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Veja V 10 Womens Sneakers

Veja V 10 Lace Up Sneakers Review

Mens VEJA | V-10 Leather Sneakers

Headquartered in France and made in Brazil, Veja burst onto the scene when Meghan Markle donned a pair of the brands beloved Esplar sneakers. But, the company has been in business since 2005, quietly making what are now quite possibly the most popular and eco-friendly pairs of kicks on the market. Made from organic cotton and Amazonian rubber, the brand emphasizes social responsibility in all aspects of production as well. Even the shoeboxes theyre packaged in are made from 60% recycled cardboard! The sneakers are literally a millennials dream, but their classic style can be worn across generations. Of the 25 styles available, the Veja V 10 lace up sneakers are one of my favorites! Todays post includes my honest opinion on them, from design to fit and comfort.

Before now, I doubled down on high heels. My closet is full of them, in all my favorite neutral shades. But, after a year in loungewear and living the work from home life, Ive been converted to a sneaker lover. And, not just any sneakers but Vejas in particular. Sneakers are always on trend and theyre incredibly versatile. Plus, comfort is KING! Not only are these sneakers chic, but theyre comfy right out of the box.

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Veja V 10 sneakers // White puff sleeve top // Denim shorts // Rails utility jacket // Celine bag

Why Are Veja Sneakers So Popular

Plenty of celebrities have been spotted in Veja sneakers.

Maybe it’s the sleek white design or the iconic “V” logo stitched on the side, which comes in every color from basic black to neon yellow. Or maybe it’s the fact that Veja was the first sustainable sneaker brand in the world, making way for other popular kicks like Allbirds. Its shoes are made with high-quality recycled materials, organic cotton, and sustainably-sourced leather.

Whatever it is, there’s no denying that the French footwear brandwhich sells over two million pairs of sneakers per yearhas quite the cult following. Some of its most famous fans include the likes of Meghan Markle, Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, and Emma Watson.

Are Veja Sneakers Worth Buying

The sneakers come in tons of pretty colors.

If you’re willing to spend a little extra on a quality pair of casual shoes, then yes, I recommend Veja sneakers. To be totally honest, I think they’re worth the $120 for the brand recognition alonei.e. unlike some shoes that you can easily buy knock-off versions of, there is no alternative to the unique design and branding of the Veja sneaks. They’re also decently comfortable and very versatile, so you’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

I wouldn’t recommend Veja sneakers for those who want to specifically use them for walking. I can happily wear my Vejas for running errands, shopping, or general everyday life, but if you’re walking miles and miles every single day, you might want to look elsewhere for a shoe that’s a little heavier duty and flexible, like the very popular Allbirds, which some of our staff own and love.

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Veja V10 Sneaker Review And Esplar Comparison

Ive said it once, but Ill say it againthank goodness sneakers are in style because its the by far the most comfortable trend and I hope it never fades! With SO many sneaker choices, it can be overwhelming to choose the best pair. I personally have a pair of sneakers for every occasion, but Veja sneakers are some of my absolute favorites and I have some serious insight on how to buy yourself the perfect pair of Veja sneakers!

What I Don’t Like About Veja Sneakers

Veja Women

As stylish as it may be, when it comes down to it, leather will never be the most comfortable material for a pair of shoes. Let’s be honest: Even the world’s highest quality leather couldn’t compete with the worn-in comfort of canvas or cotton. Vejas offer great support and a well-cushioned footbed, but they’re lacking in flexibility and freedom of movement due to the somewhat stiff leather exterior. Even after breaking them in, they still weren’t as flexible as I prefer in a pair of walking shoes. This wouldn’t deter me from recommending thembut it’s something to consider when you’re debating buying them for yourself.

After wearing them for a few months, I have also learned that they aren’t the most breathable sneakers in the world. My feet get sweaty in them very easily, and if I wear them for a couple of hours walking around, my socks are soaked to the point I have to change them out for a fresh pair.

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How To Style Veja Sneakers

The outfit options with Veja sneakers are endless. Lately, Ive been on a kick with pairing mine with virtually anything from Sundry. My cute puff sleeve top above is by them. They look great with dresses too! I would like to style them with this button up dress Ive got my eye on from Rails.

For an office appropriate look, wear them with a double-breasted blazer and classic button up . Then, add your favorite oversized sunglasses. I love the way this pair by Karen Walker looks with them.

When I need outfit inspo, I normally pull from pieces in my everyday wardrobe. For me that means a lot of easy, neutral tops and classic denim that all go together. Throw on these V-10 sneakers and youre set. Or, Shopbops essential edit is pretty fabulous too. They make it so simple to put together cute outfits.

Good news! Whether its the carpool line or youre grabbing coffee, Veja sneakers pretty much go with everything and give you a polished look.

As women, we tend to be harder on our feet than men . So, finding a comfortable pair of sneakers is crucial! Once you add a pair to your wardrobe, youll be hooked. Veja sneakers are stylish and the price point is right. The classic black and white pair are cult favs, but I love the all-white pair too. Your only question should be which pair do you get first?

What I Love About Veja Sneakers

You can wear them for almost any occasion.

Fact: I’ve never felt more cool or more trendy as I did when I put on my new Vejas. The minimalist aesthetic, accentuated with the bold black “V,” has that effortless French je ne sais quoi that I’ve never been stylish enough to pull off on my own, but with these new sneakers, I totally can. They’re both subtle and eye-catching and can instantly elevate even the most casual of outfits. I got tons of compliments on them the first time I wore them, even from friends who had never heard of Veja but liked the look.

More importantly, the Veja sneakers are surprisingly comfortable. Some customers seem to be split on the comfortability of these shoes, so let me clarify a few things. The sole provides an appropriate amount of cushioning and support, so my feet didn’t ache after walking in them all day. However, they may take some time to break-in and should not be expected to feel as comfortable as a regular running shoe.

When it came to sizing I was a little worried, but the Veja sneakers did not disappoint. I have wider feet so I sometimes have problems with sizing, but these were forgiving enough that my foot didn’t feel squished. And they weren’t too big that I felt like I was slipping out of them .

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