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Best Wide Sneakers For Kids

Stylish Comfy And Adorable Options They’ll Love

Best Barefoot Shoes For Kids | Kids Prio Review | Xero Shoes

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There is a lot of growth and development happening during the toddler years, and that includes their little feet. When they first start walking, toddlers need shoes that will provide them protection without throwing off their balance, and later they need shoes that are comfortable and will withstand long days of play.

Whether you need something for the summertime, close-toed sneakers for the park, or just want to add something fun to their wardrobe, there is a shoe out there for your tot.

Here are some of the best toddler shoes to choose from.

What Shoes To Wear If You Have Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, finding a shoe that fits well can make all the difference. When looking for a shoe, its best to seek an experts help or assistance in shoe stores. Having wide feet is very common and it affects millions of people. However, this often leads to wearing the wrong size footwear.

One study in 2018 shows that only of people wear the right shoe sizes. The rule of thumb here is that the right shoe sizes width is just as much as the length. Look for shoes that offer wide options, but you would also want to consider other factors such as cushioning, support, closure, and breathability, to name a few.

However, before anything else, there are some things you need to consider first before finally making a purchase:

Boys’ & Girls’ Wide Width Shoes

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Wide Width Shoes For Kids

When it comes to special shoe sizes for the whole family, Kohl’s is the place to shop! With our vast selection of Kids’ Wide Shoes, you’ll find the right addition to your little one’s everyday footwear collection. Find all the Wide Width Shoes for Kids that will help take their look to a whole new level at Kohl’s!

Kohl’s has wide width shoes from the biggest brands around, like Nike wide kids shoes that are ideal for your kiddo’s everyday wardrobe. We also have options for all your young family members, including wide toddler boy shoes for his outfits, and wide toddler girl shoes that she’s sure to love. Be sure to check out our other kids apparel and accessories options, too, for everything you need to complete your child’s wardrobe. When it comes to kids clothing, Kohl’s has it all!

Wide witdth shoes from Kohl’s are just what any kid needs for their everyday wardrobe. They’ll look and feel their absolute best in kids shoes from Kohl’s!

Bodatu Boys And Girls Summer Outdoor Beach Sports Closed

Extra Wide Toddler Sneakers

These BODATU Boys and Girls Summer Outdoor Beach Sports Closed-Toe Sandals are reasonably priced and chock-full of great features sure to please kids and parents alike.

The waterproof construction includes breathable mesh, waterproof fabric, and a synthetic sole. This pair of kids closed toe sandals features a rubber toe bumper to prevent painful stubbing and bruising.

You wont have to worry about slips even on wet terrain with the skid-resistant sole that integrates shock absorption technology for better comfort all day long.

Every parent knows that a comfortable kid is a happy kid, and this comfort plus the stylish design and variety of colors keeps toddlers, little kids and big kids happy.

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What To Look For In Barefoot Shoes For Kids

1Wide Toe Box Look for shoes that fit the natural shape of the foot, including the toes. There should be enough room for all of those little toes to wiggle.

2Thin, Flexible Soles Soles should provide protection, but still allow for a sensory connection to the ground beneath and easy movement.

3 Zero-drop Platform A zero-drop platform means a flat sole, just like our feet. Many shoes have a raised heel, which can cause strain on our body from the unnatural position and make injury more likely.

The difference between barefoot shoes and minimalist shoes is usually a little extra cushion or a slight heel drop of a few millimeters or less. Youre still getting most of the benefits of a barefoot shoe, just a little more padding or durability which can be a great option with kids that are pretty rough on shoes.

Soles should be foot shaped and flexible

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Buyers Guide: All You Need To Know About Best Shoes For Kids

Getting the right choice of best running shoes for kids can be tricky. With the many brands in the market, you might feel overwhelmed to make the right choice. That doesnt need to be an issue anymore.

Kids shoes are designed for different activities and seasons too. This guide helps you to make the right choice.

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New Balance Kids 680v5 Running Shoe

This second offering from New Balance is suitable for kids between the ages of 4 and 12.

With 12 different color combinations to choose from, it comes in three widths: medium, wide and extra wide.

Sizes run from 1 to 13.5 for little kids and 3.5 to 7 for bigger kids. They tend to run true to size and are also available in half sizes.

The uppers are made from synthetic mesh and suede leather, making them breathable. The footbed features New Balances proprietary Abzorb, a blend of foam rubber to cushion the foot and absorb shock.

They have a lace-up fastening and there are no stitching overlays in key areas so the foot doesnt get irritated.

An injection-molded EVA foam midsole offers more cushioning which is firm and supportive. A durable rubber outer sole completes the shoe, giving it traction.

