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Mens Sneakers With Removable Insoles

The Importance Of Buying Shoes With A Removable Footbed

Merrell Insole Technologies – Removable Footbeds & Odour Control

Here is one of our Facebook Live Videos that I love to do because I can be casual and not worry about screwing up and be myself.

Next time you buy a new pair of shoes make sure that it has a removable footbed. The reason for this is that allows you to put into your shoes a more advanced insert that has much more support and comfort. About 95 percent of the comfort and running shoes that you purchase have zero support in the inserts that come with the shoes. And if you cant remove the manufactures insert then you have a problem for you cannot put one insert on top of another insert. The reason for this is that these shoes are not constructed to accommodate larger inserts. So make sure you purchase shoes with a removable footbed so you can take out the one insert and put in a proper insert that will provide the comfort and support that you need. For more information about proper inserts you go to and find out how to get three sets of Heat Moldable Customized inserts that we give away Free.

Try to put one of our inserts into your shoe and youll most likely not even get your big toe inside or if you most likely will feel like a vise. Especially if the shoe has no removable footbed .

So if you own a good insert, take that to your shoe store and put the insert into the shoe and make the insert is lying flat inside the shoe and no creases or curling. Walk around on the carpet area and make sure your inserts is fitting properly inside the shoe!

Best Running Shoes For Orthotics

This article has been updated with current models for April 2022. The Saucony Ride 15 and Guide 15 are new additions. The Brooks Beast 20 has been removed. Except for the narrower B width, the womens models are identical to mens.

As if buying running shoes wasnt complicated enough, heres another fun thing to do finding a pair that can accommodate a custom orthotic or aftermarket insole.

There are hundreds of running shoe models in the market. So how do we find a shoe with sufficient room to accommodate a thick insert without severely affecting the fit and ride dynamics?

Making things harder are variables such as the type of orthotic. The shoe-insole compatibility also depends on whether were talking about an all-foam orthotic or structured insole with a rigid frame.

So what happens if an overly cushioned or structured insole is inserted into just any running shoe?

If the existing insole happens to be thinner than the incoming orthotic, then the interior room becomes the first casualty.

A thicker insert will push the feet upwards to create a tighter and uncomfortable fit something that no one wants. The foot will also sit higher inside the shoe, potentially resulting in heel slippage and a tighter fit over the instep.

Off-the-shelf and custom insoles are loosely classified into three groups. The first kind is a cushioned orthotic made of foam or foam+gel.

These new footbeds are thick enough to be substituted with an orthoses.

1) Saucony Ride 15

Which Shoe Brands Make Shoes With Removable Insoles Lets Find Out

Below is a list of the most popular shoe brands that come with removable insoles:

  • New Balance
  • See Kai Run

This doesnt mean that all of the shoes among these shoe brands are capable to accommodate an orthotic. There are only a few shoe styles that will be able to accommodate an orthotic. The good news is that I know exactly which shoe styles these are, and I will help you find them!

Shoe brands like New Balance and Saucony are the two most popular ones for fitting orthotics.

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The Best Shoes For Men

Have you been looking for the perfect pair of shoes that are great for your feet and also stylish? You dont have to sacrifice one for the otherour podiatrists have compiled a list of their favorite mens shoes that are stylish, comfortable and fit your custom orthotics.

Cole Haan Zerogrand Collection Cole Haan is known for their innovative shoes, and their mens Zerogrand collection offers innovative comfort, breathability, and design. They offer a variety of styles including oxfords, trainers and boots.

ECCO -ECCO shoes come highly rated and also offer a variety of styles. Their insoles are also removable, offering plenty of room for your custom orthotics.

Johnston & Murphy Johnston & Murphy has been around since 1850 and their shoes come in seemingly endless selections. You can find a wide array of quality dress shoes, sneakers, boots, chukkas or sandals with removable footbeds to accommodate wide feet and/or orthotics.

Getting Used To The Orthotics Ouchie It Hurts


When children wear orthotics, they need some time to adapt to the different features that the orthotic provides such as the arch or the heel support. Your kids will complain about feeling a bump below their feet, which is normal since they are feeling the arch support of the orthotic.

To summarize, lets go over the 3 steps to follow when fitting your kids shoes with orthotics:

The first step is to remove the existing insoles of the shoe.

