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Running Sneakers For Wide Feet

The 35 Best Running Shoes For Women With Wide Feet

Best Workout Shoes For Wide Feet | Nike Flex Experience Run 8 Review

Finding the perfect pair of running shoes can be a difficult task in general. Having wide feet makes this task even more challenging. Wide feet runners often struggle to find running shoes that have enough room or a comfortable fit.

We took the time to put together a list of the best running shoes for women with wide feet to help you find the perfect fit.

Everyone has different types of feet, therefore its an important thing for there to be different types of shoes for these different types. Whether you have flat feet, wider feet, narrow feet or high arches, its crucial to find the right shoe for you.

Shoe companies have started taking the initiative to create new shoes and update previous versions in order to fit different needs.

To find the ideal shoe for you, there are tests you can do to figure out your foot type.

How Much Support Do You Need

How does your foot hit the ground when you run? Pronation is the natural way your foot rolls inward when it strikes the ground and then propels forward. There are three different types of pronation, and you may want shoes with features that support your pronation level. Brands use different footwear technologies and features that reduce excess movement. The technologies are meant to guide the foot through a smoother transition.

Tips To Buy Running Shoes For Wide Feet

  • You can determine size and width of your shoes as I guided above or have your feet measured in the store. In fact, there is a difference among shoes sizes of different manufacturers, but this measurement at least will help you have a starting point.
  • Next tip is to find wide toe box shoes. You should avoid pointy-toed shoes if you have wide feet. And if you try to squeeze your feet into them, you will receive worse foot condition. Let your feet have enough space to move.
  • Shoes with removable insoles or linings are also good for wide feet people. By taking these out, you can create wider room for your feet or extra room for orthotics that provides support for your foot problems caused by wide feet.
  • Ignore slip on shoes even in your right width size because your feet can slide forward or squash up in the toe box.
  • Shoes with strap or laces up are one of the best shoes for wide feet. Because these allow you to set them as wide as you want.
  • On shoe market, there are always stores that specialize in wider sizes. Look for them in case you were disappointed by the sizes in regular shoe stores. Especially, if you have intention to shop online, keep in mind some points below: you should have your feet professionally measured, accompany with familiar brands which made you pleased in the past and check the return policy.

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New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V5

> Stability

  • Weighs 11 oz. for a US M10.5 2E
  • 8 mm drop
  • Stability

I was a little hesitant to let the Vongo back into my life because of how disappointed I was with the v4. Without wasting your time, its safe to say the Vongo is back! Since finishing the full review almost a month ago, I am continually grabbing the Vongo v5 and have put over 100 miles in my pair.

I dont love the Hypoknit upper, but I dont hate it either. So long as I am not trying to make any tight turns, it keeps my foot in place. However, it has a crazy stretch to it, so things have the potential to move around. Im extremely grateful New Balance went with a well padded heel collar as its very comfortable, doesnt slip, and leaves my ankle irritation free.

The midfoot feels just wide enough for me. For me, the forefoot could be a hair wider, and this could cause issues for those with bad bunions. My 10.5 2E sits right at 11 oz. I think my biggest wish for the v6 would be to cut out another half ounce. I dont know how I would go about doing that, but lucky for me I dont have to figure it out!

The Vongo v5 midsole received the Fresh Foam X treatment. The forefoot gives off more of a 1080 vibe with the soft cushion, while the midfoot to heel is a bit firmer. There is just enough stability thanks to a medial post consisting of a desner gradient dual compound. While it seems like a Franken-shoe midsole, its blended so well that you get one smooth and stable ride.

Stability Running Shoes Vs Neutral Running Shoes

8 Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet (Men &  Women) 2020

The main differences between running shoes for overpronation and neutral running shoes is that neutral running shoes dont tend to include the same stability features, such as medial posts, heel counters and heel wedges, Dr. Splichal says. However, many neutral daily trainers are now being made with wider platforms and more secure heel counters that are both inherently stable, Dr. Flippin says. I have seen many overpronating runners do quite well in the right neutral trainer due to recent trends in improvements in midsole components.

That said, its important to get fitted for running shoes at your local running store and be evaluated by a podiatrist or physical therapist to ensure youre purchasing a pair that truly works for you.

To jumpstart you search, we compiled the 10 best stability running shoes, according to our experts. Keep scrolling to shop podiatrist-recommended pairs for overpronation.

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New Balance Fuelcell Rc Elite 2

  • Weighs 8.6 oz. for a US M10.5
  • 8 mm drop
  • Neutral
  • Jarretts max distance: Half-Marathon

In a weird alternate Rick and Morty universe, the FuelCell TC and RC Elite 1 had a baby which grew up to be the FuelCell RC Elite 2. Seriously, this racer update has taken the best bits from both shoes and evolved into an even greater super shoe.