These shoes are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear and great for kids with wider feet.

Some find the quality of the laces lacking in these shoes and they may not last as long as some others.


  • Good support and cushioning in the sole.
  • Breathable mesh and leather uppers.


  • Quality of the laces may be lacking.
These extra wide shoes from New Balance should accommodate the broadest of feet. They are lightweight and have plenty of cushioning for comfort. While the quality of the laces might be lacking, you can always change them out.

How Many Pairs Of Shoes Should A Child Have

Best New Balance Shoes for Kids Who Wear AFOs – The Top 3 Styles!

Its evident that kids are always active, and they utilize shoes more than anything else they wear. You might wonder how many pairs of shoes you should buy for them to meet their needs. While you may be thinking of buying them many pairs of shoes, that is not important.

You need to focus on quality more than quantity. Surprisingly, even five pairs of shoes can be ideal so long as they are of high quality. The most important thing is ensuring that a child has high-quality shoes for every occasion.

You could look for best arch support shoes for kids to help them avoid pain while walking or running.

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What Should You Look For In A Shoe For Children With Wide Feet

Developing feet need a few considerations when it comes to shoes. These include:

  • Support: Look for shoes that will provide stability for your child when they walk. They need a certain amount of flexibility and for toddlers, rounded edges on soles are good. Rubber soles with grooves will help with traction.
  • Cushioning: A degree of cushioning will make shoes more comfortable for your kids. Sneakers might have an added midsole with extra cushioning.
  • Closure: Its important that shoes are secure on your childs feet and dont slip. At a younger age, hook and loop fasteners might be easier. When they have mastered tying laces then lace-up closures will be good.
  • Breathability: Look for leather or a mesh fabric in the uppers that will let moisture escape away from the foot. This will keep feet fresh and help prevent fungal infections.
  • Weight: Try and choose a lightweight shoe that will be easier for your child to walk in and prevent feet from getting tired. After all, those little legs and feet are on the go a lot.

Stride Rite Made2play Radiant Bounce Sneaker

Stride Rite boldly takes the light-up kids sneaker concept to the next levelby making them machine washable. The Made2Play Radiant Bounce Sneaker has light-up soles, anti-microbial lining to fight odor, a lightweight and flexible design, and soft memory foam for ultimate comfort. With six color-combos to choose from and both little kid and big kid sizes, theres an option for everyone.

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Whatever Your Childrens Personality And Favourite Activities Are There Is A Perfect Match For Them In Start Rite

Our wide fit black school shoes are available in many different styles, ranging from our primary wide fit school shoes which are ideal for little ones starting on their new adventure, right through to full-time school.

From formal brogues to tough sports-influenced shoes, our wide fit black school shoe range are the perfect school shoes for broad feet. They are made from premium quality materials and feel-good features that suit every taste. Our wide fit school shoes include easy to take on and off riptape fastenings, lace-ups or slip on school shoes.

Shop Later In The Day

The Best Sneakers For Toddlers With Extra Wide Feet  Deep And ...

Your feet get wider throughout the day. They may also be more tired and sensitive if you walk a lot. If you can try on shoes when your feet are in this less-than-perfect condition, youre likely to notice small differences in fit.

But those small issues can become magnified after you wear your shoes on a long run or during two-a-day training sessions. For instance, if the toe box of a running shoe feels a bit snug in the store, it may feel even tighter to the point of being painful when you start racking up the miles.

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New Balance Fuelcell Prism V2

> Mild Stability

  • Weighs 9.8 oz. for a US M10.5 2E
  • 6 mm drop
  • Stability

New Balances Vazee Prism was one of my favorite shoes, so anything with Prism in the name is going to have a high standard to live up to. Im pleased to say that the FuelCell Prism V2 meets the expectations I set.

The FuelCell Prism V2 is New Balances lightest stability shoe option coming in at 9.8 oz. for a size US M10.5 2E. Part of the lightweight package comes from the synthetic mesh upper that is very airy in the forefoot. The gusseted tongue and collar have a standard amount of padding.

For me, the upper gives my wide midfoot a nice snug fit and holds my foot in place. The width here is what I wish the Hoka Arahi in wide was. I have enough room in the toe box and dont get any heel slipping. I did find myself adjusting the tongue a few times because it was rubbing my ankle. It was annoying, but moving it around and pulling my sock up higher dealt with the issue.

The midsole is made up of a full length FuelCell foam that has a denser medial post blended in for the stability. While the forefoot and heel feel noticeably softer, the firmer medial post helps to keep the ankle from rolling in. The forefoot of the outsole is covered in a slightly softer rubber than the heel and the entire shoe has great grip.

