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What Are The Best Sneakers For Nurses

Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog

BEST 2020 Registered Nurse Shoe Review! (NIKE, DANSKO, CROCS, REEBOK, BROOKS)

Crocs are very well known for their shoes in many different shapes and styles. They have been used by countless nurses since their inception.

Like most Crocs, the Bistro has a one-piece construction to the outer shoe. The material is easy to clean and comfortable to wear with or without socks.

The Bisto has rubber inserts in the sole making these anti-slip and perfect for wet work situations like hospitals or travel nursing and a heel strap is included to help keep your foot in place at the back of the shoe.

This version does not have any open toe ventilation that helps to keep your feet protected in the event of spills or other foot hazards.

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Softwalk Meredith Sport Womens Shoes

Best Shoes for Nurses with Back Pain

  • Womens sizes: 6 to 12
  • Colors: Multiple
  • Special features: Available in normal and wide widths, foot stabilizing features, contoured footbed support arches

Healthcare professionals love all the colors and designs offered in the ultra-comfortable SoftWalk Meredith Sport shoes for nurses. They are great for nurses with back pain as they offer foot stabilization in a number of ways, including with a nylon shank for support, and a contoured footbed for aching arches. The slip-on style has a rounded, roomy toe as well as a padded collar.

Brooks Womens Ghost 13

If your main priority is cushioning, you dont have to look any further than the Brooks Ghost series. These athletic shoes are designed with enough cushioning to carry you through a long shift. Theyre also available in 18 stylish colors and patterns ranging from neutral to vibrant tones.

These shoes have neutral support that utilizes DNA LOFT and BioMoGo cushioning. The combination allows for comfortable cushioning while still retaining a responsive feel.

Even though the shoes are lightweight, the materials are highly durable. The rubber sole can stand up to heavy use, while the perforated upper provides breathable comfort.

The Crash Pad shock absorbers offer an additional level of cushioning, preventing joint pain and fatigue during high-impact movement.

The Brooks Ghost 13 made our #1 pick among the Best Brooks Shoes for Nurses

  • 18 colors and patterns to choose from
  • Multiple layers of supportive cushioning
  • Responsive and durable, helping you conserve energy
  • Built-in shock absorbers help reduce joint pain and fatigue
  • 3D Fit technology allows the shoe to conform seamlessly to your foot

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Tying It All Together

All in all, this is a solid but not exhaustive list of shoes to purchase for a nursing shift. Brooks, ASICS, and Saucony are some of the most recommended brands by physical therapists, however, they are not the only brands that can suit a persons needs. Buying a shoe is very individualized, and normally physical therapists recommend trying on and feeling several shoes prior to purchasing a pair.

In these times, when online shopping appears to be here to stay for quite a while, the best way to know if a shoe will fit is to know your measurements and understand what the purpose of the shoe is. For a nurse or healthcare professional who is standing and moving all day long, stability, fit, and comfort are key ensuring good arch support, a symmetrical/even heel, and a toe box that fits.

Keep in mind that a shoe should fit right out of the box there should not be a breaking in period. There also should not be blisters or calluses forming before the shoe fits. The right shoe should be comfortable, have a snug fit , and it should hold up well to longer stretches of wear, like the average nursing shift.

Most Versatile: Reebok Women’s Classic Renaissance Sneaker

Top 25 Best Shoes for Nurses (ULTIMATE GUIDE)

Reebok’s Renaissance Sneaker has a classic design, making it a great option if you’re looking for supportive shoes that can easily be dressed up or down. The lightweight cushioning makes the comfy sneakers suitable for long walks and standing, while the foam liner makes them extra soft.

“I got these for nursing school and they’re extremely comfortable!” . “My feet feel supported and the memory foam inside makes standing for hours at a time bearable.”

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Best Affordable: Tiosebon Women’s Lightweight Running Sneakers

Limited-time discounts come and go, but these stretchy, knit mesh sneakers cost just $36 without any promotion. They’ve received over 3,000 perfect ratings from shoppers who say they’re even more comfortable than expected. “I’m a veterinary nurse and am on my feet for nine hours a day, and these shoes are so comfy and supportive throughout the entirety of my shift,” said one reviewer. “I HIGHLY recommend these unbelievably cushioned, stretchy-topped, heavenly shoes!”

Buy It! $35.99

Why Nurses Need Orthotic

As was mentioned in the intro, nurses are prone to self-neglect, which unfortunately, includes foot problems. If youre a nurse, you know its not your fault – youre always on the go and attending to patient needs, making it easy to forget about yourself. Its what makes the profession so noble. But that leaves you open to foot problems, especially if youre on your feet for double-digit hours and running around in the wrong shoes.

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Brooks Mens Adrenaline Gts 21

Cost: $109.95- $129.95

If stability and side-to-side foot motion support are high on your list, the Adrenaline sports a GuideRails system that prevents excess foot movement. Where the Ghost is more neutral in support, the Adrenaline actively helps you stay in your natural stride, preventing overcorrection that affects your knees and hips.

