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Sneakers With Stars On The Side

Examine The Logo Patch

Converses BIG FLOP – (CUT IN HALF) – Converse CX Chuck Taylor All Star

High-top Chucks have the round logo patch on the inner ankle of the shoe. If you find a shoe that has the logo on the outside, it is clearly a fake. It was placed on the inside as it was initially designed to protect the athletes ankle.

Authentic Converse All Star patch with a navy blue star

The logo patch is a white, round screen-printed rubber patch that has the label CONVERSE ALL STAR in red uppercase letters and Chuck Taylor signature in navy blue script with a five-pointed star in between.

CONVERSE ALL STAR in red uppercase letters and Chuck Taylor signature in navy blue script with a five-pointed star

Note that this red, white and blue badge is not used on monochromatic versions of Chucks. Instead, monochrome pairs feature the logo in 3D and in the same color as the canvas upper.

Black Chucks with 3D logo patch

On low-top All Star sneakers, the Converse All Star logo patch is placed on the tongue.

It is a thin, rectangular canvas fabric that is neatly sewn onto the tongue that says CONVERSE in white against a red background and ALL STAR in navy blue with the star logo separating the two words.

This particular color combination of the badge is only used on the white and natural ivory color versions of the low-top All Star.

Low top Converse All Star logo patch

The two-tone versions of the All Star sneakers feature the rectangular logo patch in black and white, while the monochromatic pairs have the logo in the same color as the shoes.

Check The Toe Caps And Toe Guards

Converse shoes distinctive white toe caps must be made of solid rubber material. It should also be positioned straight and parallel to the bottom laces.

Fake Chucks usually have bigger toe capsize than genuine All Star shoes. Monochromatic Chuck Taylors, on the other hand, have toe caps that are in the same color as the canvas.

The white toe caps are made of solid rubber material

The rubber toe guards must be in solid form. It should have diagonal lines at the top, a crisscrossed diamond pattern at the middle, and a smaller diamond pattern at the bottom.

This should be neatly trimmed and bonded to the shoe, with no excess glue anywhere.

Authentic white Converse toe caps

Omg We Found The Best Stylish Sneakers On Amazon & Theyll Save You $550

If youre obsessed with the way Golden Goose sneakers look effortlessly cool, youre not alone. It seems like everyone on our Instagram feed owns at least one pair of the coveted distressed shoes, and the FOMO is REAL. If youre lucky enough to have a pair of the original shoes sitting in your closet, you know the large price tag they come with. But, if making a whopping $600 purchase is giving you the shakes , then might we introduce you to some more cost-friendly, yet equally as cool, alternatives that you can shop.

Sometimes designer alternatives look nothing like the originals after you buy them. But thankfully, there are plenty of options for this particularly popular shoe, and each one incorporates similar details that the originals have. So much so that it would take a Golden Goose expert to point out what pair is real and which isnt if they were side-by-side. These alternatives dont sacrifice quality or comfort like some other options might. Plus, theyre a fraction of the cost of the original shoes.

More from StyleCaster

While most Golden Goose sneakers come in around $600, similar pairs from Steve Madden, Sam Edelman and other retailers can come in under $50. Plus, you can buy em at Amazon and get them delivered to your door in a few days.

Below find seven of the best stylish sneakers from Amazon that we cant stop gawking over.

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How To Tell If Golden Goose Super

The authentic font is bolder and sharper which can be caused by a pitch-black background. On the other hand, the letters on the fake insole are smaller, differently shaped, and not as bold This can be explained by the textured and faded background.

The numbers are different too- the original sizing is bigger and deeply engraved whereas the replica sizing is the total opposite.

Check The Stitching And Paint

Best price on the market at italist

Authentic Converse sneakers all have sturdy stitches on the upper. The stitching usually comes in white, except for the monochrome and ivory color versions that have tonal stitching.

Converse shoes with sturdy stitches on the upper

The paint on the rubber piping should also be straight and solid. Fake ones are usually faded and uneven.

Straight and solid paint on the rubber piping

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Golden Goose Sneaker Styles

Whether youre a traditionalist and love the original Superstar or youre searching for the perfect white sneaker like the Purestar, our collection of Golden Goose sneakers is neverending! Discover and embrace the Running Sole & Ballstar vintage-inspired styles and of course the not too high, not too low Mid Star. No matter the style youre looking for, you can be sure that there will be a Golden Goose sneaker to suit your every need and desire.