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What To Look For When Searching For Shoes To Fit Wide Toddler Feet

  • FlexibleLittle feet learning to walk for the first time need a ton of flexibility. Look for shoes that are very flexible with a soft rubber sole.
  • Open easily Chubby feet have a hard time slipping into shoes that dont easily open allowing their feet to slide in without any issues. Sandals and shoes that dont have much give on top may not be optimal for wide toddler feet.
  • Provide tractionOnce your little one is off on two feet you need to look for shoes that provide traction so your baby can avoid any unnecessary falls.
  • ComfortableBabies are used to wearing socks at this point, so unless you want a fight each time you put shoes on your tot, make sure shoes are comfortable. Look for a supportive foam insert when shopping.
  • What To Look For In Toddler Sneakers

    Vivo Barefoot Kids Shoes For Outdoor Play – Review

    Dr. Ashley Lee of the Northern Illinois Foot & Ankle Specialists gave her insight on the subject of toddler sneakers. As the previous Chief of Podiatric Surgery at Northwest Community Hospital and current mother of two boys, she says that flexibility and support are a top priority.

    âThe ideal toddler shoe should have a flexible insole with a slip-resistant sole, but the material around the heel cup should be more supportive. You should be able to flex the sole easily at the toes,â Dr. Lee says. âThe shoe should be made of materials like canvas, leather, or cloth , not rubber or plastic, to allow for breathability.â

    In terms of fit, Lee suggests broad toe boxes and Velcro closures. âThe toe box should be broad, giving the toes room to move, which helps to build strength in the muscles and tendons in the foot,â Dr. Lee added. âThe closures should be secure. Laces untie easily, so a strong Velcro closure or a lace/Velcro combination is often preferred.â

    Fortunately, we have options that fit the bill. These are among the best toddler sneakers you can buy online right now, in a range of prices to suit your budget⦠and a range of looks so you can nail your miniâs #OOTD.

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    Wide Fit Boys School Shoes

    Our boys wide fit school shoes are made using premium materials such a quality leathers that are geared to withstanding the constant demands of the playground and classroom. Cushioning is perfectly placed to protect little feet, in our primary wide fit school shoe range – plus with padded ankles, impact cushioning and anti-compression in-soles reducing impact and rubbing, you have one less thing to worry about this back to school.

    We also know just how active kids can be and our shoes help keep feet dry and healthy with the help of breathable linings and insoles.

    Your little learner can pick from a range of diverse styles – from sporty and practical, to tailored and stylish. Choose from brogues, pumps, slip-ons, lace-ups and more – there’s a wide fit option to suit every foot.

    Why Barefoot Shoes For Kids

    Barefoot shoes are so-called because they let your feet move as if barefoot. Most shoes inhibit foot function with stiff soles, cramped toe-boxes, and heels that push your weight forward into an unnatural position. But in order to stay strong and mobile, our feet need to be able to move naturally inside shoes. For kids especially, there is no good reason to be stuffing their little piggies into shoes that limit their natural movement right when they are growing and developing motor skills.

    *The terms barefoot and minimalist shoes are used interchangeably here.

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    Hoka One One Speedgoat 4

    > Trail

    • Weighs 11.9 oz. for a US M10.5 2E
    • 4 mm drop
    • Neutral

    When trail shoes get talked about, the Speedgoat is usually in the conversation. Its a shoe I was never able to wear because of the standard width, so I got pretty jazzed when I saw it was being made in wide. Spoiler alert: the width is great!

    The EVA midsole cushion is amazing and I didnt feel rocks or sticks while on the trails. This is normally a worry because Ive gotten a super gnarly bruised heel before which kept me from running for a week. I will say the Speedgoat did feel a bit unstable because of the lack of ground feel.

    If I were to buy another pair, Id probably size down half a size. Between the super-thin tongue, weirdly obnoxious overlay right above the middle of the toe box, and struggle to get a good tight fit, I ended my runs with a few blisters. I think a lot of that probably came from my feet sliding forward at times.

    The Vibram MegaGrip outsole provided some super solid traction while running down the trails, around switchbacks, and over wet rocks.

    There arent too many trail options that come in wide. HOKA throwing the Speedgoat into the 2E ring is a game changer!

    • Weighs 12.2 oz. for a US M10.5 2E
    • 10 mm drop
    • Stability

    The 860v12 is New Balances max stability tank. The engineered mesh upper has plenty of width in the forefoot and midfoot. Im happy that the Ultra Heel was removed and its now a more traditional heel collar that feels more comfortable and fits better.

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