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Sneakers With Diamonds On Them

A Closer Look At The Reebok Question Diamond Edition

How To Diamond Lace Shoes-Easy Shoelace Tutorial

There was no lack of information provided about the special edition Reebok that was priced at the equivalent of a small fortune. This was a shoe that was designed for fans who just happened to love the model and have an extra $65k lying around and we learned that it didnt make it to your average local vendors. What makes this shoe so very special is the fact that it was fully loaded with 246 diamonds against an all-black theme that really made them stand out. The full carat weight was 25.50, so its not hard to understand how their value soared to its astronomical amount. Another special feature of the sneaker is that there were a few indications of silver which were used to embroider a few nicely contrasting accents into this magnificent special edition. They were listed as one of the most expensive shoes in the world. The shoe was created in 2004 and we learned that they were picked up by an anonymous buyer so theres really no way to find out where they ended up. We do know that Allen Iverson also got his own very special pair of diamond-encrusted Reeboks, but it wasnt the Question model because this shoe will remain one of a kind.

Solid Gold Ovo X Air Jordans $2 Million

Its a bit of a steep jump from second to first position, but if youre thinking of spending $100,000 on a pair of sneakers anyway, then you may as well go one better.

There had to be a day when a pair of sneakers were coated in 24k gold, and that day finally came when Drake collabed with Nike to make the Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordan.

They were created by American artist Matthew Senna and each shoe weighs 50lbs!

$2 Million seems like a good deal with all things considered.

Nike Dunk Low Pro Sb Pigeon $6250

These fairly normal looking shoes created a riot when they were released in 2005, due to their limited numbers.

Over time, they became more and more popular, and the price began to reflect their exclusivity.

$6,000 seems like a great deal when compared to the rest of the shoes on our list of most expensive shoes ever made.

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Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1 $50000

If you have expensive taste, and like diamonds, then youre going to love Big Bois Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1s.

Not the rarest of shoes in the world, nor worn by any major ballers, instead, these shoes are covered in champagne diamonds, which is why they cost $50,000.

Wearing a pair of shoes like this might attract the wrong kind of attention, which is why Big Boi auctioned off his kicks to raise money for his Foundation.

Adidas Nmd: R1 Friends And Family $10000

shoes, nike, white, diamonds, roshe runs

The only pair of Adidas sneakers included in our list of the most expensive sneaker ever made are the NMD_R1 Friends and Family.

This style of shoe is only for a certain type of person, but it is a decent looking shoe.

Having said that, the NMD has been undeniably successful, selling out of colourway after colourway.

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Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slipper

Stuart Weitzmans sparkling stiletto was worn by country singer Alison Krauss at the 2004 Oscars. One of the most expensive shoes in the world, the pair features Italian leather and 565 Kwiat diamonds. The right shoe also has a rare 5-carat amaretto diamond that by itself is valued for more than $1 million. The Stuart Weitzman shoe also has a clear 4-inch stiletto heel that is intentionally designed to make the structure of the $2 million shoes disappear giving all the attention to the precious gems when in the spotlight. Its a shoe truly fit for someones Cinderella moment.

Jimmy Choo Is Selling Sneakers Covered In Diamonds So Can Someone Lend Me $3995

Shine bright like a … pair of sneakers?

Diamonds are forever, and so are sneakers, apparently. Jimmy Choo, a brand known for its luxury shoes, is taking your footwear to the next level with sneakers covered in diamonds.

The idea for such extravagant sneakers was born from the thought of how it would feel to step into a multi-faceted diamond, according to Sandra Choi, creative director of the brand. As you would expect, these limited-edition sneakers are not cheap, and youll have to fess up $3,995 for a pair of the womens crystal shimmer suede trainers. Men can get in on the over-the-top sneaker as well, but those are even more expensive at $5,500.

The most trendy and in style trainers this season, the Diamond F in crystal shimmer suede with crystal application, the description says. This futuristic shoe features a clear TPU sole and a silver lace up fastening. The Diamond F is the ultimate lifestyle trainer turn to this chic style for city jaunts.

When it comes time to pay your rent and student loans or investing in extremely sparkly sneakers, well, the choice is yours.

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Air Jordan Iii Og $4500

Kicking off our list of the most expensive sneakers ever, are the Air Jordan III OGs.

Theyre on the list because Michael Jordan wore them when slam dunking Dominque Wilkins, which made the sneakers become even more valuable.

Since then, there have been plenty of re-issues, however, the earliest editions are worth for more.

So, if you can find a pair then hang on to them!

Q: How Often Do I Need To Apply Shoe Protector Spray

Diamond Contracts + Diamond Shoes in NBA 2K20 MyTeam! When should you use them!?!?

A: This depends on how often you wear your shoes. If youve got half a dozen or more stashed in your closet, chances are you have one or two that you wear for daily use, and others for specific attire or occasions. Lets break down a few scenarios to best describe how often you should apply shoe protector spray.

