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Comfortable Men’s Sneakers For Standing All Day

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Waterproof Shoes


Merrell makes perfect shoes for standing all day on concrete. Made from 100% performance suede, leather, and breathable mesh upper. The footwear has a synthetic sole that provides extra comfort for your feet. Also, these are the best shoes for standing all day since they’re lined with soft fabric to provide ample support and comfort for your feet.

The upper part of the shoes is made of leather and mesh, while the outsole is made from Vibram TC5. In addition, these shoes come with a Merrell air cushion and an air shank made from nylon. As you stand or walk, this feature helps to reduce stress on your feet.

The best thing about this shoe is that it has a closed-cell foam tongue that helps keep debris and dust away from your feet as you work or stand for long hours. That said, and although it’s a decent and comfortable shoe, it’s not a suitable shoe for men with narrow feet.

Merrell Mens Jungle Moc Nubuck Slip On Shoe

These shoes offer style and comfort made specifically for outdoor use, such as hiking for men. The fashionable design, along with sturdy construction, provides versatile and durable wear with ultimate support benefits. They are great for camping, hiking, and yard work and offer many years of excellent use for any wearer.

Feature of the upper lining:

  • Leather upper known as Nubuck
  • The lining has undergone treatment with an antimicrobial solution
  • Flexibility and comfort
  • The shoe has been created to mold to the foot regardless of the shape and size
  • Flexible outsole, which allows for shock absorption
  • Raised up toe bar which assists the foot in its natural grip

Hoka One One Clifton 7


For avid walkers, finding a solid pair of durable sneakers that last more than a couple of months can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, the Hoka One One Clifton 7s are some of the most durable, long-lasting shoes weve seen in a while. Theyre made with a high-abrasion rubber outsole to ensure they wont dwindle down into nothing as the months fly by. Each pair is super lightweight to lessen any additional energy used when strolling around town. Worried about an uncomfortable fit? Dont be. These sneakers have a full-compression EVA midsole to give you some of the best cushioning available in a pair of shoes.

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The 31 Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete All Day 2022

  • 461 Reviews

Designed from the ground up for people who spend a long time walking on hard floors, Snibbs Spaceclouds are the best walking shoes for a concrete work environment.

Made entirely from synthetic materials, theyre lightweight shoes that make it easy to stay on your feet all day without making them feel heavy, or adding to your fatigue.

But what makes them the best choice for concrete is that they pack a lot of performance into a lightweight package:

A slip-resistant outsole provides both shock absorption and solid grip, while removable insoles from Ortholite provide proper support while keeping moisture to a minimum.

Plus, theyre available in five different colors, making it easy to find one that suits both your style and your workplace.

Promising Review:

Im on my feet All day as I work for FedEx. The shoes are amazing, super comfortable and water proof.

These are hands down the best work shoes I have ever purchased.


  • 590 Reviews

As mentioned above, not all running shoes are appropriate for logging long work hours on concrete floors:

Even the most comfortable footwear can lead to health conditions like joint pain, foot problems and plantar fasciitis if they dont have the essential features needed to stand up to concrete.

But these runners from Asics are among the select few that not only work, but work wonders.

Not all workplaces like the casual look of running shoes, and may not let you get away with them.

  • 2,798 Reviews

Puma Pacer Future Sneaker Starting At $4400 On Amazon

Most Comfortable Shoes For Men

The Puma Pacer Future Sneaker, $44, has a trendy design with plenty of cushion and breathability. This shoe is also lightweight and fits snug around the foot for maximum comfort. The Pacer Future Lux is perfect for long shifts and long walks alike. This sneaker is available in a variety of vibrant colors and sizes.

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Most Comfortable Mens Shoes For Standing All Day In 2022

Shoes are quite an essential part of your daily wear. And if you are a professional who needs to wear shoes throughout the day, you need to choose the right pair for your feet.

Shoes are not only crucial for your feet, but they also provide you support and stability to manage your overall body weight. That is why shortlisting the most comfortable mens shoes for standing all day is quite an essential task for you. Given the number of brands and models available in the market, it is natural to confuse these options.

Therefore, here is a detailed article about the seven best products available in the market for your reference. Make sure to refer to each of these reviews that strongly highlight every models key features for you. Also, make a thorough comparison of these attributes along with your requirements to select the right product.

These Breathable Mesh Slip

For that sporty casual vibe, these Skechers slip-on loafers are shoes that you can wear all day in comfort and style â and they come backed by tens of thousands of reviews. Made from knit mesh fabric, they’re super breathable to keep your feet nice and cool. The insole is made of gel-infused memory foam that provides both cushioning and arch support, while the lightweight midsole helps absorb shock. A flexible outsole is textured for traction. Though the shoes are slip-ons, they come in half and wide sizes so you can be sure to get the perfect comfortable fit.

Best of all? If these shoes get nasty from all-day wear, you can throw them in the washing machine. Grab them in one of several dark and neutral colors.