The second step is to insert the orthotic inside the shoe and make sure it is fitting inside the shoe properly.

The third step is to lace the shoes properly and have your child test the shoes with the orthotics.

If you find that the orthotic is giving your child the impression that his/her feet are coming out of the shoe, please dont feel the need to buy a smaller shoe size. Use the shoe lacing technique that I showed you to help minimize heel slippage.

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Do You Know Your Childs Foot Size Lets Find Out

You wont be able to order the correct shoe size online if you dont know what your childs foot size is to begin with.

Ialways recommend that parents take their kids to a local childrens shoe store to have their feet properly measured. However, several parents have told me that they either dont have a kids shoe store in their area or they dont like the service they provide.

Start by taking a look at a resource I created where I describe the best childrens shoe stores by state:

The Best Kids Shoe Stores Where To Go For Proper Fittings

Sports Shoes And Trainers

If you are leading an active lifestyle, you are doing great things for your overall health but you are also putting your feet in jeopardy by increasing the risk that you will sustain an injury while walking, running, hiking, doing aerobics, playing tennis, basketball, netball or football. The more dedicated you are in your pursuit, the more tempted you may be to continue to ignore the pain and hope that it will go away or continue to play hurt since your body releases endorphins during physical activity. If you do this, you may not realise you have hurt your foot or Achilles tendon until afterward.

To stay comfortable and reduce the risk of foot injuries, youll want to make sure that your sports shoes and trainers fit well from the outset. Choosing a pair with removable insoles will allow you to add insoles and padding for your instep and heel as necessary to provide the support you need to stay comfortable and absorb shock if you are participating in high-impact sports. If you are recovering from a foot injury, this footwear style will accommodate any necessary padding or orthotics prescribed by your podiatrist.

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Fitting Orthotics In Your Kids Shoes Follow These Simple Steps

The first step when fitting an orthotic into a shoe is to remove the original insole of the shoe. If you leave the original insoles and you place the orthotic on top, you will raise your kids feet, giving them the impression that their feet are coming out of the shoes.

The image below shows how thick an orthotic is compared to the original insoles that come with the shoes:

Do you notice how much thicker an orthotic is compared to the original insole that comes inside the shoe? If the shoes dont come with a removable insole or they are not deep enough, the chances of the orthotic fitting in the shoe are highly unlikely. Finding a shoe with a removable insole is crucial when fitting an orthotic.

Men’s Extra Depth Shoes

1TAZERO Men Slip On Shoes Casual with Arch Support Insoles

Extra depth shoes offer added volume in the shoe to accommodate for orthotics or foot conditions that need extra room. Our men’s extra depth footwear includes casual shoes to boots to match your style and preference. Most of our extra depth shoes include removable footbeds that can be replaced with your own.

With our selection of comfort, extra-depth…

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The Importance Of Shoes That Provide Extra Depth

Lets take a look at an example of how an orthotic fits inside a deep pair of shoes made by New Balance compared to a shoe made by Nike. Lets see if you can tell the difference in which shoes the orthotic fits better!

Below you can see a picture of a Nike shoe with an orthotic inside. Even though the orthotic was able to fit inside of the shoe, notice how high up it is, and that means it will raise your kids feet and give them the impression that their feet are coming out of the shoes.

Below you can see a New Balanceshoe in the same size with an orthotic inside. Do you notice the difference in shoe depth? The orthotic inside the New Balance shoe is fitting deeply inside the shoe, which will make your child feel a lot more comfortable.

Below there is another image to help you visualize what difference shoes with extra depth make when fitting orthotics:

Without further ado, lets take a look at the best shoes with removable insoles for orthotics. Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

How To Retrieve Your Childs Exact Foot Length And Shape

If after looking at that resource you still cant seem to find a good fitting kids shoe store in your area, then take a look at an article I wrote where I describe the simplest, yet most effective way to figure out your childs foot size:

How to Measure Your Kids Foot 2 Simple Steps to Determine Foot Length and Foot Width

In that article I help parents determine their childs exact foot size and whether the child has narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide feet. I also will be able to tell you whether your child has a high instep or not.

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How We Test Running Shoes

We dont just randomly choose the orthotic-friendly running shoes we put on this list. We pace and test each one of them to see if theyre worth recommending.

