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Men’s New Balance Walking Sneakers

New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance Lace-Up Walking Sneakers – 411 on QVC

With their focus on comfort and support, New Balance running shoes for men and women are ready for any challenge. Whether youre a marathoner, a backwoods trail runner, or a casual jogger, New Balance has a running shoe to meet your needs. For lower impact exercise, support your feet with New Balance walking shoes.

What Are The Best Walking Shoes For Heel Pain

Picking the right walking shoe to combat heel pain often means paying attention to factors like arch support, insole cushioning and especially heel construction. If you deal with heel pain, seek a shoe that offers rigidity in the midfoot shank and a higher offset from the heel to toe to better absorb shock.

What Are The Best Walking Shoes For Those With Flat Feet

The best walking shoes for those with flat feet will ultimately depend on what the user feels is most comfortable. If youâre dealing with tendons that collapse during your gait ,consider shoes with very corrective features and maximum stability. For some, this style could make pain worseâlook for a shoe that is straight-lasted, provides inherent stability, and offers support without being overly corrective.

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How To Make Sure You Choose The Right New Balance Walking Shoes Mens

If you are an early or new user, it might be difficult for you to find the proper new balance walking shoes mens. You might be unaware of certain facets of the new balance walking shoes mens that you might have been thinking about. But we are here to help you out with that! The recommendations below might be helpful in your chase:

Athletic Walking Shoes In Leather Suede And Synthetic

New Balance

New Balance walking shoes are about more than just function â theyâre unique, stylish, and adaptable for everyday life. From shoes for standing in an office to hiking shoes to walk on your favorite trail, New Balance sneakers are fresh, functional and fashionable. Materials like leather and suede grant you modern options that are perfect for workdays, where synthetic sport style options are perfect for a walk outdoors. While youâre gearing up for your next venture, browse the collection of menâs jackets and vests to stay comfortable year-round.

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Features To Look For In New Balance Shoes

Size Your size is greatly going to affect the overall cost. Its also going to either narrow or widen depending on which style you choose. For instance, if you go to the sales page for one shoe, and theres twenty styles to choose from, they may not all be available in your size. The closer your foot size is to average, the better luck youre going to have with unique or high-end designs coming in your size.

Design Nobody buys a new pair of kicks without the desire to have them showcase their style. The design is also about the construction: a good design will look good, feel good, and react well to whatever you throw in its path.

Color Its about style, but its also about the associated dyes used in construction. Less vibrant colors will use less harmful dyes, meaning you have less of a chance of ruining your socks within the first few uses. Dyes will often be worked into the fabric very well, but its still important to pay attention to customer reviews to determine if theyre experiencing similar issues.

Comfort Its half the battle. You need a proper function, but you also want it to fit and feel right. Comfort comes in the form of cushioning, midsole strength, shock absorption, lacing systems, and tongue design.

Insole Its important that the insole is removable because theyre often going to fade away before the actual shoe does. If you have had shoes for five years, theres a good chance youll be replacing the insole at least once or twice.

Q: Why Choose New Balance Shoes

A: First, ask yourself what youre looking for in a shoe. We like to boil is down to three main attributes: quality, intended purpose, and style. New Balance hits home on all three key factors, which is why weve dedicated an entire buying guide solely to their shoes.

For runners, you get a clear and concise balance of stability and breathability, reducing foot sweat and fungus from growing. NB shoes also come with outsoles that provide traction and gripping along the asphalt, or whatever terrain youre working with.

If youre just looking for casual wear, their versatile range of designs and styles offer an excellent addition to your wardrobe, while still staying durable through the worst of it. Since NB shoes are notoriously long-lasting, using them for strictly casual wear can double their expected lifespan.

If youre sick of shoes burning out on you, then youre in the same boat as us: you want them to last for as long as possible, without running through them or having them look like trash. Keep these maintained, and youll have a fresh look that will outlast every other pair of shoes in your wardrobe.

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Our Best Running Shoes For Men

Ready to elevate your run? New Balance is proud to present a line of carefully cultivated and mindfully crafted men’s running shoes that are designed to protect, conform, endure, and outperform. No matter the run, the terrain, or the goal, New Balance makes a running shoe for men that’s guaranteed to provide lasting comfort and stability.

Designed without compromise, New Balance men’s runners provide a responsive ride that fuels your workout – in other words, get ready to feel faster-than-fast. Whether you’re looking for your next pair of jogging shoes, stability running sneakers, or distance running shoes, New Balance has something for every run and every man.

The best part? New Balance running shoes look as good as they feel. With a variety of stylish and savvy options, never again do you need to choose between fashion and function. Finding a good fit in your shoes is crucial. New Balance is proud to offer top styles in wide running shoes so you can push forward in comfort. Whether you seek an aggressive sport shoe, cushioned runner, or a lightweight running shoe, there is a New Balance running shoe out there for you. .