What fans say: “The fit is near perfect and so comfortable. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. These have been my favorite casual shoes to wear going out walking everyday with my wife and kids. They are great for the long days standing and walking on your feet . â

  • Available sizes: Men’s 6.5 – 14, including half and wide sizes

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Hoka One One Bondi 7 Shoes For Men

The HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 Shoes for Men are among the relatively more expensive work footwear options in this list. While its on the pricier side, you can guarantee a high-quality pair that will be a great investment for more productive and hassle-free work shifts. These Bondi 7 shoes for men offer a relaxing cushion on your feet that makes them perfect for people who stand and walk all day. If youre always on the go, these stylish shoes can be worn on your regular outfit or can even be used as running shoes in the gym. This is among the best walking shoes for men that are not only versatile, but also stylish.

Vionic With Orthaheel Technology

Most Comfortable Mens Shoes for All Day Comfort (Buying Guide)

Formerly known as Orthaheel, Vionic with Orthaheel Technology are an affordable alternative to custom orthotic shoes.

If you dont have prescription orthotics, theyre the best, says reader Diane Grasely. I can even walk my dog wearing their flip-flops with built-in arch.

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An Expert Guide For Selecting The Right Pair Of Shoes For Your Feet

You need to wear these shoes throughout the day. And these shoes are responsible for bearing your entire body weight and thereby balancing it correctly for you.

Therefore, choosing these shoes can be quite tricky for you. And that is why here is a detailed guide about the key attributes to check while you shortlist the right pair for your feet:


If you are looking for the right pair to wear to your workplace, you need to look for the availability of proper cushions as well. Why? The midsole happens to be the central part of your shoe responsible for managing your bodys weight.

It is also responsible for balancing your bodys entire force, and hence the shoes with proper cushions can minimize the pain in your feet. Therefore, check this aspect while selecting the best womens shoes for lower back pain.


You are going to wear the shoes throughout the day. Hence, it must provide your body with the much-needed comfort while you carry out your daily chores.

Therefore, make sure to invest in the products which offer you maximum comfort and can potentially lower your back and feet pain.

Fit is an essential aspect to consider when you look for the right pair of shoes for your feet. It is necessary to get the right fit as it determines the comfort and functionality of the shoes. Also, it helps you to manage your daily tasks and even move around freely without any discomfort.



Nike Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

Nike Zoom Pegasus 36 is a great pair that offers high-performance in intense races. Therefore, it can keep you safe when standing all day. This simple pair weighs around 9.9 pounds, so it will not weigh your feet down. For a comfortable fit and reduced bulkiness, this pair has a slimmer design. It comes with a Zoom air unit that guarantees you a responsive and smooth ride.

However, Pegasus 36 has the midsole and design as its predecessor. These shoes with a gum rubber sole that provides the needed traction making them ideal for standing all day. They have some crash pads on its lateral sides, which make them squeak on bricks or tiles. The sole makes them durable without increasing weight.

For extra cushioning, Nike added Zoom Air and Premium Cushioning foam. The Zoom Air on the toes is actually airbags that Nike uses to reduce the pairs weight and serve as cushioning pads. Pegasus 36 has a durable and lightweight mesh upper that thickens around the high-stress regions. Its modern and snug-fitting upper can keep your feet dry the whole day.

This way, you wont have to worry about blisters. The perforations on this shoe enhance breathability in the arch and forefoot. However, some wearers have complained that the fabric folds around the heels in a very odd way.


  • It folds in a weird way around the heels

Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5

Pegasus 36 is a well-cushioned pair that is designed to handle intense races. Therefore, it can keep your feet safe all day long.

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Asics Best Mens Shoes For Standing All Day

Finding the best shoes for concrete floors entails going for a pair that delivers on the aspects of comfort and durability. ASICS Gel-Venture 7 shoes for men are made from a mesh material that lets air flow well and keeps your feet cozy. Its synthetic make offers flexibility and stability as you wear them. If your feet tend to sweat much or feel hot quickly, youll be delighted to know that this pair has an Ortholite X40 Sockliner property that aims to address these concerns. Notably, its rearfoot gel aspects give you even more shock absorption and cushioning benefits.

Dykhmily Best Mens Shoes For Standing All Day

Best Comfortable Shoes for Standing All Day (Men &  Women)

DYKHMILY is a reliable shoe brand that crafts the most comfortable sneakers that will keep your toes and feet protected for hours on end. The mesh upper material lets air flow through your feet, keeping them well-ventilated and cozy. The air cushion property of these safety work shoes will also aid in securing your feet comfort and stability. Although its incredibly lightweight and breathable, youll be surprised to know that the DYKHMILY work shoes for men have anti-puncture and steel-toe components. All in all, youll get your moneys worth from its helpful benefits and comfortable design.

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Best Mens Dress Shoes For Standing All Day

While sneakers provide great support that makes it easier to stand all day, some jobs still require a little more formality.

