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Best Women’s Basketball Sneakers

Best Budget Basketball Shoes

Top 7 Womens and Girls Basketball Shoes

When we are talking about the best budget basketball shoes, we are talking about shoes that the brands have marketed as their cheaper option. There are usually some hidden gems among those models that will give you a ton of bang for your buck. You can check out the full list here, as well as our list of the top basketball shoe deals currently available.

Best Womens Basketball Shoes Of : Cool & Colorful Girls Sneakers

When we explore the shoes market for best women basketball shoes we come across a surprising fact. The fact tells us that the majority of the basketball shoes in the market are tailored toward mens sizes, which means female athletes may have a hard time finding the best option for their buck!

Finding the right piece of equipment is a deal-breaker in modern sports these days, and basketball is no exception to that. Based on your level of expertise, you should have a couple of indoor and outdoor shoes to tackle your hopping needs. Now for men, this may seem a bit straightforward, but when it comes to womens basketball shoes, things can get a bit complicated.

For once, there arent many options in the market, and the sheer number of shoes that are already available are hard to adjust. Lets take a look at our list for the top 4 girls basketball shoes for 2022. Whether youre a Nike fan or need something in the Kyries lineup, we will have the pick for you.

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Coming at the number one spot, we have the Under Armour Womens Jet. If youre looking for some narrow womens basketball shoes that fit the bill in 2022, then you cant go wrong with getting this model. They are made explicitly for female athletes in dire need of foot to ankle support. Whether youre using them for middle school leagues or as a recreational sport, Womens Jet will have you covered.



Outer sole

Nike Air Precision Ii Nbk Basketball Shoes Womens Size: 50 Black

Lowest Price

Product Details

These sneakers are made with a mid-top silhouette and padded ankle collar, making them versatile and comfortable for all players. The Air Precision II NBK delivers fundamental performance needed for all levels of playing, and features a Nike Air unit for cushioning on hard landings and for explosive takeoffs down court.


Reviews From Real Customers

I actually needed a pair of lightweight shoes and found a pair of Nike Air Precision 2 for $40 dollars usd. After looking them over they were most likely returned but unwore, probablyto small. The toe box could get very tight on a wider foot plus they fit small.

Im a 9-9. 5 in most Nike but these fit at 10. 5 comfortably I have a very narrow foot and use a 3/4 Dr Scholls insert in all my shoes these included. Even without the insole they are very comfortable as I walk about 25 miles a day whilst working.

Very fond of this shoe 10/10 for a person of my foot size. The silhouette is awesome for a mid. Im a fan of the Kyrie, silhouette but this is a close #2. I definitely scored with these and will be getting another pair strictly for work.

I can definitely see where they are a very affordable BBshoe as I can wear these for 16 hours and the only issue is they can get tight on the foot.

And the top is a little wrinkly and worn, but its expected due to its amount of use. Definitely a shoe to look into if you want a stylish everyday shoe, or a shoe for playing basketball.

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Adidas Pro Bounce 2019

These shoes are comfortable, lightweight and responsive. This is another one of my picks from the mens section that can be suitable for women. The shoe has a minimalist and clean design making it a crowd pleaser.

The Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 features a Flexible Bounce midsole cushion, a type of foam that is meant to be soft, flexible and bouncy hence the name. The Bounce cushion was designed in-house by Adidas with performance as the primary consideration.

The outsole features a Zonal herringbone pattern with flex grooves for outstanding traction. It has a padded ankle collar with additional cushioning for added stability. The lace closure ensures a secure but pleasant fit. The upper is made of two-tone textile material and has a textile lining. It is secured to your foot with a lace closure.

The sizing on this shoe can be tricky. I recommend checking at least two sizes to try and get the right fit.


  • Sizing can be tricky

+ Best Basketball Shoes 2022 Expert

Best Women

At WearTesters, our team of expert reviewers tests hundreds of basketball shoes each year. After testing, we collect the Best Basketball Shoes available and include them here for easy reference.

We regularly update this page to feature the highest-performing, currently available basketball shoes. The shoes listed are in no particular order. Check back any time you buy new basketball shoes.

Weve also reviewed many other basketball shoes that didnt make this page. Every foot is different, so read the reviews carefully to find the best shoes for you. For details on the methodology, see the detailed description at the bottom of the page.

Also, if you enjoy our content, you should know that we have a great community where we discuss sneakers, reviews, and all sorts of other topics. Community members also enjoy behind-the-scenes footage, invitations to WearTesters events, early access to merchandise, and automatic entry into shoe giveaways.

