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Best Sneakers For High Arches Women’s

How To Check For High Arches

Best Walking Shoes For High Arches in 2020

When choosing footwear or other orthopedic accessories, its imperative to know your foot type. Some people may be flat-footed, while others have high arches each will determine which running shoe is most compatible with your arch type. Fortunately, there is an easy way to determine your arch height using something called the wet test.

The wet test is pretty simple. All that it requires is stepping out of a shower or tub onto a surface that will take an imprint of your foot. Something like a piece of heavy paper or a cardboard box should help you find an accurate measurement. If you have flat feet, look at your arches in an unweighted position. The easiest way to measure is to sit down and put your ankle on the opposite knee.

If your feet are flat while sitting and standing, a low arch insole will be ideal for you. If your feet are flat while standing only, but you can see an arch when you sit, a medium arch will be the most comfortable.

How Do I Build Arch Strength In My Feet

When discussing high arches and working out, its important to understand that no two arches are the same. Different athletes and lifters will require different degrees of arch support in their shoes and additional arch training if they wish to improve their arch strength.

Training shoes with built-in arch support can be useful tools for promoting performance, however, that does not mean you should necessarily ignore training your arches directly and just bank on your shoes to pick up the work in regard to support.

In my coaching opinion, no matter your arch height, it can be useful to spend a little time each week training the feet and more specifically the arches of the feet. The foot has three primary arches including the transverse arch, medial longitudinal arch, and lateral longitudinal arch.

One of the easiest ways to start building your foots arch strength slowly is to simply walk and be barefoot more often. You could also wear barefoot shoes for progressive periods of time during your week to build your foot and arch strength slowly.

Once youve built up a baseline level of arch strength and feel comfortable moving without additional arch support you can explore foot exercises to build your arch strength and endurance.

I personally love programming a couple of active foot exercises into each of my training blocks. Theyre a great way to build your foot strength and resilience slowly without taking a ton of time out of your weekly training.

What Causes Of High Arches

High arches are usually obtained & you have them from family. If you develop a High-Arch in just one Foot-Over the years or see just one High-Arch when you see at your Foot-Print instead of 2, please terminate with your doctor. The exception could be a Neuro-Logical issue.

Typically, High-Arches support alone does not cause pain, but it can result in underpronation. This means your arches do not collapse sufficiently to absorb the shock of running/walking, which puts stress on your feet & can lead to:

  • Plantar-Fasciitis
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    New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11


    Zappos is famous for its stellar customer service, and the footwear retailer was happy to point us to the best shoes for high arches. The updated 1080 New Balance running shoe gets high marks for its Fresh Foam cushioning and comfort, which is ideal for underpronators. Reviewers say it feels luxurious and plush. You want a shoe thats plush because you want the shoe to be soft enough to accommodate the rigidity of the high arched foot type, says Dr. Cunha.

    Saucony Womens Grid Omni Walker Running Shoe

    6 Best Running Shoes for Women with High Arches (2020)

    The Saucony Womens Grid Omni Walker Running Shoe is another great pair of comfortable shoes for women with a high instep. They offer great support thanks to the asymmetrical sole for a natural and comfortable fit.

    With a mesh tongue and rearfoot grid system for comfort and support, these shoes protect your feet from issues like plantar fasciitis.

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    Best Womens Walking Shoes For High Arches Buyers Guide

    When it comes to shopping for things, especially when doing so online, youd need to look at several factors. Finding the right walking shoes is not easy, which is why you would want to keep looking until you come across a pair that offers everything you need.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for walking shoes:

    Why Trust The Wired Runner

    Our review process starts with me, Ben Drew, The Wired Runner founder and head writer. As a longtime runner and running store owner, I’ve been using and evaluating running shoes and gear for over 15 years. I review every article published to ensure it’s helpful, accurate, and factual.

    Besides myself, we have a team of runners, cyclists, and cross-fitters who research, write, and edit everything on the website. We have a multi-step research approach for each review before it’s published.

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    Nike Womens Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

    The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoe is another great pair of high arch shoes that offers great support for your feet. An upgrade to the iconic Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, this pair has more breathable mesh upper thanks to additional perforations.

    The slimmer design gives your feet a smooth transition for each step. Flywire cables in the midfoot provide additional support to the cushioned sole. Also, the tongue is reduced from the Pegasus 35 so this shoe perfectly contours to your foot for excellent comfort when your foot rolls forward.

    How To Select The Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches Ultimate Buyer Guide

    Choosing Shoes – High Arch Feet

    Understanding the High Arches Problem

    High arch, also known as the opposite of flat feet in a condition in which the arch of a foot is raised higher than normal. If you arent aware of what actually an arch is, its basically the space between the toe and heel.

    This severe medical condition is caused usually due to birth defects. On the other hand, in rare cases, a severe orthopedic or nervous trauma can also cause a high arch issue.