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Baby / Toddler Girls’ Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 2v Sunny Side Sneakers

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Shein Star Patch Lace Up Splice Sneakers $33

Converse All Star VS Chuck 70 (CUT IN HALF)

Skip the trip to the playground, as these shoes are as close as it gets to the Golden Goose dirty white sneakers.

Sold at Shein, the black and white sneakers feature a silver star on the side as well as the telling black scuff marks on the sole that mimic the much pricier pair. These are on sale now for just $33, down from $37 and even more so down from $500.

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How To Spot Fake Golden Goose Super

In this method, we’ll compare the most iconic part of these sneakers- the stars.

The original star is made of glitters that are different in shapes, sizes, and colors which makes the star super good-looking.

On the other hand, glitters used on the fake star are all equal and similarly shaped, which loses the main effect we just highlighted.

Each point of the authentic star is longer than the fake one and the top point is half-way shown whereas its cut-off in the right picture.

Legit Check Golden Goose Super

The replica label is rectangle-shaped when it is supposed to be square just as shown in the left picture.

The original letters are thinner, narrower, and just a tiny bit tilted to the right, whereas they are bolder, thicker, and more leaning on the replica label.

The stitching in the right picture is done with white thread when it is supposed to be black.

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Steven By Steve Madden Rezza Sneaker

If you love the look of Golden Gooses Hi-Star sneakers with animal prints on them, then you have to snag this look-alike pair from Steve Madden. The Rezza sneaker has a lightly distressed look with a leopard-print designs on the sides. The shoe comes in three options: White leopard, yellow neon and all white.

One shopper said that the shoes are cute and comfortable. I wanted a golden goose style tennis shoe without the horrific price tag. These worked out great.

Steve Madden Starling Sneaker $60

Skechers Side Street Star Side Black Gold Glitter Leather Trainers ...

For a lightly worn look on a pair of trendy rose and white sneakers, Steve Madden has got your back.

Sold on Zappos for $59.95, these Steve Madden shoes are great for those who want the classic look of a white shoe, the star from the Golden Goose collection and a lot fewer scuff marks but still the appearance of some pre-wear and tear. They ship for free on the Zappos site and at this price, may be gone soon if you dont act fast.

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Golden Goose Glitter Sneakers

While we love a simple white leather sneaker, we also cant go past a standout glitter sneaker! As simple as the sparkle of a star or a fully embellished design, these head-turning designs will instantly elevate your everyday outfits. Discover the finer details in our collection of Golden Goose glitter sneakers today.

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A Star Is Born: The Best Bapesta Sneakers

  • DateJune 3, 2019

While brands riffing on well-known silhouettes may seem like a recent trendbe it designer sock trainers inspired by athletic sneakers or simple Champion hoodies with thousand-dollar price tagsits actually a remixing practice thats been in the game for a while.

Take NIGOs BAPE. When it comes to footwear, the brand has reimagined some of the most iconic sneakers by simply placing a lightning star on the side of shoes. Recently, BAPE has collaborated officially with adidas, but the brand has also taken inspiration on Vans, Puma and Nike for its own footwear releases.

The Bapesta, first introduced in the early 00s, has become BAPEs emblematic silhouette. It is a near one-to-one replica of Nikes iconic Air Force 1which was released two decades earlier, in 1982. The differences are subtle, but important. The lightning star replaced the Swoosh, while the words APE or BAPE replaced the AIR that typically appears on the Air Force 1s midsole. Most important was the fact that the Bapesta was constructed from patent leather, giving pairs a distinctive sheen that Uptowns didnt have. Besides that, though, the shoes are, ostensibly, the same. But, rather than be demonized and mocked, the Bapesta has been celebrated. It is representative of the subversive and meta-referential methods that guided early streetwearan idyll of cleverness rather than plagiarism.

Follow Marc on Twitter here.

Vintage Havana Grande Sneaker $90

Leather Vans VS Leather Converse – (CUT IN HALF)

For those who want a bunch of stylish options but a price under $100, Vintage Havana is your best bet.

Sold at Macys, the $90 shoes come in six different style combinations, using leopard print, crocodile, cheetah and snakeskin to create fun Golden Goose dupes that look just as hip. While they do not come pre-stained, the off-white sole is perfect for a DIY dirtying, and no one will be the wiser.

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Caught In The Sun White And Silver Sneakers $46

For an all white look check out this stylish and affordable pair of kicks from Red Dress.