  • How to break in a basketball shoe
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    Pick Your Colors: Basketball Shoes For Women

    Every player has a distinct choice when it comes to the sports gear. It doesnt matter if you are a regular player or a weekend sports enthusiast. There is no reason for you not to pay attention to the aesthetic quality of your footwear. Shoes, like every other sports equipment, have a particular role to play in a player’s success. Basketball shoes are available online in a variety of colors and designs.

    If you are someone who likes to keep things simple, go for something like a basic black pair of Adidas basketball Shoes . The shoes will give an elegant look to your personality. But, if you feel a bit experimental, you can bring your quirky side to the court. Invest in a fresh pair of shoes in bold colors like bright pink or yellow.

    The online market has a plethora of choices when it comes to shoe sizes. You can choose the perfect pair keeping in mind the shape of the front portion of the shoe where the toes fit.

    Buying a good pair of basketball shoes for women online is not a very difficult task. But, the first step in the process is to get the right measurement of your foot. Once you measure the length and width of your foot correctly, it is very easy to find the right pair for your lovely feet.

    Our Picks For The Best Womens Basketball Shoes


    Pros: When youre running up and down the court, you need shoes that let you stay light on your feet but dont encourage slipping. These Under Armor sneakers are designed with a unisex fit and prioritize breathability. Between the mesh upper and built-in ventilation in the synthetic overlays, you dont have to worry about your feet staying dry.

    Cons: Under Armor tends to run about one size smaller than average. So, if you think these are the shoes of your basketball dreams, youll want to order up a size.

    Bottom Line: Performance is the name of the game with these shoes designed to promote breathability. Just be aware that you might need to order a size up to get a comfortable fit.

    Pros: When youre constantly pivoting and jumping to make the shot, you want to be sure that your feet are properly supported, including your ankles. These Reebok basketball shoes provide extra stability around the ankle. Youll get leather uppers with rubber soles and a wide choice of colors with these unisex shoes.

    Cons: These shoes also seem to run a bit small. Additionally, some people mentioned that while the product description refers to leather uppers, what you actually get is synthetic.

    Bottom Line: Those who prefer a bit more support in the ankles will like these high-top shoes. And the unisex fit means that its more universally functional.


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    The Different Types Of Basketball Sneakers

    When shopping for a good style, there are some key features to look for. First up: decide whether you want a high, mid, or low-cut shoe. While low-tops are built for premium speed and agility, making them better for guards, mid and high-top styles lend more ankle support and stability, which is ideal for forwards as the position doesnt require a lot of quick movements. Mid-tops provide a happy medium for multi-position players.

    But mostly, choosing the right sneaker height is about user preference, says Gately. Its about what makes you feel comfortable most of the actual stability and support your shoe is giving comes from the heel counter, anyway.

    How Much Should A Basketball Shoe Cost

    NYC woman creates first women’s basketball shoe brand

    As much as you are willing to pay. You can find basketball shoes from under $50 all the way up to around $300 for retail. And there are good basketball shoes at any price point, and if you start sifting through basketball shoe deals, even more so. It is more a matter of what you are looking to spend.

    But $100 is a good average price point where you will find a lot of really good basketball shoes. In that rage of $90 to $110, there are a lot of really good basketball shoes that are worth the money.

    Also, at that price, you arent shelling out too much cash just for the marketing or hype around the shoe either. Making basketball shoes, believe it or not, is quite expensive, and $100 is a fair amount to spend on a pair.

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    Why You Should Invest In Quality Womens Basketball Shoes

    Having quality basketball shoes is essential to playing basketball successfully. It ensures a long career in basketball free of injuries and accidents. You should invest in quality womens shoes for not only comfort and the sake of the game but your health.

    You may be wondering what would happen if you didnt invest in an excellent pair of shoes, we will shed some light on the adverse effects that having low-quality shoes would have. These adverse effects include the following:

    Health Issues:

    Several health risks come with playing basketball in the wrong style of shoes. It can lead to injuries on the court like ankle sprains, broken ankles, or swelling, and pain. It can also lead to much more severe injuries to the hips, knees, back, and even thighs.

    Performance Impairment:

    Playing in the wrong shoes can also seriously affect your performance on the court. Without the proper cushioning in your shoes or without the padding for takeoff, you will not be able to get the push or the jump that you need to take off properly.

    Feet Protection:

    As an athlete, your feet are your most significant assets without them, there would be no basketball. Without quality shoes, you will have achy swollen feet, and the pain would cause you to not perform at your highest quality. Poor quality shoes can lead to flat feet, blisters, and other minor foot injuries.

    What Are The Best Womens Basketball Shoes

    In this article, we pick the top ten basketball shoes for women. The criteria are defined on the basis of cushioning nature, traction, breathability, and protection to feet in the shoes.