  • Feel: outstanding support, great for high arches, cushioned feel, comfortable, good for flat feet
  • Durability: long-lasting, reliable, can wear for many miles, toe box prone to collapsing
  • Style: lace-up, multiple colors, synthetic and mesh upper
  • Where to buy:, Amazon

On Running Cloud Terry


This is another great option that you can consider to buy for your nursing job.

It offers great durability, comfort, and stability for long hours which is very much needed for a nurse.

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Being on your feet throughout the day can make your feet feel tired and painful.

But with the CloudTec cushioning technology, you will be able to walk and stand on your feet throughout the day without any issue.

This shoe is also made up of breathable lining and mesh upper for optimum breathability.

Hence, your feet will feel fresh and relaxed throughout the day.

Though it is padded and cushioned for maximum comfort and stability, the best thing is that it is very light in weight.

Also, the sole is very flexible making it easy to move and walk more freely.

The zero-gravity foam is a great addition making this shoe one of the best for the nurses.

The heels are also perforated in nature with smooth sides keeping it comfy for you.


Get the utmost comfort as well as durability with this pair of sneakers. It is an ideal choice for women if you are looking for the best shoe for nurses.

The CloudTec cushioning technology is the catch of this product which can help you to get the best comfort.

It offers a lighter and bouncy feel to your steps every time your feet strike the ground.

Even the insole is made up of dual-density and is removable in nature.

It comes with good support as well as a cushion effect.



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Hunter Original Play Womens Clogs

Best Shoes for Healthcare Workers

  • Womens sizes: 5 to 11
  • Colors: Multiple
  • Special features: Made out of all rubber, easy to clean, convenient slip-on style, certified vegan

While Hunter is most commonly associated with their chic rubber boots, they also make a great nursing shoe. This full rubber pair of slip-ons is ideal for those who come into contact with lots of unmentionable messes in their nursing line of duty. Hunters Original Play clog is easy to clean and 100 percent waterproof. A breathable polyester lining avoids trapping any moisture inside the shoe.

Are On Cloud Shoes Good For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a very common condition that is related to peoples feet.

In this condition, the plantar fascia i.e. the fibrous tissue that connects the toes to your heel bone gets swollen. This can cause intense pain in your heel.

The On Cloud shoes provide critical padding and cushioning that can absorb shock effectively.

This is what the people suffering from plantar fasciitis condition need.

The On Cloud shoes also come with high arches that provide much more stability and comfort to the people having plantar fasciitis.

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Best For Back Pain: Skechers Women’s D’lites Memory Foam Lace

These classic Skechers sneakers have thick midsoles to absorb the impact of every step to help prevent back pain, while memory foam insoles keep feet comfortable. “My wife loves her lightweight, super comfy shoes. She is a nurse and on her feet all day,” a reviewer wrote. “She says the shoes give her the support she needs to make it through.” Plus, chunky sneakers are in right now, and the greenish-gray color is especially stylish.

Buy It! $42.12

Anywear Womens Srangel Health Care & Food Service Shoe

Pin on Shoes, workout, scrubs

Shoes that are designed specifically for a particular job are always good to check out and Anywear does a great shoe that is made with nursing in mind.

The Anywhere Srangel is a full synthetic clog-type shoe that is perfect for wet and messy situations and the ability to keep your shoes clean with a quick wipe is a great feature to have. These clogs dont have a full back to them so they are recommended only if you are not looking for something with heel support.

The rubber sole has a great tread pattern to it to help in slippery situations, and both the toe and the heel have additional traction points to prevent slips when walking quickly and with purpose.

There is also a removable insert for cleaning, and there are vent channels on the inside to help keep your foot ventilated and comfortable.


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Crocs Mercy Work Clog

Too narrow if you have wide feet


Crocs have become pretty common for nurses to wear. Theyre easy to clean, inexpensive, and comfy. While Crocs have a famous look, their Crocs at Work collection has been designed to add more style and personality to it, while enhancing the comfort of nurses and other professionals who spend a lot of time standing or walking. The Croc Mercy Work Clog is a testament to that added flair.


Crocs have been known for being ugly but really comfy for a long time. These nursing shoes are definitely comfortable. They offer a nice bit of cushion and are very lightweight. These nurse shoes don’t offer a lot of ventilation. They also have a tendency to squeak, but they are decently slip-resistant.


These nursing sneakers are a bit sleeker than your usual Crocs and dont have that famous ugly but comfy Crocs look. They’re available in four different colors: black, black with a gold leopard print design, white, and black with a silver floral design.

The designs are restricted to a small part of the upper, so they still look very professional. They do retain a bit of the clunky Crocs look despite the sleeker styling, so if you’re simply not a fan of Crocs, these aren’t going to change your mind.