Some of the steps we take include:

  • Buying them with our own money to avoid brand loyalty
  • Logging 30-50 miles worth of test runs
  • Slicing them to pieces
  • Measuring each part of the shoe in 30 different parameters
  • Calculating the Corescore for each running shoe to see how well they go against other running shoes

Shoes For People With Arthritis

Rieker Men Trainers 16132, Men´s Low

Arthritis is one of the causes of foot pain, especially as you get older. This more than one type of arthritis that can affect the feet: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

Gout is a type of arthritis caused by a build-up of the waste product uric acid within your joints. The big toe is the one most often affected. A gout attack comes on suddenly, either at bedtime or in the middle of the night. The joint becomes hot, red, swollen and very painful. The initial attack may only last for a few hours, and it can take several days before the swelling goes down after an attack.

Osteoarthritis can affect any one of the joints in the feet. Over time this disorder can cause changes in the shape of your feet, resulting in pain. It often affects the joint of the big toe, which becomes stiffer. As movement becomes more difficult, an overgrowth of bone develops, resulting in a bunion .

Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory condition that causes redness, pain and stiffness in affected joints. The throbbing pain tends to be more severe first thing in the morning and after a period of inactivity.

Choosing shoes with removable soles is a good choice if you are living with one of these forms of arthritis. You can add an over the counter insole to keep your feet comfortable during the early stages or have room for extra padding for your joints as suggested by your podiatrist as your condition develops or if you are recovering from a gout attack.

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Are Any Other Shoe Choices Available

Do not hesitate to contact me directly at my e-mail if you have any further questions or if you need a different pair of shoes for your child. My e-mail address is:

Have you found a particular shoe style that has worked well for your child that wears orthotics? Let us know in the comments section below so other parents can benefit from your experiences.

What Features Must The Shoes Provide To Fit An Orthotic Deep And Supportive

When children are required to wear orthotics, the chances are that they will need a wider and deeper shoe.

Before you buy shoes to fit an orthotic, there are5 important features that the shoe must provide:

The shoe must have a firm heel counter the firmer, the more ankle support it provides.

The shoe must be firm in the area called the medial or inside mid-sole. This feature helps prevent the shoe from collapsing underneath your childs foot.

The shoe must provide extra depth for the orthotic to sit properly inside the shoe.

Your priority should be to look for a shoe that comes with shoelaces instead of velcro closure.

The shoes must come with a rounder toe-box.

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Removing The Original Insoles Of The Shoes Easy Steps

Certain insoles will be easier to remove than others. In most cases, you can use your hand to easily remove the original insoles by pulling them out:

In certain cases, shoe companies glue down the original insoles to the bottom of the shoes, which makes it hard, if not almost impossible to remove them from the shoes. When this happens, I use a screwdriver to help meremove the original insole and any material left in the shoe.

Never buy shoes with non removable original insoles if you need to fit an orthotic inside the shoes. Shoes that contain memory foam should also be avoided, as 90 percent of the time, you will not be able to remove the insoles from these shoes.

Stop Buying The Wrong Pair Of Shoes For Your Childrenlets Start Taking Care Of Their Feet

Can Aetrex Orthotics Fit Into Shoes That Do Not Have a Removable Insole?
I created this webpage to help parents understand the importance that shoes have in healthy foot development and how they can prevent foot problems in the future.Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kids feet and get my guide for free: 10 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for their Kids.
  • Matt’s Mom

    First I want to ask, where do you buy the orthotic insert for the shoes? My son does have flat and wide feet, so I buy New Balance since that brand tends to carry a variety of wide shoes. Can you get the inserts wide as well? If not, do you think they would work?

  • Juan Pablo Valenzuela

    It depends on what type of orthotic you are looking for, some of them are sold over the counter at sports stores or shoe stores. The kind we sell at the store I work for are from Cascade and Superfeet. The type he might need will depend on whether he is experiencing feet or leg pain. The inserts do come in different widths. New Balance is the brand that makes the widest shoes. With widths available in wide and extra wide, New Balance shoes will fit even the widest feet out there!

  • Juan Pablo Valenzuela


    If treated early, orthotics will be only a temporary solution to your kids foot problems. However, some children have to use orthotics for longer periods of time. The shoe must be supportive in order for your child to get the full benefit of the orthotic. I am glad you have seen the positive impact that orthotics can have in children!

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