    In our top picks, Nikes Women Hyperdunk 2017 is the best of all basketball shoes for women. The shoe has remarkable cushioning with complete protection to the feet.

    The grip is outstanding, and breathability is excellent too. All the shoes are the best ones for women and came in this list from thousands of different basketball shoes in the global market.

    A woman player will never get disappointed in buying any of the mentioned basketball shoes in this article. So, that was our list of the best womens basketball shoes. I hope you liked it. Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts. Thank you!

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    Nike Lebron 19 Basketball Shoes

    Best for Hardcore Players

    Channel LeBrons game and hit the court in Nikes LeBron 19s, an update on the past seasons 18 style. The stylish high-top gets its cool look from a sculpted overlay, which gives the shoe an entirely new dimension and provides your ankles with extra support in the process. Underfoot, Max Air offers impact cushioning at the heel while a high-volume Zoom Air unit promotes optimal energy return to boost speed. Other great features include a molded TPU heel counter that helps stabilize the foot, signature LeBron details on the midsole and grippy, multidirectional traction outsoles.

    Whats A Good Weight For A Basketball Shoe

    Nike Women

    To give a short easy answer: any weight is good for a basketball shoe.

    It just depends on your preferences on the court. Heavier shoes are just slightly heavier, and dont really affect performance in any way. Lighter shoes do not make you any faster or explosive on court. Weight differences between basketball shoes are miniscule and really give you any edge either way, its just a preference.

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    Nike Air Max Impact 4

    The Nike Air Max Impact 4 was a big surprise. Easily the best budget model on the market today. The cushion setup is the shoes best feature. They are incredibly soft and comfortable and feature an upper that needs no break-in time. The shoes support is also a stand-out feature with two outriggers that make sure your hoot is secure during play. Theres really no other shoe under $100 that performs this well, this consistently. Read the full review. Price: $90

    Nike Air Impact 3 Basketball Shoes Size 105 M

    Lowest Price

    Product Details

    Influence the game at both ends of the court in the Nike Air Max Impact 3. Ideal for players who create separation with their vertical, it features pressure-tested Max Air cushioning to help absorb impact.

    Plus, rubber wraps up the sides for added durability and stability. Cushioned Comfort Visible Max Air cushioning under the heel helps dissipate force from impact to soften landings. Durable Traction Aggressive herringbone traction helps control your movement and hold your ground.

    Diamond-shaped cut-outs expose the foam and help reduce weight. Full-Foot Containment The sculpted foam midsole swoops up on either side of your heel to help keep it stable. Moulded rubber wings do the same in the forefoot.


    Reviews From Real Customers

    Bought a pair because I needed a pair of kicks to run up and down the court in. Havent played in years and at my age , my feet matter when trying to stay in shape. These sneaks met my needs and then some.

    Very please with my purchase.

    If youre looking for comfortable and stylish basketball shoes then look no further. The colours are classic and go with majority of outfits and they are durable for any occasion.

    My son loves these. They are the perfect height for ankle support and the mesh is very comfortable. They give his toes good amount of space.

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    What Are Some Popular Good Basketball Shoes For Girls

    If you are looking for basketball shoes for the little lady in your life, there are several popular options for girls basketball shoes. These shoes include the following:

    Nike Kids’ Kyrie Flytrap II Basketball Shoes These shoes are top-rated for the shoes mid-rise design and breathability. Outside of these benefits, the shoes offer the Nike Zoom technology within the shoes heel and lightweight design.

    How Do We Choose The Best Basketball Shoes

    Top Basketball Shoes to Buy AND Avoid for OUTDOOR USE!

    We utilize an in-depth methodology to test all of the shoes and equipment we test on this site. When it comes to basketball shoes, in particular, we test them on court for at least two weeks each. This gives us enough time to break in the shoe and thoroughly put them through their paces. We also always test the shoes both outdoors and indoors to test how they perform on different surfaces.

    We concentrate on 5 main characteristics of the different models we test: traction , cushion , materials , support and fit . These 5 features are analyzed on how they perform independently and how they perform together, which will give you a very good feel for how good the shoe really is.

    Our goal is to offer the best and most unbiased information at all times to help our audience find the best basketball shoes for their particular needs and playing style,

    Keep in mind that all of these best basketball shoes will accommodate any position or player as long as the shoe in question meets your specifications or requirements. Detailed information on each shoe is featured in its respective performance review. Performance reviews feature an in-depth look at each shoes pros and cons, price, technology, and other performance specifics.

    If a model isnt featured, its either because the model has yet to be tested/reviewed or because we feel it does not belong among the current top basketball shoes. Please if you have any follow-up questions.

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