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Men’s Air Max Torch 4 Running Sneakers

The Classic Nike Aesthetic

Nike Torch 4 Shoe

These days, most Nike running shoes feature that sleek, streamlined look that clings closely to your foot to create a slim silhouette. But the Air Max Torch 4 features a more classic aesthetic thats reminiscent of older Nike releases.

Resembling the Nike Air Monarch IV, the Torch 4 has a chunkier appeal compared to models like the Flex 2022 RN. The thicker outsoles combined with the aggressively textured mesh uppers make the entire shoe look a lot bulkier. Over the uppers are several fabric overlays that are purely aesthetic in purpose. This gives the shoe its striking and somewhat busy appearance.

Along the heel, youll find the Max Air heel compartment. The small unit is hollow, designed to give extra bounce and responsiveness to your step so you can enjoy a more effortless run. Lastly, over the front of the uppers, thick round laces add to the shoes chunky aesthetic, making it look even bulkier on the overall.

All in all its not a bad looking shoe. But there are still more buyers who find the shoes appearance to be less than appealing. For most, it just lacks the stylish appeal that other running shoes are known and loved for.

The Nike Air Max Torch 4 Alternative

So the only main concern is the lack of high arch support which is going to cut a few people out.

However, I know an alternative. The shoe is called Nike Air Max 270.

And it happens to be one of the best running shoes from Nike so far.

Its best used for people that arent serious about long distance running or walking, and just want something that looks cool and works like a charm.

Its a great alternative for people with high arch and can work for things like walking, running, all-day comfort, as well as the gym.

Its a little pricier but lasts longer as well.

A Comfortable Shoe Through And Through

Probably one of the main considerations people have when choosing a running shoe is comfort. If your shoes dont offer the right feel during use, you might find yourself limping halfway through your route. This is why the Torch 4 still gets a lot of praise despite its awkward build and appearance.

The shoe offers superb comfort all around, cradling your feet in a soft and pliable interior. Whats more, the shoe is also a great pick for people with milder cases of flat feet, as the arches are designed to be slightly more accommodating of special feet conditions. Around the collar and tongue, plush padding keeps your foot in the proper place, hugging snugly around your ankles without causing irritation or friction.

The uppers are soft and flexible, allowing just enough movement so your feet dont feel restricted. In terms of breathability, the shoes are some of the best, able to reduce sweat production and maintain a cool, dry climate inside the shoes at all times.

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The Heaviest Shoe I Have Tested

On the technical single track, there are roots, rocks, mud bogs and a variety of uneven surfaces. For this type of trail, I found the Nike Torch 4 to be a little awkward. They are heavy and feel big on the feet and I found that the lack of sole flexibility made me run awkwardly. Fast feet and fast turnover is the key when running a technical trail. This combined with feeling the surface underfoot also contributes to moving fast along a technical trail.

An Effective Sole Tread Pattern

Nike Synthetic Air Max Torch 4 Running Shoes in Red/Black (Red) for Men ...

If youre like any other runner, you probably enjoy changing up the scenery every now and again. So, its possible that you might sometimes find yourself running on smooth pavement sometimes, and on rough terrain other times. That said, its ideal that you come equipped with a shoe that can take on those different running conditions.

Featuring a sole tread pattern thats designed for running, the Torch 4 can keep a steady grip on a variety of surfaces to give you a stable step. Small square and rectangular protrusions jut out from the soles, and feature just enough spacing to give you significant grip even on tough, rugged terrain.

The sole tread patterns are so aggressive in fact, that you can see how they cut away from the sole when you look at the shoe from the sides. The material is also particularly durable, able to maintain their shape, density, and integrity even after months of daily wear and tear.

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Best Nike Air Max Running Shoes In 2022

Enjoy the classic look, comfort, and responsive ride with Nike Air Max running shoes. Whether to burn some calories, train for your first 5K race, or simply achieve a “runner’s high”, you can do it with great style with the amazing lineup of the Air Max series.

Taking the iconic Nike design into a new dimension, the Air Max footwear offers everyone innovative technologies that will get you ahead of the curve. To help you pick the most suitable pair of Air Maxes, weve meticulously tested and reviewed the best Nike Air Max models available out there.

From the entry-level Nike Air Max Torch 4 for technical trail running to the performance-ready Air Max Sequent daily trainer for running and walking, weve selected our best recommendations for your browsing convenience. Check them out below.

Does It Run True To Size

The Air Max Torch 4 has a fit rate of 83%, meaning it fits 83% of people who bought this shoe.

This is a high rate but there are still some things you need to know before buying.

If you didnt already know, Nike shoes run small.

If you already shop Nike, just purchase your normal Nike size, if you know it.

Otherwise if you do not, go 1/2 size up to get a good fit.

There are some complaints about the shoe being too narrow, but that is not the case as most state that it fits them like a glovesnug enough to be comfortable but not restricting.