Best Overall For Women: New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Arishi V2 Running Shoes

New Balance Lace-Up Walking Sneakers – 411 on QVC

We recommend the Arishi runningshoe as our top pick because it features the brand’s cutting-edge Fresh Foam cushioning for ultimate comfort. Theyre extremely lightweight, so you can wear them for long stretches without feeling weighed down. Plus, with lots of color combinations to choose from, the Arishi is the perfect blend of comfort and sophisticated style. Users recommend going up half a size for best fit. This model is available in women’s sizes 5 through 12.

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How We Test Walking Shoes

This list is a product of our eagerness to equip men with the best walking shoes from New Balance. Detailed below is our objective approach:

  • We purchase men’s New Balance walking shoes with our own money.
  • We walk in these high-quality offerings for a minimum of 30 miles to test their capabilities.
  • To make our reviews on New Balance walking shoes comprehensive, we take in opinions from hundreds of experts and regular users.
  • We give every reviewed pair a CoreScore.

New Balance Walking Shoes

Committed to making shoes for athletes of all foot types and skill levels, New Balance carries a large selection of widths in all three athletic shoe support categories: cushioned, stability, and motion control. All New Balance men’s and women’s athletic sneakers are designed to optimally balance support and cushioning to provide walkers and runners with reliable comfort and protection from arch pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and other athletic injuries. Fiercely loyal to the health of the American economy, the New Balance Athletic Sneaker Company has had its products made in the U.S.A. since 1906.

Please note: New Balance products cannot be shipped to Canada

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New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer White/light Blue 8 M Us

$ as of July 26, 2022 7:50 pm


  • PU Foam insert offers long-lasting comfort and support
  • Lightweight injection-molded EVA foam midsole provides lightweight cushioning
  • Phantom Liner interior has minimal seaming to help reduce irritation
  • Internal midsole shank adds midfoot structure and support
  • NB Soft + Supportive Comfort Insert offers all-day comfort and support

Best For Distance Walking: New Balance Women’s Ww411v2 Walking Shoes

New Balance 759 Men


If you like to get in your 10,000 steps a day, the WW411 walkingshoe may be your perfect companion. With plenty of support and cushioning, you can stride all day pain-free. The understated, traditional style and colors are perfect for those who arent into flashy-looking running shoes. Available in women’s sizes 5 through 12, theyre a solid choice for a comfortable, durable, and affordable walking shoe.

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Best Overall For Men: New Balance Mens M990v5 Running Shoes


Light and comfortable, New Balances M990 running shoes are a nice choice, whether you’re looking for a quality pair for running or need a reliable, all-day wear shoe. Theyre well-cushioned and, unlike cheaper running shoes, New Balance uses a leather and fabric combination to create a sturdier, more durable shoe so you get the support you need.

They come in a variety of neutral and bright colors, so theres something for every taste and style. You can also get narrow or wide sizes, which can accommodate inserts or custom orthotics, if necessary. Sizes range from a men’s 7 through 16.

Comfortable Walking Shoes: From Waterproof To Rollbar Support

Make every step count with New Balanceâs collection of versatile walking shoes.Experience the stable, durable and comfortable walk that our selection of walking shoes can offer every walkerâno matter what your goal might be. Whether youâre logging steps on your health and wellness journey or youâre headed for the toughest of trails, our selection of walking shoes can offer you the resilient, comfortable fit you need to conquer whatever lies in your path.

Featuring unique options for both men and women, our collection of walking shoes has been tailor-made to provide that just-right fit that takes you the extra mile. Each technology-backed shoe features incorporated elements uniquely designed to make your walk better with every step.

Explore in comfort with options such as our Ortholite inserts, firm or REVlite midsoles for ultra-light cushioning or Memory Sole Comfort Insert for a perfect-fit feel. Discover the durability and support our walking shoes can offer through technology-backed features like our outsole placement and increased rocker for smoother heel-toe strike transitions.

Whatever your preference, New Balance has a fit that meets your needs. With a variety of options available, you can choose from walking shoes that align with what youâre looking forâfrom hook and loop closures to motion-control focused fits.

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Shoes For Racing Cross Country And Track & Field

New Balance running shoes for men range from racing spikes to trail running shoes. Soft, light, cushioned, and breathable, our running shoes are crafted with the best performance in mind – no matter the run, the PR, or the obstacle. New Balance offers running shoes crafted to grant you the support, comfort, and durability you need to conquer any and every run. When you’re finished going the distance check out our men’s sport style shoes. This line of casual shoes is designed to provide ultimate comfort while keeping the sleek athletic look you love.