  • Daily wear – Your kicks, your beaters, trainers, whatever you want to call them, have undergone hundreds of thousands of steps with you. Theyre tired, so its time to slap on the protective barrier. You should spray your shoes down once every two weeks, allowing a full 24 hours for them to dry. Read further below for more information on specific climates and what that does to your shoes.
  • Special occasions – Apply your protector 48 hours prior to use , and youll be good for your day or two out in the sun. These should be good for another 1-3 uses, but if theyre being shelved for weeks on end again, youll want to sit on the side of caution and apply another coating 48 hours before the event.
  • Work wear – We can only imagine what youre treading through every single day. You know, and thats what matters. This is half our experience and half your judgment call. Assuming youre working the nine-to-five grind and have the battle scars to show for it, you should apply your spray when you get home on Friday night, and just let them dry until the next Monday. Youre putting them through forty or more hours of hell once a week will be your best bet.

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Dunk Low Sb Freddy Krueger: $30000

The most infamous Nike SB of them all would 100% be the Krueger. Hit with a cease and desist, Nike was never able to release this shoe to the public. Of course, some samples slipped through the cracks hence the resale price now. However, no retail price actually exists, though there were rumors of a release date in January 2007.

Without a doubt, this is a true collectors item. For this piece of history today you would have to pay a whopping $30,000.

The Sale Of The Reebok Question One Of A Kind

In our quest to learn more about this phenomenal collectible, we learned that the sneaker was offered for sale on November 1st in 2004 and it was only listed for one single day. It drew a lot of attention and why wouldnt it? The 246 diamonds were encrusted into the shoes with special settings of pure white gold that ran down the shoelaces and they were set by Eastbay, one of the most in-demand jewelers in existence. The shoes were sold with a stainless steel suitcase to provide additional security, because they were, after all, a highly valuable collectors edition.

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Black Diamond Mission Lt: First Impressions

Despite coming in colors with names like Wisteria, Black Diamond Mission LTs are as far from a fashion-orientated piece of apparel as you can get.

Putting comfort and grip at the heart of the design, these are reliable shoes that combine innovative features with laces that bind over the arch of the foot, using an evenly distributed system to ensure the pressure isnt just focused on the lacing near the top of the foot and can be easily adjusted without having to dig your fingernails in.

Webbing grabs the lacing, extending durability and ensuring a tight, snug fit. The Black Diamond Mission LTs are many peoples go-to approach shoes thanks to the BD rubber offering high performance grip.

A highly breathable chassis is made with Black Diamonds signature EnduroKnit, which is a one-piece, ultra-breathable upper for lasting temperature regulation thats hyper-durable for season after season of abuse. A tuned EVA midsole provides ample stiffness for technical precision, while remaining comfortable and the nylon rock plate provides protection. All of which sound great reasons for including them in our best approach shoes buying guide, but do they live up to the promise on the trail?

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers $3 Million

$5,500 Crystal Shimmer Sneakers With Chunky Platform by ...

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, the House of Harry Winston revealed their replica of the famous Ruby Slippers.

The originals were made from red sequins, but these stunning shoes feature 4,600 sparkling rubies, a total of 1350 karats. To top it off, they have different types of diamonds that are 50 karats.

Harry Winstons Ruby Slippers took two months to make, and its unknown whether anyone has purchased them.

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Nike Foamposite One Sole Collector $6000

Developed in 1997, The Nike Foamposite One Sole Collector was a totally unique design for its time.

Its individual colourway and popularity amongst ballplayers fueled its sales and meant that it sold out fast.

The Foamposite is still a super popular shoe, and new colours are continuously being released. However, the older styles are the ones that get the most attention.

Stuart Weitzman Marilyn Monroe Shoes $1 Million

Stuart Weitzman, the renowned shoe designer, crafted these stilettos to pay homage to Marilyn Monroe.

They have a feminine wraparound ankle strap that crosses at the top. What makes the stilettos stand out is the Swarovski crystals nestled in a delicate satin rose.

The shoes sold for $1 million but the celebrity owner wasnt revealed.

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Astonishing $3 Million Shoes

Most of us cant imagine putting our toes into something worth a few thousand dollars, let alone a few million! A select few celebrities have this privilege and Rita Hayworth was one of them.

While shes famous for her talent, she may be forever immortalized for her shining moment in these shoes! Shes seen here wearing shoes worth $3 million dollars. Yes, you heard it right! She first wore these shoes in The Shawshank Redemption, and they were later given to Princess Yasmin Aga Khan. Adorned in diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, we can see how they would be fit for royalty!

The Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes In The World And Who Owns Them

Bzees Diamond XBand Wedge Slide Sandal

The average family spends around $388 on shoes per year.

