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Best Workout Sneakers For Wide Feet

Why People With High Arches Need To Wear Shoes

Best Workout Shoes For Wide Feet | Nike Flex Experience Run 8 Review

Why? Because when youre walking around or working out without footwear on, youre not doing anything to support your high arches. People with high arches tend to supinate when they step. That means they roll their feet outward to take pressure off their arches.

Supination can lead to problems with your Achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis and ankle issues. Therefore, its a good idea to find shoes you can wear for all occasions in your exercise routine.

Brooks Wide Width Shoes

A few years ago my daughter Annie, also of the wide foot, and I visited a local running store. We both needed wide width sneakers for working out. This was the first time either of us were fitted for Brooks sneakers.

Well, let me tell you: Brooks wide width shoes for women are amazing for running, exercising and everyday walking. Annie was able to get Brooks wides in womens sizes.

Me? I had to go with mens Brooks wide width shoes because they were ever so slightly wider than the womens sneakers.

Since then, unfortunately, Brooks stopped making the style that I like the best. It has a wide toe box and excellent arch support.

Below, youll find a wide range of wide width running and athletic shoes from Brooks.

Which Running Shoes Tend To Run Wide

When looking for a wide running shoe, the first thing to consider is your feet. If you tend to have a wide toe box but a narrow foot, you may not need a shoe that is wide throughout. Instead, a shoe that has a wide or roomy toe box might provide enough space.

However, if your foot is wide from the toes to the heel, you will need to look for a shoe thats offered in wider widths. This may include 2E and 4E widths as well as wide, extra-wide, and D.

Shoes like New Balance, Asics, and Brooks offer numerical widths.

Each manufacturer has its own description for wide shoes. Thats why its best to go to a running shoe store for a proper fitting.

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What Features Make Training Shoes Different From Running Sneakers Or Walking Shoes

For gym workouts and training programs like CrossFit, Malek says, most brands will offer a flatter trainer with more flexibility for easier lateral and multidirectional movement. That means if you’re doing circuit rounds of box jumps, burpees, and squats, you want to look for a cross-training shoe with a flat heel and lots of flexibility to allow for quick moves.

On the other hand, Malek says walking and running shoes are more often structured for linear, heel-to-toe movement so you feel propelled forward. Perkins notes that walking shoes are generally heavier than running sneakers, as a running shoe is designed for speed and performance. In terms of fabrication, they also typically feature mesh uppers for added breathability and lightweight-ness. Finally, Perkins says that running shoes tend to have lots of cushioning in the forefoot and heel to help absorb the shock your shins and Achilles tendons get from hitting the pavement. Cue the walking on clouds sensation.

What If My Heels Slip In Wide Running Shoes

Tennis Shoes In Wide Width Tennis Shoe Laces No Tie #shoesph #shoeplug ...

If your heels slip, thats often a sign that your running shoes are too wide. Try going down to a standard width or narrow.

Some runners need or want a running shoe with a lot of room in the toe box. In this case, you can change the lacing to lock your heel into the back of the shoe. This will prevent your heel from slipping while you run.

Use the last eyelet to feed the lace through to form a loop do not cross the laces over as if you were tying them keep them on the same side to form the loops. Do this on both sides of the shoe. Then, feed the laces across as if you were tying them. But before you start to tie them, feed the laces through the middle of the loops. Then pull the laces tightly down towards your heels, then upwards. This will snug your foot into the back of the shoe. Tie normally.

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What Should You Look For When Shopping For Wide Running Shoes

When shopping for wide running shoes, it goes beyond buying a bigger shoe size. You should look for shoes that have wider toe boxes so your foot and toes have room to naturally spread out. In addition, look for arch support and adequate insoles to keep your feet sitting comfortably and correctly in your shoes.

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Iii

The Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III is one of my favorite barefoot shoes for working out. This model features Vivobarefoots Active Sole construction which is a sole that has a height of 5.5mm and gets you super close to the ground.

On top of the Active Sole, I like that you can remove the insole in the Primus Lite III and the internal portion of the shoe is finished. This is great for really maximizing a barefoot feel without causing additional shoe breakdown.

Additionally, the toe box in this model is plenty wide to accommodate a wide range of foot anatomies and the outsole provides a nice level of traction for a variety of workout settings.

If you want a barefoot shoe for working out that does pretty well for everything and looks good on a daily wear basis, then the Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III is a good option to look into.

  • Best For: Heavy Lifting and Barbell Training
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 0mm

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Top Choice: Ua Hovr Rise 3

The UA HOVR Rise 3 is a really strong performing shoe for the class-focused individual. More specifically, I think this shoe works well for classes for three key reasons.

First, the UA HOVR midsole used in this model provides this shoe with a comfortable and responsive feel. You get a nice level of pop in this shoe when doing HIIT-style exercises, plyometrics, and agility work.

