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Where To Buy Diadora Sneakers

First What Kind Of Tennis Player Are You

Diadora Brasil Italy (Royal/White) – One Take Review On Feet
  • Are you an aggressive player? Aggressive players like to anticipate where the ball will be and meet it there. This often means setting up your shots and sliding into position. If this is you, then youll want a tennis shoe that allows for good sliding, and that can take a beating without wearing thin, like the Blushield 4.
  • Are you a baseline player? Baseline players usually hang towards the back end of the court, allowing the shots to come to them. Most of their movements will be lateral side-to-side. If this sounds like you, youll want a light and grippy tennis shoe like the Competition 5.

Diadora Shoes For Your Action Adventures

When you need high performance to match your cycling goals, and footwear that lives up to the high-tech of your bicycle, Diadora shoes have what you need for that Saturday morning blast with your cycling team. Clip a pair from the trail range of Diadora shoes to your pedals and feel the difference as you bike up the slopes on weekend afternoons. Rain or shine, Diadora shoes are there with you, giving you the confidence and performance to push that bit further. For those who prefer variety in their biking, choose a pair of Diadora shoes that can cross the boundary between race and off-road use. Browse through the range here at the Zalando online boutique and pick out the pairs that suit your active cycling lifestyle.

Buy Diadora Products Online

Diadora Philippines is about dedication, passion, and commitment to your lifestyle. Aiding top athletes such as George Weah, Roberto Baggio, Roy Keane, Guiseppe Signori, Dane Swan, Merv Hughes and many others, Diadora takes you to the next level of fitness, sports and lifestyle. Take a look at our Diadora products such as shoes, clothing, and bags here at iprice!

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Diadoras Mythos Blueshield Series Neutral Daily Trainer

The Blushield series are Diadoras flagship running shoe. Theyre well-cushioned. Theyre durable. Theyre dynamic. So whether youre training for a 5k, or just want a comfortable run shoe for your daily jog, you may want to give the Mythos Blueshield a second look.

FYI: Theyre a tad heavy compared to a typical daily trainer, but unless you plan on running half marathons, you likely wont notice.

And if you didnt already know, Diadoras arent just designed for utility. This shoe is a bit of a status symbol in Europe.

What Youll Notice

  • Evenly soft feel: The Blushield insert in this shoe hits the sweet spot for an everyday trainer. Its cushy enough for a run, wearing around all day at work, or just while running errands.
  • Tongue security: A double shoestring loop on the tongue may seem like a minor feature to some. But this little feature the ability to loop your shoe strings through the tongue twice can make a big difference. If youve ever been on a long run and been annoyed by your shoe tongue moving out of place, you know how frustrating it can be. Which is why this double loop tongue feature is a pleasant surprise.
  • The Diadora Sizing Guide

    Diadora White &  Sea N9002 173073

    Unsure of how to measure your foot? Check out the instructions below.

    Step 1: You want to wear your regular pair of socks when measuring. Position a sheet of paper on the floor, lining it up flush against a wall. Lay your foot on top of the paper so your heel is resting against the wall.

    Step 2: Draw a mark at the end of the toe furthest from the wall . Repeat for both the right and the left foot, as they may not be exactly the same size.

    Step 3: Get a ruler and measure the distance between the side of the sheet of paper and the mark you made, doing the same for both feet. Note down the longest of the two measurements . Your shoe size is determined by comparing this value with the measurements on the size chart below.

    Foot length

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    Mister Worker Offers Special Discounts And Custom Quotes On Diadora Utility Products

    Buying Diadora Utility products on Mister Worker, the official dealer of this brand globally, is very simple: on our website you can find the complete Diadora Utility catalogue and prices online: a range of products developed to improve the life and safety of workers. Dont miss this opportunity: buy top quality workwear and safety shoes at special prices! Look at the selection of items included in our Diadora Special Offers: you will find work shoes with S1P, S2, S3 and OB protection, work jackets and trousers and much more on offer!To receive more information on Diadora utility workwear and work shoes, do not hesitate to contact us: our customer service will provide you with the required details, technical assistance and practical advice to help you choose the most suitable work shoes for you. If you want to buy large quantities of products, contact us and we will create a personalized quote just for you!

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    The Style Of Diadora Heritage Now On Sale

    The artisanal quality of a Diadora Heritage sneakers turns customers into lifelong fans. It has a classy European feel that adds an unmistakable individuality to any outfit and the reliable comfort means customers just keep coming back to the brand. Add to that Diadoras focus on doing traditional things in an extraordinary way, and you can count on new materials and interesting twists to make a vintage classic a modern favourite.

    The Diadora Heritage collection is a delight for fans of vintage style with a contemporary twist. These iconic styles add a touch of urban chic to any outfit and pay tribute to the remarkable history of the Diadora brand.

    Diadora Heritage was born from the manufacturers desire to pay tribute to its storied past. Diadora has been an icon in the world of athletic footwear and apparel since 1948, but most people are more familiar with the Diadora Heritage range from more recent times.