Those complaining about it being too tight have wide feet, so I have come to the conclusion that wide feet people need to order 1 whole size up.

So to fit these shoes comfortably?

Avid Nike buyers Get your normal Nike size

Those coming from other brands Go 1/2 size up

If you have wide feet Go 1 whole size up

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A Very Comfortable Design

The Nike Torch 4 trail shoe is a really comfortable shoe, particularly in the uppers. The shoe has a vice-like grip on the foot with little chance for moving around.

The tongue is padded really well and the lacing never feels like its pressuring any part of the foot. There is a cutout in the heel counter as well that prevents chafing of the Achilles area.

The insole should be more built up in the arch area but feels a little flat. However, I do appreciate that the insole is glued down so it cant shift around inside. With stream crossings on trails, its possible that the insole can curl up inside under the toes on other shoes causing blisters and problems. That wont happen with these.

Great Support For Avid Runners

Nike Air Max 2017 | Men’s Fit Expert Review

Ever lose your balance while on a run? Shoes that dont provide the right support put you at risk of several different kinds of injuries that commonly target the ankles. With a proper pair of running shoes, you can curb the chances of injury and prevent contractures, discomfort, and chronic foot pain to boot.

Torch 4 is one of the best designed Nike running shoes when it comes to support. The shoes feature impressive arch support that properly holds your arches at the proper height. They also work well for individuals with slightly fallen arches, allowing you to bear and shift your weight effortlessly and comfortably.

Unlike other running shoes from Nike that tend to feature that low profile design, the Torch 4 doesnt sacrifice support for aesthetic appeal. That is, the shoes boast a shaft that snugly cradles the bony prominences of the ankles. This provides just enough restraint to prevent inversion and eversion that could lead to injuries. Plus, the design also applies some psychological restraint which makes it easier for users to adjust their step in order to avoid an injury.

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A Responsive Design For Optimal Energy Efficiency

The Nike Air Max line of shoes was named so because of the inclusion of a Max Air cushion. This component is found inside the heel, and features a hollow space with increased air pressure, thus giving more bounce to your step.

With the Torch 4, the tech has proven to be highly beneficial, giving the shoe a springier feel upon heel strike. This makes the Torch 4 a lot easier to run in, allowing you to save energy by banking on your momentum as your foot lands on the ground.

Another reason why the Torch 4 does so well when it comes to energy efficiency is its upward curving forefoot section. Towards the front of the shoe, the entire structure curves upwards. This makes it a whole lot easier for you to transition weight-bearing from your heel to your toes so you can lift your foot off more effortlessly as you run.

What Is The Nike Air Max Torch 4

This shoe is really a one of a kind as I have not seen anything like it before.

It comes in about 13 different colorways and features to make running a lot easier.

It consists of a TPU overlay for a snug and secure fit, and mesh upper for ample ventilation and cooling.

The phylon midsole offers comfortable cushioning while staying lightweight for more speed.

The Air Max heel enhances cushioning in the heel area for great shock absorption.

Other features include:

  • Carbon fiber waffle outsole for immense traction and durability

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Your Guide To Men’s Nike Air Max Shoes

While you may think men’s Nike Air Max shoes are made for sports training, there are actually many models of these shoes made. Nike Air Max can include anything from sandals to running shoes. All varieties of Nikes, both new and used, can be found on eBay.

What styles of men’s Nike Air Max shoes are available?

Nike Air Max men’s shoes come in several styles. There are four main styles you will come across. Check the description to ensure you are ordering the style you desire.

Are Nike Air Max shoes a high-top shoe?

Nike makes a variety of shoes in many different styles. Under the Nike Air Max name, there are still several different types and models. You can find shoes that come up to your ankle, low-top, mid-top, or high-top. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can use the filters on eBay to help.

Finding the correct size for your affordable Nike shoes

Men’s new or preowned Nike Air Max shoes start at a 3.5 and go all the way up to a size 18. The last half size is 13.5. From size 14 to 18 there are no half sizes. They also come in three different widths: regular, wide, and extra-wide. A wide shoe is about 1 centimeter wider than a regular shoe, and the extra-wide sizes are 2 centimeters wider than the regular shoes. Use a size chart to ensure you are getting the correct size. If the product description does not include a size chart, you can find one on the manufacturer’s website.

Pros Of The Nike Air Max Torch 4

  • Comfortable construction makes the shoes a dream to use, allowing you to run for longer.
  • Impressive support accommodates even slightly fallen arches, giving you ample protection against injury, pain, and discomfort.
  • Great traction works on a variety of terrain so you can take your shoes out on any run without losing your step.
  • Max Air cushion sole component adds substantial response, making it a great choice for those who want to maximize their energy.

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The Nike Torch 4 Was Jarring To The Eyes For My Taste

Being bright white with a black sole and neon trim details means that you will definitely not get lost at night. However, I find the colors combined with how thick they are makes it look like Im wearing a shoe two sizes bigger even though they fit right. I find the general shape is not appealing but I could have overlooked that if they were really good shoe performance-wise on the single track. They might scare the bears and cougars!