Second, the TriBase outsole gives this shoe a nice base to train on and does a good job at supporting balance when doing single-leg work. Third and lastly, this shoe breathes fairly well and is a good versatile model. Outside of HIIT classes, can use this shoe for casual lifting, short runs, and all-day wear.

  • Best For: HIIT Workouts and Classes
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: N/A

How To Choose The Best Running Shoes For Wide And Flat Feet

5 Best WIDE FEET Sneakers in 2021 (Casual / Lifestyle Selection)

If you have wide and flat feet, finding shoes that fit right and feel comfortable might seem a bit like hunting for a needle in a haystack, but there are some good options available.

When searching for wide shoes, always look for indicators like D, 2E, 4E, wide, and extra-wide. Shoes designed for wide feet will note this on the box.

If you have flat feet from fallen arches, youll want to look for running shoes that provide arch support. In addition to shoes with arch support, you can also do strengthening exercises to help fallen arches.

People with flat feet often overpronate when walking or running. This means the foot rolls inward. If you notice this while walking or running, consider a shoe with stability as well.

If youve always had flat feet, youre likely dealing with genetics. You may need to consult with a podiatrist to help you find the best shoes and fit.

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Best Wide Width Sneakers And Shoes For Working Out

One of the challenges of having extra wide feet is finding the best wide width sneakers and shoes for different occasions. For starters there are everyday shoes, which I cant always find extra wide.

Then, there are wide cycling shoes. Finally, there are wide width sneakers or shoes for working out.

This latter category has become a real challenge, ever since my feet went from a single width wide to extra wide now. Do you know how hard it is to find womens sneakers in an extra wide width?

Hoka One One Clifton 8

Rounding out this best-of-list is the Hoka One One Clifton 8, which strikes a balanced note between cushion and weight. If youre tired of feeling like youve got bricks strapped to your feet, youre going to love that this model rings in at just 9 oz .

Despite its lightweight, the Clifton still has a whopping 37mm of cushion at the heel. This padding extends throughout the midsole to provide superior energy transfer so youre not feeling pressure in certain points and increasing the likelihood of energy. Reviewers appreciate this shoes responsiveness, despite all that cushion.

In addition, to support underneath your foot, youll find a firm, breathable mesh that helps hold your foot over the platform to make sure youre not losing support where you need it the most.


  • Reviewers report good toe-off from the forefoot
  • Extremely durable over hundreds of miles
  • Upgraded foam package for superior cushioning


  • Not be ideal for heavy runners

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My Top Pick: Str/ke Mvmnt Haze Trainer

The STR/KE MVMNT Haze Trainer is an awesome cross-training shoe for CrossFit if you have wider feet. This models S2 last and width rivals the width of the Altra Escalante which is a shoe known for its width. The Haze Trainer also features an anatomical toe box construction which helps accommodate full toe splay when training.

The medium-density Cush50 midsole in this model provides a nice level of stability while also keeping this shoes responsiveness pretty high. Ive deadlifted over 500 lbs in this shoe and have squatted well over 365 lbs in this model and have little issues with compression.

On the topic of responsiveness, for HIIT training and plyometrics the midsole in this model doesnt beat you up or feel too stable which is nice giving this model an edge for versatility in CrossFit workouts, too. The only caveat to the Haze Trainer is that the volume of this shoe is a bit limited, so if you use custom orthotics or need more volume in your shoes for CrossFit, then Id suggest looking into the Reebok Nano X above.

  • Best For: CrossFit-Style Training

Best Barefoot Workout Shoes

10 Best Boxing Shoes For Wide Feet 2021

Barefoot shoes have continued to grow in popularity as being viable workout shoes. I personally love using barefoot shoes for lifting and I train in a few really great pairs regularly.

If youre looking for the best barefoot shoes for working out, then check out the two options below. Both of these models do exceptionally across the board as barefoot workout shoes.

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker

  • Flat sole and minimal cushioning create a super stable base to push off of
  • Not ideal for agility training
  • Other, more advanced weightlifting shoes out there

Yup, you read that right. Despite its persona as a go-to street shoe, the Converse Chuck Taylor is still one of the best weightlifting shoes you can lace up. Chucks are cheap, provide a flat sole and are durable enough to withstand plenty of static lifts. While the lack of an elevated heel can be a negative on some movements, if youre just getting into weightlifting and testing how your shoes play into the equation, Chuck Taylors are an easy entry point.

  • Dual-density ProFly+ midsole improves on previous models with more energy return without sacrificing cushioning
  • Light padding through the collar and heel make for a comfortable profile that doesnt lend itself to rubbing or hot spots
  • Great for daily training, but longer runs may leave you wanting a little more cushioning underfoot
  • The roomier toe box may be too much for some, which might require sizing down a half size

The Best Athletic Shoes For Those With Wide Feet

Mens Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. We update when possible, but deals expire and prices can change. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.Questions? Reach us at .Sponsored content

Everyone knows that you need to wear the right shoes for an athletic outing. Depending on what youre doing, you need shoes that will help you out during these workouts. Going for a run? Pick up some running shoes. Like to play basketball? Then you need some basketball shoes.