    To create this range, the company looked to its history of dominating sports such as tennis and soccer with its standout Italian craftsmanship.

    Diadora Heritage sales have boomed by turning the publics focus back to the image of Diadora as the Italian dream of sports. This is why the line shifted as much of the production as possible to the companys factories in Cearano di San Marco in Italy.

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    Buy Superb Diadora Shoes Online Today

    Whatever your personal style and taste these Diadora shoes are perfect for all occasions. Whether you want something subtle and classic or are after a more outlandish design the wide range of cuts and colours means you wont be left disappointed.

    Stylight offer great brands at even better prices. Fashionable, well fitting and great to look at be sure to get online and secure yourself a superb deal on Diadora shoes before it’s too late.

    Diadora Mythos Blushield Elite

    Diadora Women’s S Pro ME | Shoe Guide | Tennis Express

    The Mythos BluShield Elite are running shoes that can also be used as casual sportswear shoes. Just like other Diodara shoes, the Mythos BluShield Elite is not true to size, and you have to go down half a size. Contact the manufacturer to learn more about sizing. The mesh upper has been engineered to a flyknit upper to make it breathable and secure. The upper also features a reflective logo on the tongue for visibility when its dark.

    These support shoes are suitable for athletes who suffer from overpronation. Slipping them on gives you a comfy feel that blends with adequate cushioning and responsiveness. Blushield and EVA technology have been used to make the midsole comfortable and secure.

    The outsole features the Duratech 5000 compound for increased traction and durability. A rubber extension on the front upper increases traction when you run on steep grounds.

    Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Diadora.

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    Diadora B Elite Sneakers

    Add a touch of old-school cool to your look with Diadoras B Elite sneakers. Sporting the brands iconic labeling, these retro sneakers will revamp your favorite jeans and T-shirt combination instantly. Available in a classic low-top shape, the sneakers are made from top-quality leather with perforated details and a lace-up fastening.

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    Diadora Sneakers: A Premium Shoe Collection For Active Men And Women

    While Diadora might sound new to some, it actually has a long and colorful history. As a brand, Diadora has been around since the 1940s. At that time, they were making mountain boots. During the 60s, the company shifted its production towards sportswear and in the 80s, offered Diadora running shoes.

    In 2000, Diadora sneakers were born. These kicks were marketed as timeless classics, blending sportswear with fashion. They were popularized as the Diadora Heritage line of footwear. Fast forward today, these kicks are patronized by millions of people who are crazy about retro-style sneakers.

    Youll also find Diadora sneakers in our list of leather shoes. Such models, in particular, are made of full-grain leather with special stone washed treatment. So expect your Diadora kicks to last for many years!

    Having a vast background in sportswear, this brand also has offerings in our collection of running-inspired sneakers. Made of Nubuck leather, mesh, and canvas, Diadora running sneakers are going to keep you pushing forward.

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    Buy Diadoras At St Pete Running Company

    For over a year now, St. Pete Running Company has proudly carried Diadora Running Shoes in store. Were one of the few stores in the Tampa Bay area that carries the brand, and we love these shoes. But dont just take our word for it. Come in, let us take you through our one-of-a-kind StrideSmart Shoe Fitting process, and then you can test out the shoes to see how they feel on your feet.

    What Separates Diadora From Other Companies

    Diadora Duratech Elite " LIMITLESS"

    They focus on sustaining the environment: Diadora uses materials that are not harmful to the environment, such as organic cotton. Their packaging also focuses on protecting the environment. For example, all the shoeboxes for the Heritage running shoes are designed with paper obtained from excess seaweed. And their retail locations use 100 percent recycled paper printed shopping bags.

    Because of these efforts, Diadora won the EcoVadis Gold Medal in 2019.

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    Good Reasons For Diadora

    • In-house Production: For Diadora, “Made in Italy” is in the foreground, the company produces in Italy.
    • For Hobby & Professional Sports: Diadora looks back on a long tradition in professional sports and uses this expertise for hobby sports.
    • Technology: Diadora products are technologically advanced and a real eye-catcher thanks to their Italian design.

    Where To Cop The Diadora N9000

    As of the writing of this article, you can find Diadora N9000s on the Diadora website as well as various sneaker boutiques online. Individual pairs that have sold out can be sometimes be found on aftermarket sites like eBay, Goat and StockX.

    See below for individual reviews and links to buy each pair:

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    Diadora Mens Speed Blushield 3

    The Diadora mens Speed Blushield 3 can be used as tennis sneakers and casual sportswear shoes. The shoe is designed to offer a comfortable performance while maintaining your stability. It is soft with a couple of stabilizing features that provide grip and balance.