The upper is made of a soft and light engineered mesh. The mesh over the toes has holes so big you can see your toes. When it comes to fit, the RC Elite 2 is more like the TC than the RC Elite 1 and thats a really good thing. The new model is more true to size and has plenty of room in the toe and just enough in the midfoot to be a viable option.

A large NB logo overlay extends over the toe box to the midfoot. This allows the upper mesh in the midfoot to actually stretch and not cause any excessive pressure spots. Just like in the TC, my arch hangs over the side, but it isnt an issue.

The RC Elite 2 is packing heat in the midsole. Its measuring in at a huge 39 mm heel and 31 mm toe compared to 32/22 in the original. The larger-than-life FuelCell midsole makes the shoe softer and waaaaaay bouncier.

I found the carbon plate to feel a little better in the RC Elite 2 thanks to the extra FuelCell during my runs. On a few short runs, I threw in a fast mile that clocked in the 6-minute range. I can do that in most shoes, but I was surprised at how easy the effort was. The roll of the FuelCell and pop of the carbon plate work seamlessly together.

Saucony Womens Guide 13 Wide

The Saucony Womens Guide 13 Wide is a shoe made for a wide variety of foot shapes and sizes. This shoe was made with those who are working longer hours and going on longer runs in mind. Saucony are a popular brand when looking for the best running shoes for women with wide feet.

This shoe is a perfect balance between structure and cushioning. The PWRRUN cushioning is meant to promote more softness, yet still being responsive enough to make it through your workouts.

Security and stability are more important factors when it comes to looking for the perfect running shoe. The Saucony Womens Guide 13 Wide is classified as a stability shoe. The design of the shoe keeps you locked in, but the feel-good cushioning and fluid guidance keeps you comfortable.

The Saucony Womens Guide 13 Wide is also a shoe known to be good for neutral pronation, which means your foot rolls naturally inwards.

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Q: How Wide Are Under Armour 2e And 4e Shoes

A: If you choose mens shoes? Mens under armour 2e and 4e shoes are 1 size smaller than the common size, which is us8=uk7=EU41 1/3 =JP25 2/32. And if you choose womens shoes? Womens under armour 2e and 4e shoes are 1 size smaller than the common size, which is us9=uk8=EU42 1/2 =JP26 3/32. So you may check our shoebox carefully to make sure you can wear it well before purchasing them.

Skechers Gorun Ride 8 Hyper

Lacing Your Shoes: Wide & Narrow Feet | Running

> Daily Trainer

  • Weighs 10.2 oz. for a US M10.5 wide
  • 6 mm drop
  • Neutral

Although the GOrun Ride 8 Hyper came out late last year, Skechers is finally putting out a wide performance shoe with the famed Hyper Burst.

Hyper Burst is unlike any midsole Ive run in. Its cushioned, responsive, bouncy, and light. Everything I look for in a shoe. I was able to do some slow miles and use the Ride 8 as a recovery shoe as well as rip some fast paces.

Even though I tend to heel strike more when I get tired, the mid-foot strike zone assisted me with keeping a better stride longer. Goodyear rubber gives the confidence to take turns sharply and doesnt require the outsole to be completely covered in it.

Heads up for the wide bois, Im normally a size 10.5 . I returned them for the 10 and still had a ton of room. A 9.5 wide would have probably fit great. Hopefully Skechers fixes this sizing issue on future models.

Take everything you thought you knew about Skechers and throw it out. They are for real and bringing the fire. Thank you for finally giving us wide footers some of the Hyper Burst love!

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Hoka Arahi 6 Running Shoes

Best Lightweight Stability Running Shoes

Youll truly feel like youre running on clouds with this weightless pair from Hoka One One. Dr. Flippin, a Hoka-sponsored professional runner, recommends these running kicks for their lightweight feel, cushioning and stability features. Hoka employs its signature J-frame technology, which serves as a medial post, that helps secure the heel in a neutral position, she says. These shoes also feature early-state meta-rockers that assist with smooth transitions.

According to Hoka, these meta-rockers support a runners natural gait cycle, helping you move more efficiently. They also come equipped with a breathable mesh upper to help your feet stay cool during intense runs and feature an Ortholite sockliner for added comfort. Whats more, they have heel pull tabs that make it easier for you to slip them on or off.

Brooks Womens Ghost 11

Justlike their clever design and technology with the Ghost 11 for men, BrooksGhost 11 for women also carries out superb features that revamp your footwearwith better support and cushioning. It is also tailored with the BioMoGo DNAcushioning technology that enhances comfort while keeping the responsivenessright at the par.

Itshowcases the merge of Segmented Crash Pad and Midfoot Transition Zone forsmoother and quicker heel-to-toe shifting. And with its breathable mesh design,it feels more lightweight and promotes cool and fresher feeling as iteliminates odor and moisture. They are true to size and ones for wide feet haveplenty of room on the toe box that gives your foot a cozy feel. Although it isapplicable for everyone, if you have high arches and your feet run wide, theserunning shoes might just be the ultimate pair for you.