Cost and Value

These nurse shoes offer a nice bit of stability and will help plantar fasciitis sufferers stand comfortably on their feet through their shift.

Best For Knee Support: Bala Twelves

Anna Rodriguez, BSN, RN, says she heard about these Bala sneakers before they launched from a friend who was a beta tester. As soon as they were available for pre-order, she got her own pair. “I’ve been wearing them for a month now and I’m loving them,” she says. “Great arch support , ankle support, grippy soles , fluid-resistant, and Sani-wipableâeverything a nurse could ask for.”

She even has a coworker who says they’ve experienced a decrease in knee pain after shifts since switching to these shoes. Like Clove, they’re designed by nurses, for nursesâbut they look just as stylish as any classic sneaker.

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Easy Spirit Womens Twist Sneaker

Sometimes, even in a busy workplace, you want to add a sense of style to your feet and Easy Spirit makes a very stylish low cut slip-on sneaker that is perfect for your nursing job.

The upper of the Twist is lower cut than some sneakers making it easy to slip on but also adding a touch of style to the shoe. The check pattern across the top and sides adds a unique look to the shoe without losing any of the functionality.

The Twist feature a full heel and even has a pull loop on the back for assistance in putting them on so you dont ruin the heel of the shoe every time you try and push your foot into them.

The sole has rubber inserts that flow right to the tip of the toe to keep your feet firmly on the floor as much as possible.

There is a removable insole that can be switched out if the included one is not the level of comfort you are looking for.


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Best Shoes For Nurses 2022

Best shoes for nurses: Hoka vs. Crocs // Travel Nursing

What are the best shoes for nurses and healthcare professionals? It seems like a simple question. But, the answer can get really complicated. Not just any old walking shoe will do for nurses. That’s why we asked nurses themselves. Here are the nursing shoes that were most recommended by our online community of over 133,000 nurses:

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Best For High Arches: Akk Womens Walking Tennis Shoes

With over 7,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, Akk’s tennis shoes come with lots of praise, specifically from nurses. “I’m a nurse, on my feet 12+ hrs/day, and I have a high arch,” one shopper wrote. “I was looking for a lightweight, cheaper, comfy shoe. With the price being so low I thought I’d take a chance on these and I’m so glad I did! The memory foam is so comfortable even after 3 months of wearing them 4+ days a week for my shifts.”

Available in 26 different colorways, Akk’s sneakers have a cushioned memory foam insole and a non-slip outsole. The honeycomb style of the fabric also makes them especially breathable.

Ryka Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe $8999 At Dsw

Customers rave about the extra cushioning and excellent grip of these lightweight Ryka Devotion Plus 2 sneakers. An anatomic arch footbed and innovative midsole cushioning will give nurses all-day-long shock absorption while a synthetic sole is designed to prevent slipslike on a wet hospital floor. Ryka Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe, $89.99 at DSW

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What The Experts Say

The ultimate choice really depends on how the wearer is feeling at the end of a shift. Some nurses may find that they can wear whatever shoe and feel the same at the end of a shift. However others may observe a difference in foot/leg fatigue after using different types of shoes. Dr. Diane Koshimune, a communications committee member of the American Podiatric Medical Association and podiatric surgeon with Kaiser Permanente

Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex

Nurse Sneakers, Running Shoes, Shoes For Womens, Mens, Custom Shoes ...

Breathability could be better according to some reviews

Thy run a bit wider than some brands so be aware of that

Skechers has a reputation for making super comfortable footwear. Among the well-known shoe brands on the market today, it is one of the most known and respected, especially among nurses and others in the medical field. If you spend your days on your feet, on the move and you need to have that extra bit of foot support, then the Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex is the shoe you have been looking for!


If you need serious comfort and support for your feet to get through your regular shift or that dreaded overtime double shift, this shoe is for you. The composition and material in the insole are perfect for support and cushioning at hour one as well as hour 18.

Theres so much support many nurses say these are the only nurse shoes they even think about wearing when they know they have a long rough shift ahead of them. These nursing sneakers demonstrate just how well Sketers knows its customers and its products.

These Skechers for nurses have good traction which is a must when it comes to maintaining balance and stability when you are on your feet all day. Traction and stability are important for a nurse and medical staff as they do a lot of running and bending and stopping and moving as part of their job.


Cost and Value

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Best For Plantar Fasciitis: Easy Spirit Women’s Traveltime Mule

The slip-on mules from Easy Spirit are made of durable leather and mesh fabric. Customers can’t stop talking about their supportive insoles and shock-absorbing outsoles, which work together to reduce inflammation from plantar fasciitis. “I have issues with plantar fasciitis and I have discovered I can wear these shoes all the time without any flare-ups,” one person said. Since there’s no need to bend down and tie them, the Traveltime mules will also help you avoid back and knee pain.

Buy It! $46.40$48.98

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