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Best Sneakers For Weight Training Women’s

Best Affordable Gym Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

Best Shoes for Working Out (Running, Weight Training, Etc)

Buy It:Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, $85,

Considered the OG weightlifting shoe, Chuck Taylors offer a thin, flat sole that enables the body to maintain great stability and control through your lifts. “They are about as minimal as shoes get, allowing you to really feel the floor which is great for when you’re going for the big lifts-deadlifts, squats, cleans, etc.,” says Crowthers. Bonus: You can pick up the low-top version for as little as $30.

Reebok Legacy Lifter Ii

Available for Women at

These shoes look strange, we know. However, these have long been some of the most impressive weightlifting shoes for both men and women. They received one of our top ratings in our guide to the Best Weightlifting Shoes for Men, and translate well into a female-centric lifting world.

The Reebok Legacy Lifter II comes with very uniquely-designed elevated heels, ideal for both Olympic lifting and powerlifting. Powerlifters, such as those competing in deadlift or squat tournaments, will often struggle finding shoes made for their specific needs. This is solved with the Legacy Lifter II, with a split focus on both Olympic-style lifts as well as powerlifting.

If your main focus is powerlifting, there is no better option than the Reebok Legacy Lifter II. Powerlifting requires durable, strong shoes, and this is what you get. What they lack in structure for other types of exercise, they shine in their focus.

Reebok Legacy Lifter II: Advantages

  • The Legacy Lifter II is great with both stability and flexibility. Also, with high-abrasion rubber outsoles and reinforced toe straps, they will maintain structure and the new look for as long as you maintain them.
  • Enhanced lateral support provides stability from sinking through heavy lifts, while also removing and alleviating back pressure, one of the most common points of concern for women in the lifting world.

Reebok Legacy Lifter II: Potential Disadvantages

For A Fan Favorite Among Runners: Brooks Ghost 14

Running shoes are different from cross-trainers or other workout shoes, as theyre designed to help your feet absorb the impact of your foot hitting the ground with each stride in a forward trajectory. The Brooks Ghost is a well-known favorite among runners and one of Brookss most popular running shoe models. Reviewers say the padding is comfortable and supportive, and that the shoes are a great option for both indoor and outdoor runs.

The Brooks Ghost 14 sneakers come in mens full and half sizes 7 to 15 and womens full and half sizes 5 to 13. Theyre sold in more than 50 colorways, including vibrant pinks and purples and neutral black and white combos.

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For A Classic Crossfit Shoe: Nike Metcon 7

The Metcon 7s are the latest upgrade to the Nike shoe made popular by CrossFit athletes for its versatility to go from heavy lifts to plyometrics. The wide, flat heel contains an inner plate that helps distribute weight evenly while remaining flexible during cardio intervals, and the rubber soles cradle the inside and outside of your arch, ensuring a no-slip grip on the floor.

Reviewers say these sneakers are ultra supportive and praise the flat sole for offering superior stability during strength training. Many who wore previous models of the Metcon say they much prefer the improved quality of the Metcon 7s when compared with previous iterations.

The Nike Metcon 7 sneakers come in mens full and half sizes 3½ to 22 and womens full and half sizes 5 to 23½. Theyre available in both neutral and bright hues, as well as Nikes design your own option where you can customize your sneakers colorway.

Top Choice: Altra Solstice Xt 2

Weightlifting shoes women adidas

The Altra Solstice XT 2 is a seriously slept-on training shoe and its a fantastic model for those with wider feet. Similar to other Altra training and running shoes, this model comes with Altras signature Footshape build which features a shape that is designed to replicate the human foot.

Basically, the toe box doesnt have a sharp taper and has a much wider width than other training shoes. Additionally, this model features Altras Balanced Cushioning and Innerflex grooves which are both features designed to promote a more natural foot positioning and movement.

The high-abrasion midsole in this model is reactive enough for plyometrics and stable enough to support squats up to 315 lbs. This model has been one of my go-tos when I want a HIIT-focused shoe that has more toe box width than my other models.

  • Best For: Wide Feet, HIIT Workouts, Recreational Training
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 0mm

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What Are The Best Womens Weightlifting Shoes

The best womens weightlifting shoes are going to depend on your personal preference and your personal goals.

As someone who lifts weights 3 to 4 times a week but is not a powerlifter or an Olympic lifter, I prefer a more functional cross trainer shoe like these. These shoes are ideal for a woman who is lifting weights multiple times per week but does not have any goals of entering a weightlifting competition or powerlifting competition.

However, if you are someone who is a powerlifter or someone who is maxing out the major compound lifts like deadlifts or squats several times a week, you will want to invest in shoes designed specifically for weight lifting and specifically for the type of lifts you are aiming to perform.

For squats aim for a shoe with the high heel, wide toe box, and metatarsal strap like these.

Best Shoes For Strength Training

It can be overwhelming when looking into new shoes for strength training. We all have different strength training goals, levels of strength, and shoe preferences, which can make the search for new strength training shoes even more tedious.