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How Can You Tell If You Have Wide Feet

You can go around checking and fitting everyrunning shoe you can find in a department store to see if its the ideal andcomfortable fit or not. This may work at times but honestly, taking trial anderrors with your shoe size is not always the best way to do so. All you need isa pen or pencil, tape measure or ruler, and a piece of paper you need to measureyour feet.

It is hard to tell at a glance whether youhave wide feet or not. You might feel like you have narrow feet but you dontactually have or maybe its the other way around. There are probably mishapswith guessing but if you make some time to take your feet measurements, it isdefinitely the best way to know.

Once you have the materials mentioned before,heres what you need to do:

  • First, you need to place a piece of paper on flat ground and put your foot on top of it. Do not take measurements on elevated or uneven ground to avoid inaccurate measurements
  • Put your foot on top of the paper. Leave it bare. But if you are going to buy shoes that require socks such as running shoes, you should wear socks while taking the measurements
  • Trace your foot using the pen or pencil to form a layout of your foot
  • Using a ruler or tape measure, determine the width of your foot. Jot down the marks on the widest part of your foot. This part of your foot tells you the width while the longest toe to the heel defines the length
  • Repeat the steps on your other foot


US Womens Size
4.80 5.00

Saucony Mens Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

25 Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet

Saucony spends a lot of time studying the biomechanics of world-class athletes while also concentrating on making shoes for the rest of us. A shoe such as their mens Cohesion 10 is for every runner, including runners with wide feet.

The Cohesion 10 has plenty of great features that make it suitable for all runners not just those with wide feet while maximizing your performance, whether you specialize in long-distance running or running at shorter distances, such as a weekend 5K race.

The cushioning of the Cohesion 10 is second-to-none, thanks to comfortable footbeds and an injected-molded EVA foam that absorbs the impact of every stride while helping to distribute it across the feet and lower leg.

It also features extra foam around the heel, which, combined with the EVA foam midsole, lessens impact while increasing the responsiveness of your every stride. In turn, it helps reduce the chances of blisters and ankle injuries.

Saucony also uses its GRID technology in the heel area of the Cohesion 10 for further support.

Youll also like the amount of flexibility the Cohesion 10 offers, and its a definite plus for runners with wide feet. Meanwhile, theres not as much of a breaking-in period with the Cohesion 10 as you may find on other brands and makes of running shoes.

The shoes upper consists of mesh and synthetic material thats very breathable while helping to keep your foot cool and dry during your run. It also helps to reduce foot odor.


Bottom Line

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Saucony Guide 9 Most Stable Running Shoes

When it comes to running shoes Saucony is one of those brands you can trust. Backed with a solid reputation and years of successfully creating high-performing shoes, Saucony has been doing it right for a long time.

Its no surprise that the brand has another hit under their belt with the Saucony Guide 9 running shoes.

What makes this everyday trainer better than previous versions is the EVERUN technology. Featuring an Everun top-sole construction, the Saucony running shoes are not only more durable but also more comfortable, breathable and flexible.

Its all about the smooth and fast ride when youre wearing these shoes.

If youre looking for an everyday trainer that can accommodate wider feet, look no further than the Guide 9. As long as you picked the right size and width, you wont have to worry about feeling tight or restricted even on long runs.

Theres also enough room in the toe box if you have wide feet.

What We Liked

Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts Relieve Flat Feet

  • LASTING COMFORT arch support improves foot and leg alignment, enhances comfort, and helps ease stress and pain caused by flat feet , bunions, arthritis, and diabetes.
  • DEEP HEEL CUP- to maintain correct foot positioning.
  • PREMIUM EVA MATERIAL It is excellent for shock absorption and pain relief.
  • DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY USE Provides moderate control and support in walking or casual hiking shoes, work shoes and boots.

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A Large Ankle Opening

When speaking to runners and our doctor, we heard one common theme. When you buy standard running shoes, its difficult to fit your heel through the ankle opening.

Be sure to find wide running shoes with fairly large ankle openings. Otherwise, its difficult to get the shoe on without stomping on the shoe heel section. This can damage the shoe and put unnecessary force on your heel.

Brooks Glycerin Gts 19 Running Shoes


Best Cushioned Stability Running Shoes

While stability running shoes are usually made with stiffer materials, it doesnt mean they always compromise comfort. These Brooks running shoes feature the brands signature DNA Loft max midsole cushioning. The DNA Loft cushioning not only gives you a super plush feel but is responsive and lightweight. As with all of Brookss stability running shoes, this pair also has GuideRails technology.

I started running as a 50-year-old woman and had a lot of pain in my hips and feet, one reviewer says. On a recommendation from a friend, I tried the Glycerin GTS 19 and it eliminated the pain right away. The cushioning is a lifesaver and has allowed me to stay active and healthy,

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