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Best Walking Sneakers With Arch Support

Best Travel Boots For Cold Weather Destinations: Blondo Villa

Brooks Addiction – Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

For those who love to spend their vacations wandering through cities and exploring the sites, come rain or shine, a pair of ankle booties like the Blondo Villa are the best walking shoes for travel in spring, autumn, or winter.

Theyre not only comfortable and practical but stylish, too. Black ankle boots are an easy choice to wear on a trip to Europe or any metropolitan city. Black is the most classic option, but the Mushroom suede is also a versatile choice.

They have a stacked, 1¾-inch heel thats thick and durable, so it actually provides more support than flat shoes. This heel also offers some arch support, which adds to its comfort. These booties are so comfortable, and I can walk hours on end in them without any blisters or pain.

Double duty items are thoroughly loved here at TFG, and Blondo will easily help you take on the elements in style.

Nike Downshifter 11 $7852 On Nike

The best budget-friendly walking shoes from Nike are the Downshifter 11. They retail for around $70, with a lightweight and breathable silhouette that offers good flexibility.

Offering lightweight flexible support, the Downshifter 11 boasts soft cushioning with more support around the midfoot

These walking shoes are ideal for those who are always on the go and want lightweight shoes to pack for travel. Nikes Downshifter 11 sneakers also have a rubber sole for extra grip and durability.

Its worth noting that these Nike walking shoes have a narrow fit with a thinner midsole. If you dont suffer from any extra support, these shoes should still tick all the boxes.

New Balance 928v3 Womens Walking Shoe


If you prefer a low-profile walking shoe, look no further. But dont let this shoe fool youwhile it may look basic, its anything but.

The midsole is lined with compression-molded EVAa stretchy, rubber-like materialto cushion and support your foot, and the endurance outsole can stand the test of time. Structurally, this style can accommodate most pedal deformities because of the wider toe box, says Dr. Figlo. The arch support and stability allow for more comfort and less injury risk. It has a removable footbed, too.

via merchant

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What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Walking Shoes

When shopping for walking shoes, Dr. Lobkova says its important to take into account the walking surface, average walking distance, and the climate. For instance, walking on concrete versus soil or sand requires different biomechanical support, Dr. Lobkova says. And in a warm climate, the optimal walking shoe will have a mesh or breathable upper, whereas a wet and cold climate needs a leather or Gore-Tex weather-proof upper.

“I see many women who work on their feet for many hours, for instance doctors, nurses, chefs, and painters. They have different requirements for shoes depending on work-related hazards,” she says. But no matter their role, Dr. Lobkova says, they all benefit from a walking shoe that has these factors:

  • A slightly elevated heel, so that there is reduced tension on the Achilles tendon
  • A cushioned ball of the foot
  • Made of a material that is easily cleaned, so that the shoe wont harbor bacteria and fungus
  • Easily removable in case of emergencies

And while womens walking shoes should be functional, theres no reason they have to be unfashionable. Our roundup of the most comfortable walking shoes for women with detailed recommendations from the pros has attractive pairs youll really want to wear for every real-world scenario.

Best Walking Shoes For Women

10 Best Walking Shoes With Arch Support

Whether you are an avid long-distance power walker, love to hit the trails or simply want the best shoe for cruising around town, its important to find the right shoe to fit your lifestyle and your foot type. Weve asked our experts to share their top picks that offer supreme comfort, extra cushioning and superior arch support to keep your feet feeling their best.

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These Stylish Flats With Contoured Cushioning

If youre looking for a dressy walking shoe, these ballet flats are a highly rated option that comes in lots of stylish colors and patterns. The contoured insoles provide cushioning and moderate arch support, while the padded collar adds comfort and helps prevent your foot from slipping. The shoes also have nonslip soles for traction with each step. While the insoles are not removable for custom orthotics, one reviewer wrote of the arch support: I have low arches and it’s enough for my feet.

One reviewer wrote: I have flat, wide feet and a narrow heel which makes shoe shopping difficult. These were comfortable from the moment I put them on until I got home. I am very impressed!

Sizes: 5 12, include wide sizes | Colors and Styles: 17

The Other Sneakers With Arch Support We Reviewed

Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes by ASICS

Piring synthetic material and rubber soles, these comfortable shoes with arch support are ideal for women with neutral gait or underpronation. Plus, they feature removable sock liners to fit custom-made orthotics, and outsoles designed for up- and down-hill traction. On the downside, some reviewers have said that these sneakers lack cushioning.

Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainers by Nike

These sneakers with arch support for men combine a leather upper and rubber soles for maximum comfort and traction on a variety of surfaces. The upper comes with overlays and perforations to keep you cool and dry, and the heel pull tabs make these shoes easy to pull on and off. Please note that these sneakers can make a squeaking sound during walking.

Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoes by Saucony

These mesh womens shoes are available in normal and wide sizes and a variety of colors. Plus, they feature lug soles, neutral arch support, and are breathable to keep you sweat-free even during strenuous activities. Unfortunately, some users have found these sneakers insufficiently supportive in the arches.

Women’s Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoes by Ryka

Men’s Made in Us 990 V5 Sneakers by New Balance

Men’s Ultraboost 19 M Running Shoes by Adidas

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What To Look For In An Arch Support Shoe

While there will always be athletes who gravitate toward minimalist shoes, or even going barefoot, most runners need shoes with good arch support, says Austin, Texas-based podiatry specialist Daniel T. Halloran, DPM, FACFASparticularly when it comes to solving problems with shin splints, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, posterior tibial tendinitis, medial knee pain and low back pain. Although Halloran admits evidence for this claim is somewhat anecdotal, he clarifies that most of these issues are a result of overpronation, an excess flattening or flexibility of the foot as it hits the ground. One indicator that you pronate is if you find excessive wear on the inner side of your running shoes.

No single shoe model or type of shoe works for all runners who share a foot type or running style. However, some generalizations can be made, depending on arch height, form, and foot flexibility.

Arch Height and Form

There are three types of arches based on heightlow , medium , and high. If youre not sure what kind of arch you have, this simple test can help.

Runners with high arches tend to supinate . Because their arches tend to flatten and rise to absorb the shock of landing and taking off, high-arched runners tend to benefit more from neutral shoes which provide built-in stability, says Halloran. Medium-arched runners also tend to do well with a neutral shoe.

Find Your Fit

Best Overall: New Balance Classics Sneaker

New Balance 990v4 – Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Dr. Cunha says he often recommends this brand for its molded midsoles, which provide excellent arch support. “It’s designed to help mitigate foot, heel, and arch support for superior comfort and support of the plantar fascia,” he explains. With the New Balance Classics Sneaker, wearers are offered plenty of padding around the ankles and in the tongue, plush cushioning on the midsole, a TPU heel insert for extra support, and an everyday silhouette that works well with basically everything in your closet.

“Very comfortable,” raved one reviewer. “Took them out of the box and walked all over Philadelphia for a weekend without any issues.” Another shopper noted that they’re best suited for “a comfortable day of shopping, running errands and generally being on my feet” and shared that they “found these to be deep enough to accommodate an orthotic.”

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High Arches Can Be A Pain But These Walking Shoes Feel Like Plush Comfort With Every Step

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When you have high arches, finding the correct shoes for your feet can be challenging. That’s especially true when shopping for walking shoes: Whether you need them for traveling, errands, or just walking your pup around the block, a good pair of walking shoes should support your raised arches with every stepnot exacerbate foot pain. Below, explore the best walking shoes that will keep your raised arches supported and learn how to find the right pair for your feet.

Brooks Addiction Walker For Men

These Brooks Addiction walker arch support athletic shoes are very relaxed and durable.

They are lightweight while providing the best stability.

They are designed with a removable insole that can simply be changed with orthotics that will fit rightly to include an extra level of comfort.

The full leather uppers are breathable and very supportive.

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Most Comfortable Sneakers For Women Who Prefer Wide Sizes: Taos Star Fashion

Taos Star Fashion sneakers are a cute walking shoe that not only delivers on style but comfort. They look like Converse sneakers but are way more supportive and comfortable!

The removable footbed provides arch support so you can walk on them for long periods of time.

We recommend them if youre looking for a wider-sized shoe with a cute look and are going to be walking long distances. Many of Taos fans have used them on their European jaunts where they do a lot of walking and love the fact that their feet are still usable after 20,000 steps!

If you want a sneaker look but slip-on function, you can switch out the normal laces with elastic ones. That way youre still in a sneaker, but you cut out a few minutes from getting ready and dont have to tie any laces .

However, this comfortable sneaker runs a tad bit small, and if youre looking for the perfect fit, you may need to order a half size bigger to get that glove-like feel.

These Taos sneakers come in over 20 colors and are available in sizes 5-11 in both regular and wide sizes, too.

Can Walking Make Osteoarthritis Worse


Short answer: Yes.

Whenever you have osteoarthritis, it is due to wear and tear, and it can definitely be made worse, says Shaeffer.

However, it can get a little better when you move around with proper footwear. It is important to create a good foundation for your feet, and that will, in turn, support your whole body more efficiently.

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Mens Walking Shoe With Arch Support Faqs

Are supported arch shoes necessary?