    The pain of High Arches

    Keep in mind that as compared to flat feet, the high arches issue is more painful. Thats because all stress is distributed between the toe and heel area. As the arch is already uplifted, there will be no burden on it.

    Therefore, the result is simple. As a tennis player, youll get easily fatigued, especially when you are not wearing particular footwear that can support the high arches of your feet in an ideal manner.

    One other thing to keep in mind is that this problem should be underestimated. It is also reported that in severe cases, a person can get disabled due to high arches. So, its always better either to contact your orthopedic or to wear shoes that might support your arch perfectly.

    How to Select Best Tennis Court Shoes For High Arches?

    People who have feet with high-arch find it difficult to research the tennis shoes that can support their feet with comfort and stability. Therefore, they end up injuring their feet by wearing shoes with typical properties to play tennis.


    Breathability Matters


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    Brooks Addiction Walker 2

    The Brooks Addiction Walker is a walking sneaker available in both mens and womens sizes, and is top rated because it provides the best support for low arches or flat feet. The shoe is slip-resistant and the midsole has Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology, which helps keep your foot from overpronating.

    Improper support of your joints can lead to ankle pain, which is what youre trying to avoid. One reviewer raved that its the best shoe for being on your feet all day and said her last pair held up for five years before she had to replace them.

    Best Walking Sandals: Teva Verra Sandals

    Boasting a podiatrist-approved contoured EVA foam midsole for optimal arch support, this athletic sandal ensures that your foot is cushioned, stable, and comfortable with every stride. It also has a shock absorbing pad in the heel for added support and stability, plus breathable quick-drying straps that are made from 100 percent recycled plastic. If your walks bring you to the trails or somewhere slick, the sandal’s tractioned rubber outsole has enough grip to keep you balanced and on course.

    “I have had plantar fasciitis in the past and get very tight calves,” one shopper began. “They were billed as hiking sandals I think but I only wear them on streets/sidewalks. They are very comfortable and I’ve had no issues with comfort or pain, etc. There is a bounce to your step in the heel, which I love.”

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    Skechers Womens Skechers Gowalk Arch Fit Grateful Sneaker

    You have been tripping all over yourself lately, trying to look your best. You know it’s time to strike a better balance between style and health. This is the perfect solution if you are tired of looking like a walking sneaker.

    Skechers has the perfect women’s arch-support slip-on in a wide variety of styles and colors, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your style for your feet.

    These shoes provide the stability that comes from their heel, but you’ll also feel comfortable when wearing them.

    These best walking shoes for women with high arches are great for wearing around the house, the kitchen, school, or work, and even walking around the mall without changing shoes.

    They are also comfortable for people who have high arches or suffer from foot pain. The round toe is perfect for avoiding the pressure points in your feet.

    Its memory foam will contour to your foot’s shape, and the arch support will help relieve stress from your feet and heel.

    This comfortable and supportive shoe is available in many different colors so that you can match just about any outfit or event. You’ll love how they feel on your feet while keeping you going strong to the next destination!

    Best With Wide Toe Box: Mizuno Wave Rider 24 Waveknit Sneakers

    The 7 Best Walking Shoes For High Arches

    Dr. Cunha also recommends Mizuno, another brand that has premium removable insoles. Also good? The brand’s Cloudwave technology for extra cushioning, SmoothRide engineering for a comfortable heel-to-toe stride, and a breathable sock-like fit. But for many, it’s the spacious toe box that makes its Wave Rider 24 WaveKnit Sneaker a must-have. “It allows your toes to move freely with no restrictions therefore minimizing discomfort placed on the arch of the foot,” Dr. Cunha explains. This style also ensures proper shock absorption and stability for optimal performance and safety.

    “These shoes are super supportive but are still sleek and look so cute,” one shopper said. “I love them for long walks and runs.” Another added, “There is plenty of room in the toe box and they are very comfortable.”

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    Are Asics Good For High Arches

    Asics are definitely great shoes for high arches. The toe box and midfoot, without a doubt, are highly accommodating for those with high arches. The heel counter stabilizes the heel, providing maximum comfort for high-arched wearers. This prevents excessive heel rotation and lowers the risk of injury due to high arches.

    Best Running Shoes For High Arches

    The 1080V12s molded footbed is removable, and has molded edges for under-arch support.

    This article has been updated with current models for July 2022. The Brooks Glycerin 19 has been replaced with its updated version. Except for the narrower B width, the womens models are almost identical to mens.

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    The Best Running Shoes For Underpronators

    If youre still thinking that running in the wrong shoes isnt a big deal, know that research found wearing improved footwear helped runners reduce their oxygen consumption during workouts. Yes, that means more comfortable shoes meant an improvement on participants run performance.