Now, thats all well and good. But as anyone with wide feet can attest, it isnt that easy finding athletic footwear. If you have wide feet, you need to look a lot harder for shoes that will work out well for you. That is something we are aware of too and have done a little work to help those with wide feet out.

New Balance and Zappos are among the best spots to pick up athletic footwear. New Balance because the shoes made under that brand are made with the utmost care for those going out there and working. Zappos because the stock is so deep that you can find whatever you need there.

Between those two outlets, we have found some truly amazing shoes for those of you out there with wide feet. So if you want to get out there and get your heart rate up with your feet staying comfortable, you should check out the choices we have made for you below.

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What To Look For In Gym Shoes

“The type of shoe being used is important to minimize the likelihood of injury. Now that we have advanced understanding of human biomechanics, we have a great variety of shoes to choose from that address different activities, foot types, and pathology,” Holistic podiatrist Robert Kornfeld, DPM, advises. It can be helpful to have a list of criteria when shopping for gym shoes.

Kornfeld adds, “The best gym shoe would address all of the issues that are specific to each . Some require stability, while some require flexibility.” So, look for “a logical combination of cushioning and support.” If you experience foot pain, plantar fasciitis, or heel pain, he adds that it’s always a good idea to see a podiatrist to help identify the underlying cause and make the best recommendations.

Best Gym Shoes For Wide Feet Of 202: Top

ALTRA SOLSTICE XT 2 REVIEW | Best Training Shoe for Wide Feet?

Image credit:

Our specialists analyzed the market through 126,278 feedbacks from customers and chose the best gym shoes for wide feet of 2022 to fit both your demands and your budget. There are 10 excellent items from reputable producers across the world, generally Sdolphin, Avia, Stq, Ryka, New balance, Nike, Reebok, Asics, Shimano, Under armour.

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Nike React Infinity Run 3

The Nike React Infinity Run 3 is a well-rounded shoe that can be your daily workhorse. The fit accommodates just about every foot type and is the best Nike running shoe for wide feet. The React midsole is plush and lasts a long time. The shoes rocker motion is smooth. Plus, the Flyknit is super comfy and molds to your foot which is another great thing for wider feet. The lacing system isnt the best but this shoe is an all-around good choice as a comfortably wide running shoe that lasts. See the full review.

Fit: True to Size, Drop: 8mm, Price: $160

Top Choice: Hylete Circuit Ii Echo

The HYLETE Circuit II Echo, and its predecessor the HYLETE Echo II, are both great options for HIIT training when you have high arches and want arch support. Both of these models come with different removable insoles which provide various degrees of arch support and you can swap them out per your preferences.

The HYLETE Circuit II Echo comes with a 4mm and 8mm insole and both models have adequate arch support built. These insoles also walk a good line between being versatile, comfortable, and fairly stable. This is a type of shoe that works well in a bunch of different settings for recreational lifters.

I also like this shoes Vibram rubber outsole and medium-density midsole. Both of these give this shoe an athletic feel and the Vibram rubber outsole grips really well for multi-directional activities and exercises.

  • Best For: Athletic-Focused Training, HIIT Workouts, Recreational Training
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 4mm/8mm

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Mizuno Womens Wave Rider 25 Running Shoe

The Mizuno Womens Wave Rider 25 Running Shoe is the newest version of the Mizuno Wave Rider and it continually gets better.

The 25th edition of the Wave Rider is bringing a smoother ride with MIZUNO ENERZY. The shoe uses eco-friendly responsiveness through a new bio base wave plate to enhance overall breathability. MIZUNO ENERZY is a foam that offers versatility to whoever is wearing it. The new bio base plate disperses the energy made at impact to a broader area, which allows for more stability and cushioning.

The U4ic Midsole is there for maximizing shock reduction. The midsole is well cushioned and responsive, yet still extremely lightweight. The X10 Outsole is a durable carbon rubber created for longer wear times.

Its always a plus when brands are using eco-friendly materials too!

What Does The Wide Letter Sizing Mean

Best Workout Shoes for Problem Feet? See Our Top 6 Picks

Unlike length sizing which runs in half size numbers , wide running shoes use letters for sizing. In order from narrowest to widest, these letters are:

  • AA womens narrow
  • B mens narrow, womens medium
  • D mens medium, womens wide
  • EE mens wide, womens extra wide
  • EEEE mens extra wide
  • EEEEEE mens extra, extra wide

As you can see, width sizing is different for men and womens shoes. Its for this reason, that women who require a wide can also wear a mens shoe to get some extra width. Just remember there is a 1.5 size difference between womens and mens shoes. Womens shoes are sized 1.5 larger than mens. For example, a mens 8.5 is equivalent to a womens size 10.

For women who need a wide shoe, you can often get more shoe options if you are open to wearing a mens shoe . If you needed a womens size 9 wide , that is the same as a mens size 7.5 medium .

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