Plus, when considering the best shoes for strength training, we have to consider how wide that range can be. For example, some lifters prefer the tried and true Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star while others prefer a good stable cross-training shoe.

Below, Im going to provide a plethora of my favorite shoe picks for strength training. The models Ive included in this article are all training shoes that work really well in different strength training contexts.

In this best shoes for strength training round-up, Im going to break my top picks into different performance-focused categories. This way, you can select options that align best with your strength training goals.

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Why Do I Even Need Weightlifting Shoes For Training

This is a fair question, with an easy answer. Shoes made specifically for lifting weights enhance your stability and allow your force to stay perpendicular to the ground. This reduces your chance of injury and improves the safety of your heavy lifts. They also enhance the feedback you feel from your feet and legs helping to improve your form. If youre serious about Olympic lifting, womens weightlifting shoes are one of the best areas to invest some time and money. They come with benefits for women of all shapes, sizes, skill levels, and ages.

What Kind Of Shoes Should I Wear For Cardio


When doing cardio exercises, ask for a great deal of body movement so that your heart rate gets pumped up and your respiratory system works faster.

You need to wear proper shoes while doing all the cardio activities to avoid injuring your feet while moving. The right kind of shoes also helps improve your performance.

There are various cardio exercises that you can do. The choice of your shoes entirely depends upon which exercise you are going to opt for.

For example, if you are going for a run or are opting for jumping, you should wear comfortable shoes for your feet. You dont want to feel uncomfortable wearing the shoes as it may cause you harm.

The shoes you are wearing should also have good cushioning to support your feet. The cushioning also dampens the shock waves so that they wont reach your upper legs that can cause problems like knee pain, sore joints, etc.

If you are going for dance-based cardio exercise, you need extra cushioning at the heel of the shoes. This extra cushioning supports your joints and your knees.

So, the essential point is to choose the shoes according to the activity you are choosing o go for.

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Best Budget Weightlifting Shoes For Women: Under Armour Women’s Charged Aurora 2

Beginners and seasoned gym enthusiasts will find the Under Armour Charged Aurora 2s an incredible workout accessory to aid you in achieving your fitness goals. They were designed to provide adequate lifting, running, and cross-training support for an incredible price.

The Under Armour Women’s Charged Aurora 2 Cross Trainers offer 360 degrees of breathability, great flexibility, and bring the wearers plenty of comfort for their feet. They are perfect for those looking to incorporate functional movements into their strength training.

These cross-training shoes also have a reinforced mid-foot that improves the durability of the shoes under heavy weight and keeps the foot stabilized in any direction you move.

So if you are looking for a solid pair of weightlifting shoes, but dont want to spend a ton of money, check out the Under Armour Women’s Charged Aurora 2 Cross Trainers.


What Should You Consider When Shopping For Workout Shoes

Until the day comes when we’re able to pull sneakers out of our screens and try them on immediately at home, Leada Malek, PT, DPT, CSCS, SCS, tells Glamour that support, stability, and cushioning are a great starting point for figuring out what kind of sneaker you may need while online shopping. From there, Malek says, you can look into what may be best for your foot typeeither wide or narrow, high or flat arches, and the amount of ankle strength you have.

If you have strong ankles, Malek says you can wear flatter shoes for cardio exercises. But given how freeing these lightweight designs are on the foot, they definitely don’t work for everyoneespecially not if you need ankle support or if your feet have a tendency to roll in or outward, which experts refer to as over- or underpronation. In these instances, Malek says you may want to opt for a stability shoe with a wider base and arch support in the middle to help even out your gait. For those with injuries or specific needs, Perkins advises picking shoes with removable insoles to allow for custom orthotics to accommodate foot concerns like plantar fasciitis or bunions.

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For A Walking Shoe That Offers Unparalleled Comfort: Brooks Addiction Walker 2

Like running shoes, walking shoes are designed to help propel you forward. However, they often have a rounder, stiffer heel to cradle your foot and help you roll heel to toe through your stride. If walking is your workout of choice, you cant go wrong with the Brooks Addiction Walker 2. These shoes are designed to deliver maximum cushion and support as you get in your steps, and reviewers say theyre ultra comfortable for long walks or all-day wear.

The Brooks Addiction Walker 2 sneakers come in mens full and half sizes 7 to 15 and womens full and half sizes 5 to 12, and two monochromatic looks in black or white.

Who Should Buy Reebok Legacy Lifter Ii

Top 8 Weight Lifting Shoes for Women
  • Athletes that have flat feet and want a shoe thats designed with some extra foot support to compensate for that.
  • Anyone who prefers a taller heel to help overcome flexibility issues and get into better positions for the squat.
  • Customers who want a true, dedicated weightlifting shoe some weightlifting shoes are hybrids that can work for weightlifting, but also work for other exercise types.

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Best Weightlifting Shoes For Women 20+ Shoes Tested In 2022

Though weightlifting is incorporated in a lot of workout programs such as CrossFit and HIIT, it is still a discpline that stands on its own. It has unique demands such as maintaining an upright posture and a deeply and securely rooted stance. A good weightlifting shoe for the ladies is going to be helpful in meeting these demands.

