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Carol Christian Poell Drip Sneakers

Carol Christian Poell Boots

CCP (Carol Christian Poell) Drips Sneakers | Review and How They Fit |

Among the iconic models of CCP boots we point out the Tornado Boots available in different versions: in bison leather perforated and lined with kangaroo leather in white, black or red horse breech with chrome-free calf lining. The distinctive feature of the CCP Tornado boots is the spiral zip closure around the shoe.

Carol Christian Poell Style

Born in Linz, Austria, in 1966, he soon moved to Milan to pursue his dream of becoming a designer. In 1995, CCP presented the first menswear collection. Three years later, in 1998, he presented his first women’s clothing collection, albeit with a masculine / unisex cut. The brand CCP imposes itself on the international fashion scene and not just as an emerging one but also as the product of an extravagant, eccentric, obscure, even aggressive at times and mysterious designer. CCP clothing creations are experimental and avant-garde. He is one of the few who personally carries out research on fabrics and materials and even invents new ones, such as the fabric composed of 15% glass beads because the fabric reflects the light in a unique way. His garments are always unlined, which implies the extreme precision of the always visible seams. Come to think of it, the success of CCP cannot be due solely to the extravagance and eccentricity of its creations. There is much more in a CCP garment: a certain taste, a certain style that unmistakably identifies this brand and distinguishes it from others, beyond any fashion or stylistic trend.

Carol Christian Poell Shoes

CCP shoes range from sneakers to boots and men’s derby. The materials used are precious leathers such as kangaroo, bison, horse and calf leather, bovine leather. The workmanship of Carol Christian Poell shoes is strictly handmade with undyed materials in Italy, as the vegetable tanning which takes place only after the artisan making of the item is finished.

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#garments Carol Christian Poell Drip Sneakers

This design is made by the Austrian designer Carol Christian Poell, famous for his artisanal techniques and innovations while treating his products. He presents his collections in a unconventional way, not following the established system of showing collections by seasons. Also, there is a mysterious aura around him, since he has decided to remain unknown and hardly grants interviews.

The material used on this garment is leather and has been processed to show a used look. The same happens for every little detail added as it is the case of its frayed laces. However, the main feature is the drip effect, obtained by a bathing of the shoe in a rubbery material which gives the piece the aspect of having been submerged in oil.

As the shoe is bathed in liquid plastic rubber, the sole features some flabby stalactites made out of this plastic, which end up disappearing after been worn around five times. Some other brands have used this technique which is the example of Alyx in one of its recent collaborations with Vans.

In addition, the homonymous brand was born in 1995 and since then has had one the largest fan cult base in fashions history, with some famous followers like Karl Lagerfeld.

Carol Christian Poell Drip Rubber Sneakers Am/2524 Model Technical Features

Drip Sneakers By Carol Christian Poell #carolchristianpoell

Carol Christian Poell drip rubber sneakers materials: Material/Color: ROOMS-PTC/19 Sole: micro + rubber Lining: calf chromefree Carol Christian Poell drip rubber sneakers are handicrafted with undyed materials artisanally rubber-dripped & hand polishing. Our Carol Christian Poell drip rubber sneakers selection is available in store and online at Lazzari Store.

Carol Christian Poell drip rubber sneakers AM2524 code model.

Carol Christian Poell drip rubber sneakers AM2524 in kangaroo leather.

Carol Christian Poell brand is not just sneakers in kangaroo leather like these Carol Christian Poell sneakers AM/2524. Carol Christian Poell is an Austrian designer who has studied fashion design in Italy. He made his debut in 1995, the year he launched his first collections. Carol Christian Poell is soon to be noted for the complexity of its creations, especially from the point of view of the materials used and the very particular processing techniques. Stylist-artist, CCP stands out as one of the landmarks of contemporary avant-garde fashion. Carol Christian Poell is synonymous with high craftsmanship, sophisticated extravagance, artistic originality. If you are curious to discover the creative inspiration of Carol Christian Poell, take a look at our selection of garments by CCP here.

If you want to know better Carol Christian Poell, his eccentric style and his strange world read these other posts about him:

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