    The Diadora Speed Blushield 3 is a bit wide. Therefore, you may need a smaller size. However, to learn more about the shoe size, contact the manufacturer. The cushioning of this shoe is not only focused on the heel area but also the forefoot. The additional padding on the forefeet gives you a comfy feel as you are always on your toes as you play. The heel cap has a thinner lining than the previous version.

    The upper mesh of the shoe is made from Supreltech and Dia Shield that increases breathability. Its anti-slip design offers proper support as you play. The midsole is made from light EVA support foam. Blushield technology in the outsole features Duratech 5000, a wear-resistant compound.

    How Are The Diadora N9000s Materials

    Diadora Brasil Italy OG (Blackout) – One Take Review On Feet

    The material quality on the N9000 will depend on where the particular pair is made. Similar to New Balance Made In US/UK, Diadora features pairs Made In Italy. General releases not produced in Italy are likely to have more basic quality. Meanwhile, the Made In Italy pairs tend to use way better materials.

    There might be some QC issues in terms of the midsole and paneling on certain pairs, but fortunately the non-collab pairs tend to go on sale. Made In Italy pairs of N9000s are a great look if you can get some savings off of the high retail price.

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    Diadora’s Running Shoe Technology


    The technology is designed to conform to the natural shape of your feet.

    The Blushield comes with various cone shapes that provide excellent shock absorption and energy return. The technology minimizes any potential irregular steps and creates a balanced running experience.

    Benefits to you

    • Excellent energy return without being overly firm

    Dia Breath

    Dia Breath technology uses fabric made of microfiber honeycomb structures, designed to absorb and transfer sweat away from your feet.

    Benefits to you

    • A light and breathable run

    Duratech 5000

    Duratech is a wear-resistant rubber compound built to outlast typical shoe rubber.

    Benefits to you

    • Many miles in a long-lasting shoe


    OrthoLite insole is made of PU foam, which can absorb moisture and reduce odor.

    Benefits to you

    • Cool, fresh feet during your run

    Bjrn Borg And Boris Becker

    To this day, an oversized poster by Boris Becker hangs in Diadora’s Italian headquarters. A picture reminiscent of the glorious years of German men’s tennis. Becker started in Diadora shoes to his famous pike in Wimbledon, grabbed like Björn Borg before several prestigious titles around the globe. Diadora therefore knows what it takes to be successful after the yellow felt ball. Special soles and abrasion-resistant rubber for hard floors and sand courts and breathable shirts allow you to inflate like the greats of white sports once did.

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    What If I Dont Know Which Type Of Court Ill Be Playing On Yet Which Tennis Shoe Should I Choose

    If you dont know what type of court youll typically be playing on, youll probably want to begin with an all-court Diadora tennis shoe. Their tread is designed to cover your movement regardless of the type of court youre playing on.

    Once youve gotten a feel for the type of court you prefer, then you can look into getting a pair of tennis shoes built to perform on that specific type of court.

    Diadora Shared Gift And Honors

    Packer Shoes x diadora n.9000 " Azzuri"

    Diadora is an Italian brand specialized in sportswear.

    It offers iconic and innovative apparel, shoes and accessories, the constant innovation allowed to develop technologies which lets a performances worthy the best athlete without losing the persons wellness and security. Another guaranteed sign is the unique Italian style.

    Born in 1948 in Caerano di San Marco by Marcello Danieli. At first it was an artisan company specialized in mountain boots, where Danieli works with his wife and his partner Rinaldo Menegoni.

    In 1967 the two separated and the Diadora shoes factory born. Thanks to the Americans brevets it starts to specializing in sport shoes like ski boots and après-ski.

    With the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976 imposes itself in the world of sport and began the first collaborations with famous names of cycling, soccer and tennis.

    The name come from the Greek dia-dora which means share gift and honors. In 1972 appears the first logo where the letters d a do a remind the Olympic Rings. In 1973 the letters move away and appears the brand logo that everyone know.

    Nowadays is official sponsor and provider of athletes from different categories.

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    Diadora Heritage In Your Wardrobe

    Add this style icon to your wardrobe for a great finishing touch to your own brand of urban chic. Diadora Heritage is available at a range of quality outlets, so your Italian style experience can be complete.

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    Diadora Products: Back To The Roots Back To Success

    It is not common for a company to return home with its production outsourced to Asia. Diadora did this in 2016, realizing that “Made in Italy” still stands for outstanding quality in sports footwear and apparel. That pays off. Thanks to its striking design, Diadora has long since become an in-brand in the atleisure sector and is also convincing from a technological point of view. Be it the innovative Blushield technology used in running shoes and tennis shoes, special active heel wedges or the ergonomic Morpho base in the shoes. Diadora shines on all possible levels and impresses hobby and professional athletes with its products. “Our dream is to grow beyond our successes,” Enrico Moretti Polegato is quoted on Diadora’s website. The CEO is the face of the upswing that the Italian sporting goods manufacturer has experienced in recent years. This is also due to the fact that the company based near Venice always adheres to its formula for success: To create the perfect link between technology, style and practicality.

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