    On top of that, you dont need to be a podiatrist to know that the wrong shoes make you more vulnerable to common runners injuries and pain.

    Below, youll find our top recommendations for the best running shoes for people with high arches. Please note that weve listed the running shoes below in mens sizes. However, most of these shoes are also available in womens sizes. In general, the best running shoes for high arches are ideal for both men and women, and so we consider this a unisex guide.

    Womens Dress Shoes With Arch Support

    Type of Shoes You Should Wear With Plantar Fasciitis

    Of course, you may want to add a dressier pair of shoes or a pair of heels to your closet. You can still wear heels if you need arch support. In fact, flat shoes can be more uncomfortable for you to wear if you need arch support.

    above chooses a pair of classic black pumps to go with her on-trend midi dress.

    Recreate her outfit with this similar dress, pumps, bag and hoop earrings.

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    Best Slippers: Skechers Arch Fit Lounge


    These slippers are the best for a few reasons. First and foremost, they are designed with foot comfort in mind and have an Arch Fit® comfort footbed with an ULTRA GO® cushioned midsole. But, beyond that, the fuzzy texture makes them even more comfortable, andget thisthey are machine washable.

    Construction: Arch Fit® comfort footbed with an ULTRA GO® cushioned midsole | Size Range: 6-11

    Which Is Worse: Flat Feet Or High Arches

    Much more research needs to be done regarding whether or not high arches or low arches are better or worse for running. Low-arched runners also carry their own set of problems affecting the soft tissues, like Achilles tendinopathy and runners knee. Both arch types cause an abnormal load on different parts of the foot leading to excess pressure, which can cause pain and inflammation.

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    Most Stylish Sneakers: Naturalizer Morrison Sneaker

    If you want shoes that you can wear on your walk to work these are a great choice. The durable white leather and tan tweed keep them office appropriate, while the podiatrist-approved contoured footbed and heel and arch support mean your raised arches will be comfortable on your commute. The lace-up sneaker also features dual-density cushioning and advanced flexibility, which will help you navigate the obstacles on your commute without hindering your stride.

    “We walked six to nine miles daily and my feet were happy,” one customer said. “I got loads of compliments on how they looked from my teen and college-aged girls.”

    Best Running Shoes For Women With High Arches 2021

    6 Best Running Shoes for Women with High Arches (2020)

    Finding the right pair of shoes to workout in can be difficult. There are so many brands and styles available, but whats right for you? The good news is that we came up with a list of the best shoes for high arches women will want in their closet!

    Special inserts and custom orthotics will help with flat shoes a little, but it is better to have a high quality pair of shoes you can wear by themselves. If you are unsure whether you have high arches or flat feet with low arches you can always do a wet test and find your foot type.

    Here is the scoop on the best running shoes for women with high arches!

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    Best Nike Running Shoes For High Arches

    Buying Guide

    Plus, how to tell if your arches are playing a factor in your fitness performance.

    Maybe your running shoes are perfectly comfortable, but you feel like your speed, endurance, and recovery could be better. Or you keep getting overuse injuries even when you dial it back on your workouts. In either case, there could be multiple factors that come into play, and your shoes can be one of them, especially if you have high arches.

    “High arches can create problems with running and training,” says doctor of physical therapy Jason Kart, D.P.T., owner of Core Physical Therapy in Chicago. “The foot has two basic jobs: One is to act like a shock absorber, the other is to be a bony lever to push off from. A high arch fails to absorb that shock because the arch doesn’t descend normally.”

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    What happens instead is that the arches and feet tilt outward, he adds. That creates an undue amount of stress throughout the foot, ankle and calf. The result isn’t great foot pain, stress fractures, shin splints and plantar fasciitis are more likely to result. Running in shoes that don’t support high arches can even lead to ankle sprains, Kart says, because of instability in the ankle joint.

    “The problems can extend up the chain to the knees,” says Kart. “It’s not uncommon to have outside knee pain, including lateral meniscus tears, IT band problems and lateral collateral ligament strains.”

    Can Running Shoes For High Arches Prevent Overpronation Or Supination

    Many runners with high arches also supinate. In other words, your feet roll outwards when you run. Not all runners with high arches will supinate, but its very common.

    The good news is that running shoes that are designed for high arches can also prevent supination. The superb cushioning and support in these types of shoes are key features that support this goal.

    Most runners do not know that they can still suffer from overpronation if they have high arches. When you land, overpronation can occur if your foot rolls inward too much.

    One way to tell if you overpronate is to check the outersole of your shoes. If the inside of the shoe is worn much more than the outside, theres a good chance that you often overpronate.

    Shoes that are designed for high arches can correct this problem since they can alleviate pressure that you often feel on the ball and heel of your foot. In addition, arch-supporting shoes are great at distributing your body weight evenly across your foot to cushion the impact from running.

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