In most cases, the answer to this question is yes! The arch, which is the sole of your feet, is responsible to fully carry your weight while you walk, jog, or run. Its essential to divide your body weight into your whole sole. If only a particular part of your feet carries the weight, then you will end up experiencing heel pains, plantar fasciitis, or even pulled muscles during runs which can be painful.

Are high arches better than flat feet?

Both high arches and flat feet have their problems. So, its not easy to decide which one is better and which isnt. With high arch types, more support is needed from a shoe to distribute the body weight. A flat foot may seem safer, but it is way less stable and needs a shoe with good stabilization features. Luckily all these brands are pulling out amazing shoes for all kinds of arch types.

What is an easy way to check if a shoe has good arch support?

Youve probably seen people check the arch support without realizing what they were doing. The simple test of grabbing a shoe and twisting its toe cap towards you and its heel outwards will help you judge the quality of its arch support. The stiffer the shoe feels when turning, the better the arch support will be on it.

Skechers Womens Go Walk 3 Renew

Now I like to be honest, so I have to say I really do not like the look of this product at all. You can also ignore me as well, because many buyers will disagree with me.

It is hard for me to argue with the response it has received by so many fitness fanatics, but for me these look like slippers, and I would struggle to wear these when out on the road.

Here are some of the features of the Skechers Womens Go Walk 3 Renew:

  • Fabric
  • Grippy outsole

One reviewer said this:

I love sketchers Go Walks, but these Go Walk 3s with the goga mat under my feet is heaven.

I have one flat foot on my right, and heel spurs and plantar fasciitis on my left foot, so to find shoes I can actually walk all day in is amazing.

So it just depends on your own preferences. You can get these in 5 different colors, and the normal sizes are available.

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The 17 Best Walking Shoes For Maximum Comfort 2022

The weather is balmy, the days are longer, and its time to get outsidebut not before picking up a pair of the best walking shoes you can find. If youve ever tried out a flashy new pair of shoes just to wind up with aching, nagging foot pain, you already know that supportive, comfortable shoes are key for your feet . Strolling, hiking, running errands, or trying a new walking workout call for a pair of walking shoes that fit and feel comfy and supportive step after step .

Womens Walking Shoes Sock Sneaker

Best Arch Support Shoes For Flat Feet 2022? Maximalist Running Shoes!

These versatile shoes are suitable for regular day to day activities such as walking around in the streets, going to the mall, jogging, squatting in the gym, playing tennis, tap dancing, traveling, and even for plantar fasciitis patients. This means that they are extremely comfortable, reliable, and responsive to any physical condition. You could stand for hours on end in them or walk around running errands without exerting your feet, legs, or knees as it might happen with other brands of shoes.

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Most Stylish Sneakers: Naturalizer Morrison Sneaker

If you want shoes that you can wear on your walk to work these are a great choice. The durable white leather and tan tweed keep them office appropriate, while the podiatrist-approved contoured footbed and heel and arch support mean your raised arches will be comfortable on your commute. The lace-up sneaker also features dual-density cushioning and advanced flexibility, which will help you navigate the obstacles on your commute without hindering your stride.

“We walked six to nine miles daily and my feet were happy,” one customer said. “I got loads of compliments on how they looked from my teen and college-aged girls.”

Is It Ok To Wear Running Shoes For Walking

It’s important to specifically look for shoes that are meant for walking, Perkins says. Walking shoes should feel heavier than most pairs of trainers, and have a lower heel than the average running shoe. Those attributes allow for less bounce and more of a natural cadence to your stride, she says.

Peep a few of the best walking shoes, below:

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Saucony Mens Grid Omni Walker Running Shoe

The Saucony Mens Grid Omni Walker is our next pick and this like all the rest on todays list is also meant for use by both women and men. This makes their appeal wider and increases their utility. In terms of the main support, they have a firm rubber sole for arch support.

However, thats not all because the shaft in this design has been made to form a low-top arch so that you can comfortably walk and move around in your daily routine. The sole of this product that we mentioned earlier has also been made to be asymmetrical to ensure a bio-mechanic fit.

You cant go wrong with the Walk Trac patented outsoles this pair has to offer! They provide smoother mobility that increases comfort and ease. Finally, to decrease your foots pronation, this design has been fitted with a compression-molded EVA midsole as well.

The one area where we feel this design could be made better is its overall arch support. In terms of how much it provides on its own, we would give it a 7. This is because many users have complained that additional arch inserts or liners are necessary for optimum support.

However, we do not think that this is a complete letdown when it comes to being a contender as one of the best walking shoes that offer arch support. The only consideration might be that you shouldnt opt for these if you have a serious condition as they provide mid-level support.


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