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Smash V2 Leather Women’s Sneakers

Puma Smash V2 Leather

Puma Smash V2 L White Shoes Unboxing and Self used Review

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Trân trng cm n.

History Of Puma Smash V2 Leather

The brand was established by its company founder Rudolf Dassler in 1948 and was initially called Ruda, but this eventually changed for a good recall of the name.

The German footwear company has initially been producing soccer shoes and eventually released running shoes in its first two decades. The company eventually diversified its footwear catalog releasing shoes for various sports like tennis which had a massive following in the 1960s.

While companies like Adidas had tennis shoe releases such as the iconic Stan Smith and Nike had its Court shoes, Puma had the Puma Smash. Its first model was released in 1968. The all-white shoe which later came out in an all-black variant was sleek, straightforward, and innovative with just a few details such as the recognizable sans serif Puma call out on the side, the signature Formstrip, and the signature Jumping Cat logo at the back.

The Puma Smash v2 Leather has released in 2017 an improved material for the upper by introducing smooth leather with a perforated Formstrip, softer cushioning fabric, and a solid grip rubber sole.

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