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Best For Flat Feet: New Balance Women’s 1540v3 Running Shoes

New Balance WA900v1 Walking SKU: 9062772

Thanks to a combination of arch support and a sturdy rollbar system that ensures proper motion control, the New Balance 1540 running shoe is a solid choice for those with flat feet who tend to overpronate. With plenty of cushioning and midsole foam, these shoes will keep your feet comfortable when youre going the distance. All of that cushioning does make for a heavier shoe, but users appreciate the comfort, especially when theyre on their feet for hours.

The New Balance 1540 running shoe also features breathable mesh that prevents your feet from overheating, keeping them dry and blister-free. Available in regular and wide widths, these shoes can accommodate wide feet and custom-made orthotics. They come in women’s sizes 5 through 13.

If youre dealing with plantar fasciitis, the New Balance 840 shoe provides the exceptional heel cushioning and support you need for walking or all-day wear. With a full-length EVA midsole and shock absorbing foam that helps disperse impact, youll get outstanding bounce back and shock absorption. The shoes roomy toe box helps prevent pinching and rubbing in that area and will help you avoid foot issues such as blisters, numb toes, or corns.

These shoes are also wide and tall enough to fit your own custom orthotics, if necessary. The mesh fabric on the upper makes the 840 highly breathable and perfect for walking in warm weather. This pick is available in women’s sizes 5 through 13.

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Q: Are New Balance Shoes Made For Athletes Only

A: Absolutely not. While they have a primary focus on athletes, these can be enjoyed and comfortable for just about anyone. They have a wide range of shoes from running to walking, and some that dont specify their intended use, making them multifaceted. If you do opt for a running shoe, they may have a slight narrowing at the toes or additional shock absorption from the midsole, so do bear that in mind when you go through with a purchase.

Thanks to the multiple styles and designs offered on just about every series of shoe, youre able to grab a pair exclusively for casual wear, and just enjoy their excellent appeal. Athletes do benefit from New Balance, but you dont have to be an Olympian to enjoy them.

Best For Trail Walking: New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Arishi Trail V1 Running Shoes


If you do a lot of trail walking, youll like the versatile performance and rugged features of the Arishi trail running shoe. With a reinforced toe tip and AT tread dual-use outsoles, youll get protection from rocks, sticks, and other debris.

Despite being tough on the outside, the Fresh Foam midsole provides a comfy, cushioned ride, while the no-sew construction of the upper gives it a sleek look and lightweight feel. Get it in a variety of colors and in women’s sizes 5 through 12.

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Best Budget: New Balance Women’s 680v6 Running Shoes

Courtesy of Zappos

For value, quality, and comfort, New Balance definitely delivers with their 680v6 cushioning running shoe. Theyre lightweight and breathable, so they make an excellent choice for exercising in warmer weatheryet theyre still sturdy, supportive, and durable.

Whether youre on your feet all day at work or you need a comfy pair of shoes for errand running or daily walks, you cant go wrong with this pair. Sizes range from a woman’s 5 through 12, and a men’s version of the model is also available. They do run a bit small, so users suggest ordering up at least a half size.

If you like to both walk and run for exercise, the New Balance 880 running shoe is a nice choice for serving double duty. These shoes are supportive, comfortable, and especially useful for those who need good stability. Available in a range of sizes and colors, they’ll suit most people.

They feature the perfect blend of firmness and cushion, so your feet will feel comfortable and supported from start to the finish of your workout. With a lightweight, breathable mesh upper, the shoes will keep your feet cool and dry.

Mens Trail Running And Hiking Shoes

New Balance Men

Experience the support and durability you need every step of the way with a hiking shoe that provides a responsive ride. New Balance is proud to present the Menâs hiking shoes and boots collection. Weâve put together an engineered selection of hiking and trail footwear designed to guide you toward a worthwhile summitâno matter how rough the journey may be.

New Balance offers the comfortable fit, durable support and technology-focused design needed for your trek up any mountain or down any trail, whether itâs a leisurely stroll up your favorite mountain path or a mission to shave the last few seconds off your trail running personal best. With uniquely designed hiking shoes and bootsâlike our 978s, our best-trail technology created to support you with a focus on performanceâNew Balance never asks you to sacrifice comfort for cutting-edge features.

Explore options engineered for trail runners, featuring technology like engineered mesh uppers with no-sew overlays for lightweight durability, and upgraded tread outsoles or Vibram outsoles to provide versatile traction for on and off-road activities. Not to mention, Toe Protect technology for extra durability and laser perforations for ventilation.

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The Arishi V2 Running Shoes Has A Foam Sole To Provide Comfort During Your Walk

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A top choice for fitness walkers, New Balance shoes are known for their comfort, quality, support, cushioning, and stability, making these shoes ideal for walking. They also offer a range of shoe types and styles so that you can address your particular needs, such as extra-wide feet or flat feet.

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