardrobe. Sneakers and mini dresses / maxi dresses, a knit dress, or even a summer dress is the perfect combo for an easy outfit formula! Plus if you get cold in your dress you can always grab your favorite denim jacket to stay warm.

    Ladies, Id love to hear your experience with pairing sneakers with a dress, do you love this trend as much as I do?Discover the best walking shoes for the City here

    Wearing Sneakers With Jeans

    Jeans and sneakers are the sartorial equivalent of strawberries and cream. You dont need us to tell you that they belong together. But there are a few things to keep in mind when styling your favourite denim. First is colour. Do you want a chunky white sneaker outfit, or something more interesting? Forest green leather sneakers or khaki suede sneakers both match well with blue jeans. The second is cut. Baggy jeans with sneakers hasnt been a good look since Clueless came out. You want a high cuff and a tapered leg .

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    Extra Tips For Sneakers And Closed

    Dont be afraid of flashy shoes. Unless you are hard-pressed on sticking to a capsule wardrobe, dont shy away from sneakers and closed-toe shoes that beg for attention. As mentioned, an eye-catching shoe can be the statement piece of your whole look. When you choose a shoe with extra character that you absolutely adore and that screams you, you will undoubtedly find a way to wear it more frequently than you think. Even for minimalists with small wardrobes, it may wind up being your all-time favorite shoe.

    Show some ankle. Theres a reason that midi skirts, capris and jeans work so well with sneakers and closed-toe shoes: They show a little skin! While you may not get to show off a pedicure, you can reveal your ankles and the shin area between the pants and shoes. For longer jeans, choose a length that stops an inch or so above the ankle bone or cuff them up a little.

    Pair Them With A Midi Skirt Or Dress

    How To Dress Up Sneakers | 3 Business Casual Outfits

    Sneakers and closed-toe shoes can be dressed up with a more formal-looking attire like a dress or midi skirt. A flowing summer dress in practically any style can be toned down as you elevate your shoes to a whole new level. Choose simple white shoes to complement a dress or skirt with a busy pattern or bright color.

    Loose and breezy slip-style dresses pair nicely with simple sneakers, too. While the sneakers can add visual weight to a slimming slip dress or skirt, it can be easily balanced out with a chunky wool sweater or blazer for date nights out in the city or a semi-formal day at work or trade show conference where you spend all day on your feet.

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    What Style Of Suit Is Best

    Some would argue that you can wear any type of suit with sneakers. However, doing so and looking good is another matter.

    Sure, any style has the potential to work well with sneakers, but that’s not to say that every man can pull it off.

    Here at RMRS, I always talk about timeless style. Today is no exception so I’m not going to suggest a high-fashion, multi-colored suit is a style choice you should make

    To keep things classy, simple, and timeless stick to one of the following:

  • Monotone Your suit, sneakers, and shirt are all shades of the same color. This works great for men who want to wear a suit with their sneakers while maintaining a sense of continuity throughout their outfits. With this style, your sneakers will not stand out they should blend in nicely with the rest of your outfit.
  • Patterned There’s no harm in incorporating patterns. A pin-stripe or checked suit is always an excellent option for fine tailoring. However, to help reduce the contrast between your suit and sneakers, opt for a heavier fabric suit and a t-shirt that matches the color of your footwear.
  • Light Colored Not everything has to be black and white. A light-colored suit can be a great way to add variety to your officewear. A powder-blue suit, for example, pairs incredibly well with plain white sneakers and a white shirt. Once again, for continuity’s sake, ensure the color of your shirt matches your trainers wherever possible.
  • Rock It With High Socks

    For those who love coordinating colors, adding socks to your look can contribute an extra layer of intrigue. While no-show socks are an ideal option for those who like to keep things hidden, theyre not the only way to go.

    Try pairing your dress-and-sneaker combo with socks of different heights, colors, and patterns. A flash of bright neon above your ankle can lighten up an otherwise monotonous color palette, while simultaneously keeping your feet extra comfortable.

    Socks can also elevate your sneakers-and-dress look. Tall socks that hit at or above the knee pair well with a mini dress in the fall or winter, giving you both the coverage, style, and flirty fashion of tall boots with the versatility and comfort of a sneaker.

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    When In Doubt Wear White Sneakers

    If youre just dipping your toes into the trend and are feeling a little outside of your comfort zone, start with a great pair of white sneakers. They seriously go with everything. A classic white sneaker such as a Ked, pairs so well with mini dresses, maxi dresses, and midi dresses, whether theyre on the dressier side or more casual like this dress.

    Wearing Sneakers With Suits

    Dresses with Sneakers

    Whole books have been written on styling sneakers with suits . Smart casual sneakers under a sharp blue or grey suit is definitely one of our favourite preppy looks, but there are a few things to watch out for. One thing some guys get wrong is trying to do too much with their sneaker-suit combo. Stick to classic, block colours: white, black, navy and tan are the obvious candidates. Next, think about combinations. A black pinstripe suit probably wont mesh with khaki green sneakers . Finally, focus on the cut. Sneakers give suits an edge, but theres only so much edge you can give a chunky, unflattering, badly-fitted suit jacket. Go for a slim-fit jacket, and make sure your pant legs are crisp, straight, and cuffed appropriately .

    At the end of the day, how to style sneakers, and when to where them, is totally up to you. There are hundreds of great outfits for sneakers. The trick is confidence: playing around and experimenting until you find something that feel right.

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