Even if it is already a specialized discipline, the number of weightlifting shoes available for women can still be overwhelming. Hence, we made a list of the most worthwhile ones, and made it available to you here. Reebok and Adidas are among the brands that dominate this list.

How I Test Hiit Shoes

At That Fit Friend, I have a standard review process that I put all of the cross-training shoes that I review through. This entails countless training sessions where Im using the shoes for a variety of different activities.

When it comes to cross-training shoes that excel for things like HIIT and athletic-focused training, Ill create a slight bias in my training with these shoes. Basically, Ill tackle my standard review processes, then tack on work that is tailored to what these shoes are designed to excel in.

For HIIT testing, Ill put together class-like workouts, plyometric sessions, and high-intensity full-body training sessions. This helps paint a really good idea for how the shoes perform in different contexts.

During these workouts when assessing a shoes ability to perform in HIIT settings, Im focused on three primary construction features with the following questions.

  • Outsole Traction: Is the shoe good for multi-directional activity? Does it provide adequate grip on different surfaces? Does the outsole help with propulsion in any direction?
  • Midsole Responsiveness: Is the midsole accommodating for jumping, lifting, bodyweight training, and running? Does it provide enough stability to promote balance but enough versatility to not leave you feeling beat up after sessions? Is it comfortable?
  • Upper Construction Performance: Does it breathe well? Is it comfortable? Does it break in relatively easily? Is there ripping or durability concern to have with HIIT training?
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    What To Look For In Womens Weightlifting Shoes

    If you’re lifting weights, we recommend the best women’s powerlifting gear to get maximum results in the weight room. Whether this is your first go-round with this type of shoe or youre a lifting veteran, its important to know what to look for before you just impulse buy a pairand lets be honest, weve all been there, done that.

    Heres what to pay attention to and look for:

    What Are the Benefits to These Specific Shoes?

    You might be thinking, wait, do I really need a pair of weight lifting specific shoes? Heres the deal, the best womens shoes for weightlifting provide the following:

    • Proper form and positioning: The number one cause of injury while lifting weights is poor form and alignment. A pair of dedicated womens lifting shoes will help to ward off any injuries by forcing your body into the proper form and alignment throughout every movement. For serious lifters, this is invaluable.
    • Ankle stability: The last thing you want to do is turn your ankle as you lift. Many lifts involve adjusting your footing throughout. Without proper ankle support, youre susceptible to injury. If your ankles are unstable or weak, consider a pair with a higher cut that will provide some additional support.
    • Improved performance: Between the raised heel, extra grip, and the metatarsal straps on these shoes, you can achieve a much higher level of performance than you could in a regular pair of shoes. Essentially, you can get the most out of each and every workout.

    Best Gym Shoes For Lifting Heavy: Reebok Wit Legacy Lifter Ii


    Buy It:Reebok WIT Legacy Lifter II, $200,

    “This shoe is great if you’re trying to improve heel placement in your squat. It has a raised heel so you can focus on appropriate hip, knee, and foot placement during the eccentric and concentric phase of the squat,” says Adrian Williams, training manager at Tone House in New York City. Also, hello Velcro!

    Once you’re geared up, check out these barbell exercises every woman should master. And the next time you’re lacking motivation just scroll through these 11 major health benefits to lifting heavy. You’re welcome.

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    What Are The Best Shoes For Gym Workouts

    Gym workouts, especially heavy lifts, require a stable platform: we strongly advise steering clear away from running shoes instead, use workout shoes with a flat sole. Most CrossFit-style shoes are great for this purpose, including the Nike Metcon 6 and the Under Armour TriBase Reign 3, but for the more adventurous, we would also recommend the Inov-8 BARE-XF 210 V3 or the Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III minimalist gym shoes.

    Benefits Of Lifting Weights: 8 Was Strength Training Improves Mental Health

    While you can get proper weightlifting shoes that are designed to help you boss your one rep max, for those of us who like to incorporate strength training with supersets and sweaty finishers for well-rounded training, were better off getting something a little more versatile. Samantha recommends something minimalistic, that your feet and toes can spread naturally in to help you balance.

    If you dont know what shoe to get for your training, speak with a gait specialist or a podiatrist who can help point out what you need to look for. Otherwise, these are some of our favourites:

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    Best Crossfit Shoes For Women: Reebok Nano X2

    The Reebok Nano X2s are packed with some incredible features and improvements from the last iteration to create a solid CrossFit workout shoe line. They are designed to be breathable and to give you support when you need it.

    The Reebok Nano X2 offers a broad and stable base for weightlifting, while also having comfortable and responsive foam for short runs. This is also beneficial for the high intensity and high impact of functional training like CrossFit.

    To keep your feet stable and supported while you lift, the Rebook Nano X2 offers a reinforced midfoot and durable rubber outsole that ensures grip even while working out outside.

    If youre looking for a versatile training shoe that you can lift, jump, run and squat in then these are an incredible option.


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