Nike Air Max Torch 4 Review

The Nike Air Max Torch 4 gets high praise from all angles as one of the best Nike running shoes on the market. But does it really have what it takes to satisfy discriminating users? I did some digging to learn more about this highly sought-after running shoe design. After everything I learned, I have to say I am impressed.

Featuring a lightweight construction, impressive durability, and seamless comfort through and through, the Air Max Torch 4 might just be the perfect running buddy. So if youre still on the fence about whether or not you need to grab yourself a pair of the Torch 4s, my complete review should tell you why you should let go of the hesitation.

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Nike Air Max Torch 4 Review Is It Worth It

Welcome to my Nike Air Max Torch 4 review.

Sometimes we can get shoes that look cool but dont stand up to the claims.

Or that its not as comfortable as we thought it would be.

Sometimes it can be a bargain, and other times it could be a big fat rip off.

Whatever the case may be, Im here to discover what this shoe is all about and if it stands up to the claims.

I know what its like to get a shoe that crumbles in the first few months, and I dont want that happening to you.

So I hope you enjoy this review.

Cheap Price And Worth It!

Bottom Line:

This shoe is best used for casual use, walking, running, the gym, and someone on their feet all day.

The only main problem is the lack of arch support for high arches .

Otherwise this shoe is almost perfect due to the comfort, stability, traction, versatility and healthy price tag, and I highly recommend it.

Price & Purchase Details

Nike Torch 4 Unboxing and review

These shoes are available from many different online stores, but at the moment Nike are out of stock and I dont know why.

I did manage to find them on which is my preferred place of purchase.

They sell them for $80 $120 which is a great price considering the amount of features and benefits they provide.

Amazon also has a 30-day return policy that lets buyers send the product back if they dont like their purchase.

  • Incredible comfort, especially for heavy people
  • Versatile shoes
  • Good stability and ankle support
  • Good neutral, low arch, and fallen arch support
  • Good for wide feet
  • A lack of arch support for high arches
  • Sizing can be confusing

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How We Test Running Shoes

All the Nike Air Max models on this list have been carefully checked and analyzed. That means we gather all comparable data from our team of wear-testers, shoe lab technicians, and editors. To make the recommendations, we perform a battery of tests inside the RunRepeat lab, and real-world performance tests.

Heres exactly how we approach it:

  • We buy all the Nike Air Maxes from our own pocket. This ensures our goal to only provide 100% honest reviews.
  • We do rigorous testing at the lab by cutting the models open and analyzing over 30 parameters, from the cushioning system, shock absorption, stability system, and many others.
  • Our runners clock up 30-50 miles of running on each pair in various training environments.
  • We collect more information from other shoe experts and other runners who have tried the shoes.

Finally, we use our CoreScore to calculate the overall ranking of all the shoes. Based on the data above, a final score is given on each model that ranges from 0 to 100.

Dont Expect A Lifetime Of Durability

Probably the only real issue with the Nike Air Max Torch 4 is the fact that it isnt necessarily the most durable shoe out there. The design, unfortunately, doesnt last very long, with some users complaining the shoe can only hold up to a few months of use before becoming totally worn out.

For the most part, the sole construction is where the issue lies. The insoles arent as durable as many would have preferred, and they do lose their density and structure after a short while. The uppers are also particularly easy to wear out because theyre thin and flimsy, made from light breathable material that doesnt really hold up well against wear and tear.

In terms of aesthetics, the shoe is pretty hard to maintain. Thats mostly because of the overlays that stick to the construction with nothing more than adhesive. When the glue wears away from exposure to moisture and constant movement, they can peel away giving the shoe a worn-out appearance that can make them seem unappealing.

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What Can It Be Used For


These shoes are perfect for running, especially for people on the tall or heavy side.

The extra padding allows wearers to land safely and comfortably which is going to save joints and injuries in the long run.

Added comfort also makes them good for running for pretty much anyone out there and I have no issues with the running capabilities.


The traction has specifically designed for flexibility.

And what does walking require? Good flexibility as the foot requires a full range of motion

So yes! These shoes are great for fitness walking, casual walking, or someone on their feet all day.


Some users also claims that these make great crossfit shoes.

The extra stability around the ankles and the sides of the shoe opens up opportunities for more uses.

These things are crossfit, weightlifting, running on the treadmill, and morepretty much anything you can do at the gym.

So at the moment we know these shoes are good for running, walking, and the gym, but what else can they do?


There are a few people saying that they use them for tennis and they actually work and love them.

However, even though they may work for tennis, I do not recommend it.

Theres not enough stability for lateral movements and you may injur yourself.

So yes its possible, but not recommended.

Others sports like basketball and volleyball should not be played while wearing these shoes either.

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