Keep that in mind, when looking at these extravagant pairs of shoes ranging from $400,000 to a staggering $15 million. If youre looking for the most expensive shoes in the world, youve come to the right place.

Here are the top 10 most expensive shoes in the world.

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Nike Yeezy 2 Red October $7500

If you like a bit of colour on your sneakers, then these Yeezys could be for you.

Symbolising the end of Kanye Wests collaboration with Nike, the Nike Yeezy 2 Red Octobers were a big hit, and Kanye promoted them everywhere he went.

Not the most versatile of colourways, but when worn correctly, theyll certainly raise a few heads.

Air Jordan 4 Undefeated $15000

The Air Jordan 4 Undefeated sold for $15,000 on eBay because the owner claimed they were made from ballistic material.

A little unusual to say the least, however, its not surprising as Air Jordans frequently sell for crazy prices, as youll see in our top ten.

Collectors love a good pair of Jordans 4s, so most enthusiasts will pay whatever it takes to secure a unique pair.

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Big Boi’s $50000 Kicks

Welcome to the shoe game! Sneakers and heels that cost as much as peoples cars and mortgages and in some cases even more than the trust funds of the rich and famous! Leave it to Outkast to feature shoes worth a whopping $50,000. Big Bois Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are covered in $13,000 worth of diamonds.

This is some serious bling for a mans sneaker! They are among the most expensive runners that have been designed. The use of so many P& C Diamonds on these shoes has not gone to waste though its been reported that all proceeds from his sale of this shoe goes to a charity foundation that he has established.

Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heel

Would you spend $4,000 for this Jimmy Choo diamond sneaker ...

Yet another stunning pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes make our Most Expensive Shoes list. The Tanzanite Heel is valued at $2 million and was a collaboration with Eddie Le Vian of the prestigious Le Vian Jewelry. The silver shoes have straps that feature 185 carats of tanzanite along with 28 carats of diamonds. And dont forget the back. The 4.5-inch heel is encrusted with 595 carats of Kwiat diamonds set in platinum.

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Yeezy 1 Prototype Grammy Worn: $1800000

The Grammy worn Nike Air Yeezy 1 Prototypes is truly a one-of-a-kind shoe. Our experts included it on this list because it actually sold for $1.8 million dollars. Kanye not only won a Grammy in these shoes he also did a breathtaking performance in them.

This shoe does not have are retail price, it was last sold at Sotheby Auction House. The pair of sneakers was bought by Rares, a startup app that lets you buy shares of luxury goods.

Are Nike Air Diamond Turf Sneakers For Men Good For Basketball

Although Nike Air Diamond Turf sneakers were originally designed by and for a football player, these are all-around athletic shoes. They’re suitable choice for football, basketball, or running thanks to a sturdy Phylon midsole, which offers support, and a Nike Air unit, located in the heel. This Air unit gives the sneakers cushioning, reducing the impact from running or jumping.

A thick sole with deep grooves also helps to provide these basketball shoes with traction. In addition, these athletic shoes feature a snug fit, which keeps the shoes firmly in place during sports activities. A Velcro mid-foot strap covers the laces, keeping them secure and tight.

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Nike Moon Shoe $437500

Bill Bowerman, Nikes co-founder, designed these shoes for the 1972 Olympics qualifiers. Theyre the only preserved pair and feature a distinctive sole because they were made in a waffle maker.

The sneakers were sold to Miles Nadal, an avid shoe collector, in 2019 and were considered the most expensive shoes in the world at the time.

Nadal planned to display the sneakers at his private museum in Toronto, the Dare to Dream Automobile Museum. He also broke the auction record for sneakers when buying the Nike Moon Shoes.

The previous world auction record was set in 2017 when a bidder paid $190,373 for a pair of Converse that Michael Jordan wore in the 1984 Olympic basketball final.

Features To Look For In Shoe Protector Sprays

What are Approach Shoes and do you want them?

Spray capacity – Everyone wants more bang for their buck and although each container of shoe protectant spray will have the ounces stated on the bottle, you still need to understand how much you need to use to ensure you get the best value. Some of the bottles in our selection are considerably smaller, but they are nonetheless useful, especially for travelers.

Effectivity – User reviews come in handy here. When a company says that their spray has been formulated to last for 14 days, you have to think of the fact that its all lab tested, and most likely has not seen action out there in the real world. Use this information as a guide and check your shoes after each outing so you can see for yourself, just how long the product will really last with each application.

Suitable material application – Not all sprays are designed for all materials. While some sprays work best on leather, others are designed for canvas and fabrics. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before making your selection.

Discoloration – Waterproof sprays for boots have been known to discolor certain materials. Weve done our best to select products that have little to no accounts about discoloration. User reviews come in handy here, and as a reminder, only spray a small area on your shoe at first to ensure it wont discolor them.

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