For instance, if you work in an upscale restaurant, you may have to wear dress shoes, a shirt and tie or even a full suit for hours on end, most of which youll spend on your feet.

The good news is that many shoe manufacturers today recognize that your shoes need to both look good and feel good:

Theyve started to make high-quality dress shoes made from full grain leather that are sharp enough to pair with a suit, but come with important features like removable insoles and a durable rubber outsole that make for a more comfortable fit.

Although its important to add a quick caveat: while these dress shoes are more comfortable than most, you may still need to break them in a bit.

The first few wears might not be the most comfortable, but once you wear them enough to let them adjust to your feet, they should settle in nicely.

Most Comfortable Dress Shoes

Choosing The Right Shoe For You

Its important to understand that not everyones needs are exactly the same.

When shopping for walking or running shoes, its important to consider the fact that each individual may vary in terms of the type and location of arthritis in their knees, says Dr. Miho J. Tanaka, assistant professor of orthopedic surgery and the director of the womens sports medicine program at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

She recommends using assessments offered at athletic shoe stores.

There are different compartments in the knee that can be affected, and depending on those, different types of support may help offload the affected parts of the knee, she says.

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Dr Scholls Wonder Ii Loafers For Men

Leave it to the Dr. Scholls footwear brand if youre looking for the best mens shoes for standing all day. Indeed, the Dr. Scholl Wonder II Loafers for Men provide maximum comfort that can help you avoid foot exhaustion or strain. The durability of these shoes helps it ensure the longevity of usegiving you back your moneys worth and more. The leather upper and synthetic sole is also comfortable and sleek-looking. For maximum convenience, you can simply slip on and easily remove these loafers on your feet without needing to spend so much time on lacing up.

Skechers Mens Work Shoe

Top 5 Best Men’s Shoes for Standing All Day Review in 2022

If you are looking for a decent pair of shoes within an affordable range, then you need to check out the new and improved Skechers Mens Flex Advantage Bendon Work Shoe. The brand is quite famous in the market for its exclusive most comfortable mens shoes for standing all day. Along with that, you get to enjoy 24*7 customer assistance from the brand in case of any disputes.

Key Features

According to the customers, this product is highly recommended for those who need to wear shoes throughout the day. Whether you plan to travel today or want to wear a comfortable pair to your workplace, this one fits all the requirements quite well.

What makes this product so loved among the customers is its comfort quotient. You never want to invest in a pair of shoes that leave blisters or severe pain in your knees or feet. Instead, it is advisable to find the best shoes for standing all day with bad knees to prevent any such pains and hazards.

You also need to think about the accidents and mishaps that might occur due to slippery floors and shoes. The product is an excellent investment for you as it comes with anti-slip-resistant soles which minimize such casualties and let the user move around freely without any worries.

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From $220 At Athletic Propulsion Labs

The Athletic Propulsion Labs TechLoom Bliss sneakers are lightweight shoes that slide on and off, according to Charlee Atkins, founder of Le Sweat TV. I have multiple pairs in various colors to match my mood. I often get asked if APLs are worth the price tag and my answer is yes! I wouldnt do hard cardio in these, but I definitely wear my APLs to the gym and while doing my at-home workouts. These are designed with the brands Propelium technology for maximum comfort that will last wear after wear.

Certified personal trainer and Equinox fitness instructor Amanda Katzs shoe of choice is the Brooks Glycerin 19. Im a big advocate of wearing a running sneaker! I even recycle old running shoes for my daily walking, shares Katz. With this in mind, I test a shoe based on my foots fit. I personally need a neutral base with soft cushioning. My arch is very low, so a little stability in the shoe goes a long way. These are designed with the brands DNA Loft cushioning underfoot and soft lining all around for your softest running shoe yet.

What To Look For In A Supportive Sneaker

Regardless of your sense of style or profession, Brenner lists arch support as the most important factor to consider when shopping for supportive sneakers to stand in all day. “You can look for this in the thickness in the arch,” she says. “The thicker the arch, the more supportive.” From there, she notes that you’ll want to ensure your chosen sneaker has a wide toe box with a mesh material and a thick chunky heel: “If the toe box is too narrow, there isn’t support in the arch of the shoe this is also true if the heel is too thin.” Also worth noting: To ensure all-day comfort, Brenner recommends investing in orthotics for extra support and cushion. Her favorite insoles are the Superfeet Orthotic Insert and the Powerstep Pinnacle Arch Support Insoles.

As for what not to buy, Brenner adds, “Avoid a shoe with a hard material that goes over bony prominences. Make sure the shoe is semi-rigid and not too flexible.” Instead, you’ll want to check for an arch that is thick, a wide chunky heel, and make sure you can’t bend the shoe in half, she adds. To really ensure a perfect fit, Brenner recommends trying on the shoe towards the end of the day “when your feet are true to size” and having feet measured for width and size.

Ready to upgrade your footwear to something that will actually provide all-day support? Below, shop the best sneakers that come recommended by podiatrists for people who are on their feet all day.

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