The white sneakers feature the iconic star in silver glitter, but the dirt and stains are up to you. For $46, you may as well get a pair to preserve in its clean white state and another to dirty up. They also come in a dusty rose color, for some more variety in your sneaker collection.

How To Legit Check Golden Goose Super

Even though the authentic collar is silver it doesn’t make it holographic which we see to be the case on the fake pair: not only the collar but the heel counter itself is shiny holographic material too, when it is supposed to be beige suede.

The measurements are different too as the fake heel counter is wider and the shiny material goes to the sides.

The thread used for the stitching in the left picture is thick and high-quality which points out its durability whereas the thread used in the fake pair is thin and might come off any minute.

Fake Golden Goose logo is very sharp and narrower while it is supposed to be bolder and thicker with a distinguished grainy look.

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Fake Golden Goose Super

While the replica-factory made each text thicker and wider in other places, they did the total opposite here- the letters in the right picture are smaller and narrower when they are supposed to replicate the effect shown on the authentic tag.

The fuzzy background is not so fuzzy either on the fake pair.

How To Spot Fake Converse Shoes: 10 Ways To Tell Real All Star Sneakers

Trendy Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars For Men Collection

From its humble beginnings as a rubber shoe company that specialized in galoshes in Massachusetts in the early 1900s, Converse has grown into one of the worlds most iconic sneaker brands with factories all over the world.

In a 2017 survey conducted by fashion site Polyvore, the Nike-owned footwear company emerged as the most-searched-for sneakers online in all 50 states in America.

Kaia Gerber teams her black Converse All Star high tops with an orange blazer, jeans, and baseball cap while out in New York City on September 5, 2019

Converse is best known for its Chuck Taylor All-Stars silhouette, which was initially designed as a basketball shoe in 1917.

Also referred to as Chucks, Chuck Taylors, Cons, and All Stars, the classic canvas sneaker remains one of the most popular, iconic, and best-selling sneakers of all time.

Millie Bobby Brown wears her white Converse All Star sneakers to the 24th SAG Awards in Los Angeles on January 21, 2018

Chuck Taylors versatility appeals to consumers from all walks of life, from everyman to A-list stars and fashion icons all over the world.

It pairs with just about everything in your closet, be it with casual or classy outfits.

Katie Holmes goes shopping in Converse All Star sneakers on April 27, 2017

Unfortunately, along with popularity comes imitation and counterfeit goods. And with the high demand and popularity of Converse All Star, it has become a frequent target of counterfeiting.

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Syktkmx Star Sneakers Shoes With Glitter

If youre working on building your Golden Goose collection but want to skip the high price tag, head to Amazon to grab a pair of these sparkling sneakers. Syktkmxs shoes have a vegan leather sole with a platform shape that feels like a cushion for your feet, plus theyre covered in glitter, so they shine from every angle.

Still deciding if you want to give the shoes a shot? One reviewer wrote that theyre absolutely obsessed with these sneakers I get compliments every time I wear them and I wear them a lot.

Where To Buy Converse Shoes

While there are some shoes that are easily recognizable as fake, some skilled counterfeiters make convincing knockoffs.

The best way to avoid falling prey to counterfeiters is to shop from authorized and reputable retailers. Aside from the Converse official website, you can also make your purchases at Zappos, , Nordstrom, DSW, and Urban Outfitters.

Before throwing your hard-earned money on a new pair of Converse All Star sneakers, do some research on how to spot fake Converse All Star shoes.

Below are easy ways to tell if your Chucks are the real deal:

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Real Vs Fake Golden Goose Super

Somebody might consider the detail less important if it doesn’t show up while wearing the sneakers- they couldn’t be more wrong.

The replica factories do those details carelessly so you should look for the flaws in those exact places.

The zig-zags of the original soles are not as big as they are on the fake sneakers but their quantity in the left picture is bigger.

Not only the size but their shape is different too- the points are rounder on the authentic pair.

The positioning is considered to be a flaw too as shown in the bottom right pictures.

Steven New York Rubie Star Sneakers $99 To $119

10 Easy Ways to Wear the Converse Chuck Taylor | Outfit ideas

These may be the closest to the Golden Goose pair in terms of the dirt-factor, as well as different styles, but not in terms of the price tag.

From Macys, the Steven New York shoe comes in the above white and silver glitter style, with a pre-scuffed sole and star. They also are available in gold glitter with a pink back, white and gold, white with studs on the back, and even more fun combinations including zebra and leopard print and a bandana-printed pair in blue, black and red.

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